Loving You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What loving you is like to me...

Loving you is like the feeling of laughing so hard, your stomach begins to hurt; your cheeks begin to ache.

Loving you is the feeling of sleeping on your shoulders: so cozy and comfortable. Long or short car rides feel like heaven with my head upon your shoulder.

Loving you is like getting a turkey in bowling and everyone begins to cheer: "TURKEY SANDWICH TURKEY SANDWICH TURKEY SANDWICH WOOOOOO!!!!!!"

Loving you is like taking the first-ever bite of an In-N-Out burger, experiencing the deliciousness and savory of it; getting the In-N-Out sauce all over your mouth, and smiling at how good it tastes.

Loving you is like going to the beach and making sandcastles together. Then, building a dam so that the waves don't submerge into our belongings. Tasting the grains of sand and the blissful wind against our bodies.

Loving you is like ordering boba tea and realizing they gave you extra boba: regular price for extra goodness.

Loving you is like winning at chicken fights in the pool, feeling on top of the world on top of your shoulders, and beating all of our opponents.

Loving you is like sleeping and waking up next to your beautiful face. It's being able to caress you and hold you in my arms. It's snuggling into you and feeling your warmth against my own.

Loving you is being able to wear your shirt and smelling your scent everywhere I go. It's almost like a trophy stating our love for each other.

Loving you is like going to a dim sum place and having everyone in the restaurant sing happy birthday to you. Clapping and singing, all because you were born on a special day.

Loving you is like teaching you how to play a song on the piano and having to repeat the same five chords because you just can't get it right. And then cheering when you finally do.

Loving you is like walking on the pier and holding your arm tightly. It's the smell of the saltiness from the waves mixed with the sweet fragrance of your body.

Loving you is like getting steak and eggs in Las Vegas at midnight. Making jokes and doing rap battles to pass the time. Having the best time even though all of us are tired.

Loving you is like going shotgunning and hitting the flying disk on your first try; turning around in excitement and celebrating with you.

Loving you is like going to a Korean barbeque restaurant and having them bring out a cake made of meat for you. Then, singing happy birthday and eating the tasty meat cake that was brought out.

Loving you is like going to Universal Studios and experiencing all the thrills together. Riding next to each other on rides and holding hands in fear of the high drops.

Loving you is going straight into your arms when crying. Having you embrace me and hold me tight. Feeling safe and loved always.

Loving you is knowing you’ll set an alarm to wake up early with me, even though we’re in different time zones.

Loving you is knowing that you want me to send you photos of my meals, just so that you know that I ate; it’s knowing that every time I hold my food up to the camera, you’ll pretend to “eat” it.

Loving you is even though we’re 1800 miles apart, you have never left my heart once.

Loving you is knowing that my body was made for yours; the way my body perfectly fits with your body.

Loving you is knowing you will always be there to comfort me, to love me, and stand by me.

Loving you is magical, incredible, and worth it all.

 I love you so much, that I began to love myself. I became in love with all my features, just like you are. My insecurities and doubts are diminished because of you. You make me a better me, a happier me. I could call myself the luckiest person in the world, but it’s more like in the entire solar system and more. Meeting you was the best thing that has happened to me. You helped me love myself in ways I never knew I could. Being with you is a constant thrill of excitement and happiness and I am forever thankful to call you mine.

 Thank you for being my favorite notification and for being my best friend and lover all in one. I am eternally grateful for your love and kindness to me. My love for you is infinite. Thank you for being you, from every part of my body, soul, and mind.

 I love you N, I always have, and I always will.

Truly yours, forever and always,


Submitted: September 08, 2021

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