Friday the 13th Part II A novel

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A year later, and Alice Hardy is having nightmares about last Friday the 13th. When Jason Voorhees attacks her, Paul Holt and his girlfriend, Ginny Field, re-open the camp, with more campers, unaware of the danger they face.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This book is Mature for horror violence, sex references, coarse language, supernatural themes, adult themes ~~~ The little girl j... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

  Jeff Masters, and Sandra Dier, was near the Crystal Lake Diner. He was inside the telephone booth; he didn't see Cra... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Paul rang the silvery bell. He smiled at the campers.  He had long, blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and wore a tan... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Scott was in the middle of the spacious woods.  He looked proud of himself.  Suddenly his comedic ways was over wh... Read Chapter


  Paul and Ginny headed outside the shack. It was 9:30 PM in the evening.  They reached the counsellor's cabin... Read Chapter

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