This is a story that I have been kicking around for a while. It is a story of an event that is unknown that has to do with something in the air. The events of despair follows.

Garry Zule has been sitting in this house since last Thursday when he cannot remember what day it is anymore. He has been only getting two to three hours of sleep at a time when he looked out the windows of this house with strangers that are now housed here, wondering about if he is ever going to leave here when the little girl ran around the house like not a care in the world.

“When do you think the government is going to show up?” Garry asked this man by the name of Jackie when Jackie looked at the hazy horizon of the morning through the window with a cigarette jutted out of his mouth.

“Hell if I know.” Jackie shook his head, sucking in the sweet nicotine from the cigarette that is lit.

“We don’t even know where this shit came from? Did it come from outer space? Were the people in the cave messing about with something that not even god knows?” Jackie stopped when he looked at the floor with the wood planks that serve the basis of the floor.

“I don’t know what we are going to have for dinner.” Jackie tried to finish the cigarette in the house when Mother told us to stop smoking in the house. They cannot go outside when Jackie snuffed the cigarette, making sure the cherry is out when he put it in his pocket and watched the sun rise over the fall landscape of an approaching and possibly blustering winter.

“The cellar is chock full of food but I am getting tired of eating green bean casserole almost every single night.”

It is better than nothing. Garry Zule said when he wanted to have a cigarette when he stopped smoking four years ago ever since the death of his mother. His mother; he did not want to remember the last time he had seen her mother in the bed with the life draining away from her when Garry knew what is out there but he cannot see what is out there. He had seen what is had happened to three people when their sanity washed away from their faces and they started to go on a murderous rampage of violence and mayhem with the victims not even knowing what they are doing.

They just start to murder people. Garry looked at the hardwood floor that is beneath his feet when he did not realize that Jackie left the window, going into the house to cure his mind of boredom for one hour or possibly two.

The little girl continued to run around the house with not a care in the world when Garry looked out the window some more before he walked away from the window with his mind thinking and continuing to think. Then his mind came up with something interesting.

Why doesn’t it infect anyone in houses? Why doesn’t it infect the air around them in houses? Garry did not know when he pondered around the house some more, trying to keep his mind off of the dampening effect of whatever it is outside driving him insane on the inside of his mind. He came into the kitchen when the woman that owned the house is gone for a long time when she started spitting out that it is the rapture when she ran out the door and that is all she existed when she started to cough. That is when her sanity left her when within that cough she started to giggle when she no longer talked, no more. All she did was walk into the woods and that is the last time anyone had ever seen her when they just stayed in the house, away from the thing that they are now calling the hitch cough when Garry went to the phone that is bolted to the wall.

Garry picked it up again and tried to dial a number when all he can get is nothing on the other end of the line. Garry put the phone back on the receiver and sighed when he knew that it will be another boring day in this farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.

Sometime later the couple that are now residing in the house where talking about making some type of mask to go out and see if it is going to work?

“So what; are we going to guinea pig ourselves?” Her boyfriend (which Garry cannot remember her name) barked at her when their relationship is strained from the beginning when all of this went down. Ever since they stopped broadcasting on the radio is when they started bickering between each other when the radio just stopped broadcasting at 7:31 three nights ago which Garry thinks it was three nights ago. There has been any news since of the events that are happening in Washington and happening in California when the forest fires are probably now burning out of control when Garry heard that the people were throwing live people into the fire after they contracted the hitch cough.

That still run a shiver down Garry’s spine when he did not realize that it is about noon and there is not one car driving up and down the road when he is standing there in the dining area, wanting a cigarette more and more when the couple are now starting in with the pivotal points of arguing.

“This is about taking risks, honey.” his girlfriend replied with her hand hitting in the table to ascertain her point. He only sighed and looked at the table, trying to find an answer.

“We cannot go out there with something that we cannot prove beforehand.” He looked at Garry for confirmation when Garry only turned his back, looking out the window with his mind thinking of a thousand angles and only coming back with slim next to none. Garry looked out the window when he did not see any sign of life out the window.

I need a fucking drink and I need one now. Garry sighed when kept his hand in one of his pockets.

“What are we going to do? Are we going to stay here and wait to die?” His girlfriend started to grasp at something that implores a sense of getting out of this house and at least finding someone to help with the matters of not being isolated in this house anymore.

“We can’t even get on the phone to call your mother in Garrington!” She came out of the chair when Garry looked at both of them, now feeling like he is going to be a referee in this spat.

“You wanted to see her about her cancer diagnosis and that was the last time you talked to her.”

“You think I don’t know that?” He kept in his chair when he looked at the table, trying to find the words that he is pining for.

“You think I don’t think about those things that are running through my head and they won’t stop? What the hell am I supposed to do about it? We cannot go outside because we are dead if we do.”

“Then what if it just a brief thing like it will disappear or something?” She replied when he put his hand to his forehead, knowing that it cannot be believable.

Garry looked out the window where within the landscape he can see the lonely tree that is on the side yard with the fencing that posts the edge of the property. Past the fence post is the road that runs down into the world unknown when Garry had not seen anyone come up and down that road since the day he arrived to the house with his mind in more confusion of the reports that are flooding in through the radio. Now the world is quiet and there is not one report of anything that is coming from anywhere when Garry thought of what is to come after. What is to come from the world that he quiet now – too quiet when he left the quarreling couple alone when he started to pace the house. Now he had seen the atrocities in town when he continued to pace as he saw two men hack a woman to death that was just jogging down the street. The expression on the men’s faces where genuine insanity when Garry stopped pacing the floor of the house when a cold shudder came up his face when he needed to wipe his face from the cold sweat when the clouds blanketed the sun out when the world outside got dark.

He walked from the place of where he stood when the sun came out of the clouds when the world is dazzled in sun again. Little did they know that someone is watching in a full biohazard suit with a full-automatic carbine in both of his hands in the tree line, knowing that there are people in the house when he moved his head to call command on the possible disturbance that is going on in the house. He waited for his commanding officer to come back on the radio when he nodded his head and went back into the tree line with his mind wondering about the towns that he burned and the many of infected people that he had killed.

It is something in the air. The soldier thought when he rambled through the woods with his mind preoccupied when something ran through the woods with the smell of blood and death that is hot on his trail.

What in the hell was that? He raised his carbine in the air when there is a rustle in the bush when a big burly man came out of the brush, holding a splitting maul in his hand with a wicked smile of evil upon his face.

“Come here. I need to chop some wood!” The big, burly man incensed when the soldier raised his carbine and fired three shots into the man, killing him instantly. The soldier did not feel anything after. He had killed enough.

That night, Garry and the others put some candles around the house when they tried for the radio again. The power is still running in the house when Garry wondered how long it is going to be before the power is going to go out in this house. There was a woman in the house that kept looking at him when he tried to remember her name. Was it Myra? He did not remember when she is a red head when Garry thought about his family in Maryland when he tried to remember everyone’s name but failed in the grasp of trying to keep it in his mind.

While the rest is fiddling with the radio and the television, Garry looked out the window for any sign of a flashlight or a candle to come back to him when Myra (possibly he name) crept up to him, standing next to him when Garry looked at her and she looked at him.

“I don’t know if it is real or not.” Myra (maybe that is her name) spoke when she had been quiet as a mouse as they continued to look out through the window. Garry put his hand on the sill of the window when he started to tap his hand upon the sill.

“There has to be someone out there that is broadcasting something – anything on the matters of what is going on.” Garry said when he came from the window, found a spot on the couch and sat down. Myra followed and sat down next to him, fixing her buttoned up shirt when she looked at the wall in hopes of finding an answer.

They did not see the light that is burning on the other side of the window that is pointing out towards the front lawn of the house. They were too busy in the notion of their thoughts.

“I was going to Johannesport to meet my sister. She had time off from work and we were going to meet up and get a couple of drinks. That is when I heard that there were mass killings going on in New York. People were just killing people when I thought of it as a joke.” Garry nodded his head when he moved back in the couch and crossed his legs.

“We all thought of it as a joke in the beginning. That is before you see it first-hand.” Garry looked at the ceiling when he wanted to ask her name. He did not want to break the mood when she did not say anything for almost five seconds. Then she spoke again like a breeze that flew in from a crack in the window.

“I have two bottles of wine in the trunk of my car but I do not want to take the risk of going out that door.” Myra looked at the front door when she pulled the throw over from the couch and wrapped herself with it.

“I wish I can go for a drink right now.” Myra said when Garry wanted to ask her if that is her true name when they did not hear the sound of the mysterious people that are hunkered around the outside perimeter of the house. They have their carbines and pistols ready when they waited for the command to breach the windows and doors by their commanding officer. They waited when the radios are silent on their belts with the com-links in their ears that heard nothing but the squawking of what is going on in town. What was going on in town is little nothing next but silence when they waited for the command to be apparent that should be coming very soon.

Garry looked at the door when he wondered about the air and why is it not affecting the air in the house when somehow this does not make any sense to the phenomenon that is going on in the next town, in the next city, or quite possibly in another continent that is spreading across the world.

Nothing about this makes any damn sense. Garry thought when he sighed and got up, not wanting a drink at all when he started to pace around the room.

“Someone has to know that there are other survivors in the outskirts of town.” Garry looked at the fireplace that has no wood since he thought about how long he is going to be here before he goes stir crazy. How long? Is it going to be another seven days or another seven months? The thought of being stuck in this house is going to drive him to the point of absolute hysteria if he cannot find a way out of the house. There has to be a reason of how this is happening when somewhere out of the points of his peripherals he saw the cone of light from the dusty surface of the front window that is so caked with dirt that someone can write their name in it.

Garry turned his attention towards that when his heart leap in his chest as a smile broke over his expression. Then the smile faded when realized that there are people outside the house that are more than likely crazy when Garry moved over and touched Myra on the shoulder.

“Something is out there.” Garry whispered in her ear when the door opened and something clattered on the floor that looks like the handle of PTO on a tractor.

Garry saw this and looked at Myra in absolute shock when he grabbed her and threw her down on the floor. Before Garry said anything is when nine bangs in rapid succession shook the living room, waking up three people that are upstairs and one person that is in the kitchen that passed out with his head on the table. The man that slept on the table jumped up, preaching an obscenity out of his mouth when he tried to grab something from his ankle, possibly a .38 from under his pants leg when a soldier busted in through the backdoor, leveling his service rifle at the man who stopped in his track with the blood running cold in his body.

“Don’t fucking move.” The soldier commanded, sounding muffled through his respirator when the man’s inner workings of his mind start to ignite.

“Close the door!” The man pleaded with the soldier when the soldier did no such thing. He just stood there with his gun upon him.

“Close the door, you son of a bitch!” The man called out again when he started to feel a little funny when his mind started to feel like it is going to be split in two. He felt like his side of scared and confusion morphed over to the side of letting everything go, making everything better when he thought about the good qualities of life. The qualities of life are simple if he listened to the voices in his head that are driving him to do something when he felt the gun under his pants leg feel hot and heavy when he moved his hands down, not feeling scared anymore.

The soldier moved his hand towards the com link button that is strapped around his neck when the man that came into the house as a survivor five days ago did not put a hitch in his step when he started to cough as he grabbed for the gun that is strapped to his ankle.

“Don’t move!” The soldier commanded again when the man pulled the gun from the holster and fired into the soldier’s head, killing him instantly. There is no remorse or pain on the man’s face when he cocked the .38, sifting out the smoke from the spent chamber when the cylinder turned in the gun as he moved back against the wall as another soldier came into the room when he looks at the soldier that is sprawled on the ground with a bullet hole in his head and blood spurting out of it like a geyser.

“McNally!” The soldier cried in despair when the man raised the gun and shot the soldier point blank in the head. The soldier dropped into the table when the table collapsed, breaking the table in half when the man ran around the table and grabbed the carbine off from the first dead soldier that he shot when he remembered using a gun like this but not a full-automatic when he pushed the magazine release, checking the bullets and racking it into the carbine as he made sure that there is a bullet in the chamber when he raised it, pointing it to the door that leads to the rest of the house. The man coughed some more when he started to smile as he keeps the gun level and his mind empty, only thinking of the unknown voices of evil that are in his head before he hears the sound of his mother.

His mother is praising him that he is doing well when his sanity left him a long time ago when he cannot make a connection that his mother is dead for more than thirteen years. He kept the gun pointed at the door that leads to the rest of the house when two women in the house started to scream.

Garry and Myra (possibly that is her name) heard the commotion that is going on in the kitchen when the soldier turned his attention towards the closed door that leads into the kitchen. He kept his gun on Garry and Myra when they did not make a connection that the door to the house is open and the air is coming into the house.

The soldier moved his hand to the receiver that is strapped to his throat when he asked what is going on McNally. That is when Myra jumped on the soldier and started to do something to him when Garry is trying to process what he is seeing. What he is seeing is that Myra is trying to kill the soldier on the floor when she started to cough. She started to bang his head onto the floor of the house when Garry backed up from the events that are conspiring in the house when he realized that the door is open in the house and Myra is starting to get infected from whatever that is in the air.

Myra stripped the respirator that is off from the man’s head when the man started to blubber and cry for her to stop when the thrumming of his head on the ground started to become lighter and lighter when something in the soldier’s eyes started to become doll-like and lifeless.

“I need a drink, how about you?” Myra spoke like a woman in a complete trance when the soldier agreed, coming off the ground with his lungs trying to cough out whatever that is coming into the air when Garry backed away, realizing that he is not coughing when he looked around, trying to find a way out of this house when the man who was sleeping in the kitchen came out of the door with a wicked smile of happiness that is stretch across his face.

“Did someone say a drink?” He waved the carbine around the room when he started to open fire.

“I want it first!” He cackled in wild amazement, pumping bullets into the room when Myra’s face shattered into a thousand pieces and the soldier caught three bullets into his chest when he pulled his gun out and started to shoot the 9mm into the man’s chest that died before he hit the ground with his guts splattering all over the wall.

“Uhh uhh! I-I-I have first dibs.” He moved the gun over to Garry when Garry started to run, tripping over the body that is still twitching on the floor when a bullet traveled over his head, striking the wall when Garry landed face first into the linoleum of the kitchen. He turned his head which is good when the soldier started to walk towards the kitchen with his gun still in his hand.

He is wearing body armor. Garry thought when he also thought of something else.

I am not coughing! Garry came up from the floor when the soldier entered the room and rose the gun like he had learned from training, sounding like a man who is far from insane.

“Am I doing well, momma?” He started to shoot when it missed Garry but a couple of millimeters when he ran out the backdoor when three other soldiers that he did not recollect opened fire when Gary is reputed into the unknown of not feeling the pain when the blinding light of death followed, escaping him from this world of madness when he felt cold before he felt nothingness in the volley of unknown feelings.

Somewhere in the distance there is an orange light that burns through the thick brushes of trees when the deer did not bother to look towards the direction when three people that are infected hunkered down with shotguns and rifles in their hands, looking at the deer in the distance with perfect clarity.

“Time to eat.” One of the poaching hunters said in complete insanity when his father who is dead tells him to line up the shot and take your time. You have all the time in the world when the poacher rose his rifle and fired, hitting the deer in the lungs when the deer ran off in the distance. His father congratulated him on a clean kill when his is happy for once. He does not have to worry about the boring sights of home with his family driving him up the wall. He does not have to worry about working at a dead end job to bring home a crappy paycheck and drink him into a stupor so he has to get up and do it all over again. He did not have to worry about that anymore when another poacher crept up to him with his .357 pistol in his hand when he cocked the gun, leveling it to the back of the poachers head when he fired.

He never liked the man anyway when the orange light in the distance continued to burn, roaring crackling thunder in the valley of the woods when the dawn will come up on another day as it will come up the day after and the day after when the soldiers on command will run the show until something happens and they will be no more in times that are eventual in a span that is growing more and more that is flowing onto the world in complete freedom and happiness for a world that will become so savage that no one will write about it and leave a time capsule for anyone to reconcile it like a holy passage of a species that rose and fell on a little blue ball that is the third planet from the earth.

What happened here is a silent wonder of what was that will never happen in a span of time that will bury it like the temples of Aztecs of also something that is never explained in any history book but speculation of disease and nothing more, just disease and nothing less.

Submitted: September 11, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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A gripping horror story Adam.
It reminded me of early Dean Koontz, mixed with James Herbert.

Sat, September 11th, 2021 10:51pm


Thank you, Rob. It is always a pleasure to write.

Sat, September 11th, 2021 5:47pm

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