Reality's Promise

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

WHAT could possibly cause a rift in the time continuum large enough to initiate a wish for the ages? The Jang sisters were hoping for a miracle. A miracle of the heart. A miracle the likes of nothing experienced in their lives but one other time. The summer of 2007. Would it be granted? Or overlooked again as just another false flag?

Table of Contents

We Had The Right Love, But The Wrong Time. By Anonymous

11:11 Soul Mates What's the difference between Kindred Spirits, Soul Mates, And Twin Flames? Kindred Spirits are individuals that resonate at the same frequency as us. Soul Mates are people in our
lives whom we connect with on a deep level. Twin Flames are our mirrors.
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“You Wear Guilt Like Shackles On Your Feet, Like A Halo In Reverse.” By: Depechemode

~ 2 ~ Two weeks later . . . UCLA Medical Center—L.A., CA The Wu sister’s last carefree summer together had ended in unexp... Read Chapter

“Before You ‘Assume’ Try This Crazy Thing Called, ‘Asking’.” At: Curiano.Com

~ 3 ~ Six years later . . . 2013 September 8th—Backstage, 'Retro 5' KPOP Concert—Seoul, S. Korea Lined up in front ... Read Chapter

~I hate you . . . I love you . . . but loving you is killing me~ said, Nikita Gill

~ 4 ~ Flashback 2011 MinSeok Wu’s Wake—Malibu, CA Motionless, a pensive Tae Joon stood in the circular driveway facin... Read Chapter

~Ever wonder how different your life would be if that one thing had never happened?~ Anonymous

~ 5 ~ Dorm Continued . . . Startled, Keit shivered in the momentary darkness, unconsciously drawn to the time on his brightly lit... Read Chapter

"She Lives Life In Her Own Fractured Fairytale." By: Anonymous

~ 6 ~ 7:00 a.m.—Friday, September 13th—Warehouse Movie Set—Seoul It was Friday the 13th, but Jang SooMin had yet to experie... Read Chapter

“Stay Close To People Who Feel Like Sunlight.” By: @Yourtango

~ 7 ~ 8:00 p.m.—Korean Arms Apartments Continued . . . Professional hairdresser and make-up artist extraordinaire Chan Le Che s... Read Chapter

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” By: Anonymous

~ 8 ~ Across the globe—Wu Family Estate—Malibu, CA Jang HyeSu had every reason to be apprehensive about showing up at the fam... Read Chapter

“Always Trust Your Instincts, They Are Messages From Your Soul.” By: Simplereminder.Com

~ 9 ~ Malibu Continued . . . In the silence that followed, the sound of the waves washing gently against the shore, mingled with ... Read Chapter

“Sometimes Things Become Possible If We Want Them Bad Enough.” By: Anonymous

~ 10 ~ Friday morning—October 17th—Gangnam The never-ending roller coaster ride of life amongst the egos of the S. Korean ent... Read Chapter

“Closing Your Eyes To The Things You Don’t Want To See; Doesn’t Mean You Can Close Your Heart To The Things You Don’t Want To Feel.” By: Anonymous

~ 11 ~ Interview Continued . . . With the first release of the movie’s official trailer, an anxious Lee Min Ju stepped into the... Read Chapter

"We're More Than Friends, But Less Than A Couple." By: Anonymous

~ 12 ~ 11:30 a.m.—Friday—October 17th—Incheon Airport The flight from Japan landed five minutes early, one could hear the... Read Chapter

“There’s A Thin Line Between Confidence And Arrogance . . . It’s Called Humility. Confidence Smiles—Arrogance Smirks.”

~ 13 ~ 4:30 p.m.—Leaving Incheon Airport The warm sunny afternoon was a thing of the past, a chilly autumn wind already kicking... Read Chapter

“You’re A Pretty, But Provoking Devil” By: Anonymous

~ 14 ~ 9:00 p.m. Friday—Cup of Hotness Café, Gangnam Mun Hyuk hummed along to the smooth rhythm of a sharply dressed young man... Read Chapter

“Your Tragedy Is . . . You Understand Them, But They Don’t Understand You.” By: Anonymous

~ 15 ~ Several days later . . . Wednesday, October 22nd —Korean Arms Apartments Despite HyeSu’s bold admission to her mot... Read Chapter

"You're Always One Decision From A Totally Different Life." By: Yourtango.Com

~ 16 ~ Saturday Continued . . . HyeSu followed her sister's tired, slumped shoulders past the kitchen counter, her demeanor begin... Read Chapter

"In Case You Ever Foolishly Forget . . . I Am Never 'Not' Thinking Of You." By: Virginia Wolf "Selected Diaries"

~ 17 ~ Penthouse continued . . . Moments later, back in the bedroom, manila envelope in hand, SooMin tugged the paperwork out, sk... Read Chapter

"I've Got The Power." By: The Wu Sisters

~ 18 ~ The Penthouse Continued . . . The bunch of roses assaulted HyeSu's sights and senses with an overwhelming feeling of drown... Read Chapter

“Things Are Getting Worse, Send More Chocolate.” By: Anonymous

~ 19 ~ 9:00 a.m.—Next Day As if yesterday’s run-in with SungWoo wasn’t enough to spook SooMin, her father never responded t... Read Chapter

“A Wise Woman Once Said, ‘Fuck This Shit’, And She Lived Happily Ever After.” By: Anonymous

~ 20 ~ Outside the Chairman’s Office Gripping the cool, silver door handle, SooMin took a deep breath to compose herself. The 1... Read Chapter

“All Cannot Be Lost When There Is Still So Much Being Found.” By: Lemony Snicket

~ 21 ~ The Present HyeSu’s thoughts whirled in response to the debacle of a meeting. Did the Chairman think he could continue... Read Chapter

“You Might Call It ‘Girl’s Night’, I Call It Therapy.” By: Anonymous

~ 22 ~ 7:00 p.m.—Same night—Korean Arms Apartments The ONES reappearing in the lives of the Jang sisters hadn’t materialize... Read Chapter

Stuck Between ‘Fuck It’ And ‘What If?’ By: The Goodvibe.Com

~ 23 ~ Same Night Continued . . . With Le Che gone, HyeSu could finally relax. Girl’s night had ended on a supreme low, with So... Read Chapter

“Denying The Truth Doesn’t Change The Facts.” By: Anonymous

~ 24 ~ 9:00 a.m.—Next morning—Penthouse On the downhill side of a hangover, SooMin cursed herself for giving in to the profes... Read Chapter

Send Lawyers, Guns, And Money, The Shit Has Hit The Fan! By: Warren Zevon

~ 25 ~ 10:00 a.m.— Warehouse Studio The warehouse stage set was turning out to be the perfect location for a smattering of loca... Read Chapter

"The One Who Doesn't Tell You What You Want To Hear, But What You Need To Hear." By: The Wu Sisters

~ 26 ~ Temporary Wearhouse Dance Studio For HyeSu and Kuhn, the dance studio on the 5th floor at Diamond had always been their sa... Read Chapter

“No One Will Ever Be As Entertained By Us—As Us!” By: The Wu Sisters

~ 27 ~ Evening that same day . . . It wasn’t as if an emotional shopping spree, after an equally as emotional dance session, co... Read Chapter