The Fated Guild The Chronicles of Ellsburn

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Fated Guild is a place for heroes.
Where good and evil takes place, and high adventure reigns supreme.
The first fantasy novel in a new series by Robert Helliger.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

This book is PG for fantasy themes ~~~ For Raymond E Feist ~~~ Chapter One The shadows filled the brightly-lit r... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Chapter Two The ceremony was dramatic.  Orton saw the Elf Queen Ellamonrea. She wore a gleaming silver crown on her... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Chapter Three Orton waited.  'Who are you? And why are you here, boy?', the Elf Queen asked him.  'Greetings, my Qu... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Chapter Four Elf Princess Zennamora sat on the edge of the brook. She drank eagerly; she was sure she was alone. Suddenly she smelled... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Chapter Five Orton glanced at the Elf.  'Orcs', he said. 'They're asleep. But we need more guards', the Elf Princess sta... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

Chapter Six The small group reached The Winter Forest. They stopped near the edge. Three Elven Hunters aimed their arrows at ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven The Forest was full of elves.  They were talking, laughing, and working. Orton made sure he and Elsie had been... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight The small chamber Orton and Elise warmed their hands by the Iron Fireplace. A dragon was asleep on the hearth rug. 'He ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine The elf was gone.  Orton and Elise ate some apples.  Two brown chairs were near the chamber doors. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

'I need to go home', Elsie said. 'We can leave now', Orton said. 'Good, but I'd like to return', Elsie smiled. The morni... Read Chapter


It was a bright morning in London. Orton and Elsie looked at the gleaming garden.  The dragon wasn't forgotten, as they... Read Chapter

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