If you can see

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Sometimes people do not look beyond what they are facing especially when faced with challenges, but if they could see the world as a better place despite problems, only then would they live better.

If you can see



If you can see

 I can show you the weight of your pain 

And see what is hidden in peoples’ hearts

And see enemies’ geering at you

I can reap open their hearts

And show you their evil plans against you.



If you can see

I can show you friends on your side

I can see them touching you smoothly

But you can’t see them and it hurts them

I can show you Angels that protect you

And the love they have for you.



If you can see

I can show you what I am thinking

And show you how beautiful the world is

Trees swaying, birds whirl pooling in wind

I can show you the color of wind and

Feelings of rain pouring on your body.



If you can see

 I can show you the price tag of faith

The width and length of perseverance

The Weight and height of hope

 The taste and odor of patience

There then will you comprehend

That you have been blind ever since.



Submitted: September 09, 2021

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