“Paranormal apocalypse “the Conflictors” are coming

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“The conflictors” are coming. 
“We conflict pain. We conflict suffering. We love it.  A couple months back we kidnapped a man by the name Bruce. He withheld important information we needed. 
We torched his house killed his family right in front of him. The screams of his family echoed through the 
flames. We are a small group who take refugee in abandoned buildings and other places people would never want to stay. 
We make our presence felt late at night we will blast music to lure infected to your locations. We are not afraid to set your community’s aflame. Fire is our go to.  
If you think you can fight us try we encourage a good fight. We are nothing like you have seen before. It’s also not unusual for you to wake up locked inside of a coffin or buried alive 6 feet under suffocating to your death. 
We are “the Conflictors” and we will slay all who come accross us for its gods mission. 
“We live ever lasting life in the apocalypse!” We feed on flesh and the sounds of crunching bones gives us our adrenaline rush. We love conflicting “the pain.”

Submitted: September 07, 2021

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