Why so much politics behind abortion. Politics is money 1st, rational last. Twisting truth by removing the cause to be personal not monetary. There is no full ban on abortion anywhere in the USA. Yet we are led to believe women are hopeless on their needs. Its not what you think, its what they keep you from thinking.

Your fetus unwanted
Your fetus now wanted
Your fetus no longer yours
Your fetus now is ours
Your fetus a money maker
Your fetus with many takers
Your fetus not grown on trees
Your fetus will fill needs
Your fetus skin cells
Your fetus skin cream sells
Your fetus stem cell
Your fetus a cure all
Your fetus consumed
Your fetus doomed

Submitted: September 09, 2021

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tom mcmullen

Good One Sluggy, the demorats now think men have a period and get pregnant, there's a madness virus sweeping the world!

Fri, September 10th, 2021 1:01am


Yeah, it struck me odd why women will be called menstruating persons. I think its a bit derogatory. But I am not a woman to say how it should effect them.

Another note, just about every person who is not a minority with race, and sexuality has a pride day and flag. They took all the best flags for them selves and make such a show of it. Like I know your proud get over it. I figure if I change the Lyrics to Venus by Banana Rama to Penis, it would either be a negative by the LBGQ or Women's Libs. So I only toy with the idea. It's easier to get people in a tizy for just being outspoken about ones beliefs, if they don't match with others, unless you have big money backing you. Seems like all groups I am not apart of, are tied into money of some sorts. Which makes me a minority. Ha! They say they want equal rights, but in reality, if your a white hetro male, your not going to get it. Equal rights is impossible, as everything is measured in quantity not quality.

Thu, September 9th, 2021 7:06pm

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