A Libro Consiliorum Tale: The Foreigner of Fawn # 1 - The Unwelcoming

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Libro Consiliorum #10

Emanuel Antonio is a man from the New World. He has a secret, nor you or anyone else must know. He travels to a town called Fawn who too has a secret. A beast has appeared which has made many people disappear. Accused of crimes he didn't commit, will Emanuel help the town of Fawn to clear his name, or will revealing the roaring beast that lies within the forest reveal a howling being that lays dormant with our boy Emanuel.

For High-Quality version of the track check out my playlist here: https://youtu.be/4TJdaRMDNgE

Track names: S.S. Abadessa, Foreigner, The Beast

Created: November 23,2021

Pushed by the waters far away from the New World, S.S. Abadessa, a three-mast ship, the first of its kind, docks her mass on a troubled land. From within her womb, a man of peace steps forward, leaving his burdens and tonnage behind him. Emanuel Antonio is a man from the New World. He has a secret, nor you or anyone else must know. With his tall, gallant stance and uneven shaved face, Emanuel Antonio kneels his head down to the poorly brick streets before him.

 "Mia, Bellalina... Elis" he stumbles to say. The town of Fawn was dark and vile. Its peasants showed no welcome to visitors. "This town is as grim as the sea that led me," Emanuel murmured. In between the houses of bricks and stones, where narrow pathways curved and turned, a figure emerged from the shadows as if to greet Sir Antonio. "My master!" the strange figure, as if anxious, said. "An honor it is for you to enter...!" The strange figure was small and round in stature, wearing an old straw rug as a hood and caped robe. "I say it is a splendid honor, especially for your kind." whispering the last word. Right as he was about to pass, Antonio looked down at the figure moments before passing. Angry and puzzled, Antonio replied, "I needeth not know, nor do I knoweth at all the words you speak...", said Antonio. "Ahh~aha! For he who stands before me does not know? - This man of men thinks he is of that kind? Or this man of kinds thinks he is of men?" said the figure. "You know nothing of me, vermin!”, Emanuel replied. He shouted loud enough for passersby not to hear. "Kern! 'tis my name!" But vermin is thy name I shall receive!" Antonio grabbed the figure turning into the dark alleyway, throwing Kern onto the dark, bricked wall. With a loud bang and gallant voice, Emanuel Antonio burst with a jolt of anger, "Heed my words that I shall speak unto you. Leave me alone, for I am not to be trifled with! For those who seek nearer death, death itself follows me!!!" Antonio pushes Kern between stone roads, falling into mud and horse stool. Kern, now covered in filth and dirt, eyes blinded by the smell, slowly stood up and walked back into the dark alleyway. Before he disappeared into the darkness, Vermin Kern made his farewell, "Yes…...my master," bowing into the dark alley, never to be seen again.

The town of Fawn was a dark place, filled with houses made of wood instead of stone, the sky smudged by a factory of sorts. In the center of the town lies the sheriff, a tall, slender man, possibly the tallest man Emanuel had ever seen. The sheriff despised newcomers in the town of Fawn, or just anyone he did not know in general. "Hey, you, foreigner!" the sheriff shouted. “What brings you to my town?" He grumbled. Emanuel Antonio, tired from his trip, clothes damp by the vigorous sea, made his reply, "A new life, sir..." "A new... what?" the sheriff gargled, drinking his ale. "No one comes to my town seeking anything, especially life." Already not too keen on the town of Fawn, Emanuel was somewhat dismayed by the unwelcoming. "Then... I will be on my way". As he turned his back with his sights set towards an old pub, the sheriff took one quick half step, though it looked like a leap to a regular-sized man, slumped over the shoulder of Emanuel Antonio. The sheriff grew nearer to Antonio's left ear while idle breathing his ale and paste into Antonio's face. Like the legs of a spider, the sheriff’s fingers crawled up the back of Antonio, only to rest beside his neck. The sheriff whispered in Emanuel Antonio's ears with a deep breath, saying, "I saw you... foreigner of the sea...roaming through my alleyways, speaking to the rats. Tell me, have you seen any beasts?"

As night drew nearer on the town of Fawn, Emanuel's chest began to leap. "Beast, sheriff? I only know of the one before me", as to joke about the sheriff's height and slenderness. "Overbold, aren't you, foreigner, but not too wise." the sheriff replied, now standing upright with his hand still on Emanuel's shoulders. The ground shook as if a chariot of horses raced towards them. It was Emanuel's heart. The murky sky grew darker and darker, and Emanuel, enriched with rage, started to feel a heaviness within his arms. "Yes... foreigner, fear me like the wanderer you are! You look like trouble, trouble for me, trouble for Fawn! Go back to where you came…. Vermin!"  The sheriff revolted with his stance, still towering over the angered Emanuel. "Vermin, you say sheriff?!" said Emanuel, hearing the echoing laughter of Vermin Kern in his consciousness. "You have no idea the "trouble" I bear witness to, nor the nightmares I hope to overcome, and the pain I wish to lay past!" The night itself was tensely dark when the clouds drew in from the east to cover the moonstone's light.  "Save your story for the drunks, for I need to keep an eye on you tonight!" the sheriff bloated. With his left arm now surrounding Emanuel's neck, the sheriff uses his right arm to reveal handcuffs. Emanuel's eyes, gleaming red like a wood fire, turned his body and underhand the sheriff, causing both to lose their balance on the bricked stone ground. The sheriff, now falling, cocked his right leg back to regain his balance, but failed.

Emanuel Antonio, with the sheriff pinned to the ground, was kneeling over him. His breathing was fast and heavy, like a locomotive at full speed. His body swelled up as if to explode in seconds. Emanuel's eyes, which were once red like a wood fire now blue due to the moonstone's ray shining above as like a furnace at its highest temperature. "I warned you, sheriff!" An ill-tempered Emanuel spoke.” Sheriff of Fawn- I warned you in taking me to a place where my nightmares reminisce!" Emanuel's voice seemed changed as if another spoke. Did you hear it? "A live one, aren't you, foreigner! I'll show you how to act in my town!" The sheriff regained his strength and rose from the ground. The sheriff shot up with his arms, now choking our boy, Emanuel. As he struggles to break free from the fingers of the sheriff's grip, the sheriff punches Emanuel to the ground to finally put his handcuffs on him. Emanuel again spoke regularly. "I… am not... the beast you seek but -", in the same breath, different from Emanuel's, the more resonant voice began to surface. Emanuel, now trembling like a boiling pot and stoned pebbles vibrating the ground, unleashed newfound energy! "I... I will be the beast you - "Sheriff! Come quick, it's the beast!” a loud man shouted. The sheriff jumped up and ran with his men!

Submitted: September 13, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Excly. All rights reserved.

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The music is great! Did you compose and record it? It sounds a bit like Hans Zimmer but with its own sound. Look forward to listening and reading more.

Thu, October 21st, 2021 12:23am


Hey! Yes. i composed these musical pieces myself! Han Zimmer.....is my Idol! So to hear that from someone organically is very appreciative!!!

Wed, October 20th, 2021 6:02pm

Ann Sepino

I love the detailed descriptions that you chose to go with. It gives the story an old-world feel. And I appreciate the fact that the setting, while detailed, barely distracts readers from the central characters.

I have very little technical knowledge of music so I can't comment much on it. But I think that its ambience suits your descriptive style. It sounds like a cinematic soundtrack.

I do have two small suggestions, and one of them is to chop the lengthier text blocks into shorter paragraphs. A sea of text makes it harder to decipher the characters' conversations. Generally, dialogues are easier to follow if they either start or end a paragraph.

The second is to watch out for similar words or phrases in the same sentence. (ex. Right as he was about to pass, Antonio looked down at the figure moments before passing.) It's best to avoid redundancies because they cause one's narrative flow to 'feel bumpy.' Other than these, I enjoyed reading this story. Kudos!

Mon, October 25th, 2021 2:36pm


Thank you for taking the time to read! this is the very first time I'm hearing someone ready and react to my work so i am extremely humbled. As for your suggestion, I'll will greatly take notes on lengthy dialogues and redundancies. (i will make revisions a priority)

nonetheless, i am truly honored.

Mon, October 25th, 2021 5:21pm

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