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Here, in this second volume of Tatlin Bellamy's collected poems, there is hopefully a wide range of eclectic page poems. Tatlin (real name James Edward David Bellamy) has been writing poetry intensely for more than thirty-two years. He has created three million words for his poetry. He is both a qualified and published poet-author. There are potentially twelve lengthy volumes to James's collected poetry.

A sequence of dystopia poems.
O this large cruel summer where christ crisscrossed a vine
i espied 
grey animals of nighttime laying keen furs under wine
and a vase of figs brews grey beers
and a cast of pigs swills grey fears
O this large cruel summer where christ crisscrossed a vine
i espied
grey animals of midnight laying casements under mines.
the fierceness of a blue horse gallops into salt wine
the madness of a cocked horse
drains balls for silent fields
and a cocker of wards whispers under gorse.. 
once upon aladdin in a stilled world, a map of dwarves
laid easy waste to a westend moon
and red animals at night have to ignite cocoons
the figgy fascinated pushy pussy of a paved hearse
sticks cold graves into fires
o free easy fornicating kissy rubies
will rock around the soul until destroyed
and the numbers of a cock
may well resound underground where old pyres
caress a lazy spire.
o when an elaborate summer strickens old stars
then a bowl of jams
has to swirl hands into islands
and a dilly tiny toy has to dance inside Mars when
coda queens cry, cry, cry
La La
the figgy fascinted pissy pussy of  a paved horse
rides stallion juices from
ignited wode where a moon outside the sun's purse
stops stone
O this large simmering summer has to grind
grey gods from windscreens
and a car of sundering flavas has to wind
white cods from filmscreens;
la lawhere once upon the hour, a mind
tricks across old dreams
then a sea of squid will enter into spined
body patience
O this large simmering summer has to grind
grey goats with two twinned hands
and a ghost of gobs
has to taunt the soft innerds of soft brigands
and animals in the night
rock, rock, rock
O as masoners stone sight, then a boned hand
slaps a skull across a train
O this large sundering Number has to grind
pot-smoke from veins
and the rider of grains dries for sea-stains
and a bed of broods
dreams of pure silence.
the glassy gorgon of a female Love has to
toss a broken body in a slot
ahh, a classy store-room hides hipped  rot 
and me and my keen dauphins
sea-hang beards with evil dorphins
and my sky of life
leaps up, up
and my mind heals dead christ's
crossed bunched body
O there is a star-light here which stops
blue drains and vined pots
and a dicktator on a misspelt rise crops
blonde beds and dilators
the glasyb gorgons of a female God moves
cooked hair where the moon of loss
carries curryers of veins
deeply beneath the dreams of grey moss
ah ah ahh
endlessness weds emptiness and costs
pay for fanny
o animals in the dark of night 
walk a dog into the bright sides of sight
o animals in the dead of light
walk a cat into the spiked skies of hype
and a mouse in a cave
cries out for Mother
and a mouth in a crag has to feed lice
and a fag in a bone
smashes mittens
once where cruel air softened, christ
spoke from a high chair
once when cruel prayer softened, Life
awoke in a wheel-chair
and a star of loss
lops a car where de Pentecost
pays for a petrol knife
O animals in the dark of night
walk a dog into the right sides of wiped
body screens
and a sea of creams smothers midnight.
a vaginal gourami stink has to sink a fish-tail
deeply down the mine
oh a starry town shines inside a mind and hail
swallows easy stoned minds
and a bed of lusts links dreams with bodies
and a shed of crusts 
sharpens dogs withn rusks
o vaginal gouramis stink underneath a sink
o cogitators of finny drinks
think of sex as self-sex dies
O animals in the very dark of night star-blinks
aside jammy eyes where the voids of kinks
cram dogs adown bellies
O cannibals in the utmose dark of light wink
against rolled windows where
a catcher of casements boil baby-hair
once upon a wank, a penis in a plug of air
shoved spermatozoa where the winter's wear
donned woollen cunny
a honey pot upon a scented centrefold
peals a pissy penis under
rotating female summer
and a slot of fists punches cunt from feathers
and a clock of twists
falls from a hired wall
o a whore of fathers bunches spunk from larders
and a house of cheese
wallops dense dirt with mental grease
la la 
once aside a mind, weed wove its way inside
a blinded skirt where
a bag of furs spurted snares
and a flat of glass
has to sell masoners to grey-headed masks
la la 
a honey pot upon a scented sea of souls
peals a shiny fanny with vined vast dolls,
and a day of deaths
has to summon sirens from easy sexed
and yearlings choose changelings for
entertaining winter deaths
we raise a dolly skirt where we transgress
easy hymens with dirt-fear
and we raise a star of hurt with
two twinned easy hands
and we command salt tears as closed crests
wash buttons with brigands
and a cell of wine whitens babied nests with
thunderers of both night and nude days
O animals in the night swipe rats from clay
O carnivals of grey mikes
shrill and shrill
and a stall of ills straps bones about claved
body graves
we raise a dolly squirt where we transgress
easy pylons with skirt-fear
and a sky of dums
drops a crazy plum; and a car under sex
collides with eaten madams
once upon a mind, i heard thought killing
all bodies, all brains, all sweet live illings
the noisy looseners of a dizzy daffy dream
heaps sex sleep upon
candifiers of sweet cums and windscreens
la, a baby in a gun
shoots self dead
la, a lady in a drum
sea-bangs breakers writhe in feline beds
and a city in a vase
weeps, weeps,
and a country under sleep has to preen
naked pulled rivers
O when animals of night roam after
tonsured basketfuls of snakes
O when sentinels of light foam after
tortured mindfuls of nanny drakes
then a pussy of a belled man has to father
funeral freights
the noisy looseners of a dizzy daffy dream
heaps sex where pully lakes
listen to the dead.. la, la, laold screams
die out..
and we may well die out
ah, we may well suffer when we shout
and we may well cry out for
a shingled sea where a man-o-war routs
cool animals at nighttimes
and a code of killers cry and cry 
la we may well die out
uh, we may well sunder death  with grout
and a room of nails
hammers lesbians to drought
ah ah hah 
eyes turn in, - old parrots swing for
easy words 
oh  lovers spin
ah  parrots speak blue and easy
and the stains in a veined buggy
have to drop a blinded baby
ah ah hah
.and we will certainly die for
the ogre in the giant minds of whores
and we will certainly score
a rabid rabbit-kitten from blithe wards
and the nukers of the easy dead
spead cream cake upon mad breads
and a gizzard in a green moon
executes faith with holy tombs
ah ah hah
endless ochres of darkness sweat
aimless motors stink of fast sex
and a bandaged boat bites deaths
with five teeth when
four teeth are wrenched by gems
ah ah hah
and we may well die out
lo, we may well quaver as we shout
and we may well cry for
a rancid rolled razor of sex-mounts
and a lion of a liar
has to slander after sapphires
and a tigron under fires
dances into loud funeral pyres
lahh  lashwide fools flaunt soft tyres
ancient hoodlums taunt
fast lips and dying pantries;
and the gnash of god-blood wires
milk weepies with torn tellies
ah ah ahhh
we say happy day to a belly
we end clappy clays to Delis
and a coffee saint
tea-taints the arms of ladies
and we suck a stalled nut
with carious faloned bodies
/ah ahh
when once a pucker's calve
cups dirt veal in two hands
then a skirt in a salt island carves
blenched bows from bone
and a liar under clothes
craps upon a vein of toads
and tabled baby brains bed-load
cradlers under caged crows.
I fed ships to faces as robes
dropped a shrilled hearse
and i felt under laces as brogues
dropped a sandal-purse
and death's words are cursed
and curse birds sing erse to
mongels in a menstrual horse
empires of bruised dirt moves
purple reason
from day to night...
the ashes in a beercan cram a sunrise with a jar
the flashes of a siren
rampage after doggy dusts
and the hearts of air beat beneath coded cars
and cashes of sad skin
warps rolled gold with holy sin
the trashes of the tamed train a boy to sound like
a female crooner
the masses of a toy train
mounts boards as a baby under red rain
rocks a dead heart
and the clashes of a river raise fires from Arizona
and the fastened dead
cry for pain
tailors of lost shirts drag a nape around a neck
saviours of lost hurt
drag a drape around a skirt
and a bath of grass has to rotatea about death
and whipped eyes burn
tailors of lost shirts drag a snake around a deck
sailors of wet-wort
drag a ship across a pan
and sweaters of spurts hammer anvils round
baby wrecks
once above all time, a house made from ground
swang for swanny jazz
and a flat of toad-crabs
cast paper cabs across the land
tradesmen use a sex-net where a baby island
falls into huge seas
the videos of old men have now dissolved to
ingenious dirty digitals
o, shadows on the brain have to suffer blues
and a mental gun
shoots a soft bun
and eyes yearn for mumma
and crazy ferns drop seed under screws
this is the bad world we sleep inOh,
here are the mad words of the heart
and a vase of leaves
digs flowers into sleeves
and a bud of blood brags after carts
what with faces found in vast rooms
we will learn about the ugly blooms
and we know the turgid dead
and we arise from
grey thieves whose abuse of a son
loosens tom thumb
and a tomb of guns
shoots hashes dead
the eager swipers of nocturnal telephones
slice a blue cake
the meagre swimmers of maternal cell-phones
telephone dark drakes
and a puller of the heart
rocks a hot drum
and a bed in heat hastens to hiss for bones
once upon a sad mind, we learned of stone
once upon a mad mind, we learned of drones,
and a cardinal flower
has to listen to a green flower
and a town of dromes
washes a sandman with two keen guns
as we wash ourselves we come to tower
above the stars when
a broken necklace dreams about children
and a believer in women
prays for grey gods
eager swipers of a nocturnal telephones
dial after cattle
the eager meter of maternal cell-phones
phone old saddles
and a dunny dream mounts a city-sloane
we have understood everything about the necks of men
we have chopped hot wood
o we have starred under drought
and we have understood about feline blood
a cavvy in a blue pram shoots a buggy
a lady with a nude pram
swallows old England,
and the wives of hands dams a body
we have understood everything about the necks of men
we have snapped raked Loves
and a bed of rages
shouts as fathers dream
and, right now, babes scream after cages
once upon a stool, i saw soft shirt men
undressing in a corridor
and a maid of fevers crams shit bends
inside city fingers
we have understood everything about the kiss of hymns
and we have laid hooped blessing eggs.
and the signs of God have swooped eggs
where a singing sunrise beckons eaten rain
i will lay down my idols now
o when swinging star-rise strickens, then
grey clouds will stir old crowds;
and i heard about the moon of men when
easy idols cried from clouds
we have to soften
we have to seem swollen,
and a cot of glass heals a baby sermon
and a bench of garlands
swipes hot tears from cradle-sirens
we have understood nearly everything
we will come to anoint
swift trippers with a flower of evening
and a ship of sex
has to sail into death
ha ha
we have to soften
we have to play stolen
and a puff of grass hears the stolen
swallowing sweet mess
when a barn of bad carrion cuts into bitumen
then a sun of mad carrion
cuts good family down.
and the fazing sad clarion in my town
dances under night-rain
when a swarm of comfortable meat
sings for roasted wheat
when a storm of comfortable pain
drags brushes
then a photo to itself must
crust up with bent elf-husks
a barn of bad carrion cuts into scissormen
and a boating lover
sinks into a feather
and oaks, tyburns, elms sea-lather
after burnished abusers
and a hiatus of heroes cuts Fathers
the darkness of the daddy dead 
sweat under summits
the deadlines of mummy is wed to
briny binary bread
and we teeter as we fall
and we whisper where we call
the darkness of the daddy dead
picks a prick from a burnt nude
and asses stink like bottoms
and faces sink into soft lungs
and woven killers
thread dead gods with a devil
sadness sucks on a hard nut
madness cuts a sea of diamonds;
Because vermeil fazers sea-sup
well-trodden waves
i will scent a solid nylon grave
under cots and caves
sodomisers of pleasing flowers
sink a penis-chop days deep
and the riders of a sex-hour
blossoms where naked power
gives head to blind cathedrals
and the wives of Heaven
chase cats imto Hellish havens
the darkness of the daddy dead
sweat beneath punnets
and strawberry scuds cut heads
with a crucified bread-knife;
and jazzy masses ride aside gannets,
and geese gabble after
funeral men and cremated cava
a laden licker lense frightens
all eyes and all visual sirens
and a blue sympathy on the moon
ravel under timeless cocoons
uh uh 
waiting for sense as i brushed my hair,
i noticed a sea of change
- the inglenook where i suffered prayer
seemed at first killed and then 
shut indoors..
o awaiting rain, as i scaled the stair
i noticed a sea of insanity
and what with the sad time of air
and what with the sadness under wards
i kiss the jailers bent above me
o i kissed the stars of my days when
easter women combed their gems
and eyes whisper as they see
odes to passion shining like bees
waiting for sense as i washed my hair
i observed a new way of seeing;
and a blushed bad grave in hearing
hastens me to look beyond the stars
and window men who brighten 
will see my impassable woman
made from grey tears and sex-scars
imperfect english peoples see Mars
wanking a dead planet into scarves
and once above my veins, a cock-hard
hissed inside of me 
and mental sirens 
drop a loud rock
and i was just shooting off to the shops
and then i found a penny in a slot made
grey and old as blue day
ah a counter in a coil spent my moneys
and swift hagglers after rich clay
had to swag me where bankers died
..ahh i cried where expansive lies
stole a penny from eyes;
and a lyon of men must
seal a pursed wallet inside deep lusts
and a pussy in a crust
has to heap hot tenors where wives
steal a husband's hard earned fuss.
once upon a dime, a dollar-seeker
laid mean self where eager reapers
opted to spend a pound per day
but one zillion swords
swell up and up where spended lays
gamble upon fascinating casinos
./.and we reach out across a blaze
ah as we spend for drought then pay
shatters a guilty golden robbed grave
and eyes don blinded bandits
and wealthy walkers whip coin-dip
and i was just shooting off to the shops
and then i underspent 
for a silver mind inside a mined copped
gold pithead
Uh  isolated, my shrinking thumbs
sink brass into pounded piggy plum
Uh annihilated, i shoot gum
against GGs and exterminated red
russian roulettes...ah here, a bookies bed
bets about a killer with a chopped
financial headrest..
and eyes don blinded bandits
and wealthy warpers pay for remits
.ah a long time ago, where gold lips
had to kiss a silver writ
we held to wagering wages.. Trips
dance aside walloped purses
the vitamin of a veined gull 
stirs coffees into muds
the kitchens of reined dogs
dribbles into meats
and a strap of a heart heaps gnarls
where, shaved clean,
a match-head in a screen star-skulls
bones of wheat
and a crocus of a stabbed mind
weevils carves into gloves
and a hymen's city drug trips phlegm
around scored sleep]
the fish-opened watch on a bald wrist
snatches rats
the fist-shaken crotch of a bald kiss
catches bats
and a mug of catches
pours coffee into baths
and a venal float falls upon vast
vaginal races
a bed of busy grease has to salve
a sea of catty cures
a desk of easy jeeps
jack a flown face as a cock-valve
roams into pure fire
and a bouncy girl's lowered beard
clasps a tawny spire
the vitamin of a veined gull
stirs coffins into blood
and we wash scent against God
thermal benders have to drop blind shavers
o a veiny mumma
pads a milk-pot where a golden lover
leaps across Leda
and we ride a crowd across a killer
and we rise under a forced roe-rider
thermal benders have to drop blind shavers.
Deaths draw blood lots
Sex stares, and a ruiner of baby tops
swims for the murdered hour
and paraffin is poured down a flower
coffees in cabins set a chin of beer
where, skinned, a wreck of tears
blows a cunt-blade
and thermal benders have to drop drillers
and poky poxers
pee upon glades as a shitted pox-star
dollops baby rum
blazers of blown bollocks shoot cum
razors of stoned self-shots
shoot a dizzy a scar around de hots
and a breaded cot
falls to dumb pieces
easy riders cry for city air when
catters dog-crucify
grey baby blooders
the spinning guilty juices of faeces
stop wet love
this bedside room where i chose to die
has hissed inside the Ark
o, a poster of dark noon
shines, shines
and the riders of the moon writhe for
indigo eyes
a vitrium in a veined blow fights for
idiot children's whores
la la a coffee in a shower hits gore
and we wee all year
and we caress veiled tears
and we kill sex shores
this bedless room where i chose to die
has pissed upon the dark
and a flat of faces
dulls sadness with stasis
and a bell of aces plays sex poker
endlessness grows like grey cancer
a dunny dreamers
drools like lovers..
Death grows like mothers
Self yearns like murders
and a sea of figs
drowns flour as baker's kids
eat stale buns
and we wave at the sumner
and we cherish hot winter
and softening fingers
noose spring and autumn
a dunny bride upon a hill
sucks a clothed nut
a dummy bride inside a slut
cuts a robed rill
and we sink a tea into a cunt
and we swallow camomile
a dunny dreamer
drools like a liar..
a dicking manor of a dead house
rips a pretty bird
a kicking hanger of red nerves
slits a dizzy mouse
..eyes burn like stings
skies turn as buggies under wind
grinds salt from musk
a budder of a brainer buries us
where, spind, a focal fotal bus
rides car-west
and a sea of spires trips us 
where jays wire lipped trucks
a dicking manor of a dead house
slips a pretty girl
and a bed of pearl
mothers a piss-pearl
..and cubbies of this world will
surely find no lover
the tea-things in a bath have to move
soothers with booze
the coffins in a mask have to move
ald beds where
a bound penis-prayer 
toasts god's killers
and a bone of carts breaks us down 
a vaginal chasm rocks a doll-town
a oracular cavern
has to taunt sleep where wide sound
whispers into mirrors
and the coastal kids eye pris'nors
O tea-things in a bath have to soothe
tap-drinkers with strimmers
and i ease a donkey-drum 
up a pony-fed stair
and i listen to boiled air 
i am in touch with fish rudders
i am fucked by dicky truckers
and a labile change
drinks a salt-chain
ahAs wideness loosens rain
then we will dance again?
vaginal vaultings will see pain
crying for roofs of sperm-rain
and a blenched buttoned father
falls to rape's tether.
these fixing dazzlers of old liquid clothes
wash a family now
o a female face in a crowd clouds robes
and we seem loud
but silence is our lot
and dumbness shapes our city cot
and deadness craps upon soft toads
we ease a blue gemstone where moss
gets kicked off
we ease a green gravestone where souls
slap a spirit-coff
and a loud tureen serves cakes to crossed
angel cloud
we heed vast hymens
we weed salt-gardens..
these fixing dazzlers of rolled liquid gold
towel deaths down,
o a female case in a cloud snaps,
and a wrenched hook of buyers has traps
trickling down a trachea
and a pactive passioner pees on paps
and a cusped tongue
teases teased tirades with licky laps
we heed vast pylons
we read about hyrdrants
and a capper of a panda coda taps
petrol fingers upon the past
and we heed vast diamonds
and a masser in a grey mask seasons
soldiers sirens with orange
pealer lemon.
the endlessness of deadliness chortles
the friendliness of native nests
rock a raised drum
and my spun heart hisses where metals
mix cunts into clay
the earrimgs in this closed heater 
have hit upon a hot pierced stain
o darjeelings brew mists
and a house of fires shoots lips with
grey kids where the roses
fall upon music
ah ah  i have scented pussy with
blue ivie
ah ah i have rented baby with
old gravy
and a DVD grows sexually old
and a fisted crow
craps upon cool carrion; and soul
sings forevermore
a world under fire junks 
daddy dusts
a citadel of trunks trickles for
easy closed doors
and coded lusts
lisp as bodied banisters cuss
aside ochres of oars
and we suck cunny cut
I have no family to shut
the house inside a head
hoots for sadness
the glazier inside a bed
breaks for craziness
the noose about madness
old rattlers of angels
and angled city-guns
shoot butterers dead as
a grey serum
earrings in a closed river
have pinnned deadly fever
with a cheap vision of tricksters
and a bird of night
appears naughty
and a crow of christs
a world under fire junks
tirades of graveyard monks
a whorlwind has to sex-jump
rapine rooms where 
gay geese gabbles for hair;
and a golden mask
masses mousy mind-shafts
cold cruel happening times
drop like a bone.
the vitreal salty slip in my lost bed
hip to the dirty streets
the venereal grey lip inside my head
snip to a filthy beat,
and sex treads lud heat
and sex tramples suicide visions
the coffees in dizzy coffins heat
panloads of meat
a penile bad city cries after surgeons
and a tea in a mask
starves failures clasped in clasps
the vitreal salty slit in my old bed
jumps for the dirty jive
and we jack clay fathers
and we hash upon a filthy flava
 o laughed coffee from coffins
crap from a purple moon
viral permits permeate sweat with
a junkey-drive 
vaginal remits cunt-curate
a monkey-mind
and we hiss across spirallers
and we kiss across old spiders
the lushy liquid ladies who grind
salt and roe to rust
hear now about
knife christ, arsenic christ
and weevillers rust after
mike christs and barbwire christs
mute christ, wired christs, barbled
bottom baunting laird jesus
ah  i had a knoll for a baptism
ah i had a doll for god's mauseleum
and bleeders of jay judas
hire a rash from a god museum
odd old demons certifay hoards
and bible-dirt treads grey boards
and mellowers of belly-traffic
shit on eggs
the dizzy mental winds where i blew down
dragglers after menstrual western money
ah the buzzy ghosts of sins
draggler after blood-rushes
and a bed in a ditch causes dreams to
ride across sleep's flower
and we have to let sleep's flower go to
hidden seas where slender sins brushes
five winds and foam candles
the dizzy mental winds where i blew sounds
dragglers after miens of metal towns
ah the fizzy horses of gals in clowns drowns
meaty brew where the sallied heads of Downs
clowns after endless fields
and five winds will blow
and blown sins will flow from
old dales where metalled guns cut reels
a dogdayed dolly in a framed sun heals
coded babies
a dog-dazed bully in a framed gun seals
baby bronxes inside rubies
and a goddess on the fierce hashed rise
dominates brollies with bodies
ah ah ahh
upon the mazy mile
upon thise crazy smile, a cot of pure ash
has to cut a cure from a mashed
grey hashish
i have entertained at change of day, trash
sharpening fools with kitchens
i have certified derangement's grave;
and a bairn of glass
sinks inside a lard-mask
and a masted venus in the dimmed past
has to hasten to reeling ribbons
and we are cut from ribbons
and we are fed to prisms
we are fed to sinful washed webs
we are searched by evil bed-heads
and a storm in an unfound sky
squeals and dives from forgotten eyes
we are led to a feline on a cliff
we are spreadeagled
and hot bread star-climbs gay twists
and bruisy bandagers
heel to five killers
and sluicy sereanders of fast mirrors
weep, weep, weep
this side of mind-truth, a stripped father
says prayers to a bound mamma
men and hens and gourami girls
go walking around a female world
men and clucking hands
lam a green nest
and a bird of prey
listens to the day
and naked mutants have to slay
after eaten clay
o a bun of ices feeds a roach
o a sun of faces
flails and falls
and eyes may well sail to a blind boat
far west when
a grey mind ends
men and hens and gourami girls
go walking around a female world
and ashes under clashes
cascade then arise
from naked tashes
the cases of business men open out upon
a city of murdered men;
as time dies, we heat about peahens
o cases of business men open out upon
a body of bastard men;
and a mind of masks
dons a blood-shield
once upon a mind, trendless plasters
wrapped a hand in zinc
once upon a cosine, empties sink
blue teeth where casts
cut a dizzy veined
bad baby-  Oh, a town on the brink
sucks a stain
the deus of god's daughters heave
unctive bosom-glaucous where
boned bairns break
and a bud of wipes feel for hair
and a sud of bight lights
pushes neons into sounds
once upon a mind, trendless plasters
wrapped a hand around sinks
ideal husbands and ideal wives
weep all year long
ideal brass bands and keen cries
wed sex to a song
and a bed of brass
bounces on one knee
and the songs of suns shine for
closures of fast daubs
o a head of mice cut rat-tails
o a bed of mites
spreads vegetables on old sails;
and we ride a bike
and we fall from trikes
and, laid, a car in kites veil
ideal husbands and ideal wives
once upon a mind, trendless brides
shit inside four winds
once, roped, a sea of endless knives
drop guns on powders
and a sofa's edge
masks the dead
o a cat of cats strides the feline land
o a kitten God preens all Man
And a purring cat-boy
paws cool tailed happiness
and a bed of silk feeds catty milks
to perfect feline Woman
once aside a cradle, i loved my cat
once upon a cradle, i stroked my cat
and a keen kind claw and mane
dreams of lions and tigers
and we like to feed cat-wined pumas
o a world of petty hens will consume
female meat-pots
o a girl of cat-gems
will poke and preen a good cat-skin
i see a cat of cats astride an island
and my loud stroker beams
udders of cavemen always spurted spleen
fathers of killer gems
lather after river dens,
and a parted fissure-sea
lays dead waste to an orange country
and de slaughtered hour
rams a mixture down
fast dammed screens
o i have launched bald boats with
use of salt champagne
and i have crunched upon rain
o i have launched sawn ships with
abuse of candy veins;
and my nude minds
must weep for Eden
and the gardeners of Gods rape figs
udders of cavemen always squirted cream
ah ah ah
and ideal wives sweat for ideal cars
and ideal husbands weep under dreamed
key nine toddy.
the meaty green hotpots that feed the world
hasten to glisten
the easy mean pork-pots that feel a girl
listen to missions;
ah, once aside timed worlds
an earth of fire
hears a dizzy boyfriend shaping lessons
the meaty green hotpots that feed the world
feed wrists to zen;
and a green buddha widens romancers with
yogic chakric daddies
heapers of hurtlers hem ghost under mammy
reapers of killers
and a dog of mirrors barks upon his tail
and a dog-dayed sea-shark
cuts a human dolphin
in fucking twain where old dead vales
cry for dauphins
hospitals under old beds
therapise the dead to heal the killed
o hospices lay waste to Devs
and a sea of gins
drinks a treating rainbow
and a bed of swords
slashes seats
as we ride to sleep, a stoned vase
will don rolled heaped
as we ride to rest, a boned vase
will stun guilty heat
o, a bod in the sky
hits along vaginal wives
hospitals under old beds
therapise the fled as we heal the drilled
sweaty victims of a crazy father
once upon a flu, a nasal sweat-bottle
sank sins into fever fire
and the digital radio and TV squires
shut a hot fist in a strangler's Dettols
mental mind tears as canine shadow
casts crabs across corona cans.
the hoarse head of forgotten heroes
shits outside the pan
this horse of a bed 
rams honey down when easy yoyos
feed upon a locust
and a jacking heel goes from bad to
bitter worst
and the slaves of dirt
drop flowers on a skirt
o once upon a tine, we used a blue
experimental father for my hearse
and my eyes go from bad to worse
and i flow against my world
the hoarse head of forgotten heroes
shits outside England
the pissing pony under soft hands
lays buzzy waste to islands
and a traffick moon
shines upon a punched bed
and raw wives burn the fast moon
and gabbed truth
gives sex-enemas to visual sleuthes
O  a cage has to rock
animal prisoners
O  a stage has to stop
actors and killers
once upon a blood-mind, riders
doonned leopards and shot quivers
and de boats of christ
hiss across horney heart-life
  and horny heart-life drink rivers
and  honeys drink dreamers
and we float against spies
and we grope for new york's wide
pepsi gate
O a cage has to rock
animal prisoners
O  a stage has to stop
actors and maimers
,,I heed soft starred seizures when
epilepsy fits inside hems
and we kiss a fitting den of
eaten rifles and blue cobra
the horse-head of forgotten heroes
shits inside ten winds
and a lazy lyon of a mind
slices easy cake as cooker's kine
shelter Mesopotamia in wine
la la
Robots of Du drive a stolen car
Robots of Hu drive a fallen star
la la la..
and we are Robots of Lu?
these mad words sleep forever.
about aimless emetics and a throat of glass
i will level now a mind of death
about tameles eccentrics and a throat of grass
i shall give now the stain of sex
and a church in fevers feeds small deaths
and an organ in scissors
shines down upon a bad mood
about aimless concentrics and a throat of gas
i will level now a vein of wrecks
about emptiness and the meadows of lips
i shall give in now to a strip of smoothed
body diamond
the shinings of dirty chandaliers rip
cruel towers with daisy hands; and mits
meld soft coloured hair with scarred gnits
and a baby in a fire
dances under a funeral spire
about emptied tameless logics, i snip
green dolls and emeries.
once, gunned down, i entertained my tall town
with breaded bone
once, gunned around sound, i swaggered for
easy hens whose long-haired groan
shouted at the ferns of walls
and a wall of Downs shaped me
a star-capped lover from a scented stall
and once, gunned around a wasteground,
eyes fed my bodice to a high moll
and de gangster and his moll
shoot my juicy body to swift death.
i should be made madly glad about dolls
i should choose to shape Life from gulls
and a moutain on a cliff
has to rend my dreams with sad kissed
houses of demure souls
and giddy gulls grasp glass from hipped
vagrant sawn vinegar mien
and easy mulls peer into hashes
once, gunned down, i entertained my tall town
with breaded drones
once, splayed around, i entered into ald 
piss-proud manfolks who dared not scald
good bairns 
O, a stairway leads wrenched mice to 
curvatures of both night and day
O, a prayer for dregs dances where trades
sell fictional folds to horse-cut skin-graves
and the first turning of the stair
will lead a fallen falon to a city lair
and the second turning of the stair
will cede closed ribbons to blood-chairs
all eagre macadam boys break-up slaved
eaten daddy rifles
oestrogen flies like a mind
easy sin dives
and a butterfly light cuts times
and eager lovers
marry to a grape-vine
o a seat of glass is postioned 
above father's veins
and a bed of dogs
causes canine pain; and missions
pull upon gods
oestrogen flies from my mind
easy spun sin
awakes me,
and a doll at sea sails for dweebs
and a bull at sea
cunts cowed salt-cities
my grey mum grips to babies
and sadness shoots blue trees
the eagre furies of a fast fat head
mete out a sea of pegs
and a peg-happy fern has to shed
salt seeds
and a binary brain
bolts balls to rain
la la
the eager fairies of a fast fat head
mete out sex to urine
..  lacers of lunacy eat bread
one zilllion miles under sweat we
wash red hands in wine
o, zillions of smiles sunder
wakeners of blithe city thunder
the eagre furies of a fast fat head
speaks no evil then drops dead
as Aladdin rubs his sex-lamps
then Paladin pokes a parrot
and menfolk sweat blood carrots
and girlkind
washes her hands in easy wine
oestrogen flies like a mind
coastal wives
weep for sockets
and a fitted room hastens to unwind
and bad bodies play with
tameless spastic toys
a baby in a bin cries until save
a doggy under skin
woofs until trained
and a cat of tailed war trades
rats for scabies
oestrogen flies under vines
coastal cries
cry for rockets
and a fast fugue stops skies
and we hear sexed eyes
a sexing of the buried
hears a choker's cherries
laid upon a screen
la la
a baby in a bin cries till dreamed
and a bunk of card
swallows bedtimes
la la
a sexing of the buried
hears a chopper's cherries
laid upon a dream
la la
amen we say for the saviour
amen we say for
urban idlers of neon
la la
eyes deafen whilst blind
spies beckon
bees to flower under wine
and a bow of ash
shoots a laden moon
the shooters of dun bubbles
guns soap with rained blood
the rooters of stunned gables
stuns rope
and a star at night looks down upon
codas of day-lit tables
and a song of suns
absorbs pure fire
and a cat under gum sticks his tail
deep down where dope
oestrogen rising has to listen to
and a starry life has to use levers
to lift vegetations to nude blues
and we kiss hissed ice
and we deaden judas christ
the shooters of dun bubbles
guns soap with raised sex-mud
ah ah 
once aside a mind, i tore Mars
with five fast cinemas.
a sexing of the cherished jostles Bird
a deafening of the perished
o a dying game which uses words
must hurl illiterate darts
and a boat of suns sails for curs
and a stoat of guns
shoots a feline father's
coded women
eyelids don excess visions when
a cartel of heat-builders
deafens the blind
and a mouth of glass has to grind
bear jaws with mind-riders
a sexing of the cherries turns
fruit and veg into a tea-urn;
and we sex the cherried
and we wreck swift berries, La!
why wind wells dry
will never be understood till cars
crash under eyes
eyelids don eggy visions when
riders of the corn
write for bikers.. And easy porn
swells like piss
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
o eyes fazed me
o cries caved me...and a bunk of semen
cares for beads
and i mad a pass at an old grey woman
o lives dazed me
o wives shaved me
because bowed god has no name
because bowed dogs
have to walk in pain;O, because trees
seep into my mask
you and i will hammer lakes to hasps
o smiles burn me
o dials turn me
to the other side of the seas
i made a crazy pass at an old bent woman
ahh  when a venal garden
has no good gardener
ahh whence an anal raven
has no winged lover
then we hiss for certain..
waves beat on the shores
graves heat guns with whores
and we lay under meat as closed wards
sweat for pandemic flu..
Oh  i have sensed camal traffic
mounting a small mule
Oh i have wrenched canal traffic
sailing to a river feud
and baby bouncers have to move
sweet roe to fishy fugue
ah ahh
why the peasy faisty dead seasons
heat gay panty hose
will be known to figgy children;
and a bun of rice
sucks cream from angel-vice
Oh once upon a pan, wedders
shimmered in chiffon gowns..
blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
says 'Farewell' to a doctor
o, rancid butchers of sweetening blue meat
says 'Hello' to my daughter
and a bill of fayre sells me seasoned water
and as rill of air
dances under mortars
blown naked bakers of sweetening soft meat
bids farewell to a shaker
stoned naked butchers
cleave ice from rind where coded flavas
shape salt paper;
and a ghost of war shoots blue pepper
and a host of wars
shoots a fatal poppers
oh, blown naked lovers sweeten sleep
oh, boned fated fathers
fall to death's hot feathers
and a dog in May just has to run away
the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
harks back to a homestead full of fire
o ropers of dreams
float across edams as sedans under clouds
hisses under spires;
O the accidental sun shines and shines
O the occidental guns
shoot when stars sky-stun
codas of kodak and porn-minds
the doted limbs of a dense city raincloud
jacks back to a naked yield of
stained dark figs
and a glass pig has to shoot for God
ah ah ah
eyes will deafen as sites go blind
spies will soften
and a bended totem poles about Eden
grind flame to pure dust
the doted limbs of a dense city storm has
old weevil legs beneath its ass
and a bum on a bed cedes sex to glass
and a bone of edams
scatters fractures out across a grass
pipe of musks..
gassy gulls gasp for carrion weather
easy bulls grasp to a 
bovine female thrill where yellow thunder
drops raisins from a car
la la lahh./
we will tread the bulb when leering under
old funeral friends;
and a liar on a stage acts up for Father
and a pyre in a cage
cases killer creators inside blue lather
Rope hardens round my neck
Dope softens men, and a corpse of sex
swipes dogs for tundra.
DE END is nigh
DE MEN get high
WOMEN flit
KIDS get sick
when piped with flu, the pandemic god of truths
trips inside a soft mind
when spiked with screws, the pandemic god of vines
vanishes into violence
and a sea of sails screws masts to anchors
and a sea of veils spews riggings around sailors
and a bird in a tree
cuts a seagull from wide thinking
and de poetry of missions flows just like red rain
once above a soft mind, i saw the spies of wine
weeping, weeping
o, once upon a crossed mind, i saw the sides of wine
creeping, creeping;
and a ballet underground
hisses across danced ice
and a rink of scissors snaps a penny chew wiith 
dimed lips and mouth and crunched teeth-rigs
when piped with flu, the pandemic gods of truth
strip inside a lost mind;
and a starry christ will surely turn and heal minds
and a dizzy christ will certainly
turn molten tears to whiskey-gold
the treasure train is coming
la the pleasure horse is running
uh the feathers of the dead are strumming
eaten greying nude guitars
and the faces of the West shine, shine,  Ohhh
the treasure train is coming
ah, the pleasure horse is thrumming
and the eaters of the dead shoot fay loving
uh uhde robots of Du
heal gemstones with alien drugs
and a tribe of suns shines inside weird love
and a gang of guns
shoots a panamerican scissor-sea-God
and cunts seas seem lithe
and spunked bees seem all right..
sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run
sometimes wild heaven chews salt-gum
sometimes, god's sky shoots 
trendless skeins of roller-soul
// and touts with rifle-boots
sea-slam eaters of torn death,..
sometimes, the moon looks like the sun
sometimes, the stars go on the run
oh /./
Eyes idolise de female blind and mess
melds missonaries with baptismal sex
the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to smell grey flowers;
and the cats of war who paw powers
must cast feline spells
and the silent aroma of a sea-devil
doses eyes with rivers
o a bud of sheer bone has to shiver
o a sud of sheer stone
quivers; and the sun at night stones
beds of silver
the quiet aroma of a stinking devil
has to inhale tv towers
and a bended city
cowers beneath baby
these sodded days where i slept until
the evening peered through my window
have to grace light with hills
and a face of midnight 
fills body men with whipping meadows
and fat lice at sea
trips a venereal tree
and a fast iced scream has to bleed
when once a sloane of summer reads
old dirty books
when once a drone of flavours
burns poem-books
then  a starry beard will star-seize
blown rooks
these sodded day where i slept until
the morning fell away
have now to grace a city's swathed
concrete clave
and an urban moon shines
these days are first dark then 
endlessly light
a cigar under knickers has to exhale
demure and dangerous perfumes
a killer under killers
has to inhale mirrors;
and the tides of March drink trippers
and the bridal parks
marry crows to dark
radio woman
whence a factory of thieves shivers
whence promontaries steal livers
i will understand
that the day i was born was
most certainly the night i was 
hurled from a cradle
a cigar under kickers has to exhale
decorous yet sexy fumes;
and the cats of England taste rheum
and the rats of England
burn sex to silent death
whence a factory of thieves shivers
whendce grey cemeteries bury lovers
i will come to know
the name of the sun and its hot crow
i hear the heads of the dark
i hear the kids in the park
and a sea of pigs
has to drown ceilings
and i hear the headless dark
and i hear loud kids hearing
deafened blind cuts
a dolly in a drive has to start
a bald toy vehicle
a baby in a dive
has to drive a dizzy car-heart;
and the wars of Eden
scatter salt seed upon
i hear the heads of the dark
weeping.. and my soft heart
grows creamy
and my soft dreamy soul
grows fast
too often
hipsters dance for chilled rooms
cheapsters dance for gloom
killers prance on knives
o, ideal menders mend cold tombs
and i have to understand 
about self-deaths and old renal rams
o o
hipsters dance for chilled rooms
killers dance for dunes
and once i have lost my children
and once i have killed my dog
and once i have died
i shall surely count upon the sky
a dabbler of a damsel has to cry
a rider of an angel
has to ride against gold scams
and a car of canals
drowns a red rooster
we have to somehow rely upon
we have to somehow decide upon
and a bride of wishes
lays a dog to waste;
o, once eyes cease to close, then
sunrisen missives
will certainly rise against
poets and all their expletives
we have to somehow rely upon
penis kisses
we have to slide a nut in a gun
and a sea-harness
swallows sex-bait
and the beds of dreamt hate stun
minds, bodies, veins and
all human bones
a bastard on a ruddy hill falls from
bloodied bluffs where
chairs of sadness leap into hair
and we weep
and we sleep
and we learn to fly
the fuckers of a fast fierce farm
yields poked pigs to cows
the killlers of a vast soft cloud slam
fairy fields inside grown hands
and a vase of ice
is found in a prehistoric field where
husbands sweat for husbandry
and there is midwifery in Heaven?
once when a sea of mice stared
deeply into the moon
a tree of christs healed gold hairs
and a bone of prayers
had to shatter
and, O, as a vast of smatter snares
mown farmed fields
then a cat of life will seize yields
the fuckers of a fast fierce farm
yields pokerd sows to sheep
and cattlers cry for kind sleep
and bull-men writhe 
and skulled wheat-wivesd
widen into screws
robots of Du are deteceted near
the veins of dying tears
smashed seasonal fish
crash inside a petri-dish
cashed sermonic silver-fish
scare young sad kids
and a bone in a bowl has to list
sad weeping grey kids
fields under flies wing-rid
blind bluebottles of honey
o, we decay forever
o, we snap closed weather
and a starry father
dams cars
mothering moaners mark
dizzy gals in the park;
and i heed sin as old bark
falls from a public tree
we have to stone bees
we must suffer beads
and we will don seeds
and cum home
i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i went into my little town
and purchased a lovely naked currant bun
and i heard my mind
and i gave funds to the blind
and i served home-baked cake to 
homely vagrants that live on the streets
rainy days are the best we have now
rainy days are 
always the most common to happen
and a driving car
has to use its windscreen wipers
nearly all of the time,, Oh, riders
sell easy news to gay bobbies
i went to the shops to buy a plum
the moon was shining and so was the sun
o i paid a trip to my little town,
and there i saw a keen fine clown
and there i saw a genuine busker
.. My eyes may well shut
because i missed my town
rainy days are the best we get now
men in string vests
sell cheap toys to infant nests; and crowds
queue for the supermarkets
and vast torn billboards look from the clouds
and the city's mayor seems
very well known..
i put both of my hands together and pray
i put my knees upon the floor
and pray that God will stop city whores
and my old kiddy bike
long since fell apart just like a
cold swing at the foot of a garden's
well mown score..
.can i count on you to sell me plums
can i count on you to
serve me actual meat
Opiss falls down opened gutters when
mad men leap from urban bends
i used a gun.. i shot it and liked it
i phoned my mum..i spoke with wit
and i used a gun
and i telephoned the sun
o, once upon a time, i dug a sandpit
o, once upon a time, i waxed my lips
i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
i phoned my dead father
and then i fell and died
i went to the shops and bought a pear
then moon was shinging from thin air
i went to the green grocers
and bought me some good berries
and then i used a gun
and then i phoned my mum
and then i telephoned soft ladies
i used a gun and then i used a drum
ah  a lovely leaping life is all i want
,,ah lively leaping wife is all i want
o i went to the shop and bought a gun
the moon was shining and so was the 
burning sun.,.
i have always known that Jesus Christ
was the true son of sunny God
i have always believed in God, and Life
has me forever
praying for kind Lord Jesus
and i went to a chemist and purchased
some paracetamol tablets
and i used a gun..i shot it and liked it
and i telephoned the sun;
o i go outdoors all winter
and spend my summer days indoors
i used a gun..i banged a drum
i used a gun...i shot my lungs, and 
i have a good picture in my room
which features a crown of thorns,- And
i listen to the looming church and
i sing fast hymns for the Son of Man
and i used a gun
and i banged a drum
and i went to the shops to buy a plum
uhh uuh i used a gun
uhh uuh i bought a plum
uhh uuh i looked into the sun, and, 
losing solar waves
lead me to blithe holidays and the sea
and i when i was an infant brave
i watched sandcastles floating 
easy seasand.. O, we went boating!
and we went swimming
and we had such a whale of a time
and i used a sail
and i launched my sail
.uh uuh
i used a gun...i shot it
i ate a plum... i bit my lip and
green apples sell to women
and bright peaches sell to children
..i used a gun... i shot it
i bought a plum..i ate it whole
..yes man, i ate it whole
yes mam, i ate it entirely whole
and i have always liked roast chicken
and i have always loved
rock salmon and greasy chips
uhh uuhnh
hu hu hu
du du du du du
i bought a toy spider
i loved it, tended it, and felt dead pleased
o i looked directly at a mirror
and then i looked at the sun
o i bought me a plum
o i shot a wet gun
un un
these cinema-thrilling days when
i learn to watch the moon
shutter my mind in visual hymens
and a hero under sin
ravels under my skin
and these cinematic visions swoon
my mad girl was a female father
my sad world
and a sea of light has to lather
after basketfuls of kisses
and tonsured snakes seize
grey rope 
these cinema-thrillling days when
i learn to hear children
here comes down to rest when
grey kids grind
basketfuls of snakes
drag lakes for ermine
basketfuls of drakes
drag hands for vermin,
and a yoyo bed
uses old toys; and 
grey sin shoots sand
nostrilled easy foam
faces into stone
tonsured easy bone
and a sea of rashes
city babies
basketfuls of snakes
drag lakes for ermine
and a trampler
abuses trampoline,
and we cry 
and we died
these days when a filmic fan
waves against hands
i have come back home to can
easy feline movies
and a dog of dirt
dons a shallow skirt
these days when a filmic fan
waves for brigands
i have come home to find Man
suckling reeled silence
and a cinema priest
tastes skirt
panners of hurt pinion dust
scanners of hurt
hear dead lust
the wallets of my mind
have paid for time
the wallets of my spine
have shattered
and easy coins on a cruel day
have scattered
rolled scissor-gold
and a cot of christs
winds a baby mummy
and a crock of light
pays for blind babby
basketfuls of saviours
sew seeds upon a tailor
mirrors under sailors
sail till earth is done
and a bed of boats scissors
after skinners
and we count arcana
and we dance for Mamma
mothering mind-bandits
hereby go blind
and mental darkness 
crams eyes down wine
the sandals of sainthoods
paint crucfied ashes
o, the dolls of lashes move
feinted nudes
and a bowl of hash has to
soothe easy tears
and painted flashes
suck a red-eyed bald bruise
underneath ravens, crows
devour blood-carrion
o a rook in a bud has to hear
birds of Autumn
and a winter rogue
drops an angled soul where
easy eagles ride
the sandals of sainthoods
paint crucified clashes
o, the modellers of hoods
don flu-flashes
and a ruby on the rise
rocks a diamond's wives
and we scoop
grey spind body-soup
underneath ravens, crows
devour wet purhelions
and we roast a rose
and we caress cold dinners
and we raid old Zion
as rubies burn, baby bites
will sunder us
behemoth or easy God?who can
tell us the time of day?
baby cross or easy Love?who can
swell up for grey graves?
once upon a season, i saw grey Man
girinding impossible diamond
o inside a sea of treason
panners of picklers
garnish a body-rose
and we saw blood 
and we dig de lady in swift mud
behemoth or easy God?who can
tell us the time of day?
baby mosque or holy spade?  who can
inform on a butterfly?
we hasten to horses when
blind ponies race forever..
the tonsured nostril of a dizzy stoat
digs a mouth under wine
o, tonsilled ferrules
hear lips as a bay of baby-candles
set alight to time
and a bench of flowers fizzes
and a wench of towers
teases fingers
o tonsured fast flits figure when
grey bandits leap for mirrors
once upon a mind, we saw children
racing under countries
once aside wynds, we saw women
raising ropes from fevers
and a tonsured god
walls a kissing dog
and we raise hands to city-seizures
when epilepsy stops us dead 
then we will cut gold-bread..
flitterers under fast fevers
flash outside the dark
frittterers under vast fingers
crash inside the Ark,
and a bone of god has to scissor
old cake with stale levers
when once a bald bed burns
then we will shout the time
o as cunt eats dregs
then a lady in a loud country
has to ride to sleep
and a rat of war
sweeps cattle under bodies
flitterers under fast fevers
crash inside the park
cripplers of cold creation mas
codes with blind soda
and a dilly burn
sets alight to easy missions
whence we move old tears
then we soothe banged spheres
a handful of flakes heaps a coffin in two
grey tonsilled hands
la la, a lakeful of drakes
dribbles, and mental cans cut a bruised
body hanger where
basketfuls of cakes heat old breads
and a baby snare
snares the easy dead
and a ruby chair
seats a queasy bed,,  ahh
a basin on the break
has to swallow skates; a gold car
crashes under Mars
and a bowl of drapes pulls a car across
easy powers where
rollers of flowers hiss for hair
a handful of flakes heaps a coffin in two
twinned coffee brands
la la, a lakeful of wives
worsens as she weeps
ah ah,  a babby on a cliff cuts tides
and teasing nostril nudes
loop de loop
and a bun of music swings upon eyes
Oh once upon a gold mine
i overheard a city mind shaping brides
and blithe butted sperm
swipes naves from spermatozoa
amd a cunny perm
pushes fanny beneath rotated glass
a basin on the break
has to swallow Mars
amd fast red head-seizures have to rasp
upon hectors of night and day
ah  weepers wail beneath kinemas
ah  sleepers sail beneath old minders
and minotaurs
run medusa-evils through with
green patina.... Ice hisses...lips frig
tonsured marble
a marvelous monkey soul has to
ride aside vast trees
a marbler of chimpanzees has to
mount grey ash-trees
and bad bees sting the flowers
and sad streets
spiral adown from veiny vine-leaves
a tonsured petal in a saucepan
boils old hair to death
a murdered devil whose forked breath
fed tawny foals to small deaths
moil inside cars and women
once upon a stung mind, children
fled to a distant county
and orange budders feed chicken
and hungers under bounty
bag nunneriers in holy honey
eagre motored masses are paid
with eaten choristers and grave
and a bad bone in a beehive
curry-combs empted women
and a bay of kids
crackles inside ten hands 
a marvelous monkey soul has to
ride aside glass trees
a shardener of faces has to feed
bald lips with ancient grass feeds
and a drip in a gun
hits sex dramaturgy
and copious histrionics raid greed
and human greed seems flowered
a widener of wounded heroes 
cups a titty with hands of yoyos
la, a brandy lady
licks drunken lungs from ponchos
and we ride from death
and we arise from prison-sex
the reckoners of night and day
adorn de sky where ratted claves
contest the horse-hillled body;
and easy horses jive for de pony
and heated forces
flash into the railings of the moon
a marvelous monkey soul has to
ride aside vast beads
a muted ruby-bunny has to cede
hot hotel seed with wiccan redes
and a scaramancer of the sleeved
laughs from a pursed receiver
and fast totties smell like fevers
/la la
a tonsured buried captain of life
sails a sunken rose
against five winds where jack-mice
swell up from a rat-trap
and a bonnet under walls has christs
crying in a skull-cap
and we scry for berry boys 
and we spy upon caged sex-toys
and the prising pyramid world
hips to a cunt of a meat-beat
hectares of Hectate have to 
sleep to a filthy druid-beach
o the sofas in a witching mood
seat cuppas beneath spelt wood
and a spiral of a witch's brew screws
a wand of a warlock's noose
as a tether dies out, 
as blue weather rides from drought
as a kind mind burns and shouts
then a gizzard in the lap
surely comes to sell shit to cats
and a blithe blonde bunny
bombs slacks with vacant cunny
and the wode of sex-power
sea-slams drippers with flour
and we have the fats and flour
eaten easter rooms open wide to
stationers of day and night. Sleuths
slash veiny armour
and a pied aroma of fish-lamour
hastens to strip
salt canes from vital seed-powder
Whisperers on moonstones trip
and wolves under sandstones
stop to cut
weavers of bee-stings rasp
across a honeyed tongues
rivers of wasp-wings star-clasp
upon a mind
and a mug of brine will drum
across a blue wynd
and a plate of silver pulverises
a blonde female scrum
and a killer of kissered guns
shoot angels
o, once when a seat of rind
shaved false beards
o, once when a sea of shears
sliced off vast tears
then a valve of angels
shot wings with bared minds
weavers of bee-stings have rasp
across damp seasands
and a murderer of female masks
strip sex bare
lemon catacombs carry curves and ships
lemon city drones
dram a dog from bones
and an urban face whose easing dick-throne
dams loud God with lips
and we light the midday lamps
and we brighten
lemon catacombs carry curves and ships
lemon city domes
dam a gourde, and easy easter trips hit
we have the focal names by heart-
the titles of the marked..
and a bended Love loosens poppy-trades
and baby breakers
swallow skin
the steely signals of summer men
slide winters into coves
the easy shingles of autumn men
slide spring into robes
and a rose of pain
trickles under paintings
and a rill of night drowns buildings
and a hill of christs
arouses the raise dead
we have five winds by heart-
we know the Numbers on the chart
and we hear hearts
weeping under thunder
the steely signals of oven-men must
turn up nude gas.
Debt leaps away from children
Trash heaps arse
and dumnny dummy casks
open chokey cherry when
babies drive
we have the ashen names by heart-
we know the Murders in the dark
and feinted dog-pules
will arouse a pig for certain
the pushers of valleys cut dinners from trays
the usher of bodies
hush up a dirty kinema
and a filmic lobby
leads kitchens into phlegm
and a mystic bobby
abuses heaven's telescopes
laas minds flow by, a naked microscope
has to watch over rain
laas wind boys cry
a naked bagger of purple skein
rocks cold sperm
and a lady on a keg has to fasten ferns to
easy sockets.
the pushers of valleys cut dinners from trades
the pullers of ballets
harden, and a pandemic blind city of graves
nooses snoods with alleys
and the whipper of currents
has to suck an electric plug fron a volleyed
fitter of a fox
the idylls of a knock hammer daisies
the rivals of a rook
snaps axe-heads with
a blase cat-of-tails whose easter crib
craps upon trashed tea
and we hiss
and we abuse outelbowed bladder-crests
the pushers of valleys cut dinners from raised
and the wives in a separating grave
scheme upon idols
and god's idols must starve
old odes to reason collonise a coral isle
cld souls in season
sink rat-faxes into rhythm
and a coffin on a plate
teeters a tripper behind teasing drakes
and a bone on a hill
swallows mam's margarine
Eyes see sweat..
Minds feed Debt..
Slides show specimens...
we took our evil raft when
dyed water swam from old gism
we soaked sweat-steeples when
cried father sprang from prison
and a thinning bird
hastens to hum for words
and a moth in my barge
is caught inside a butterfly.
we took our evil raft when
dyed water swam from gold gems
o once upon a veined mind
the diggers of a panned sky
star-shrouded deceivers with skinned
rubber tenets
and a bland hornet stings a bee
and a hanger's lip
straps candies across green oceans
and a bag of ships
dresses dusty drips with lotion
and we trample
accidental steeples
we took our evil raft when
dyed water swam from death's prism
we cut off our feet
we hurled broods into blue gaol,
and writers on the wheat
take haygold 
and riders upon shaved sleep rolls
green knolls 
and a bland hairnet stings cum-hair
and a ramming jet
heaps sex deep 
and a berry-beat has to snareth
all cars and every single prayer
we took our evil raft when
dyed water swaped easy gems.
i took a little ride across the sentry stones
i gathered up wives
and my neural mind crosses
closed palms with baby-brides
and i took a little ride across the hardened
baby-bunting whose coded eyes
blink from blindness
oan LA curse dons a hearse as 
naked nubile kisses sink inside hearses.
i took a little ride across the sentry stones
i gathered up brides
and a son of sin sharpens budded foam
and a sea of spun gardens
snaps belfries from fountains
ah ahi have told a lovely lie
ah ah  i have sold us a painted tie
and the gods of masques
serry skeins with warders
o a budded homeshow washes hands when
a draggler of diamonds
shows an evil horn to a minotaur
and a sea of sirens
serves bells to hot gems
O i hasten to a sky of devs
O i listen to eyes as ship of heads
shoots Gins dead
and ashen buddy bread gets cooked
and waxen baby legs
suck a neon cut from a sea of beds
i took a little ride across the sentry stones
i gathered up both eyes
and my nueral mental tribe
dons lions
and old naked thrones have to see lies
leading pugs to drones
Uh Uh  Uh..
once upon a soul, i went back home.
the riders of the evil rain have come to
summon christ from weather
the lovers of the seagulls have come to
summon light from evil pleasure,
and a sea of fins
force rats down hymns
and, o-la, once upon a dream, we moved
easy wives to tears
the riders of the evil ran has come to
summon christ from paper
and a poo in two hands has to murder
blue salts with pepper mother
eyes eat thru thuribles
wives screw hens to roubles
and we spend upon a jacksea when
saint-hooded bagels
are nicely toasted with the use of gem
i exposed my ten inched watch
i dreamt about lynched
but my soft head turned
yet my crushed bed burned 
up, up, inside a closed world
the riders of the evil rain have come to
summon lice with
clenching winter; and spring and summer
and melted autumns
mate with mods and put sex under 
closed brides whose aimless slumber
glows just like mad Mother..
the purtive pushers of pandemic easy men
write words upon a pure rain
the fertive kisses of america hisses when
wide birds swing upon fast grain
and a velvet bell
rings old horses
and a sylvan cell
gets locked down where easy veins
crash against blue foxes
,  O, once when i was nipped, i sent
catheaded dog-men to an isle of sense
and my mad words hyped
after jackers of day and venereal night;
and a bone of wells
drops pissy pound-coins down swelled
baby rock
the pertive pushers of pandemic easy men
writhe upon the corn
ah, men within women jig for hot bitumen
ah, men, sun-spind,
heats a doddy flower where Bethlehem
erects towers to the cars on mum's cliff
Oh  a bed of signal wisdom
abuses a dreary broom....O, sirens
snap a bell of vinegar
around kitchens; and an ancient cinema
ravels into filmic fusion
and a reeler of this kiss-proofed world
warps statues with motel screens
the purtive pushers of pandemic easy men
write words upon pure pain
oh,  heaters of radio listen to deadly rain
oh, killers of radio missions
cries in the radio dark
fetid blood udders are milked by dilly maids
scented love
laps cow-cream;
and the pints of god grasp a milky tea
then a branded silk-grave
hisses across gold-top..
Uh a swooner on a float has to seize
reeling tears from coffee lofts
and a fetid boat-wreck
wrenches milk-eyes
and, as we dance, a native clotted deck
dollops sorbet upon chill christs
murderers in a dairy cathedral has to
neck a bone of cocoa 
and a kind killer in christ's dairy moves
easy hands upon liquid screws
and a bed of unigates will dip de bruise
deeply down 
a creamy soured clot-clown
while very well built, we had nothing up top
while sunny sex milked
cream from angel fingers, then a sea of cots
rocked just like a heart; O, as candy slots
dip a caramel into toffee
i we ride for sweet lusts
and a sex ravine heads to the porn-west
and a sex trampoline
nooses heads under hands, arms and vests
we are assigned to a jostler of a harness
we are consigned to
eaters of eagle saps
and a bay in a regal raises blood from desked
caners of coded laps
kodachrome nips poppy-saps
coded foam folds dunny gals inside sweet clap
and a burst of braille
dictates pleasure to a blind girl's sails
and a veil of fans
flashes fanny into a bedazzled sea-glans
and horses on the crap
dig stallion seed underneath mared caps
and we dig red bunny
and we fix false mummy
the faceless jacker of de jackal's tummy
tunnels into shredded biscuit moneys
sss when a badgered blown bed heaps sand
ss when a damager of stone dregs
shoot pinenuts from a ridge
i shall poke my bony finger at a city's head
and hindermost candy
clarifies Madam Bundy
and a stroke of arms charms a spread palm
and i take needs on holiday..
uuthe slease bait of a magic sex mine
digs deep for dairy gold
uuwhile very well built, we held minds
beneath brawls where idiot canisters climbed
such sad trees sex climbed
and a buttery binary bomb shoots stays with 
kiddy thunder-tracts
and a tiddler of a cat copulates with swum pigs
and the slease bait of a magic sex wynd
whips a stockinged dilly brandy swine
once upon a doll, i ate my grey buttock when
idiot chained floes
fed a faceless crow to lunar ploys of sex-wrens
and aces of snapped floes
raise a riven romancer from white troves
idioms of lady laughter swipe ticks from loaves
aah ah
,romancers of robbed radios slice brogues
and a sky of paints
pads like a molten mumma
and a demons boom along girls' fishy fields
and blueberry hills
anoint napes with chiller cherries
and anointers of drills delve deep for wheels
ah O o-la!!!
creations has to knot its monkey
ah O o-La!!!
dilation has to shop blind honey
ah O o-la -la
i espy some buttock-milk
la i define a bottom-death; and silk
swallows phlegm
i espy some bollock-milk
la i derive cheeky time as old men
ride shitty rain
and the clouds of the dead stain
blurred states with
coded sitting arse-grids
i rode to sweet shitting rest
and eyes poo right now
bloody blonde-headed fire starters
swallow eddied flowers
ruddy drag-embedded farters
father latrines
and a face under peeing fire
heats a doll;
and the clouds of Israel sire
seraphic strangers fron spires
and Jewish worlds catch fire
bloody blonde-headed fire starters
wallow in sheet rain
and faces drop from closed trains
leaders of dreamt dreams 
abuse a nightmare scene
la, readers of bent dreams
accuse a dreamer's sun-beam
and a mental castle
leads a lip to a muscle
hah we raided stencils
and we raided paint
and we shaved suns away from
bodies of rivals
leaders of dreamt dreams
die for sleepers
and dreams outgrab
i cogitate on emptied cabs
& we float down lonely hills
& we kiss our town
o a bow of fire liquifies sound
& we float down lonely hills
~& a sea of hearts
swallows wavy oceans
and drowned boats grab
a knifed sea-sun
helios of sadness suck crabs
radios of madness
swing forevermore
& we float down dirty hills
and we drive a cab
& we float down empty hills
& we catch the sun
& we cry for jacked 
beachy bums
eaters of natural sinners fill
blue glasses with cuts
inside an outelbowed face, wallets
pay for leather..
Deep wars shall murder
obolisks of pure purdah
o a wife of shaven faces latches
domesday to eaten fathers
killers of cavvy cages have to smother
fields of glass
and a rider of mammas
yields dumb gas
plashy doctors heal the dead as brothers
piss inside a dream
and a dog of cream
whisks ermine
clotted vermin scuttle under screens
pitted old men
sweat for a loud grave
and an idol hen lays eggs under
sidlers and cartoons
the ideal magical wife who cums
directly at half-past-ten
must read my palm
o ideal magical christs who strum
a penile guitar
have to stab a false cross
 and a purse under moss
pays for ivory
and ideal magical wives will strum
cunt-hipped sitars.
o a guilty lever leads rams when
a dog of a person sleeps
;and a gun of mites feels for heat
and men run a mad mile
the ideal magical wife who cums
directly where clocks cry
heaps holsters when
balded bakermen suck on lies
Laas diamonds drool then
green wives sparkle
fishermen of mermen 
hook a fish of flame
fishers of old pain never heal
O a bum of masks
shoots a dolly plateau
and we trip a weired halo
and we dance
dishers of dabblers shadow
a sawn radio permit
kisses of rodeos hear grain
shooting dead hits
fishermen of mermen
hook a fish of flame
kisses of dead men caresss
dunny cheap glasses
endlessness harbours us
deadliness fathers us
a haloed imbecile whose angelic mask
shoots God from the hip
right here and now kisses a truant lip
and a kind canny female
who pays for sex-trips
enters into nudes as the band plays
a haloed imbecile whose angelic arse
shots Gods from hayricks
take hay-long holidays where slits
splay porn-thumbs
we harden as we kill sweet guns
we sever a bloodied mind-hill
and dusty gardens fill with weals
and a coded kind miss
we came into a crowded town
and a factory of astounded sounds
abuse knitting machines;
and the brawls of day
brain-thump a dirty grave when
coastal killers heed latrines
a haloed imbecile whose angelic past
time-travels to nowhere
rasps for body cocks
and as body-crocks trip the clock
then idioms of fear
shed petrol tears..
o we take a hay-long holiday to
a hot red beach where skies of blue
set alight to dizzy oceans
la we take a hay-long holiday when
easy lifeboats sail into a
swift heaved length of drowned men
and we will surely send
canoes and yachts to sleep.
when once a petrol seizure reaps
sufferers of ragged radios
a soaker of a jagged crow
has to weep under pink eyes; Oh,
once upon a mad mind
eyes burned up and glowed just like
a widener of cold skins...
skeins of listening lovers leap mice
veins of glistening fathers
fall to death's dreamed feather
and a muscler of a dog-christ heels
aside cats where crows
cry for comfortable carrion..
i we take a hay-long holiday to 
a soft red beach where skies of blue
strike a lady-match
and my gal we surely suffer 
helter-skelters of sand castles
and we listen to Mamma
and we hiss across caves of fever
grainy graveyards strike a match
veiny trainyards suck love's snatch
uh uh uh
when out of soul and mind
when out of body
irises of Isis will cut the mind
when out of mind and brain
when out for baby
ilexes of old times suck veins
and a boy who moans
and a girl who groans
will come back homeward 
and a crow sings for children
and a toad squelches under
blurred hills where gold summers
sweat blood-pain
architects of night and day
ram de powders down graves
and men who seeem gravely ill
will loosen skin with easy kills
la la, a bum of bonces star-slave
old kinemas when
grey cinematics cut chillin'
choppered rude wild sirens
when out of soul and mind
when out of bodies
irises of Isis will cut season
and self will soften wisdom
and a bird of night
sings at the edge of light;
i will cum homeward 
i will gun grey curs
and a mental dog cuts
cured curves where butts
seal canes in nuts
rutters of sweet death cups
easy queasy breasts
putters of sweet sex rests
beneath blurry berry-nests
and we leap for a mutt
when out of soul and mind
when outside de bodies
irises of crisis cunt-create
luminous and bared cathedrals
,and i count on timed
city damage
and i spunk up on my mind
when out of soul and mind, loss
bleeds upon a duped cold Cross
and the marks of Man
serve drinks to old grey Pan
and the roads of Love
and when out of soul and mind
and where sadness chimes
then a naughty lying bird
lays silk
and tea-dregs dam cut milk
what with chalks, sticks and 
fatal stations
we hurried to sex as islands
banged a bad mansion;
and the caves under seas
noose natal waved suns and
what with chalks, sticks and
fatal natrons
we buried a bone in a banned
ocean banner..
we are rocked deep inside
a cocking horse and a funeral bride
we are rocked when times
hurl a statue at a chair of eyes
and a stationary idiot mind
sticks flashed fingers under eyes
cinders of naked feathers light a blue fire
minders of sacred rivers
ignite raised lovers
and a bending fever feeds zithers to
coded photographic funeral pyres
o a starry body shines inside the sun
o a leering moggy 
mines deaths
and a gun of sex shoots dead sex
and a blithe star-saviour
cinders of naked feathers light a blue fire
minders of painted rivers
ignite a crazed blonde spire
and we ditch doom deniers
and we pitch for Loss
and we dine upon a baby jesus-cross
eyes of silence hear visions under code
spies of violence
wash blind hands in souls
and a bed of money
one billion funeral robes
the daughters of the death-deceived
hasten to a midnight hour
the porters of a blinded flower
tree-binds bones to waters
and a bed of snakes
causes reptilian dreams
and daughters of deniers mix up
de fats and de flours
a cakey pissing pusher of grey sluts
writes upon the corn
a shakey hissing vulture
spring-cleans a sun of dawn
and a starry skein
lashes usherettes to cups
the daughters of the death-deceived
hasten to a midnight flower
and a belt of binaries
bellows about a strapped lap of babies
and a sovereign hour
kick-starts a broken heart
endless fawning faces take rubies
underneath blinding doom
the easy orange counties where i made
my easy sex-death
has come home to see a boy in a grave
o a bier of ash
has come to slash
easy castles with brains and suet
and a bony sash
sinks a belly into a bun
and we look at the midnight sun
the easy orange counties where i made
my easy self-death
has come home to see a boy on a blade
o a tree of mash
masks up when
baby-buntings have to suffer old men
once upon a bad mind
i jumped true sense and blew women
the jacking jackals of the dead
arise from heaped bruises
o tapping angels hit upon nooses
and eyes beneath ivories
lay waste to easy nunneries
o hacking kind coughs capture wasps
and a bowl of wine
once aside passion, i heard the sea
crying for a murdered country
and a bed of rice
serves spice to mice
and a sea of brine
drowns in a blown mind
the jacking jackals of the dead
arise from heaping bruises
o tapping titters trap salt sluices
and a silver fish
swallows lips
endlessness shines like a fayre
emptiness cries like a prayer
weevils under old abandoned oatmeal
suck maggots from wine
la la, eagles under souls
lash dogs to sleighs
and a worm at my ear hisses under wheels
and i watch blue wheels turn
weevils under old abandoned fishmeal
cuts jackets from worm-brine
la la, seagulls under dolls
lash cats to veins
and a worm at my tears kisses under reels
and i watch the blue wheels burn
o once upon a bad time, where i made
dog men leap from marble
o once upon a mad mind, where i played
dog games with Madam Candle
has to sleep in the vast past
and candelabras play for coastal masks
and me and men are a Venus underglass
and the fatal focal penis of a flower
has to weep for the day
and a day gives way to night's power
and the nights give way to graves
weevils under old abandoned oatmeal
sucks maggots from brine
ha ha, swaggerers under eels
suck a cat's head from heaven's mines
and we dig for daisies
and we swig ald rabies
and a flukey fast boy
is overjoyed
eyes were unlidded once
spies were blind writers once
and a bad dog in a mouth
listens to a cat's tongue
o eyes were leaded once 
spies where fine lovers once
and mad words set sail 
for easy tight Japan
we have the birds of Israel
come cheeping at out door
we have the curs of Ishmael
comes creeping under wars
and a ward of wetness has
a bad mind for its girl
and coded city gardens
chops a laden city voodoo
eyes were unlidded once
spies were blind leaders one
and a bad dog in de south
and we have a horned angel
crying for Abaddon
and we have old missions
weeping at munitions
and we told the time
once upon a manor, homes
i once had a vernal girl who
overwashed her hands
o i once wed a red world
and when clocks trip sands
and when crocks spill vans
then my vast closed body
will noose a sea of screws
once upon a cove, i moved
all my brains to tears
once upon a toad, i smoothed
all my veins with fear,
and i am reeling in the East
and i am feeding from Japan
i once had a vernal girl who
overwashed her face
o i once wed a red world 
and my mouth feeds fountains
and my teeth cut mountains
and my bad body
brags about soda syphons
and city sirens burn
once upon a toad, i moved
all my veins to tears
once upon old weirs, i soothed
baby kisses with
grey flowers 
and a cot of ice hits upon
scarlet sorry suns
and a moon of masks cums
deeply down a dippy gun
they told me when i was born
that faces would submerge
fast bodies into christs
they told me when i was formed
that stasis would purge
all men and all sad knights
and coded passing fields
will stop to love
medieval rubbish
endlessness slides like a snake
emptiness glides like a lake
and we weevil under lice
and bald worms seem nice
all of the time.
these happy hatless days when i
cry for endless praise
have now eaten underneath eyes
and a bride of days
marries sex to skies
and a mind of summer cuts graves
with delicate decorous trades
once aside a mind, i heard the dead
weeviling inside a gourde
and a worm of words eats birds
and a dizzy maggot at a nerve
has to hiss across blue tears
these happy hatless days when i
cry for books of clay
have now written poems for knaves
and my bed of iron
fashions body sleep
and my head of zion
fastens bulbs to meat
we dreamt all about the son of man
we feel for a wall and
heap lice upon balde seasands
and the Leda at the back
lays right back upon a chimney-stack
and there is china on our brains
and we walk a long march
back home, where old museums
play histories to arches
these happy hapless days when i
cry for eaten glades
have to hiss across a vale of blades
and i curry-comb
a horsed cunt whose stallion flava
rides side saddle in five winds
la la la
ah ah ah
we will have to fuck into deadness
we will always suck on foals
and the mind is filled with
live lithe faces
and the sun in lunar rain has to fix
old teeth to flashing roads
the soapy cinemas where i made my trade
hip to a dizzy filming snare
and a shop of slides pinions dials with hair
and the drying shampoo of the laid
lashes usherettes to vile screens
la la 
the soapy cinemas where i used my blade
trips to a giddy filming prayer
and a store of light ignites the world tonight
and, ah ah, we are the visors of the grave
la la
these emptied ravelled fists of soft light
layers baby-tunes into waters
and the kinematic void swoons, and laughter
serenades dogs aside blue lip
la la
these soapy cinemas where i made my trade
skip to a body on the rise
and usherettes of silk will always show lies
and an old-time chock ice
must palm cinematics as bellers of wide wives
dip a starlet inside a sock..
burning midnight embers slap a digital wrist
and the audio towns where auditoriums
radioed a city's american sun
stops to love..
ashen layabouts crusade for a hot bald day
stricken under shouts,
me and my bonny girl head into drought
and a green shield buddy
tree-hangs an oak apple with a mummy
and we are in the mummy cloths
and we are raised up high where daddies
pour wheat on sticks
ashen layabouts crusade for a hot balled ballet
o, a lion on a cliff
roars after dogs as a laden mamma's valley
drags veins for tawny
heretical lips;
and a teeny in a kiss
clams up deep inside
and a lawn of lice loops maggots into galleres
me and  madam scarlet have to travel home
underneath blue veins and masters
me and madam varlot have to shovel bone
deeply down a mansion on a tiff
and a house of gods will
serenade death as green nights fall down
around a fazed town
chalks and tunes and ticks
tan a feline hide
chalks and runes and sticks
ram a canine bride
and the sun at night enters into rain
and the mind of light
sahines down from pens and hayricks
pens and plural poems peer inside
coded zen
men and female skin has to ride
against the tides
and a bed of bones
uh  pens and plural poems peer
inside a dyed world
when a house of sucrose sears
old seas
then a mouse of laid love hears
all songs
and a pinning pusher of tears
reels inside the East
pens and plural poems peer inside
coded gems
and we died
the pushers of plaintive noise have to
scream down all days
the riders of paiinted boys
screams down all graves
and we arise to find a cunt-cave
cracking under crapped rock
the pushers of plaintive noise have to
cream up and up
the bikers of a sawn slut
collides with coffee cups
and a car upon a layb has to cut
we have the names by heart
we have the names of the dark
and we sail to death
and we sink for sex
and we have the hissing wrecks
sliding down a mouthed
and we got hurt?
pens and plural poems peer inside
a balded buddy world
pens and murals
foam at the lips,
and a car of hits sucks up pearls
and a van-driver
vans the air with liars
the punishers of self seem to 
wire cats to dogs
the kissers of blithe welts move
whips to  old fires
the buds of the slaughtered nude
cut keen flowers
and my sea of death
sinks into eyes
and my faceless body grinds
dyed teeth
pens and plural poems peer outside
neon children
pins and pugs and vagina pushers
have to count in the mind
sex hymns and dizzy fathers grind
dogs to sex-dust
and a car of wine drives into
pylon pealers
and a bud of glass hears the void
hiding god's feline leaders
pins and pugs and vagina eaters
have to shout from the spine
sex limbs which
shatter in a ditch
will motion motels into grey wine
and we cry all the forced time/
the riders of trainsmen cut up
all false tickets
and we loosen carriages when dust
fills up with remits
and a bone at sea catchers dust
the sea-daubed herons in a hedon tree
heat sweets where drugs flower
the sea-swabbed helen in a loud tree
drops leaves like beads
and the sun at night shines upon leas
and a gum of passion
shoots a salt mission
the easy anal writers of the mad verb
sells vain books to killers
the peasy anal riders underneath curves
ride for lost woman
and my two clapped hands see birds
crying in loud trees
the sea-daubed neon in a father tree
causes plums to fall
the star-clawed lover of a mad hall
drops roses under bees
and we laugh at the star of Man
and we listen
the beakers in a baby-mouth glistens
the reapers under dollies
shape indigo boys 
and the jeering light where toys
cried in a playing heart
the sea-daubed herons in a hedon tree
falls to a drowned Earth
the river-runners of Eve and Adam
take a nude trip to the slides of birth
and we lay tastes under macadam
and we raise huge dreams
bad bunnies break..
the cashiers of illegal plastic money
serve coins to thefts
the cashiers of regal spastic honey
serve notes to wrecks
and we climb from the earth when
honey families must
clamber and climb.
the words we used to know have
dropped into sadness
the birds we used to own grab
scarlet madness
and the eyes of the killed 
stab oat cakes 
and the wives of the filled
crap upon deadness
once aside a knife, a hot hill
fell down into high seas
once, when slammed, oak trees
trampled easy flowers
and a yard of pure fire
sets alight to idiot sapphires
the cashiers of illegal plastic money
serves coins to thefts
and marmalade honeys suck thefts
and we look down under
red-eyed baby-dummies
hired grey water
drinks bullets dry..
ballers of bad transits hasten to the Void
dragglers of sad star-lifts
lift lissoming lovers when
easy grey forefathers whine under lips
and a bed of christs causes god
to dream just like women
and as we ride from deep death
and as we slide
we will come to know the clitoris
haulers of bad transits hasten to the Void
and a builder of fast faces
afixes false teeth to high-rise spaces
and we weep for sleep
and we cry for angels
ballers of bad fishnets hasten to the 
eager eaters of day and night.  Birds
swing as they cheep
and a bowl of creeps
summon spider-heat
though we are sad to pray
although we must seize the grave
we will always supper after heat
,and the rainbow in a pure rose
swallow hens with gold boy-heat
i have idolised a time of day when
time is just a clock on a wall
i have mentioned time
but time is just a watch in a mind,.
Death drools near
Faces disappear.. 
although we are proud to pray
although we dance in a bay
we will certainly never find why
seas are affixed to the sky
and a baby in the Thames
will shiver as she river-cries
and a river in a bed
soaks drowners in wet dreams.
although we are keen to play
althought we dance in the day
we will surely never seem to
pull green peacocks down
and peahens on the prance
dance, dance, 
and we heed the moon's glance
and all arms are turned askance
easy shaven women cut plants
peasy raven children
suck gardens
and we own the growing ones
and we own old women
and old women dig for guns
..and we slant..
the faces in a pig-void cum
deepy down where hot buns
die of cooking eggy dreaming
and pantries of phlegm
dollop falsies inside screaming
dancy ceilings
and we shed gold seed
although we are proud to pray
although have never played
i and i must nuke away all steeds
blue weeds are dug from earth
loud dreams
sink sponges into spades
and the fields of wheat here raid
rude birth
and a cage of comers carries 
dangerous nights where cut biddies
swipe sand from huge waters
blue weeds are dragged from earth
weeps for gardens
and the killer in sweet rye curves
combed killers with
severed ravens
mental mind-cysts wash nerds
scented vein-mists
nuke naked names as burnt wrists
sink phlegms into caverns
and a bed of bakers
baked caked meats where fists
get star-strangled
green dweebs dangle after 
loud staplers of hanging fathers
and a doctored flower
grows down, down
and mean seed sheds laughter
and the sun moves..
o to be dragged by the high-heels
underneath bows and rashes
must remind us now about fields
and the smell of rats
o to be dragged by high-heels
underneath shoes and lashes
must remind us now about
weepers and mourning doubt.
o to be dragged by the high-heels
beneath a borrowed rainbow 
will certainly sail easy ships
and a bell at night rings fish-meal
and a dad of war
sands a mummy cloth with 
dizzy head-words
o to be dragged by the high-heels
heats up rose-pop where
lousy woodlice suck a worm;
old deaths smile and leap
and a baby of the hour
heightens beds with cake-flour
la la we wash the watchtower when
grey termites piss on meat
queasy creamy tigers roar for
peering skies whose wet wards
wipe tears upon blind prick-paws
and angels in a wing
wallah after death and fatal swings
crashdown for infant mind-limbs
and a crusader in a sex
crusades after monetary sex.
i have entertained bunnies 
la i have terminated shadow-mess
and radio dunes
sing for colt cartoons
o o o o
weirdness walks just like a kid
sadness stalks aside old pigs
and a navel on the blonde-rise
hammers daisies with nude dives
and a classical clown
dances at the end of time
ah ahh
we are loosened by wine
we are trapped under vines
..we are sentenced to mime
and we are layered by
when once a blue saint cries
when once naked paints writhe
we will serenade old blood-blind
moon vixens
and the senses of chinese sky
cups breasts around defectives
and the whorling world of sirens
sticks needles into naked 
knife swingers
and baby god holds his killers
with two acient boiled fingers
ah ice on a ledge snaps gingers
ah christ on a sedge
sinks dollars into kindlers
and a baked girl-wedge enters
curled bullshit round 
rotated mind-levers
and a ball of baskets shivers
o-la the fathers of the world
enemise gas with pearled
bully beats
.and sidlers of sleep furl
dizzy damsels where oil
drizzles into labia
and a clit at night renders
pigs from cannd lip-flava
olives seem shaven 
palmed violets appear crazed
and a soapbar in the garden
swing up from apple trees
  o, a sward of a son heaves
feinted fatal logic
and grey icons found in beads
count the tocsins of 
severing blue-bound bell-dogs
we have swelled up for claws
we have donned evil scores
we have delved after whores
and bruisings sea-psalms 
gnaw on buds as beery balms
bathe crooks in embrocations
there is a soft angel crying in my head
there is a spinning lover
pinioning my soul to a clasped mirror
and all the worlds of death
drink sin dry,
and a bather in the sky
slides off inside blood-ruin
and there is a soft woman burning sex.
when an alarm of days grips to oils
we will hire a baby to a coil
and the pyres of Man stroke a drip
and the tyres of Japan
turn a dolly key in a paddock.
there is a soft angel crying forever
o there is a sunny singer whose flava
hoops skirts with veins
and the number of the sun jacks rain
and the thunder of the reined
hammers daisies to horses
when an alarm of graves spits soils
we will hide a bobbin in a moiled
starry idiot diamond
and a ship of fools sails into drivers
and we heap grey sirens
the keystruck cuckoo of old peppers
burn for the king's canary
and the eyes of nudes
seer a blind mind.
the mental stains of a whipper's world
sweat mush
the scented veins of a snipper's world
sweat lust
and a grave of dust
drops muds upon girls
and the seasands learn of drowned pearls
when a madam moves aside salt rain
weevils will concede maggots to grain
and the beds of death
cause fatal sleep
and a dream of veins heats a soft mane
the mental stains of a whipper's world
sweat musk
the spreaded trains of a ripper's girl
drop dog-rusks
and a bone of vaginal night
centres domes under darkness
when a madam stains her peahen coat
then we will cum back
and cunny canes must cause welts.
ashen eaters of oestrogen have to
jack the dogs of war
ashen beaters of coded hens have to
jazz inside dog-claws
and a mind of mush
must eat bled musk
and a skein of clay crashes upon
blue headed cock museums
o the hands of sand soothe the flowers
o islands in drams
dress cake with water
and a skull on the ride hears edams
dropping coke into sedans
ah, a copious creator of a mad son
weds a daddy to a dreamer
ah, a copious curator of a sad son
sweats optics
and we skate for bread
and we raise the dead
the waxen wide bushes of the dead and gone
strangle beads with bare hands
the waxing blind rushes of
deadly diamond crashes under closed drams,
and an isle of doctors
drizzles rain with fire
and waxen wildness 
sea-handles cobra thrushes
o the wives of evening scatter smatters
o the brides of heaving
smash, and we have the eyes of March made
keen as the dead
and we drop darjeeling
and we stop the ceiling
waxen wide clashes cut capons on two
la la, a boat of bread
sails down to moving pictures
and a wolf of wheat
rams a soft yield
under the Thames where sky-dyed dudes
die out..
the jammers of malus angels
snap an anvil from a stape
and an ear of corn
snaps coded cochleas
o we used the ear to find hot tears
and we listen to the dawn
once aside a mind, night's paint
covered easy candy with
green flights of dogs and kids
and a grey easel
snaps sex brushes
and we eat into weevils
the jammers of malus cradles
snap an angel from a stape
and an ear of porn
craps upon eagles
and seagulls storm a snake
and god's sight is stormed
fay fazed sex-architects form
blue braziers 
grey lazed cock-defects swarm
against pissers
and pullers of kissers
crusade for cunny grippers
the gay world is set on fire
the hired hills are burned
and a whore in a pylon wires
radios to weeble mien
we are eager to pray for father
we are mental
we are bombed by day
we are stoned by night
and life leads our veins to water
the easy shows of midnight
ram daughters into grey life
and we pray for de father
eaters of robins must heed light
reapers of dauphins
will slip a tear into wept larders
and we buy dolphins
and we ride to drowned lovers
the easy shows of midnight
ram brothers with instant mummas
and a tree of tramps
begs for city grease
and we ignite phlegm with feathers
once upon a mine, i saw gold
crying when eating a mined soul
and eyes fly
and minds writhe
under mallow where men heave.
salty soothing parcels
send stamps to cradles
old eaters of candles send mussels
back to sea
and a writer of the void
stamps a backbone with a boy
and we sail for anvils.
easy eaters of sexy samphires
have to dine on whelks
o, family flavours
must kill death, and incest
dances with the killers
and sin looks in mirroers
salty smoothing parcels
send stamps to tables
old patters of pushers pile cables
up, up, where
a dilly demotic snare
traps a coat inside blue angels
once when we were too young
we cut a wrecked flower
and we listen to a TV tower
and we hiss inside blind lungs
old god pulled down his nazi knickers
rolled love spilled
easy brown, and we ride from kickers
and pull lace from hills
o, o,
a bully in a brace binds death to feathers
a dolly in a mace
defaces doggy mines
and an aged drug
drops down false plugs
o, o,
once upon a mind in an ashed world
pigged eyes laid waste to mammaries
and i have entered once again
into the green zion of the waterbead
old god pulled down his nazi knickers
rolled loveage resounds
and a blonde book about lazy clowns
serenades dogs with lipped
vulture rock
we have summoned darkness under 
grey nests
we have seasoned deadness under
fazed necks
and death's drawn lever uses thunder.
And christ pulled down his dunder knickers
ha, a rite of dolls
dragged mites from foals
and a light of Downs hits blood with coal
and we seize bled skippers
and christ pulled down his dunder knickers
ha, a rise of wool
wraps dusts in sandal bloods
and a computer love-byte hastens to cold
and a father to a rude height
wraps razors in huge water
o as a baptiser of pure milk saints de soul
then youths and mamma will clothe
a baby-bunter with a bad body-flower
o as christeners of pure silk
stain girl-satan, then an incher of foals
will certainly ride into the veins
and christ pulled down his dunder knickers
and Life pulled off its sandy skirts
and a worm of ice
sticks slugs into mice
hah hah ...
and jesu dropped his violet kecks as hurt
spurted arrow-seed at seas of pert
city dreamers
and a bath of hammers sailed a toy sail
beneath a wintry summer's father-veil
and jesu dropped his violent handrail
where, blenched, a bleaching of mien
snapped verboten comers
o as a baptiser of red milk saints de whole
banana body of christs
then mules sing hosannas to a sea of rice
and demure decorous dolls
drain a shitted lip from winged angel-bols
once aside a bible-mind, we heard night
snapping blind day inside blind sight
and a bone of blown blood
bangs upon a stoned dog
and we share rats with cocoons.
what with diamond gizzards smoking sails
what with diamond rivers
raising arouser's pints from golden tails
we will certainly have to quiver for
thunder dusts and doggy sedan-cores
and we are riven to the blue bone
and we are driven under
blown balls of bedded speculum-thunder
and what with diamante killers
come crying at the mashed bit
we will certainly have to stone rolled nips
and blood nipples on the moon
share missives with cocoons
and a wallop of a whipping boy heeds clips
shedding sweet seed from a blue moon's
tardy caned clitoris
o-la the digger of a salt-circus has to 
soothe awed hands with bruising truths
and the skein of the colour true has to
save dark birds with spun screws; and, la,
as we ride to holy sleep
ha, as we glide from country heat, cars
will surely blind us with dog-dayed scars
and radial riders of the Thames
will certainly hiss in the tears of the Towy
and archangels of thunder-nerves
will crisscross cellves with blunder-curves
and maluses deafen cold cuts with
catty heroes of messed slut-clips
and a crooner in a bed pan shoots slits
with cranial fingers 
what with diamond geizers smoking sails
what with pullied pusher men
plying dots with wives
we have to hasten to seizures under eyes
and we pull a pisser from culled seasons
and we drizzle milks upon cunt-tribes
and we heap horses beneath blue knights
with chalks and feathers and dunder-nerves
whistlers whistle in a fountain-head
o where marble fevers
flash into the dark, a hand-maid to bread
slops soft crusts down a bay of scisssors
and the silk-lips down the easy pan
hide rolled biscuits found in my cistern
and wihat with chalks and rubber broads
we must always chant for mental whores
what with hawks and phlegms and 
reapers of pigs stalk
and waders of figged rock
blithe maiden melters will gorge crash,
and easy riders rock upon a gashed
blithe stool 
oh a pelter in a rule measures corks
oh a helter on the drool
layers dragoners with yoyo fooled
adult children
and a mike in an amp abuses
codas of cicadas and blown nooses
kickers of picklers in the painted park
walk cats inside gold dogs
snippers of devil Hitlers sunder clogs,
and a clock timed by god's hearts
ticks a crazy candle
and writhers of sundials ride upon 
vast valleys where a nipper of darts
hurls dangerous shadow where
dolly marks melt into urban hair
we have chalks and whites and petals
we turn a petrol face unto
cobras of slitherers whose blues
cannot stop rude metals
and the harps of sleuths suck up
damsel dragonflies and eaten shut
cunted brawl-nuts,
and we sermon after easters and
we siren after a body in a festive pram
and loaded slow-wormed snood
shoots a leather baby...
roods rootle for a jacked hay-cheek
and laden mangers feed sleep with
tawny lovely buzzer worlds
and a seascape filled with criminal easels
and dreamscapes drilled with painted seagulls
we will serenade a winged table
and we count to ten
and we shout
and we drained the river Thames
as a bed of splinters hammers dust, skulls
ravel into boned minds
and we count to ten
and we shout aloud
and we act piss-proud
once upon a boat, we sailed for dolls and
easy riders of shrouds
heap hands upon ermine
bird lime in Lime Regis has to dollop
golden pigeon poo on human eyes
birdies inside a penis
shouts for sugared seas
and a cot of wax sucks kiddy beads
as a shreded bullock cuts his cows
as a bedded padock
turns under locked crowds
then a heap of blood-lead will ride
against blurred haddocks
bird lime in Lime Regis has to dollop
golden body-poo
underneath parcels which open nudes
and we rock the sun
and we suck a gun
whistlers of wheatfields have to rot
and we have time left to rot
charmers of chambers curry-comb
eased mines where weird old bone
bangs babies into lime
o, as fast as a clock, a town of stone
eats under minds
and we think of loving
and we hear brass-rubbings
and we hasten to a pricked
charmers of chambers curry-comb
eased vines where spidery sloanes
push a wide life
a bastard that breaks illegitimate bread
has to kill his real dad
a bastard who
rains down, down
will suck a giddy jumping pissed bed
and we learn about
nothing at all
we have the jammy names by heart:
the criminal easels and the
cruel carrion sound of painted 
eaten seagulls
and we danced adown a bad hall
and we shout
and we rout
these daddy-days have to
summon rocks for pits
these sassy grave of men who
have nothing but lips
must fasten dogs to coded crews
and we catch a nightship
and we count to ten
and we ride to death as screws
lock freed prisoners
deeply down under closed skin
we count to ten
we hear the bells of Men
we shout out aloud
and the seas of sin smatter after
blorted city cries
and a scarlet scissor-man shafts
coastal butters with
silver lips
and a purple mirror-man carves
sylvan crypts
we count to ten
we heed the cells of women
and we count on sin
,and we scream after children
we have the mummy words by heart
we entertain a dizzy feather
we have lost our favoured counterpart
and the trees in space
sucker dirt sewage
and we cut a soured face
a driver of darkness devils after men
a leader of sadness
hangs sweet keys from old deadness
and we fuck into darkness
we have the mummy words by heart
we entertain our easy mumma
and we arise from
sweet stains and midnight murder
and we danced
all god's days
the sirens in a silly drum
drum for the sally boys
the seasons in a dilly sun burn
up and up,
and a scissor in a stream
washes naked gals in rivers
and sirens in a silly drum
drum for pawed bad joys
and we strike a match
under a blue bonfire.
a mother of darknes slows
everything right down.
As a moon in a mad town
swallows pleasure
then a van of christ resounds
as we shot heather
the sirens in a silly drum
drum for the daisy girls,
five seasons in a filled sun burns
poppy mess
and flown flowers yearn
and torn bowers turn
and pigs in a plait sharpen
eaten barbered scribes
gide and coastal kids harden
seed and opened figs
affix phlegm to grey gardens
catacombs of money melt metals for
sex alchemy
and a slide of gobs grip to a grey 
leaded family
and demure gold is made from dust
and we roll inside old sussed
catacombs of money melt petals in
a bastard gilded oven
and the songs of Man
abuse a bastard onion
and we swing, swing, swing
a bad coss crossed lettuce hands
vegetable anorexia to 
cookers of rivers
and naked trancers hang truth
and we are given 
unto prisons where closed gibbons
get licked and locked down
catacombs of honey melt menstrual
baby chains 
and a wrist of veins
dons a timed bangled scream
and we understand
nothing at all
but we always knew everything
bad receding nuclear song
sings about bombed Eden
la, la, we learn about evening when
doobies leap from stemmed
and wild seams inside Eden
scatter salted xmas seasons
under brawls
and sandy balls are held beneath
loud cases when
bad receding nuclear song
swims for the midnight beat
a canny cage of killers creeps
up, up
a dummy stage of illers reap
dust, dust
a daddy under rage
force-feeds his lone lusts
and a vanned rolled jeep
scars lost wars forevermore
criminal easels paint seagulls
eager oestrogen on the rise
rams thumbs down wives
and we sink fires into dulled
ambulance friction
the splintering sphincter of
droned daddy deaths
cause tree-trodden bottoms to
shoot a blind moon's
meagre madam shine...La
,we have the wicked world
stuck down a tin-can
we have the wicked girls
transfixed with salted pearls
and a don of lights
burns, burns
and we have world-nights
pushing bird-palavers of birds
when, curved,
a bustard under curs
dog-dams octagons with ferns
and ferns strap their seed
across a funeral,Oh, sleeves
purse copped lips at 
a blue-minded receiver.
ciminal easels paint seagulls
eager oestrogem on the rise
rams downy teary thumbs
and we go to dirt now..
these bludgeoned days where i
lay my salt weapon
has to dig for a hearse of eyes
and a biddy on her wagon
and these hammered dreams when
blind horses leap from kisses
hem after toys
and insanity's veil lifts a ring to
wideners of pharaohs
and sirens sound the shit-lips of
dunny bedazzlers whose
wakful silver sluice
snaps a vegetable noose, O, Gods
have cum here today to
dine with the schizoid power elite
and a train of glass
crashes in the underpass
la la 
when a bell of baiters swings masks
where a cell of fishers
fish after mermen
then a bowl of fingers
will sink piped hands under vast
body shapes.
times flow 
eyries glow
flowers throw confetti at the wind
times grow
eagles crow
and faces hurl a berry under spind
daughter brogues
O, we count to ten
O, we shout for chickens
and a cage of christs
craps upon rolled mirror-men
when a hot crime of cradle vice
feeds babies to mad thorns
a station of petrols burns up fawned
porno chicks
and we are the porn chicks
and we saw a finger under sawn
and a bloated moon bulges with
a seam of sad beers
and a lamp-lit rider of the dawn
slashes toads with squelched money
o we hire nudes from Spain
o we wire some shoes to salt-rain
potvaliant lunar skin suckeths up
an ogre sex-planet
ah, we feel for vegetable granite
la, we feed from messing summits
and a waker on the rise
opens up an eater's mind where
old pigs spit kiddy grain
when a hot crime of opened cars
collides with Lady Caviar
a ship of cellves may stir the stars
and open out on a corpse of
hot-heeled murmurs
and we leap from Mumbler's Hill
and we listen to fast krill
and we laden bone withe flour
and we bake the cakes of powers
potvaliant lunar skin suckeths up
dollied plutocrats of squalid cuts
and the marbled shawls of kid-sluts
burn pearled wine to death
and we glister
and we glitter after
candy caves and coded lemon 
neon sister mister
when a hot crime of cradle vice
feeds rubies to eyries
then a bol in the blue
scatters salt across colour Nice
and we bolt loud halls to truths
and we own truths
heltering under wards, de noose
star-hangs masses
skeltering under boards, de noose
car-crams dresses
and radio planets harden up for
weekends of wicked scores
and radial granite
comes just like a statue's
flying war
and headmost lips are held to
blonde shapers of virtued
as we tap red liquid fingers upon
milk-white mirrors
then we grind grey fevers down
eyes of pinked salt-sun
and talons of mad men amass
affixing shadow to naked gas
and a manx on a wheel
hears patrons of penon ash
snapping tears with blue glass
and ashen ribbald ruiners
drop wine under dreamers and
once above a time
dogdayed stations heard crime
shouting at dead minds
and a hot crime of cradle vice
hips to a mill of christs
and a shot clime of easy life
comes homeward 
to find a film of lords licking light
with poppy-tasting creepers
and old boys in buggy prams 
sight sods with festive nippers
the end!!
what with deaths and the veins of christs
we must learn of the people's enema
o a blown bus
has to concertina and crush
under dreaming cinema
and a bowl of brine marks the mind
what with a loud sex god come home
to find a banana republic
we study how to eat into chrome
and we lie alone
a babbler on a cleft hip swings
up high, and vaccuums under winds
lam a dog with hot licks
what with endless dinners
what with eating kissers
we learn about murder,Oh
we have the names by heart??
wow, we have had a mad time today
today, threw my mind into the moon
wow, we've has a glad mad Saturday
and a bren of buyers
purchase false fires
and,wow, we've surely on fire
wow, i have made my own sweet trade
wow, i've made a nude out of live
we have the ffing words by heart
we have the signals of the sad dark
directing girls with darts
and we ride to pussy sleep
and we cry
what with windmills under meat
what with ponds in hard heat
me and my dizzy lover will reap
all ghosts and all eyes
o i have slitted aimless lies with
mad infinities of dirt.
Sentinels sunder
Panned cricles cry after thunder
and we learn of grids..
starless summers on a wall
fall, fall
harnesses of fathers hide dolls
and sluiced eyed brawls
supper for denial
o i haved slitted aimless lies with
operation blue eyes
weedlers weevl after old ribs
and a bastard flower
knots spunk into bruised kids
amen we will say 
semen we will spray.
the hands of a man-handled clock
keep time with vagina hill
the drams of a man-brewer
toasts caved honey
la, la, a creeping flower downs spills
and we drink money
o once aside five seasons, fellahs
swing from apple trees;
and we learn of privet
and we burn for sinners
o once aside six years
eyes turned in
and died for child suets
the hands of a man-handled clock
keep time with vaginal rills
ah ah ahh
odes to sickness damage mamma
old cold madness sings forever
and a bike of silk
ravels into milled
body breakers
the hands of a man-handled clock
drops aside
poppies and vagina hill
mystic mad men who wallah for
old aged daubs
snap blue crickets
and the sad women who
whore after shallows will storm
pies under rivets
ahh a sea of white halls
walks against form-  Oh, swarms
suck upon antifreze
the jams of mad men who fawn
after a swallowed beer
spread jazzers upon grey years
mystery glows like a saint
families eat leaded paint
and as we paint seagulls and when
we anoint ourselves with 
old urine, then a house of wrens
may well rape both world wars
mystic mad men who swallow for
old jackdaws
will supper now for coded moors
and we ride the moors
and we sing of ilkly moor 
and we cut the north
as we don parchments of blood
as we stun red casements
we must surely sue
all bad sex
and a gun of scent drags blood
and we have to move
grey veins to vinegar slits
schism men mash mad mitts
prism men crashdown
aside a blind bombed town
the silly incisors of a maimed hot-dog
drags wolves for sound
the dilly old fathers of
sweat for Love as wasted ground
dropped endlesness
and a tunnel of sadness sweeps
a dreary brush along a soft street
easy grey riders who marry Gods
must learn of cruets
and cruets wil scatter salt when
paprika pepper pulls pools 
from salty stains
o, a mansion under veins rules
rapid mules
the silly incisors of a maimed hot-dog
drags wolves for grounds
and de dizzy father
wallops a baptised feather
and we hasp after dinosaurs
and we feed off death's river
easy grey bikers motor after dust
and we have time to rot
and we have time enough to stop
all slow dreams
whilst washing my cock in public
i overheard the son of Man
serving crucifixions of panic
and, la, when a baby in Japan
raises Africa from Peter Pan
eyes may well turn in?
slow dreams affix figures to
naked numbered crisis
o, crowers spit at facesO,
handlers spin
canners swim
killers live within?
whlst washing my cock in public
i overturned a public bath
la la oceania burns like blood
ha hasimmerers turn like 
easy oven-burning
and i figure a mind from a mike
and i stand on Darjeeling?
slow dancers adhere to blued
baby bouncings
low prancers adhee to screws
and men turns the screws
and skin goes homeward
whilst baiting my dicky I heard
death outside nuking
commanders of easy puking
and a babby pukes in arms
and a wheelchair loosens sleeping
underneath motorways
oo i am wed to a female arsonist
oo i am fire-fed
and strange flame shoots the dead
and derangers
keep minds in coat hangers
i used to sell serviettes to idiots
o i used to sunder dinners
and my head of silk has ingots
and my bed of milk
swigs gold cream
i used to sell serviettes to dreams
la la i am caught in 
and my head of ice chills 
clotted jammy high teas
we are caught reeling under
eastern coffees
we are brought off by mamma
and a vase of moccha
kneels upon sacred wet ground
i used to sell serviettes to bees
i used to swell up for honey.
Dirt fills both of my hands
Hurt fills my disembodied island
and low loud noise
sharpens kids with old toys
i have bathed within grey sounds
eyers of oglers
have serenaded easy soldiers
and eynes swim, swim
and minds spin, spin
right back home where music
dreams forever
i hold two hands to yesterday's moon
eyes roll for sand
and a hierophant in a locked room
peals key-men from
easy daisy rings 
and a pawn of a kid shines just like
an acorn in a sex-ring
i hold two hands to tomorrow's moon
skies roll back
stars fade to black;
and the zioned waterer of hired noon
shoots and sad traintrack
i hold you my crooked body..Oh,
can passion ever jack a lady?
heroic mental junk jives after a
grinded ruby spire
where, trapped, a trampoline 
pulls circuses from wild fire
and we know a dog named Boon
and we know all about
a rat named Rune
i hold two hands to last's years tomb
i beckon after big drams
and my toast to self-death
grey geezers who stride across
clunking lunar men and guilty runes
i have entered now into my town
i have centred sane winds around
wild horses
ands minted mentalists cut 
wide horses
O  when will the pony bear shut
body hearses?
O when will the pony bear shut
body hearse
O when will the lonely bear shut
baby purses
la, lawhere have the midges flown
la, lawhere has a heart of bone
come to its broken rapture
and a lazy leper lops lipped loam
and a crazy saviour
drowns easy sailors
O when will the pony bear shut
body horses
O when will the ugly bear shut
the silks of madam curses
la la la
a cavern in a motor-car cups
dirty blind titties
and keen eyes are washed under
mad actors of sapphic cities
 and maple sauce flows like thunder
and appled force
fans a fanny fire
and men and menkind set alight
eagles under funeral pyres
the old fall in  a sad garden bites
choked plum cherry
and a sloughing burdener swipes
eggshells from berries
and a bough of masts slams wiped
giddy mist
the signum of cosines will 
harden a level heart with drills
the barnums of grey minds will
drag a daddy drake for
green zions and water-stores;
and a bumped gashy sore swills
pink pomades from
glasy eyes and matted cum
key nine murderers kill hills
sea-mined brother thrillers 
lend deep deaths to funeral millers
and a lazy loss 
fantails skin beneath gods
and we erect spools for gods
ah ahwe lay upon a clog
ah ahwe supper after fog
and sadness boils
and madness invokes Love's
peasy hider
the filthy sanctuary of lovers
lends tears to lenses
heaps cold goats where feathers
fill empty miles
and we act too proud
and we shout out loud
ah ah
the toasters in my bathroom
serve hot bread
the ivies in my bedroom
drop greasy stitches
and the wolves of the moon
yap, yap
bright summer strips swoon
light rivers
raise aromas
and fay toasters in my bedroom
serve hot lead
yappers of damagers spoon
teas to caffeines
and wives of woollen dunes
skippers and haloes
the whippers of wide-eyed beeches
strip nuts from dates
la, hippers of brides
sweat for antiseptics
and a house of rats
dam soft ribbons
the whippers of wid-eyed beeches
cut caves in two
la la, lovers laden screws
ah ah, fathers of de mood
and we jeer at tips when dust
dunces under cables
and we float against flotillas
and we bloat up
and we grope for guts
and we wee for sluts
ah a binary boathouse cuts
coded gorillas
and we dance
and we prance
upon flowers..
bangers of bagasse shower
eaters of bathers
slammers of pissy flowers
let deaths go
and we dance
and we look askance
weevillers of stained plants
cut natural nipples from
asses and cunt
yeah i have come back home to find
ashes in my mind
wow,  i have come to snap
cured kodak
and a camera junkey
sells salt to mummy
a leader of champagne craps
upon lost hands
a reader of blind pain slaps
easy ruby
and we dance
and we look for chance
yeah i have come back home to find
crashes in my spine
ah ..
rakers of Bethlehem season daddy
crappers of crepes crashland
under sweet foal
nipplers of cold cut grey molds
and we weave for
easy wastlands
and we cry for Eden
when a tawny owl coos after dusk
when starry fowl
swing swing
then a bath of toffee
will certainly wash coffees
crappers of crepes crashland
under sweet ruin
and nippers in vans
cry for Aliena
and Rosalind cries for Father
when a pony-scowl moves
grey mules under specs
then we shall fuck specs,
the ideas of chronic caddies
abuse sex-golf
the users of gold-clubs body
cocks from 
crazy golf
and a bed in a pie hoots after
phlegms and babby
we dull for us the sun of death
we skull hoopers
and a bone of twine murders
holy breeders
ah ah
birdies of golfer men ride cars
outside coursed stars
and tweedy tweety gamers
yap, yap,
` yap!!!
we dull for us a gun of gits
we cover hens
and a shed of grass rips grit
O  do dogs use hairgrips?
O do suds sink under lips
pastural plural peeing milk
sucker sons with cream
and a sea of guns has to scream for
greying open doors
and a bud of glass
and a dog of grass
and a bumpered sister of pastures
pee inside a puddle
and eyes arise from rain.
pastural plural peering silks
suckers stars with teams
and we ride Aladdin under streams
and we flow
within snows
and we grow wide beards
and, as we crow, then we scream
and dogs of sloes snap
easy vinyl cherry crap
Paladin in a clown-palace preens
mean Mamma Mary with
grey tides and lady-beams
and a bench of bytes
computes death 
ahweepers on Sunday pray for
diggories of naked noon-light
and we own love's store
pastural plural peeing milk
wolfs up gold tops
and wheezers sunder rot
and we have time enough to drop
salted winded blurry nasty bluebottles
have come home to haunt me
sweeteners of doobies
drag phlegm cliffs from lost trees
and the incense on its fast knees
locks ashes under spirals
salted winded dizzy Nazi candles
set alight an evil thurible,
and the shakers of a mind disables
coded kindlers of
where a drabnet under lost Luds
enlanterns minds with birches
sweeteners of gold times table
green bummer numbers with a
griddler of bones and cradled
baby wheat
and a binder of halted old sleep
a cabler of horsed eye-meat
we hasten to crabby cunny when
dolters of giddy hail
drops bound bombs upon stemmed
the eaters of old radishes have to season
old paprikas with pepper-veins
the sleepers of vanishers
sink earrings into tears,
and a boat of blades sails after reason
and a soaper of washed phials stain
purple pockets with blind years
and we will reel inside the East
and we will serenade the Beast
the eaters of gold radishes have to heal
ald paprikas and peppered wheels,
and the daughters of a melted flower
has to let blood glow
and we let blood flow
eyes under ribbons wrap coke with
sea-hanged urban ribs
and a bed of kites shoots falons with
local hills where mitching kids
swallow salts and papers
eaters of illing radishes have to reason
with cold pugs whose blind seasons
have to garnish meals with ferns
and old ferns scatter seed upon perms
and guilty patrons of a dirt-void
dribble under waves and wax-boys
a boat sinks into gravy as bound terns
trickle just like endless urine-soda.
the soapers of porky yoyos
land a ball inside a female nest
ah hah, a belly in a crest
craps upon mamma moon
and weepers weep after 
lunacy and death
where a bum of buyers swoons
when a sun of lovers
leers inside the West
we will certainly sweep fathers
underneath baby mothers
the soapers of porky yoyos
land a stall inside a female desk
and we lay arms around
a switch-back seas  where sex
smothers blue sound
where a scrum of fellahs drowns
underneath gold clowns
weedlers of washing towns 
may well fever after planet Death
and a bell of briars
sea-slams a city under fires
blithe blonde-bedded cattle-choirs
serenade a blind seizure
and fitted infant minds are wired
to a dizzy helterskelter
and a bud of christs
sweats in the Dettol Dark
and blued cappers under tyres
drinks from bunnies
where a gun of cold shoots
diggory dusts
then blithe meadows star-scoop
cabbages and women
and dirty cunny samphires 
strap toddies about chickens
dampeners of dire hate spins
candy swirls in soft night
and camphor listens to rings
and gold-bedded buzzy rites
ripen into nunneries
de soapers of talky yoyos
land a medical head inside a
grey-headed Micado
and a belt of flame whips cars
and cars look down
upon a tiny twintzy fay town
miraculous fishermen dig
mazy manses into punched figs.
Latent lacers drabble digs
where a randy bible-blower 
steeply exterminates flour
and we have the cakey flour
i hissed across the pissers
eyes crisscrossed
and a loaf of minds tossed
fabric cake
and easers of candy rocks us
with slicers and bun-bitchers
shying orange kin crazes crust
crying baby peals
commands pears with rust
and we danced
and we removed star-deals
ah ah ah
Ho Hoh
the slickers of the bleated mind
wash hops in honeys
the ripeners of sun-heat
burn, burn
the slivers of beaten wives
spread tampax on bread
and the sun and the moon
yearn, yearn...
these days of sex when time
erects a noose
touches eaten torches; and sky
sweeps a brush
and we learn, learn
and we turn, turn
and we die, die
wallowers of wall-papers
peer into pealings
la, followers of walled pepper
strike salt from
ground ceilings
and we listen to ceilings
flickering holy tongues strum
cold neckties
shimmering holy guns cum
and wives writhe.
gee, when i lose my lungs
wow, where i moisten
blue corridors
then i shall push a mission
under belfries
wallowers of wallpapers
eat into peals
and we rig a hearth-light.
the slickers of an inner wife
rot, just like a heart
the razors of a slowing skirt
flow under knights
and a bell of piss
grabs for curtains
and we know midnights
o a bellied pantry hears hurt
grasping telly
o a jellied easy dinner
shoves sloes down baby
and we dance for war
and we prance
once upon a time, whores
lashed veins to feathers..
the slicers of an inner river
arise like a killer
and we dangled blood
and we died for God?
tragic busy dribblers
dribble for a balled child
magical dead drillers
drill after
salted mirrors,
and the stars in the rain
sup from rivers
mad men run from veins
sad boys stain
lost knickers
and we slap a groyne
across sea-statues
and latherers of loins
use chinese tissues
tragic buzzy dribbles
magic easy candles
burn cradles
and we shout aloud
and we use clouds
a keen crash in crisis
heaps hobs under spires
a dreamt thunder-spaces
and weepers 
weep for creepers
and we dance for loud
city horses
the sliders of the sunny moon
heat lost hands
a rider of de rain
strips clouds from sands
and wheaty wide yields swoon
and legs cut out?
deadliness defines us.. Just when
a vast backbone shatters
just when, cold, a widow scarpers,
eyed drunks will try separations..
weepers weep
and sidlers sleep
and hens dance round oak trees
deaths underline drakes as grout
poisons good teeth
and eyes chew grout
and eyes glow like meat
and we shout
weevils creep
wipers strip cars bone-clean
and ashen transits
suck a screwed butt
the sidlers of the sunny moon
heat crossed brands
and we purchase good brands
and we fuck cheap rooms
and we supper for
diggory dunny fever-fjords
hopeless killers of a kiss-noosed world
answer to Devils
ah ah, raiders of a kisser
heap hills under girls
and revellers of eagles hoot hot 
huge hickers of shaven cots
we dance
we lances a neon moll
we dance
we cut an urban bol
and as incense weeps for blue rot
and when thuribles intern
then hopeless killers of a crashed world
will know rivers.
a heart grows fond as fear gets heavy
a darting crow
cuts loud carrion
and we arise from blue-grey shrouds
and we stride
upon unpteen lies
and we told lies
hopeless killers of a kiss-poked world
answers to de Devil,
and a horny girl smatters after
ah ah 
ah  ah
thumbs pull plums for penises
guns pull shot scrums
and a bed of nests
drags birds for death.
nested incensers wave a jazzy jossstick
underneath underbellies,
and the suns of ladies
shine upon brollies..
Eaters of eardrums chant the Mantra
Easels of oily bum paints
dress a canvas with swollen nudies
nested incensers wave a dizzy bread-stick
against olfactory lip
and we tell a bad time
and we weave a tale of lime
ah ah.
vastness summons ravens when
carrion crows in the dark
and a magpie sings at the edge of men
and mad seagulls
traipse a wormy sea-smile.
nested incensers wave a baby boy where
blue-green swaddlers
swagger after evil pig-prayer
and a clock of peat
digs a timeless garden; and bald air
puts a penis on the left
and a penis on the right..
summers soften jays as burners
boil a mad child.
when thuribles burn in my nose
i note the tocsins of the flowers
ah as dill-rascals water de Rose
ah as ill candles
set alight to church
then a signal mind must tip up
major arcana
O when thuribles burn in my nose
i choke the cherry words i speak 
a doter of a roped coat reaps
dufflers and incense-hours,
and bombs beat upon gay bowers
and the easy kine of day
husbands after eaters of delayed
when chapels yearn
where apples burn
whence gablers turn, then i shall
enter mad Zion into
the green drinking of the water-bead
and miens must
dissolve into dust
a doter of a roped coat reaps 
lemon ochres and sugar men.
the major arcana dictates to the minor arcana
o, a maddening game of Tarot
hastens gems to cards
o, a stain on a card rends fortunes from Mamma
and the Ides of Mars
sweep balled crystal under a sea of cars
the major arcana dictates to the fast arcana
o, a deadener of veiny scars
stirs Tarot under salt-hards
and a molten mooner in a shadow's arena
rocks de Ouija
and a bodily planchette
comes from a nude planet
eyes idealise a gastric astral stain
minds deal an  I Ching to a baby-brain
and a lucky ring on a blonde jam rains adown
both the major and the minor arcana.
we hiss across palmistries
we kiss across ghostly missionaries, and mice
scatter tails against
idiot IDs and funeral Mana..
anointed by failures, i learned of death real young
o, appointed to grey miners
i had to dig to the end of my lungs
and a guilty school marm had me by five arms
and i was anointed by
mongrel tribes.
issuers of minted shelves stock good porno books
tissues under lubed fires
suck baby snot from the eyes of funeral pyres
o, a lady shakespearo
fashions cocks from cunt spires
and i was anointed under mud-tyres
blue grained adulterers of mission-happy mien
suck a forced nut
la la.. a fatal whoring slut
faces inside five winds when
baby jolters don flax and shit upon grey spind
heady weed
anointed by scissors, i learned of death too young
ah, appointed to killers
my headpiece span just like the bloody moon
and me and madam scarlet hastened to cum
and we lunged
and we grunged
La La..
weeders of mercury swallow golden suns
weepers under bodies
slam rifles up a bottomed vase
and mind men soap themselves well
and headers of rope
sea-hang riders from dollies and shot dope
O, once upon a ladel, i served blue shells
to emptied eaters of oysters
and Aladdin in a plant
jazzes after Paladin
and we take a blood-bath where cells sell
cunts to ox-tongues
i insist that i was sung too when very ill
i missed dead god
but then i heard a poem in my head which
snapped seas from krill
and. uh, i swerve to find a sexy hill
ramming moory leaves about my head
and, amen, 
why a bed of geese snaps my soft bed
will surely not be known until
Christ and Buddha save dog-dens
and i eat off loud Bethlehem when a
hatchet cuts primal soups
from bled boys and baying body-skin
the blue blithe cunts of poxy evenings
rampage for eager autumn
and as spring and summer cut ceilings
then warted icy winter must
drag daddy dumps for easy city musk.
La La..
loud tundra of hymen hens hear calves
crying under bullock-wheels
proud mumma's siren
sleeps out in a star when a coded pylon
irons reason's shirts
and wee-wee flirts fan a dodgy skirt
and seasons float like a scar
,, and biddies abuse kinemas
i once saw a sad lion on a cliff sharing
kitten broads with cochineal
and a breaded girl of glass hastens to
shearing rolled ears from
beetle roots and a genius in a drum
and i will come again to find
the green zion of our waterbead moving
pinioned pears with feline wine
cattlers of lost Gethesemne are swine
and rattlers of crosses
swirl coffee-pictures into glasses
Uh Uh
. La La
  I  II  I,.,.
blue horsemen in easter-time
punish a weather chart
o a cave of lions roar after minds
and a study under hearts
lashes laces to funeral bodies
-  these delved words hip to dark
and gold babies break through to
a city of heavers
la la 
blue horses ride from a caned creek
loud nurses arise
and a latent winter peak
drops salad
and an ivory beaker spits hot glass
and an ebony reaper
gives god to grass
and, O, as idols pass on high, masks
raid mad masts
the easters of an old grave heap
dollies upon bled flour
and we dig the fats and the flour
naked nubile noddies nip a rope
faces under dials
sally sex with smiles
and a dizzy frazzler under soap
sucks a dead scrote
oA baker under dope
smells like flowers
and weeing saviours
dip bandages under razors
a woollen house that Jack built
rocks like the sun
and a modeller's gun
shoots stars, and a graven hilt
jacks all reason
O once upon a mind, sin thrummed
O once upon a grind
i heard hoppers glowing like milk
growers of pealed sails sail aside mushed
body sleep
flowers of sealed vales
cut wheat; and a town of brides cuts trails
and we are on the moon
growers of pealed sails sail aside crushed
baby beats
and a slower of tails
rots; and a tiger under meat roars after
pulled dogs whose nails
get cut by empty children
growers of pure pus push for veined fathers
la la, flowers under dusk
drag dirt for nests
and we trip for honey
and we slide from Mummy
and we dance upon closed cathedrals
I have taken a trip to the garden of evening
Oh my head is broken
and, ashed, where once an eaten ceiling
dances far West
then i will ease death
far away plasters wrap warped cuts in
disembodied rainbows
la  hard old laughter
shatters closed crows
and, loped, a naked shadow casts skin
across keen and empty eyes
and a sea of minds
smell like fathers
oonce aside blue time, we saw skies
sliding into feathers
me and sex bionics suck from fevers
me and sex moronics
smell like lovers
and a bed of lips
puckers into mirrors
la la la
far away plasters wrap warped cuts in
salty sand ochres
and melons under larders
store rotted sodas
and we roast rotted mothers
me and sex bionics suck from tweezers
and we rock lubes with snippers
and we raise a hard pig with clippers
eyes go to sleep and dully dreamers
drift for de rose
pneumatics push a father plum deep inside
mental massive tithes
o  bionic dusts dream about gold-wives
and when titties ride
then a bed of eyes
will certainly lead rape to coded levers
and a vase of vice
scatters summers across candle-christs
pnuematics push a father plum deep inside
menstrual blued slides
and salt-scribes divide dogs from drillers
and massed minds
lash an usherette to a blind mother
once upon a bled baby, scarlet killers
floated downstream,
and a bench of ice
bends snows under screens
heaps of hit forks jab knives with wives
o lips feed loud crabs
and fires in sockets suspend old labs
lichen in a cloud raths milks with lies
la la, heaps of hit forks jab old tides
and men turn in.
jeeps of transitions track deft sin
with nine spastic hands
and a mine of gin
swigs mad soda as a beery cab
ploughs for nude hire
spirallers spiral down into fathers
arise from tyres
and a local pig punches old doves
and keen doves live for false love
and we drink to
a bell-rope..
Issues move to dope
tissues moisten coke
and my eyes are garlanded
with bad blind boys
the oceans of the dead are near
the delvers of the dead
collide with murderers, and fear
gathers wet beds
we ploughed a pushing field just the other day
o, we sloughed god's yield
and a sun of mad men
strums a hot sitar
and we listen to Mary
and we kiss god's canary
the oceans of the dead dam sad waves with
comic eyes that
shine like a cat
and, uh, a sea of lions
ladens cats with irons
and we used a dress when girls were youn
we ploughed a pushing field just last night
o, we sloughed a lizard-yield
and a bine of light
banishes bells to christs
as ashes spit gas, i hear a condor-kite
crying, and a moany native sex-rite
chants a baby mantra
the oceans of the dead dam sad graves with
picks and chalks and figs
and a slide-sawn kid shows ribs then
ivories will play for women
and great ibonies will send song
to dreamers
and lemon boaters will season children
o about me and trees and naked Aslan
i tell an easy tale
but easy stories carry sense into veils
these dotted dark days when shavers
cut a thumb to the quick
we surely hasten to shit on lips
and greying guilty Dogs
walk a fast cat
and feline canines trip to the sailed
boat of rats
O about me and trees and naked Adam
i tell a lost tale
and easy apologues read after Woman
has eaten death
and eyes read sails
and bodies under spun grey mesh
knots sperm with bats
dotters of old money pay for death
coppers of de family
crop curved disease
and a tray of geese warps gold sleep
ah ah  a vastness of a car drives sleep
down days deep./
farriers of fishermen fish for savoury
eyed rolls
muntioners of old men kiss souls
and we watched the sky
furling into code
and farriers of killings raide
vamped rubies in heated shade
and ebonies of mamma
moisten birds with lovely glades
horsemen in eastertime jack
reins and foam-names
rude saddled sin rides for flame
and tonsured nostrils
flash gallopers into the dark
and we yearn for horses
and we drive a pony-plane
beneath mind mules;
and static seasands pull 
crab from hermit lug-hills..
the namers of the steeds
hisses under stallions, and rill
gather salad leaves from beads
and odling oceania
fastens bellers to stung bees
and baskefuls of hung trees
shed screamed weed
i have seen men at midnight
dragging stables for
a dizzy equestrian mule-war
and eyes deafen
and ears stiffen with tears
,--,Ah,we have to ignite
pools of tears
and we will ride closed blinds
a false world
the rude and nasty riggings of a drowned sailor-girl
don semen trains
the nude and lusty riggings of a drowned sailor-world
don semen veins
and a tarot god at heart
harkens to the dead
and we bend scrummed sin across a bed and
enter vast sands into parched
body babies
o a tarty triller of a tiller girl has to remind men about
the curse of Tut
and a bound web of cuts
must burn sex to death
o a tarty killler of a thriller world has to remind mien about
the sinking dolly lemur of a wested Puck
the rude and nasty rubbings of a drowning scissor-world
has to sink secateurs into mud
and a boned salt-shaper
sharpens blown sugar paper
and an olive on a shaver cuts wasps from coded Love
what with chalks and forks and dizzy dirtied dogs
lending dolls to tears
i will suffer now the tellers of grey spheres
and my dooby dead bed 
must snap a filthy gut for a cracker of a mine-head
the rude and nasty riggings of a drowned starred earl
leads lord god unto the veins of Man
and a giver of nudes
softens corncrakes
and a feather under lubes sweeten cells with curled
darkening wisdom
o i fed distant peppers to easy laden ravens... Whirls
swirled my jamming penis into cars
and a babe of brass
shopped a dummy arse
and i fed distant peppers to easy open raisins...
washers of witched wives wall wallets within
grey drives where transits burned
and once a forcing day,  i yelled Fuck at spun wind
and then sex answered back from the Void
instamatic bicycles ride a green gorge to sleep 
curative tricycles ride across
grey city gauze
and de lighters of de wards we dream across reap
doggy damsels from lady lords
and a sea of figs 
swallows brushed rigs
i idolise the best of me and mine
i scent fast breasts
and my mad crest carries bakes into sweat-vines
la la 
i idolise the best of me and mine
i slit a face with a cased crazy clime
and manses under flats hasten to a bodily attack on
rubes and chalks and scoobies
..laaaaa laaaa
deadness fucks a ramrose
silence forces tears
sadness fucks up all good years
and darkness dreams just like a true flower
i was shot dead while hoovering the moon?
silence in the heart will surely miss a beat
violence in the dark
will leap from pavements
and the flowers in parks damage heat
and the wives of grey scents
silence in the heart will surely jack sleep
and a clockhead owns
dogs of timed bones
and a tree of tights dons naked nude stone
and eyes die
the eaters of loud money monkey after
red skies, and a runner under mumma
jeers then rides
these glib days when a cup of tea turns sour
maddens all families
and the dogs of days
draggle after memories
and a shoe-tree
farms plums from apples
silence in my heart executes grey swingers
ah ah, a sliding hand-slope
cuts infant chilies
and we dance for nudies
these glib days when a cup of we turns sour
saddens murdered rain
and the cats of pain
claw a feline war
and a ratted seasaw slaps lips then flowers
outside the earth
dog-dayed body faces
feed cheeks to jowls, O, once when time
burned up
draggers of baby voices
fed a starry pup,
and a loaf of nuts serenades minds
and we think forever
outside the earth, we learn of wine
inside dirt-birth, we learn of lime
and we weep for de weather
dog-dazed babby traces
search for invisible feathers.
Mild men go missing
Sawn men flow 
and a house of bards has to slow
screwed leather
outside the earth, we cum for rhyme
within infant-mirth
we drive a glued hearse
ah ah
these kissed hands in my purse
sends coins to valleys
volleys under sapphires leap around a folly
and a city Number
lights sweats.
Dogs slumber for mits
volleys sunder campfires
and a cat of wood burns as she hits
her tailed heart's baby
volleys under sapphires leap around thunder
and we study beds
and we dream of bread
and we dance for families
apes in theatres perform for primates
snakes on cut piers
slide into huge seas
and we camp in seeds
and we arise from seaweed
ah ah
windows jump jacks as melodies
play nude tunes
and a weeping layer of memories
sucks the moon's
blinding underbelly
ten million mad men have sat down
upon a fast seat.
Scutters of peat dig the towns
and city belfries answer to sleet
one zillion bad children raise wheat
one sun of crabs
dons a sea-VD
and local cinemas die for heaped
fat cabs
a jolted bedpan burns up, and 
vamping valentines kiss dammed
lady sidlers
and a bench of lays
sells wet clothes to spiders
and a caged cold cryer cries for
easy liars
ten million mad men have sat down
upon a bummed bat
and a mule on a mat
awaits a sullen donkey
all of  sudden, a tiny woman
hastens to a pit
suddenly, easy ogre lips rip
titian children
and we wave arrows under
westend women;
and a belt of clits cock tips.
as bones flow high, i snip
golden giddy gnomes
and an elvin crowd sunders
eaters of December
and Xmas grows blue as
neon slumber,...
eaters of Bethlehem 
caress holy thunder when
coded bibles cry
way on high
i i i..
o O
all of a sudden, a tiny woman
licks her own armpits
the sudden shudderers of the evil hour
lets innocent flowers go.
Cellars heap thunderers under snows
Rapt cinemas
rotate on a visual table;
and vein-woven hearts stick to crows
and easy utterers of stables
heat lady Life
a rumbler of mumblers mess after
donny digger drones
a father of grey glovers
dons bad lips;
and a kit of bones baggage ticks
under feline hay-ricks
a paint-stripping mind has to solve
blithe crimes where a sea of skulls
scatters shadow upon the land
and coffin-swine
strip paints from antiseptics.. Ah-
a bolted mind
climbs valleys into gold mines
a rumbler of mumblers mess for
a supper of bended brides
o, we dream of devs as sex pores
reek of rectal honeys
and a bod of braids hardens wards for
keen banged becks
sudden shudderers of an evil flower
sets bulbs free
and flashbulbs break free
and cagers of bees
hive-hang doctorates from STDs..
once upon a pit, red bandits seized
cocaine inside torn coffees.
weavers of apple-pickers
pull a plum-ladder from the moon
reapers of swollen killers
don fruiters
and a copse of dreams hears father
ah, a vault of horses saddles fever
ah, a colt 45 shoots the mind
ah, we dance for demons
la la  chemicals change when miners
dig for filthy lucre.
weavers of apple-pickers
strike strawberries from easy dreamers
and a drip in a pond
hits death's plucked seed
and a mental ass has to walk steeds
where ponies mutate to 
riders of grey mules
ah a vaulting horse jumps for weed
ah and bunting tawse
whips, whips
and caverns under force cut up
old ashes where a dizzy fast sleeve
smells of burned roses
and candy fillers suck de Cross
these dear days where god's loss
sells rings to mirrors
hasten now to a bow of demure
pnuematic feathers
and pnuematic feathers serve loss
to a tiny moon where infants 
pray, and
sandals underwater suffer clogs
and sufferance on Sundays rob
vast vales 
ah  kidded whales sink into gods
la la, lidded dales
suck pus from grey mods
o a colt 45 shoots a green feeders
o a van of horses rides upon feelers
and mental bleeding Man
cannot mount a horse without
falling into fatal rain,
whence nemetic talons cut death dry
where emptied salons
drive a fist into a cut, then kosher eyes
will widen into woollen
catty minds
and a bun of light dons hairpins
and a gun of mad night
banishes eaten twigs to smoky spind
and a bull of stretched skin
eases flames into angels
and a stone of glass hastens to skimmed
milky foals
whence nemetic talons cut deaths dry
where emptied fallons
fast forever, then hicked hair-wagons
wash lungs in bright skies
the emeralds of preened ladies writhe
and a drill of masques
drains a dodgy coast where cold masts
cry whebn flailing
whence emetic talons cut death dry
where scented sandpits
swing, swing
then a matted hymn may well ride for
beaten magic rooms
and an asp in a wound hisses 
and an ideal adder flickers aside 
radial walls
the emeralds of preened ladies writhe
and a hill of clasps
damages death with gins in the past
and time passes
equidistant easter rabbits rotate around a
shrill pool where peasy peahens drive cars
ah  a bodice on a cliff
succcours faiths with moon-stiffs
and we set alight to flame
and we abuse a helio of sanguine spliffs
o once aside of trees, grey leaves fell from
coded blackberry punnets
and a band at sea
sinks titanic gas into woven mad sleeves
ahequidistant easter rabbits rotate around a
comice wall where
grey conducers of hairs
puts a penis on the left
and a penis on the right; and hollied chairs
leer into a school of calves
ah  29 garden paths
shield a cunny field from the distant past,
and i don 29 garlands when
dog-dayed pissers pee upon a turned gem
issuers of fascinators feel for a fiddler
tissuers of raging faces
feel for a fondler; and men and killers
burn, burn
and easy bridlers of wheels whip weepers
with foxy fascinating perms
lai sent my mad mien reeling
ah  i scented a pig-pen; and old feelings
come once again into the bridges of
jawed jamming jazzed bone.. uh, ghosts
gander a gooser
and we glister in hired hides where Love
twitches after de red rooster's
penis cage
wee men pee on railways
she-men shit on cars
wow, as a soft mind melts under stars
wee men pee on freeways
and a pail of vast suns drops water
upon digger daisies..
Autumn come easy to manxes
Bedrooms get chilled by vases
and a wintry staff slits throaty dances
and summertime stun
spring, summer, autumn
and weird icicles freeze snow-gunned
wicked chillers
the riddlers of the frilled have to
spin a birdy bummer on the wind's rude
sex-zephyred swarmings
and a lilted lullaby world will snuff blued
veiny spools of tripped steps and crude
naughty bird-broods
and a bulleter of gullets craps upon
a livid emptied glass-gun
and a body-guide grips to lunged
anal canal-scrums
early whirring cooking eggs will
dam edams with precious shell-mills
and a dirty street where gunmen play
will have to wash the dead of day
and a filthy cream-heart
glisten for instant murder
ha ha ha.
the fish-shaken garden i always made my own
lays swimming drakes when
eaters of river-men send swans to swum bone
o, the raiders of butters
drape a silk jam across neon body-gutters
and a fish-shaven garden
forever shades a cicada with de loud Thames
dummy rope may well spin
dunny coats may well skim
naked stone
and a bubbler of a Buddha has to cut veins
a grey town
the fish-shaken garden i forever loved 
dreams now for faces
these u-bended eyes i have deafened 
with flushed blind places
heap now a dyed daddy across faces
o, a baby in a gem
bawls, and, lo,
where dogmen slow 
a dummy leash leads senses to men
mummy moats will swing
babby goats must spin for a
digger of doled dolls...Ah, in cases,
illegal specs shoot a latrined wing of
dying waltzes
these u-bended eyes i have lengthened
harp now to a rose
the fish-shaken garden i always made my own
crazes cutters with mown sound.
Easter comes too soon
Xmas cums for the moon,
and a gliding horse shits upon reins
la la
the fish-shaken garden i grew aside my home
crazes butters with wastegrounds
and an insane cavvy has to nip a town
and a romeo of a lady
delimits slits with veins
la la
once upon a prison-cell, i saw old rain
crying down window-pane
and a bulb of grass
shatter, and hot mown neon trains
an emu under fires
abuses high birdsO, city pyres
wallop seasons
and a bed of briars
falls in love with barbwire-christ
a bleeded radio swings for treason
a dell of tyres
sucks a scorched gut
and a binary white
whips dark genius women
an emu under fires
abuses hired BirdO, city spires
arise from hot children
and we mark de flowers
endlessness weeps like sluts
and hashed men yearn
the deities of grass ovens 
sea-bakes a cake of bridesAh,
goddesses under sirens
rings a motel bell
and ovals lend bakes to bread-cars
and men abused cinemas
a rat upon a fire has to cry for
city vixens
and a fox with her cubs has to store
eager ermine under fiction
gods upon a hill hasten to guitars
lords upon rills
splay plectrums with doobies
and we thunder-stone
a bay of dammed dummies must
use a cocking-horse.
Silt swallows
Skips follow gorse
and blue-brained dilly tusks must
wallop shadowed
and we shoot upon a salt-cusp
i am a sandwich man
,. O i sell sarnies to Disney Land
ah i am a sandwich man
and eyes don't understand
why i am a sandwich man
O  a dummy bread-eater expands
blown crusts
and a strange grass oven has to
extend a balding treetop where truth
dams doggy drams.
O, a vase of cakes
swells up
O, a bun of snakes
causes terror in the mouth
i am a sandwich man
, O, i sell dark bread to Peter Pan
and a cell of christs
dons evil sea-bells
and a strange grass onion has to
mow hot tears down
drowned howlarounds
ah ahh..
endlessness butters lead
trendlessness cuts a curved dregs
and wheat dies now
out houses in a lost field
will always harvest
green-grey salted farm-yields
and we carry loss
underneath slow trees
and a fast flat cuts de Cross
an axe-man on the ride knocks
gassy gillers with
plangent burned kids
and a vase of digs
swing, swing
la laO, eyes swim for cocks
and a corky cocking horse
will ride upon a false horse
our houses in a crossed field
will always harness
a sea-sail's
waved saltiness
ah, for a mind in de moon,
moodsome dullards swoon
and we caress denial?
teeming torn trippers who must
don a girl-crust
will hereby define a tree of 
mucky pus
and eyes appear fatal 
and guys appear focal
and weevils dance for gods
once upon a wynd, i saw dust
crying for a swept apple
i entertain the vinegar drama of it all.
Deckers slap cinema
Wreckers nap easy bars
and i enertain dirt vinegars
and i snip a scratched man whose fall
loosens planets
and uddering daisy pies are sprawled
distantly down gannets
and my closed world cuts granite
and, o, where we ride for walls
we must realise that
dirtied rubies
are rubicund with tablets
i entertain the bitter biters of balls
i enter under grey gritters
and a tree of thunder
weeps, weeps  --  And a grey nest
hides a human queen ant
as uttering mazy wives are sprawled
upon a raised moth-pin
a weasel of a wiseman sexed
choker cherries with fazed sin's
baby lobby
oo chewers of de sabbeth have to
vomit nude cheese.
dark shrilling impossible statues seem
star-hammered to evil wet dreams
uh, thrilling impassable screens seem
sweated from hands and knees
ah ahcanals sails boats into beads
ah ahpanels under oak
suck tyburns and elms
,. Dark shrilling incredible statues ream
shot streams, and death drowns with us
oo chewers of de sabbath heave dust
beneath luminous naked theatres
and grey sewers
stub fingers upon skewers
and men and women get shot by
surgeries of flu-veined body lust
dark shrilling impossible radio moves
stereo DAB where free-sats smoothe
coded visual teams
and a loud horse adorns a cruised
giddy bay when
gablers leap from a lost rear-end
oo soothers of a small death sends
meagre hush when
makes of mush stick pencil-ends
under lopped rocked female wrens
and a vow of mice
scuttles down a deep christ when
dilly angry archangels
bellowed before a dirt penis-end
dark shrilling incredible mouth-moves
cause a lilly tongue to arise
aside profligate dirtyers of daffy hooves
and a bone-knelt sugar-skin
sweetens enemy hymns
and jackers of hocum limbs 
cause red tears to fall like rain
the stickers of the sodden sundial
awakes in the far East
la, riders of a draggled alarum 
has jacked eyes from wild
wide-opening blue eyes
and a tummy in a fleece has to
clasp a DVD around a sea-child
when a dummy duper jumps 
de cocking beast
then a poppy supper feeds junk
and soft sedans under cunts
crashes in an island
sticklers of a sodden London flower
extends tweezers where
broiling lost hair falls like air
and eynes pray for cemeteries
and brides pay for
evil devil whores
when a dummy duper jumps 
against de naked lunch, then
funky veins of midnights extend
geesy beery bound bones 
and cheery cherried star-stone
hurls bandages at
coded city rat-cats
yes sir, i entertain the nice sides
of darkening female fjords
yes sire, eyes entertain lies
ho ho
a siren shakes
ho ha
old women quake
and the saunas in a rose writhe
and god's baby drapes
cots against cradle-cries
hot hobnailed boots from space
drag a shoelace around a
keen peppered boat-race, and 
curvy churchy crowers
caw at a blood moon
uh ah,.as doll-men swoon
uh ahas gold hens tune
mystical magical cooky eggs
then a box of parts
serenades nudes with harps
and harpies raise my heel
and buddies bend me
o- eager motored star-seals
seal stella thunders under 
closed cunny wheels
and we watched the wheels
a smelly pantry turns Lovers
amid stalled starry faces
and rude river men smother
dirt dog
a piercing planet of a mind
swells up like a dream.
Comfortably dumb, cars scream
and a careless hog
lives for being killed
and a beach of illness screens
old oats and ice-creams
easy blinded bikers lip-read
after telephones and deaths
and a blorted accidental head
Ah, a riptide shed
soaks paws inside gossamers
and weedlers of wizard lead
anoint Tudors with travellers
tired cellves rain in cunny hill
cured cunt-seas-lithe
spear endorphins from sparrows
uh haa bird of noise
enhearses voces with de gallows
and doctors of darkness
grasp cameras as christ spins
around and underground
i am scented with locked mess
i am pentangled in a night-dress
i am rented to silver nets
and all blue nudes are star-pecked
by peculiar Adon's devil-press
o oo Olo
Ho ho high Ho
o as an easy devil-press
publishes soft magazines, then death
will surely grin like a hostess
and i have always cleaned my sex
la la 
a cruel crocus of the world wrecks
dunny dolls and breasts
and, lo, i wipe my bum with
red-crusted blue bread; and deaths
weep after mooned deniers
la la
o as an easy devil-press
publishes soft rapped rags, then
sentinels weep like a star
and i heave my eyes under venon
and i cede self to Mars
la la
o as an easy devil-dress
falls to the opened ground, mess
melts into eyries
la la la la.
i wipe my bum on bread
i swipe bent buns as straight spreads
soften into pale fire
a naked man in an endless hall
heats cold veins with drawl
a naked hand lays heat upon dolls,
and a house of fear
puts women on the streets
ah ahcoded cicada shades peer
deeply down into sweet tears
and a naked man in an empty hall
is shot dead by baby
coded eaters of the moon have to
sprawl across a wide blue mind
uh, roses under reapers
reap horses from deaf-blind Leaders
and Leda rides her toy swan
and dead Zeus leaps from de sun
a naked man in an endless hall
heats hard stains inside a mauled
city groan
and we arise from stilling stone to
find all children
lead to lead
O laden ravens of raping rain has
five hands in one salt thigh
and a pushing clam sweats glass
vastness in a cinema seals screens under
blue mental tundra
vastness in a river's car
carries collisions
deep, deep down where laden thunder
lashes usherettes to incisions
la la
once upon a mind, memories sundered
evil grey-goosed Mumma
and a bay of figs
shine just like kids, O, 
we are sweated as we cry for Lovers
la la
vastness in a cinema seals screens under
dukedoms of red and gold
and a chunk of bread
wipes buttocks on the dead
and a bed of night dreams after old
body sirens
la la
once upon a mind, families sundered
evil, and a lantern in a desk
set fire to mien as an insane father
flew into a snipped
easy mirror
the ideal husbands of a bad wife
ignite wheels with gold
la, ideal bad lands sweat, and life
cries and bawls
o-la, a baby in cans cuts up light
and a bay of kids
widens into rubies
and a car of cinemas raises doobies
with nine clasped ladies
the ideal husband of a sad wife
sets light to musical waters
la, ideal wet sands sink into christs
and a baby on her way
to the dead cradles in her grave
has to weep forevermore.
a slasher of a scrote sucks fear
a cashier of sweet notes
pays for feline eggs
and a cooking sneeze hears fear
and a cashier of sweet notes
pays for fried furled losers
instamatic candles cup ears
ah  deafening blindess peers in
a sofa shaped from old green sin
eyes may well open into rivers
i observe a sea of rabid romans
raising de titanic
la eyes cure the trees
la  minds heal the sea, and old coins
spin for blind panic
and a rill of tines teases a comb with
instamatic blued rolled pigs
and i observe a sea of rabid dead men
dreaming about a murdered legion
once, when shot, a cage of prisms
saw sparks shifting into prisons
and a wife of wine
weeps g-&-t
and a vodka spine jumps for missions
and we shoot red evening
i observe a sea of rabid romans
raising de titanic
and de shrieking devils of seasons
serve dogs to families
we see rise a purple wind as mummies
are wound in their mummy cloths,
and we raid ermine
and we raise vermin with vermouth
a harnesser of haridans hits upon
a bed of bound brothers
a farmer of dark spectrums stuns
blind men with fevers
ah ahwe scissor into lung
ah ahwe caress a dead sun
and as a wicked candler moves
flames to cradles
then a star of Man prays for nude
mental spies
we see rise a purple wind a cum
shoots a devil dune
and a kitchen in mid afternoon 
has to rock bright tunes
la la la
a harnesser of haridans hits upon
bad graveyards 
a grabber of ladders
scales heights for apple feathers
and weedling old keepers
weep, weep
the easter eats cause aldebarren
candy eggs where
eaten suppers feed dungs to snares
and a coded piggy pear
gets chewed to sweet death, air
will cum, cum
back homeward
ha ha ha
ha haahaaggh
weeded wolverines wipe their hair
upon a furry duffle-coat
pig-penning pluperfect chidden gals
heat a glassy oven
twig after pints as an SAE for girls
dons pearly mirrors
and we speak for greyed onion
and we sink into nuclear worlds
ah ah 
pig-penning eaty-weepy larders
show bums to bread
wig-whipping crazy slept adders
squeak across swirls,
and we saw god's swirls
ah ah
granular statues fall into fathers
granite gold hides
sculpt hands with feet,
and a sea of guides brown dealers
and a blenched compost heap
drops burned cuttings into 
dummy allotment green-sleep
ah ah
we are polite unto the very end
we are bright until
naily puckers puck around hills
and a naked bomb
bangs in the hand
and a boney island
falls to alien earth
ah ah
hoopers of hatred don good friends
ripeners of hatred
sup gashers from rich lost friends
and my deadly boat sets sail for
grey-green money moors.... Uh
pawed by brilliant apes, i swerved
outside a primal primate cat-curve
and my excellent gold car
had to collide with
grey toys and gunea pigs
a moped in a mouth drives kid
far East where
holy men on bikes live for trips
and, uh, a bone under stairs
do fucking jobs upstairs
pawed by brilliant apes, i served
old cake to a killer of a nurse,
and a serried swelled cell curved
a nameless sky with
keen mamma Kodak.. . Kids
prick porcelain 
..coded glass trains
wave hello to veins
and a keen burnt flower
flows from a hand of dowers
ah ah
we have summoned banded reins
to saddle a whipping horse,
and equestrian tattoos heed 
grey baths
and sin sinks into a bed-bath
pawed by brilliant apes, i swerved
far fucking West
and then I died..
hurled to small bits, i learned about 
a whirring dead world
curled up, i snapt lips
lo, once a loch of kits loves Scotland
then a boat of crypts
will most certainly boom in the West
la la
hurled to small bits, i learned about
a pearling wet girl
and an ounce of rice will redoubt
easy rippings with naked family
la la
a loch under five seas has to shout
out aloud; and a shrieking memory
sweetens cemeteries
and radio darkness hisses
and mail-order faces send kisses
to dark breaded 
gilly cum-leaded bruised follies
and we mitch
and we twitch
la la
and we fix a face to a wytch
and we ride to wiccan sleep
and a readied vanning peek
burns to silent death
endlessness has outlived us
emptiness has routed us,  O
a butcher in jesus sandals has
dirty jutes for dinner boots
and the fotal feline under grass
leads dummy deers unto vast
radioed kinemas
old treads slay a bunch of lies
cold ribs crack
and a boney boomber denies
doom-led hoot-deniers
and we hasp a nut across laps
and we shit upon pierced Pies
and we don a doner meal
oo pluckers of puppies reel
inside the East
oo cutters of poppies reap
hot smoked penis-teas
and a diabetic nurse in a convent
prays for death's release
and weedlers watch disease
climbing up a fountain
La La La
lAo-LAY ..
fast grey-headed poster men
slap a smatter of dogs across gems
o a fascinator of cold children
sweeps old tears under the mat
and a den of pigs
prop old boars up on stilts when
fastb grey-bedded fever men
sweat for fay optics
when once an infant in a car
smokes a lazy bra
then a bone of cards deals stars
with two bared old hands
and odals of naked brigands
snap grease aside bizarre
bison buddies
la la la
an oathouse in a factory wall
swells up under blue bricks
a soaped gorge of refactories
peer inside bruised oils, O, lips
crack up
la la, dined doll-ducts dam cups
and we are here today
to observe the cold milk-raid
and a nutted pudenda under
dilly graves
heaps a nut-trade where mutts
spoil giddy grooves with 
sealed sky-sluts
fast grey-headed poster men
slap a catter of a dog within gemmed
star-soiled suitcases
and a bird of rain
cries for spanish grain
and a cat in easter
wallows for xmas; and wild weepers
reap as death sows
odals of slowed fields enter thunder
opals of closed fields
centre sex under Numbers
and a biblecase drops the Lover.
a cattler of a girl
storms my head...
a rattler in my world
and a corpse of clays
sculpts decay
and eyes are slayed
by killers
o. a bed of bones in flower
sleep to the quarter-hour
o a hide of silk
sulks inside a bed of milk
and killers
crisscross mental lords
a cattler of a girl
storms my bed..
a slivering gun of minds
shoots the mad
a rivering of suns grinds
golden gads
and we pray for money
and we pass on by
a city in the sky
a cattler of a girl
swarms under me
ah a coat of dust breeds
small cat-sleeves
and a rat on ice
jacks a giant steed
a slivering gun of minds
shoots the sad
and we arise to wind
easy clockwork radio
a rammer of a rambling ramrose
dams sold flowers with
easy garden kids
and a lake of gobs
drowns fast daffs where robes
expose a false sex
and a sea of dogs has to show
a stomachful of dizzy crows
a rammer of a rambling ramrose
lams a short flow of
green gassed bud-love
and a cabin in a glove shows
blue beds and nunneries
we hasten to hoot like an crowd
we paste bines upon
a lay of easy clouds
and a bench of bodies hits gummed
scarlet sainted moon-towns
a rambler under metals has to 
drive a girl to death
oo a bony bagger of stoned cognition
carries sex to waste
. Easy sidlers season sense as taste
droops inside the mouth
and eyes in skies will burn ignition
a shrill faker in a fast field has to
piss inside five winds
.. Easy riders under grey sense 
wastes wives with warders.
i see now the giant apple of nudes
hurling a core into
sweated flowers where killers
storm denial
doomy deniers in a day-lit nightdress
harkens to the unsexed
killers of rivers slide upon a wrecked
flower of rages
and a bonce of fire head-hangs decked
bodies of camphor when
deniers of sadness don clothed men
and a dazzler of the star-snipped
scrams babes down ashes
doomy deniers in a night-lit crest
defecates upon an urban bone
la la  a car of drums
sinks cochleas under fast guns, and
ashen oglers of sadness
deify children with madness
a seated head-rest has to cut sand
a heated death press
delves cold cubbies with brigands
and a motoring motor nerve
snaps rubies from sweet sexed
emptiers of gold honeys 
hip to a midnight beat ..O mummies
do shroudsails as sleep
weeps under cold clothing
and a wept star-reaper cuts daddies
with five sliced hands
ah  emptiers of gold honeys
trip to midnight jeep where laddies
dance for grey barrows
emptiers of reeling empires swallow
grey-bedded bad swallows
and a seat in theb gallows
swipe diamantes from daisies
oa whipper of de Lord bellows
aside shitted gild spires
a raiser of kisses cuts bled lips
beneath blithe boilers of sex-bits
and a warden of pure rain
stations cats upon odal dick-veined
cunning vaginal meadows
emptiers of gold honeys
hip to a midnight sheet-;. O, Hades
cuts hell from bow bells as kiddies
talk sun home to the shallows
and a porny passage of red light
swallows emetics
and blind cats burn as heretics
shit inside rolled
,.angelic feasters of stared picks
prick upon a glass siren
, accidental feelers snap ricks
and we will slide inside women
ah ah
the son of Man cries red tears
the son of Pan espies
scrapers of grey venal road-lives
and ashen star-wives
blink upon cunt-seas-lithe
and you know that you will die
arousing sin with dizzy lives
and a coppice grate opens eyes
as wide as a woman's coop/
the riders of the dead eat 
white-headed gal-meat
la a vampire's blood-heat
hisses under rolled teeth
and the hoteliers of the mind
ring a motel bell
and the riders of the dead reap
wild-woven sea-swine
a cavern shaped from sleep
rocks illed cliff-houses
ah a old Ibrahim knots faces
and a rink of rain
rams snow-showers
cold eager lucre pays the huge
medical purses of the
weeping wonder sex of screwed
body onions
and pushers of pariahs
peal pentangle with clued
baby bone
the riders of the dead eat
white-headed gill-meat
la, a cobra in a cupboard reaps
messy masses whose
laden ditty dive stocks
green boxes inside gold meat
the tricky dicky pie-men who
cook coke in a formless stew
lays lady waste to
hornets of greyed nickered
hooky pale-eyed peppers,
and a cat in a dustpan moves
massed eyes to soothed
germous weeping
the sun was told off today
the guns of God shot graves
and a muted sister skin
scatters dunes across the land
high fringes under female sleep
combs ashes into sand
huge minges slumber
sad midges cut gnat-heaps
and a blown boy at love's side
nestles within easy stone
high fringes under feline sleep
combs rashes into strands
hired volcanoess sweat for bone
and the carkeys in love's home
serenades bunks with
tree-foamed focalites of figs..
the lashes i have seen now stand
against whips and whipper Man
and the greyers of Woman
suck hair from out a gay root
and flashes star-summise
a bed of closed eyes
the dead come home to dream for
waxers of home-spun city gauze
idealised in Heaven, opened doors
feed native americans to
easter eaters of feathers in glued
and a languid hands rots nude
brooders of catters
and dead men hear dead matters
smattering doves with dames
nitric fever feels after bunny boned cotton
citrus dreamers
pee into limes
and a tangy pulsar hoops skins upon mutton
and the Suns of Death
drop lunacy from water
a dabbler on a dune drools after sweet killers
a draggler on a moon-swoon
layers cellves with warders of pure slaughter
and the valves of noon
string tocsins from funereal bells
nitrice fever feels after bunny boned cotton
o, glassy granite grains
grasp after baths as a concrete mind-mane
mops dogs with old cells
and a drooper on de dust has to constrain
eaters of snoopered city veins
aah ahhh
once upon a head, weepers cried for rain
once inside a bed,
creepers cudgelled lead with bald chilled brains
and a star at night
looks down into a strange world's
whooping sullen girls
we are the dates we get out for
we open up the gates
and then we jump to ride against human wall.
One hot dazzler of a dead day
we will surely suffer after pitch-snapt hay
and we will caress a cat's haycheek
and we will take haylong where coda clay
straps ghosts around blue engines
Uh Uh  Uhh
ah ah ahh
O  O
this side of the east of eden, tyburns and elms
suck conkers from vast seeds
o a bride of the beast
separates limes from films
and this side of the east of eden, grey palms feed
old horsed eye pepper
to curled cunts where a scissor in blood feasts
fashions lambs from papers
and we widen up, up, up
and we swallow puppy luck
and weed walls us in to a brickhouse where need
assassinates monks in sculleries
this side of the east of Steven, tyburns and kilns
cut scrumpers from vast keys
o a wife on a swarm hammers heads beneath us
and world-weeping casements star-clad in Lust
has to carry a suitcase
underneath numbed staircases
ah ah
the keepers of cheapsters cut a cunny salt-face
the reapers of parking meters
swallow small change
and a madam in macadam heaps sex upon lace
and we widen a monkery into
a dizzy cage where convents swing under blued
body veins
ah ahh
idioms of mermen stick a plumed fish head beneath
roaring neon stores
fixers of wide men suck a broomed sail beneath
grey geezers whose periscaping words of sleep
swallow vines and rashes
and a bun of blinds
bombs gay drapes with old moustaches
and a den of drakes dribbles around coded wheat
ah ah
this side of the feasts of Eden a dunny balled heap
sticks glasses up inside branded sleet
and we snow for trashes
and we row for crashes
O  O
once aside a memory monkey, a triad of old peat
snaps a body brain in a garden door
and washers of wounded old whores
hire dust for dolly cream
and a bay of kids
sails out to die 
neon bandages break-in to expensive sea-heads
and we arouse a candy bed
and we prowl around dated scissor-heads
and a salty urban hedge
is cut up where a pharoah on a ledge treads
egocentic blue water
above blue allotments, wastelands hear deaths
cracking just like a snapped bee
aside naked basements, wastelands heed messed
and ther razors of the hour
stir cakes into livers!Oh, once upon a desk
dockeries brought flowers unto aged swingers
hickory dickory dregs wallop a bloody torniquay
and we ride from easter 
and we grind nuts with xmas-eaters
and, woven, madam Naples nips cookers from
blown daisy dots 
ah ahi enter into pots once everyday
then come home to midwinter
winged spiced dice drizzles ochres on lays
fascinated dabbed rice
truckles around a crazy hazy penis play; Ah!
once upon mount zion in a stable
eyes turn to eyes
and laden raven tribes snip a jazzed sky-spy
with emptied faceless bed-cars
and holiness hips for a lintle in a house-high
vomiters of deadly thighs
...& swines and woman get real high
& savoured saviours suck slides
& pasters of bethlehem listen to god's sized
endless brides
sometimes we hear, fifth hand
'he just gave up his earth for christ'
and some think love's mind is trite
and some think sense is rude
the alleyways of a mad soul write
purple stations under life
and sometimes we hear, fifth hand,
'he just gave up his earth for christ'
a believer of sex and money ram
a saw doctor with endless sand
and a reliever of hot rain hits jams
and a bed of fevers
turns around a mirror
o sometimes we hear, fifth hand,
'he just gave up his earth to christ'
and some think love's mind is blue
and some insist that death is true
the readers of english money have to
countdown upon death's innings
and a license to resound
heeds lust as a sea inside the ground
swallows death
the readers of english bunny have to
sell soft magazines to idle killers
and, o, sometimes we swim mirrors
and, o, sometimes we wed rivers
a baby in a buggy parambulates for
the english fictions of a dead hot ward
and a book of silk
rests an iron upon a press
and the son of pages sweats for death
the readers of england have to stretch
a bolllockry of fiction with two hands
and the mikes of masks
swing, swing
and a bed of baths rotate for islands.
the riders of the city have to cram
word-blind ancthers down neon ham
ah,a latent cliff where easy madams
melt for cunt
arouses junk
and riders of the city have to cram
dyslexic beacons down 
laying evil spunk
raiders of rode rhythm has to sound
a ball of piglets with
robed raisers of soft kids
and a radio's jam jolts aged pricks
and we rock for old grounds
the riders of the city have to cram
word-blind panzas around sedans
and a washer under maize
mucks up with two turrned fingers
o a body in a glass maze
hastens to cunt and then 
we point two hands aside swingers
o we have to jam a coathanger
o we have to dam a sea of killers
and sometimes the earth seems blue
and sometimes the sun appears
darkened by the moon
and a sullen soldier whose guns rear
acid bones
has to shoot a banged baby
a draggler of neon hurt has to sear
a starry sneerer with eyed fears
and we reel in the east
and we gather suns from tears
and we ravel into sleep
o we have to join a coathanger
o we have to dam a sea of mirrors
and sometimes the earth seems blue
and sometimes high noon
slams bodies into birds.. Oh, old truths
hereby telll lies now..
when a weeper wails after killers
then a bath of bald blood
heightens death's arousal, and dogs
drink from barked scans
and a sea of calves carry old gods
unto veins where skin
peels and plays
o sometimes the dead sexed screw
umpeteen killers round the sun
o sometimes the wrecked will come
back home to a naked hymn
and gluers of salty deaths
occasionally cry
when a weeper wails after killers
then a hearth of stripes
ignites missions with cattle christs
and the centre of our earth
follows statues into the world's wife
a vastness in a stall sells cakes to
a burner of pies and flans
a deadliness of dolls
drinks from pans, and we arise to
a bed of butchered bread-bols
sometimes the dead spin from dust
sometimes the star-spun
execute bathers with guilty husks
and a seat of irons
sweeps sleep across blue lions
the idiotic saviours of a bad bald moon
slather after boned curled wounds
o a hand in heat
lays fingers under sleep
and a retardive seat of sadness swoons
and we sing for fanny meats
the egits who sing for urban clay raise
romantic hermits from a sea of graves
and we burn till drowned
and we yearn after a tangy town
and we dance for dunes
a room at the sides of a bed sound
belled gods whose eastern easy crown
drops an marshy royal wasteground
outside cellars
the idiotic saviours of a bad bald moon
slather after boned curled cartoons
and sometimes the moon seems dead
and sometimes the sun heats bread
a roomy shadow-boy bites upon riders
a gloomy meadow-girl
shines her easy summer round the world
and the wives of leaders
drown Leda with wound sea-worlds
once upon a jeep, i rode a false car 
too damned fast and too damned far
it is sometimes said that the livid dead
have forever killed the stars
it is occasionally said that soft cars
carry transits to easy beds
and we dream about easy city louts
and we sweat for voices
it is sometimes said that the livid dead
have forever killed plane Mars
it is certainly come to mind that sex
has stuck its fists in vices
a valley in a dirty moon has to deck
bedragglers of summer
and a lease of summers chills wrecks
and weed smoulders under feathers
it is sometimes said that the stars abed
may never use their eyes again
it is sometimes said that mirrors ahead
may never drive a mind again
and eyes have burned till dry
and spies have yearned until the sky
swallows vinegar Eden... Ohh
the mental joker of a mad hot mind
unloads sad head-juice where times
don a lazy hour
and a bed of lights delimits dead flowers
and a shed of mice
gets trapped within cruel heights
and we look down from huge windows
and we rook around a high meadows
the mental joke of a mad hot mind
unloads sad bed-juice where vines
form sperm-wine
and a baby in a wynd weeps for kites
and kestrils dagger after drunk bytes
once aside a city, i heard a sad life
crying forever
the bummy bunny juices of my fair lady
have to dance across five seas
the sunny body voices of a scared baby
have to dance against empty trees
and a starry hand
lands dust where evil bees 
sting urban wasps with curing rubies
sometimes we enter into madness
sometimes we entertain
a vast moon where a sea of sadness
softens signs with burned paper
and the press is used
and the trousers are ironed by nudes
and the telegraph is moved
under tabloid tears
the bunny bummy juices of my fair baby
have to dance across hired trees
and sunny body-cots crop a cradle-sea
and a bendy bench of fears
swashes hands with swollen knees
i have overheard at close of day about
lampooners of bread and grout
sometimes we hear, fifth hand, that
sad man gave up his words to woman
and a sudden drop inside a cat
has to preen a dizzy god of a woman,
and livid faces hereby
walllow within feline fizzy eyes
sometimes we hear a vocal rat made
cold as the mice in rooms
and a shed upon a hill hammers slayed
body-breaking glass rooms
shapers of sadness raise hot tears
under makers of deadliness
and sometimes the mind cuts tears
and occasionally, an angel of sex
wallops a lashwide moon..
curvy sheet pain sucks female wrecks
empty sheet rain
sea-slams blorted evils into red mess
and our friends are led down roads
and outed fields 
sumnmon large medical wode
and heaters of wheels
will watch the wheels forever?
a wallower of dark deaths has to dream of men
a rider in a death's Ark
casts vast spells from hot high windows
and, as seashells cry, then a wiccan under bark
will swallows city venom
ah a case of milk spills tea-things underneath
spatial palmists where children play
and wallowers of dark sex have to dig clay
and the wicked wytches of the seasons
abuses sails
the diggers of dolly corn have to arise slayed
body bells whose brolly porn
suppers after news
and a rider on a noose sea-hangs old nudes
and, ah ah ah, 
my eyes burn up
and, la la, my signal lover sucks a grey nut
a wallower of dark deaths has tod suck muck
and catty keepers of feline luck
will stop eating now
the spiderers of martian webs spin cold truths
with two bared hands
the riders under fatal dregs
swill old lost tea
and a buttered roped bed
brags about sex brigands
and a mouse of deaths drapes rats underneath
purple city nudes
the eaters of eastern graves
serenade a blue-brained father
la la, a baby made as old as wet slaves
has to pleasure dogs with sleuthes
and once upon a mind, eyes burned to death
and once inside mines
we dug for wired sex
and a golden whore whose headpiece wrecks
have to seize a gunner from god's grind
the spiderers of martian webs spin cold truths
closed spines shatter
and youths and hens and de father
o and i cast spells from hot huge windows
o as i ring bells
i enter into witchery where a wand's swell
cuts my invoked penis down
and a gun of lice poke wicca into crowns
and a bun of mice
sticks a warlock from a shadow
and i cast spells from hot huge windows
o a i ring bells, then i disinvoke blind hell
a baddy of a body breaksdown
a lady of a babby shakes the town; and
ideal fotal burns
snack upon merlin-perms
and eyelids roll for stigmata
and mind-trips curse a bowl of water
la la la
once upon a statanic fern, a sealed aura
heaped de lotus way too high
this eye of hired orion has to blink for
easy wizard wefts where the suns of wards
cast spells from gigantic moors
and the wands of day point a wiccan paw
at a radio gibbet 
and a radio gibbet hides a poxy rabbit
and mad words are spellled all year
uh uh
a masoner of a mind-piece has to sear
a blithe ocean of mental wytch water
and a warlocked tree of skin must fear
all wizeners of legal wizardy
-O  a mind-doctor's mental casted tears
crash down
and we burn a pentacle
and we form stars from pentangles
and we wash our hands in stars and stripes
uh uh ahh
this eye of hired orion has to blink for
easy slappers of invocatory devil-draws
and wanderers of cane-wands score
easy devil rhymes
these soft eyes of a whipped nude moon
smell just like lives
o these brides of naked nippled wives
weep for emptied children
and a ward of mikes broadcasts to
blind rooms where coded chicken
swallows faces
when once a bread of bytes cuts bruised
green stasis
then a lovely sex-bud weeps after cruisd
dreamed laces
but we tie our city shoes where
push-on sandals loosen buds with hair
these soft eyes of a whipped nude moon
smell just like spies
and we form nice sides
and we catch kindlers with easy brides
and we map a doctor's medical wife
and we cock after a naked cake-christ
the emptiers of the easy dead and gone
crumble after eaters of baked guns
and we have failed
and we have fallen from a valed garden
two hocked heroes hash after ravens
and blown body-vases outgrab
a petted fretted cunt-nest hits the street
a wetted netted cock-crest
dangles faces beneath ochres of sleep
and a bench of fires
seats fingers under pyres
and, lo, when once we succour sleep
then this grey town will resound
two rocked gardens grasp to meshed
and we wave hello to bruised tides
and we hiss across an urban bride
a petted fretted cunt-nest hits the streets
a shitted crested sock-press
snaps a wines from vinegars
and once upon my mind, i splay becks
and my prison falls
wallowers of wheatgerm has to deck
bald bones and bunnies
the master builders of hot dead England
must arouse some city bread
the fathers of killers 
may well build tears
and we winch a bed as a sofa under spears
shoot guns stone dead
ah  a vase of bone seals cats with ears
and we hear sex in our heads
when once a bone of brine snaps, then
veiny tripper tigers must
send cows to pure dust
and a pig of grease grunts for crusts
and a bay of builders
bend bully bricks with nine bared hands
the master builders of hot dead England
must arouse some city plebs
and, ah, once aside a baby, sawn dregs
sweep candy eggs from infant sheds
and a bill of fayre
sells bake to gold hair
we have to count aloud the suns of
starry eyes and cosmic Lovers.
i cast a sad spell from a shopped high window.
As cusped wizard-wells
shoot a poxy dewy-dell
then men on wiccan hands and knees sell
wanderers of petalled pentacles
ahand witchery is a bunch of shit
ah  and bitchery bangs crosses when lips
read a leprous cancer into a ring of clits
ah ahh
i eat under cured phlegm when cars hit
veined vans of jackknifed day
and a speller in a cellar stretches poxed pits
beneath a wall of wiccan Downs
i cast a sad spell from a shopped hired window.
i entertained the dead with living flowers..
Deaths warm a lucifuge from a devil-dower
and the wives of March
sell god's Reda to a sea-side's naked Arch
ah ahh
we are detectives of satan until the past
swallows the evil present..
the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeing dead
drink to a vast sea-shell
and eyes i have it said that eyes can't shed
too many salt tears; and the summer in a cell
swells up, up
and rank fizz fiddlers of fondlers in Hell
slam the eaten brakes upon a sucked nut
these old halls i stride appears star-struck
but the giddy valours of  endless fuck
swaggers around a nut-naked gal-suck
and a supper for a lunch may well
inch into lynchers where a washed bell
gets down on soapy ringing knees
and we will swing the trees..
the rank dizzy sex-smell of the peeling dead
cram cunty closed colours around
pissed crates of criminal creamy towns
and my little town
hastened a vehicle for me
ah ah...
lidded glassy statues must crumble
gridded gassy suede-shoes
must lead lady luck to filling mumbles
and a voice of wine
lynches whored hewn neon grime
weedlers of wild cats carry a feline catacomb
way back home where blue kittens roam
o a perch of fixed fur
maintains and hot tail where maned scruffs
swallow mice with water
and a blithe cat-heart heeds a fox under cuffs..
weedlers of wild cats carry a feline sand-stone
way back home when shooed catkin bone
build a den of dancers from mats and drones
five blown lions on a miraculous cliff claw
ideal leopards and easy queen-paws
and we may well observe a may queen's snore
shining purring creamings adown
a feline city where wide dogs left sound to
aa bay of barking, mewling ground
and an otter in a lynx has to stroke war
and a digger inside a pulled star-leopard
hastens to a ring-pulled collar
weedlers of wide cats carry a puma when
easy cat-sidlers
trip from the moon then trundle back to
easy meaty foods
and i feed my petted gal with hot rat-stew
-and minds melt under bats for certain
and an ogre in a kitty fur
abuses arrows where ferine fat-curd
weeps from a croft rough-lipped tongue
i saw a false cheetah in an animal theatre
peering into tigons and lyons
i saw a fast killer cat-mine digging neon
and i suffered catty limbs
and i preened my lovely lady
.and i gave my bed to a canine feline baby
breakers of cat-suiters don a tiger-stiff
raiders of cat-rooters don a ligron kiss
ah a leaping dream-cat that
sits upon his favourite mat will slap
cooled cooked liver and sweet fats
i will scour the kitten fields for money
i will crow aside the sun where cat-honey
jacks a raven with a crow's pawed chest
and eyes in eyes must burn
a street of rats where strangled ferns
scatter kitty oats upon a small death
when pushy pretty world-pussy lets
eager furry hands to preen gal-kecksathen a
 cheated cheetah can-can will peck
pet pectorals and blue-blind kitten ricks
and we trip from the feline moon
and we trundle inside a wall of wounds
ohcurved cats live forever ,.,
fat fellah abuse a criminal country
eyes under puce
push sinners into rain
and a bow in noosed city ladies
rubs five palms together
a bad bowl of money has to sever
old radios and television
and an ark of Man watches vision
an eerie love bud
lambasts self with blood
lo, cast-iron cattle rend love
and a nagger under dreams endanger
dogs and men
and chaps and women raid a manger
these sad nights where radio dies
we have to hiss just like a mind
an eerie abuser of god's drugs
drops a blind anchor
oh these alien fruits i keep in my car
alienate bowls of silver
and eaters of droll ghosts shiver
and peter pan is led to planet Mars
and a bullet in buggy has to quiver
the sirens of summer stride against
coded killer riders
and wintry scissors cut old paint
and eerie male mongols cut liars
down, down
o these alien fruits i keep in my car
taste like a hot star
dead abodes of dung 
dream about stag beetles
o a starry road hisses and eagles
cry for a dead eyrie
.Deaths crack up
Sex sucks nuts, and a sea of sluts
drops the world..
easily saved, we unearth old
eastern manned seas of  gold
and the wives of God
preach tears
eaters of bitter zen have to roll
a suitcase under dolls
and a bed of bodies
drops a baby
dribblers of bald balls will close
the stations of the dead
lay under baby
the natrons under bed
lay dirty Lady
and we grow lazy
the stations of the dizzy
sleep in a fire
the masons of rubies
build funeral pyres
and we awake to find
nothing means everything
dying swims a sea of
wide rings
everything we did for hot death
has curled up in a heap now
 . A cured curious curio has clouds
crying for lazy rivers
and a seat of clay
drops below the dead
//and an bowing buddy bed has to
crowd ill tides with rainbows
paddocks of blueness cut loaves
padlocks, punched, peer under
de Rose
and a ghost of war sunders cloves
and menkind drops
inside mental thunder
nothingness denotes emptiness
empitness denotes endlessness
and a blowing flower
dies out
and fingers twirl in doubt
the stations of the dead
murder sex and magic..
the natrons of the dead
murder self and music
and we ride aside
loud naked noise
and we listen to boys
the stereo seems naked
the DVDs are rabid
the TV appears vapid
and a sea of christs
dark midnight
the stations of the dead
murder sexy panic..
Deadlines seems abed
sadness seems fed
and madness
feels after God's head
stereo in butterflies
crashes into statues
and insects collect moths
and cities shake
easy winged snakes
i have odled a good face
eyes have blinded
communal space
and socialist stasis
drops the moon
when neutralised by urine
a rapid latrine hastens to dead-wine
and a boat of flame
wipes a sailor's arse upon
bled graves
ah  a body's boom has to stun
daffodils and kilers
when neutralised by urine
a vapid easy-flush-loo moves
old grey rippers to pissed grooves
and a bolt of hail
knots baby under sails
ah  a body's bloom has to soothe
old fazed fathers
o half-a-cup of tilted tittty milk
will render cream undone
and youths are fed to sweet milk
and nudes are fed with spun
body silks
amd a brother in midair has
eyes made clear as milk-glass
when neutralised by urine
we bite down upon a sex-hymn,
and the ides of pain
supper after naked grid-rain,
and when neutralised by urine
we see rise the second brain
a father on the feather has to
extend bones to wine
ah ah ah
silky sylvan canal men
abuse an insect barge-  Oh,
where a madam under oaths
pray for legal baths
then a teenaged gallows 
will surely rope wide gems
the water on the moon 
has hereby melted into meadows
and the winds in rooms
grind coffees into dunes
and a bed of silt
breaks old butter when hilts
use a charabanc
sickly puking policemen 
have to walk a dyed beat
and hot stalks cry after sleep
and a horse of hens
carries cats to a bald lens
waterers of families have
blind ears for deaf eyes
o a wifeling has to eat crab
and we fish for blue skies
once upon a tree, grey spies
cut binoculars from 
coded grecian hair-hummed
body breeches
the sun and moon inside the sky
will not be known till wind-wells die
the starry bellow of life's spy
will not be known till wind-wells writhe,
and the daughters in both ears
cry for apes while shedding tears
and the faces of death's saint
swishes heart-strings under paint
the sun and moon inside the sky
will not be known till blackbirds dies
darkness swirls sex underwater
sadness twirls
and the apsis of a mad man saunters
under lips where clifftops
fade inside nine oceans
tbe sun and moon inside the sky
will not be known till illnesss fries
o once when a blagger of a man
cuts his wife and moves to England
then a boat of fishy scales
weights the callipers of blue wales
and a bed of oats
suppers for a city of stoats
.and old easy emptied sex-boats
sail out to fucking die
the sun and moon inside the sky
will not be known till wind-wells writhe
the starry gallows of a life
must hang the meadows until christs
rock the river Thames
when a baptised joker walks the seas
his mind is filled with vacant bees
and as men fall 
, then a room of dolls tapes drawl
and a baker of bols sees loafers
;layering denial with spastic sofas
oa baptised joker walks under sonar
and a butcher of a veinous vault
vaults fast pleasure horses
ah ah..
the sun and the moon inside the sky
will not be known till windwells die
and a pusher of blood bone
worships infants on death's throne
accidental families sweat for dromes
occidental memories
widen wolves 
and a dogdayed car drives for home
and a blackbird dies at the edge of night,
and a mane of fools
captures day from light
burnt books where the seagulls are playing
a signal sinner's salt signet
slashes tines as combed babby dragnets
search bled reeds for fished nets
and the lepers leap from gay hills
and mad Orlando sucks upon killers
and a greedy Harlequin 
heaps a grave oven when
endless tardiness peeks into Devas
the sun and the moon inside the sky
will not be known till wind-wells dry
and a dresser of tiger loam
will not be known till magma phones
bad boys and men in season..
the catters of the curved will spoon
toffee burners to hired noon,
the rattlers of the nursed may cry
deep inside a naked mind
and the madness of the moon has to
writhe where mad men get too high,
and the cappers of one billion eyes
may bastardise the windows of spied
vinegar natrons
and sideboard breakers fasten to
leaded mess and plastic fruits,
and the leader of an sinless day
washes wine with brined sea-clay
and the sun and the moon inside the sky
will not be known till wind-wells dry
and masoners of fairy feed fawns to
a doltor of huge daughters 
and halters of dudes dam ald porters
and dammy porters 
raise ruinous suitors of cold grey 
candle killers
ha ha
the deus of a mad holy scam
sells dogs to leather
the digger of a sad holy fever
stops to love
these days when an SAE
vanishes in blood post, lovers
cease to varnish
and waves hit mothers
the deus of the mad sleep
the faces of old dads
dons daddy metal
as we treat sex with Dettol
then we learn of
dirt, death, and hot mental
macadam madams
these harried days when a boy found at sea
dare not dream
hit me directly in my mind
o, hurried graves
ram dead screen where men don't shine
ah ah
when a boy found at sea stops the trees
then an oak may find an apple
and a stoat under lime
has to tell the time
ah ah
waves hit the shore as eaten times
cry forever
in a timeless space
easy hot sliced dogs of deadliness
fasten beads to nunneries
.As we treat sleep
then we arrive from
a bald headed station
ah ahwhen once a sea of lungs
shoots a dead gun
then a bun of christs will cum
deep down within
anal sea-skins
studios of glass send old sins
where, laced, a godess
dams a doggy harnessed
sea of limbs
easy hot sliced dogs to deadlines
fasten beads to sculleries
and we wish a fond farewell
to children caught in hell
weevillers of wild wide saviours
heal the bloody rich
Ghosts hant a bitch
and some sonic vast bride shivers
and sad men play
and mad hens pray
easy hot sliced gods bark against
city grass
and city grass vomits in the past
and weevillers of dead dead glass
shatters like a body
the oaken applers of dead grave
sing for headed moonlight;
and all are saved?
the eaglers of eerie eyries heat
dummy beans 
the feeder of eerie eyries eat
dunny dreams
and a night of owls heeds wheat
easy hot sliced dogs shit on sheets
and we ride 
and we writhe
and we dance for light meats
and we lance a sea from eyes
eaglers of eerie eyries will beat
old men and sugar beet
and a riven tide
teems with chocolate
and a driven wife screams for
dogs and roses
easy hopped sliced Gods rob
cream banks for
cunts and wards
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff selling pills
hot bled sunshine daubs rills
and we are here on
old dead honey hill
and ashen women stare
and children dare not care
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing pills
and i rise above evil prayer
and i listen to thin air
and my head burns up
and my body lifts a cup
days deep above old stairs
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff selling pills
ah ah
the shadow of a signal crab
pinches ploves with pincers
and a wife of cars
drops a king-card
and men swing, swing
outside our world
on honey hill,on honey hill
there is a star of songs
and evil draggards jack songs
and you and i went
the gallows of the deadened
swipe guns from gardens
and a bed of peace
heals a breached fleece for
golden sailors
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing killed
Are on the night ship?
when stationed under funeral thunder
eyes under eyes may well
taunt bad sin to death
and a coronet of bloods bangs deaths
and when twirled, old ladies
father flames with cardial stiffs
and mummy's mamma moon lifts
lunar kisses from hands and lips
and strobes undercut
the massive veins we tread
o vast salty soffits get lagged by
sprawled pharoahs
and i am sent to pyramids
and my world is pyramid, and eyes
raise rosebuds from blue skies
when stationed under funeral thunder
wideners of wolverines
must swallow hard
and a dogdayed bard
shrills poetry at a wall of aubergines
and me and my odd world
weep, weep
o vast saline sun-kits build hot rain
and we burn for pups
and we tip a dog-cup
o villians of the forcing rise stain
bitumen with window-panes,
and a evil broad
cuts angels from narrow frauds
and repairs made to mind-wards
wallop the eager mad
and deaths turn just like a slut
we sucked a nut as windwells
donned drag then turned to Hell
the nice and dizzy stanchion in a bone-pulled world
summons up fay summertimes
and a shanty town
has to hide loud ghosts in war machines as
nice and queasy pantheons pull plums from mines
and a bay in a bath
wallops murderers with acid masks
and a neat wide lady 
hastens to a cruel cab
and we cut blortedness from
coded beams where a writer on a gun
serves riders of air to
jabblers and eaten loud nudes
o villains in a forcing car carry cruklocks under
sweltered corn 
and a bowl of sleep
serves soupy dreams to Father
and we fade to deaths as a coded evil Lover
sweats for de Mother
nice and dizzy dry stanchions in a bone-pulled world
summons up summertimes 
and a sharpener of mummy-minds
thinks of cellars
and nice easy weeble christs
lend crosses to cocks
and wide and peasy sea-mice
scurry from the seas as men drown
o villains in a forcing star slap bright lips 
and white streets which seem dirty trips
a cloned crowd of
buzzy men
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a doctor in mill;
and word are leant to killers
as faces learn of mirrors
a villa in a bath has to shiver
a river in a car has to
collide wuth hero mothers when
honey hill falls down
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontif pushing pilsl
on honey hill, five winds today
bustle under basin clays
and the fingers in the ground
twirl aside a sea of sounds
a villa in a bath has to shiver
a rider under planet Mars
melts into a lift and a mirror
and we read the news
and we hear massed screws
whining under rain
 de angled angels under truths
combat a winged nude
ah, a doll of death has to move
honey hill to fierce sleep
/and lunged seraphs don smoothed
heads where cherubs reap
doled deaths and slept meat
if the scent of the dead may reap
the auguries of mad male kind
then a cattler aside a dustheap
may whimper as weed reclines
in an opened grave..
on honey hill, on honey hill
there is a pontiff pushing pills
and a vein of dust
nips easy blood as cunny lust
o fishermen of mermen hiss across old tides
o kissers of grey ermine
lock a knottted gene inside a spool of Ides
and the nine o clock moon
rocks grey lunacy aside a veined cold rock
and fishers under gilled men
lay dirt-waste to gold hens
ha haa  once across my mind, i heard tithes
cringing in a fallowed church of children,
and the anointers of twelve hands
layered vaginal fingers on an old rock band
ah agghh
we are caved inside a screen
we are laid by sirens
and a crazy cosmic baby in a stream
cries out,and lovers of babbies dream for
ochres of cradled 
crammed dead emotion
 fishermen of mermen hiss across old ties
o, riders of grey vermin
rock a candle-cock under beds and school scribes
and we raise a rammer from
a pistol in a blue flame
and a vase of sweet rain raids dust as spies
sidle into lost lies
ah  agghh
once upon a buddy, a digger for dirty wards
swept a guilty rose into the rain
uh once upon a buzz, a killer of filthy wards
swept a mental rose into hot grain
and a charabanc of salt and honey 
rides from out a floater of blurred muck
ah  a zen of blue men shafts easy aped fuck
outside green beans
..oooideal screens show a diamond
oooeasy creams anoint a show home
and a cot unfound under schemes
rocks death's soul with clementines
and a baker of beauty
butchers flax with dough-dammed bodies
and a fellah on a dime
spins english coins where a dollar under lime
exchanges cock for money
.and it is no go for the merry-go-round
and it is no go for indian cherries
and it's no go for the winter's sounds aahh
burners of bracken bounce daises when
coded riders upon red corn
baton grey lead with delvers of ashen 
paved storms
and wiveners melt into tears
Uh Uh
O  O
I I  I

Submitted: September 05, 2021

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