Within The Midst of Glory I

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic



Whispered strangulation winds tells me
As my Dragon Blood Incense bellows in the wind to allow the direction of my mind free
The seven Chakras may it guide my conscious of awareness to the powers that be
Voices from my ancestries’ belief is stronger than the calamity of a concealed demon or earthly jinn’s    
I give credence to Mother Earth as my intellect begins
I bow unto acknowledgment for those who are without sins

Spiritual manifestation of the serpent’s tongue
When hearts and chaotic minds continue to cast stones then hide from the sun
The passage of spiritual order balances this earth
Give humble respect to pagans, the atheists, and Christians within humanity and their worth
No one oppresses or can ever degrade the yin-yang of a divine mind
Today, tomorrow, in, or out of time
Only the Creator’s oath of my bloodline makes Heaven beautifully chime
And He does not make mistakes
The DNA in my veins is not for earthly beings to surrogate, underestimate, or to tempt the destiny of its fate    

For you unto mercy yours may be obscured in shame
No hand needed to reach passing cloudy skies to bring torrential rain
The caliber of my lineage is proud from the revolt of cotton fields, survived by whips and chains
Only the strong survive in this realm we call life
Most bring good intentions and Hell to the ones who brings daily strife

No doctrines upon pedestals I see to give homage or its receptiveness in plight
I am the darkness from the beginning of time unto me, let there be light
You will never reach that universal mystique
It has surpassed the Freemasons and now sits upon the laws of the 33rd degree

I am the peace, to uplift, reach, teach or, preach
When dark forces befall within my synagogue, purgatory you place in my path
It is best you place lamb blood over your door, or under I will stream to bring my spiritual wrath
Women’s movement is just a phrase for two evades of superiority and inferiority a stance when someone needs to care    
It’s liberation in a guilty society, which has manifested for past transgressions when tossed in the air    
It never stood for the freedom when lashes marred the black female and pale women never screamed in despair    

Inhaling to open the portal of my third eye
The insightful of spirituality and serenity is to always coincide
To bring knowledge not dark wisdom to those who dwell in Hell and use Heaven to earthly fraternize
Stories in life must be written, must be told
Not on the back of harmony to judge my journey where mouths speak venom when tongues roll
Be the believer, the redeemer for your heart to console

Exhaling such incantation, oh such beautiful thy sound
Slowly aligning my mind, body, and soul to stand upon common ground


Submitted: September 13, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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This one is pretty deep my sweet Princess friend! I’ll not try to analyze it, just enjoy it & attempt to find a path to it’s core!!!

Mon, September 13th, 2021 5:56am


Oh my handsome poet that you for taking the time to read and then the beautiful comment.. this is what's known in my culture as a sacred Haitian incantation.. there are five in all... And in my culture the moon phrases play a significant aspect in the way we take residence upon earth and in the way we nurture each other.

It is in celebration to give thanks to the wonders of creation, Mother Earth, and the elements which gives us our stability in the realm of time, in this life

Love and Hugs,

Mon, September 13th, 2021 3:35pm

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