Chapter 1: The Institute Attack

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Shadowhunters

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The New Magister


The legends said that , us human not live alone in this world, and there is another world that not everyone knows about ,only special people can see it or what in it, and of course not everyone believe that there is another world and another type of people different than mundanes (normal humans have no powers), and this special humans call nephilims, and anyone not a nephilims can see the unseen world called *have a sight*, and this world called the downworlders and their world include (werewolf, vampires, warlock, and the fair folk) ,and the fair folk include (fay, fae, fey and faeries) this are the downworlders and the one who can see them is the nephilims and we know them as shadowhunters and they half humans and half angel blood, vampires are half human half demon blood and this demons blood made their blood not pure and gave them this disease that call vampirism ,same for the werewolves  ,warlocks half human and half demon ,and fair folk have angel and half demon, so all this creatures their blood not like any other normal person or mundanes , and the nephilims the one who put the rules in the shadow world and anyone broke this rules get punished by the clave and the clave is the government in the shadow world and their rule is strict (the low is hard, but it is the low), shadowhunters is in the whole world they are everywhere and they live in institute it is place the no mundane can see it always glamoured ,they used a special runes that gave them the powers to be faster ,hidden from humans ,more powerful than any normal one.


The true home or country for all shadowhunters Idris and its city is Alicante, and if anyone made any crime shadowhunters or downworlders they get negates or they go to jail in the city of bones or the silent city and who work there is the silent brothers, they are more powerful than Nephilim their cheeks curved with special runes and their eyes and lips are sewn and they can get inside anyone’s mind and read what inside of it, and that’s why everyone scared of them the shadowhunters and the downworlders and they have special robes with scrolls and inscriptions on it ,so they are dangerous and powerful.


Lora Blackthorn , she is a shadowhunter who live in paris institute with her mother and father who by the way is the head of the paris institute she wasn’t that tall she looked younger than her true age ,she doesn’t have a huge physique but she was stronger shadowhunter and strong bones like they say and her skin was between ivory and bronze and she was special and even her didn’t know that, she was 19 years old and her eyes were wide and brown and also her hair was brown and silk and it wasn’t so tall it was under her shoulders  , she loves reading and love training , and she has a parabatai her name is Alison Lovelace , who was the same age as Lora but a bit taller than her and with long yellow hair.


Lora finished her training and she went to her room to get some rest it was almost midnight, as she always hoped she looked from her room’s windows and found the mood in the sky lighting the night , she sighed and said “it wish it be a goodnight” ,but her wish wasn’t really hopeful ,she laid on her bed and falls asleep, she maybe slept an hour or maybe two but after that the noises started to spread everywhere at the institute, she opened her eyes and then yawned and opened turn the light on , it took her minute or two to start to realize that there was something wrong going on , she got up quickly from her bed then opened the door of her room ,to found chaos everywhere and blood on the floor she cover her mouth with her palm to stop herself from screaming ,and looked inside her room then walked toward her drawer and opened it and took out her stele (it was something bigger a bit than a pen and it was made of a strong metal call adamas it was curved with runes and this tool make any shadowhunter draw their runes and it’s head light up when they draw their runes with it and everyone have stele ,and it has different shapes and it made by The Iron Sister ,they are fighter and they are the one who create the weapons to all shadowhunters),  she took her stele then she draw a rune in the air the rune blazed then disappear in the air , she put her stele aside then tied her hair in a bunny tail , then she took her sword it was near her bed as usual it wasn’t her only weapon but it was all she has at this time and when she touched it ,it light up it was has it’s angelic power as well ,everything shadowhunters has from weapons has angelic power.


Lora , took a deep breath then she walked out of her room holding her sword in her hands, she walked slowly and carefully in the corridor ,there were many shadowhunters running and there was screaming and blood everywhere,she tried to hold her fear and put it away ,she swallowed and she started to sweat, she went down the stairs and carefully opened the music room and it was in first floor of the institute ,she didn’t find anything there it was totally empty ,she took a deep breath then let it out but when she gave her back to the music she found her father on the floor and blood everywhere around him,she screamed “dad, dad” and ran toward him ,she sat on her knees next to her father who looked like a stone,so pale ,and unmoved ,she put her sword on the floor and then put her index and middle fingers on his neck but it was too late ,she didn’t find any pulse ,her tears rolled on her cheeks and then she wept and put her head on her father’s chest and held his shirt.


Suddenly lora heard alison shouting and saying “LORA, LOOK OUT” lora sat straight and looked behind her ,she didn’t expect what she saw ,her eyes was opened wide from the surprise and her heart was about to get out of her chest from the shock , she saw a huge thing it wasn’t a person it was a thing , not human it was something made from metal all of it was metal , a sliver metal ,and it was so tall not like human as well , she couldn’t move or do anything to stop it ,and alison was running toward them and that metal thing was raising his metal arm that suddenly turned to a sword of its own ,lora held her sword and thrusted it in the metal body ,alison shouted “IT CAN’T DIE” lora moved fast away from that metal thing as alison jumped and cut his body in half, then she looked at lora and alison was in a mess her hair was tangled and there was a blood not hers ,she looked at lora who said “are you okay?” she looked so pale ,alison smiled and said “it’s not my blood” then she looked at the floor and said with sorrow “i am sorry” ,lora swallowed then inhale and said “i have to find my mom now ,and you be careful” ,alison nodded her head then said “i will send a fire message to the clave, go” 

Lora entered her father’s office she didn’t find her mother but she found two of the guards who slashed to death ,and their blood soaked the carpet, she felt sick and felt butterflies in her stomach ,but she fought it, and ran out of the office shouting for her mother “MOM, MOM, WHERE ARE YOU?” her tears was on her cheeks and she looked so mess and she didn’t wear the fights gear she was wearing her sleeping pajama “MOM”, she was looking behind her when she collided into someone, she screamed and looked in front of her to found her mother looking at her with mess hair mess clothes and blood and her sword in her hand ,lora cried and said “omg mom” she hugged her mother and said “are you okay?” her mother hugged her tight and said “i am fine, you need to go now” lora looked confused she looked at her mother who was resting her left hand on lora’s shoulder and said with gasping , lora shook her head and said “no, no i wouldn’t go anywhere ,what’s going on mom?” she looked around then at her mother who said “it’s an attack ,we don’t know who or what is this things ,you need to leave lora ,now ,we have no idea how they got inside the institute, it’s so dangerous” ,lora’s tears was rolling on her cheeks and she held her mother’s shoulders and said “i will not leave you mom please, i just saw dad soaked in his blood , i am not leaving you” ,lora’s mother smiled sorrowfully and touched lora’s cheek and wiped her tears with her thumb and said “you need to go lora ,you have to leave baby girl, they kill everything they see” lora weeped even more and said “please mom ,no please” her mother swallowed then said in sharp tone “I SAID GO NOW ,AND TAKE EVERYONE YOU SEE WITH YOU” lora hugged her mother tightly and her mother kissed her head ,then she let her go, lora started to walk she looked behind her toward her mother who was engaged with one of this metal things, it wasn’t unpleasant thing because that metal thing thrust his sword in her mother’s heart ,and her mother’s mouth scattered the blood from it, lora screamed and weeped and she felt her own heart about to stop she lost her balance and fall in the floor she felt dizziness for moment or two and everything around her going up and down.


At the same time , the London institute was in chaos ,the news already spread that paris institute is under attack and needs back up and everyone getting ready, except one person who his parabatai looking for him “where is william kit? ,and kit was running in the other direction toward the office ,he looked behind him and said “i think he still sleeping, you know his sleep is heavy” he nodded then continue toward the office, the other boy frowned then said “Really william” he put his black leather jacket on and it was part of his fighting gear ,then he ran toward william’s room and opened the door quickly and william put the pillow on his head when he heard julian shouting “unbelievable william ,get up” he walked toward him and took the pillow and throw it on the floor and said “come on william, wake up” ,william snarled and said “mmmm, i don’t think it’s eight yet ,leave me alone julian'' ,julian took a deep breath sharply then closed his eyes and hit william on his shoulder and shout “PARIS INSTITUTE UNDER ATTACK IDIOT ,GET UP ,WE HAVE TO GO WILL” ,william sat down straight and suddenly he was in alert and his eyes was opened wide ,he looked at julian and said “what did you…… OMG LORA” he jumped from the bed and all his attention was with julian, Julian sighed then said “we don’t know anything yet ,all we got is a fire message nothing else” he walked toward william’s drawer and took william’s gear from it and throw it toward him but william his mind at the moment was occupied , William Herondale Jr, he is julian’s parabatai, and he looked like his grand grand grandfather , so tall and has broad shoulders and high  and muscles his physique is strong and he has high cheekbones and he was has white skin and his eyes were so blue like the sky and his hair was black like a night without moon and tall it was near his shoulders ,and his eyebrows were black broad eyebrows , Julian Blackthorn, he is william’s parabatai, and he was tall and slender and has muscles of course and his eyes blue-green eyes and he has dark brown hair it was curly and messy ,he also has broad shoulders and high cheekbones and freckles


At the same time Lora was got injured on her left side, and somehow she lost her stele and couldn’t draw the iratze rune (healing rune) , she opened the office door and got in it and closed the door behind her and lean her back on the door then closed her eyes from pain and in her hand she was carrying one of the metal body’s arms, she closed her eyes and let out a breath and remembered when he planted his scissor hand in her side and she held his metal arm and her hand suddenly illuminate with radiation and the metal melted under her touch, her left hand was on her injured, her tears rolled on her cheeks ,she heard screaming she took a deep breath then held the metal arm tight and rushed out off the room ,she was using this arm to defend herself and anyone needs help .

At the same time , a portal was opened inside the institute ,and many shadowhunters rushed out of it , and when everyone entered paris institute emma (julian’s girlfriend) said with wide open eyes “OMG, what the hell happened here?” ,julian stood next to her and swallowed, and his mouth was opened at the first he couldn’t say anything then he looked around and said “wow, it’s chaos a big one” William was standing and not saying anything ,he felt his heart beating started to skip beating ,and he looked pale, he held his sword tighter and pressed his upper jaw and lower jaw together ,kit licked his lips and let out a breath then said “how did this happened?” julian tilted his head and gesture at kit and said “let’s find first what the reason for this chaos then we ask” emma ran and kit with her ,but william his head was spinning with bad thoughts and from all this bodies around and bloods he swallowed his saliva ,then he felt julian’s hand on his shoulder saying “let’s not waste time Will, come on” william shook his head it was a sign of agreement and said “you are right” he tightened his fist on the sword hilt and the sword illuminate ,then he and julian ran into the corridors


Emma called out from the training room ,they all ran to the room to found her ,on her knees and in front of her was a body a dead body to be exact , they all stood around her and kit who was on his knees as well , he took a sharp breath then said “he is Mr/ Blackthorn ,lora’s father” ,william wiped his hair and bitted his lower lip repeatedly and pressed his jaws or teeth together, then he rushed out of the training room, julian watched him then said “continue the looking” he looked worried about william who at the moment looked lost ,emma wiped her tears then stood up, when they she and julian heard kit screaming from the music room, they both looked at each other and their hearts skipped beats ,and they ran out of the room toward the next one, and found another shadowhunter dead but the dead body wasn’t alone ,standing in front of the body a huge creature made from metal ,emma swallowed her saliva and raised her cortana (her sword’s name), then she said “i never saw something like that before, did you?” she looked toward julian from the corner of her eyes ,julian let out an exhale and raised his crossbow and it has multi arrows, he nodded his head and said “i am trying to think about it” kit walked backward and held his sword and said “i don’t think this thing will work on it any of our weapons, i am just trying to be realistically” emma raised her sword more and said “not working kit ,but sadly you are right” julian lowered his crossbow then nodded his head and said “okay, he is coming toward us” ,kit took out something from his pocket and said “i have one of Henry’s inventions, maybe we should walk out of the room” they all walked backward carefully ,then kit throw that invention toward that creature and said “get out” the three of them rushed out of the room and after minute they heard explosion ,they put their hands on their ears and the room was lighted with the explosion , julian opened his eyes then sneak his head from the door inside the room then said “it’s good that we got out in time” 


At the same time lora her power was going down because of her injured she lost a lot of blood and her face was so pale and soaked smudged with dry tears and dirt ,and the blood covered her clothes , she was in her father’s office, sitting under the desk and putting her left hand on her left side trying to stop the injury from bleeding and in her other hand the metal arm ,and whenever she heard a noise coming from outside the room she get ready to defense herself , for a moment she felt that she is useless and tied hands , and william entered lora’s room and called her but he didn’t found her in it ,he hit his hand on the table near the door and he looked on the floor and found her stele ,he bent down and held the stele and felt his stomach aches ,and his hand started to shaking ,he put the stele in his pocket then ran out of the room to find lora’s mother on the floor she was dead ,he sat down on his knees and he let out a breath then put his index and middle fingers on her neck and didn’t find pulse ,his tears rolled on his cheeks then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then he closed lora’s mother eyes and stood up and wiped his tears.


And lora was closing her eyes and resting her back on the desk side, she pressed her hand on the injury and bitted her lower lip from the pain , then she opened her eyes in alert when she heard a footsteps, she held the metal arm tightly and swallowed ,and the footsteps was getting closer ,and william was walking carefully, he was holding his sword and he walked behind the desk and looked down he saw lora and she was about to hit him with the metal arm ,but he held the metal arm and said “hey ,hey ,it’s me stop”, when she looked at him a relief went through her she relaxed and her eyes was full with tears “William….Will..” she weeped and leaned her head to the back and closed her eyes ,william felt his heart will stop or coming out of his chest when he saw her looking like that, he put his sword down on the floor then sat on his knees and held lora’s left arm and pulled her out from under the desk and she closed her eyes from the pain and held her breath, and when he saw her clothes and it was soaked with blood he couldn’t breath ,his eyes full with tears then he let out a sharp breath and said “OMG ,lora” ,he put his hand on the wound ,she whimpered and closed her eyes tightly ,he said “why you didn’t use your stele” he forgot that he found it already ,he wrapped his right arm around her from the back and she was saying “I..l.. lost it..somewhere ahhh” william let out a breath when he heard her whimpering then he furrowed his eyebrows and remembered when he found her stele, he slowly stood up and wrapped his both arms around her and helped her standing she rest her right hand on his shoulder to steady herself then she rest her head on his chest and closed her eyes ,he wrapped his right arm around her tight and with his left hand took out the stele from his pocket ,lora looked so pale and that what was making him so pale himself ,he walked her to the couch and put her carefully on it she whimpered again and he sat down next to her and draw (iratze rune) the healing rune on her forearm and the rune blazed like fire ,lora opened her eyes wide with pain but she held her screaming and then the rune began to fade and started to runs into her veins ,her body like all the shadowhunters was have many runes on it and any mundane wouldn’t see it , william swallowed his saliva then let out a breath when she looked at him, and lora started to feel what’s happening around her ,william held her right hand and said “we need to get out of her lora” ,she shook her head and said “i still feel unbalanced, you need to find alison she is right here i can feel her ,she is still alive” he shook his head and said “fine ,let’s go” ,she closed her eyes and said “i will slow you down” william insisted and wrapped his right arm around her and said “i will not leave you alone here forget it” he stood up and helped lora to stand up ,but suddenly she felt she couldn’t breath ,she put her right hand over and her eyes was wide open ,william looked at her and his eyes widen and his heart beated faster than before ,he touched her left cheek and said “lora ,what is it?” she pressed her hand over her chest and said “alison ,it’s alison” over her heart was her parabatai rune, it fade when the parabatai die, but it be painful ,she fell onto her knees and started to scream and crying from the pain and the loss “NO.. NO..ALISON” william inhale and sat behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind and he held her wrists and when he looked at her hands he found them smudged with blood, his heart throbbed ,then his tears fall down on his cheeks and shouted “JULIAN ,,JULIAN” and lora tasted the blood in her mouth and she was weeping like a little girl “IT’S ALISON ..WILLIAM” william swallowed then he heard footsteps and found julian entering the room and when he saw lora his eyes widen and he held his breath and looked outside the room and shouted “EMMA ,KIT ,FOUND ALISON NOW NOW”, then he rushed inside the room and sat on his knees in front of lora and took out his stele and tried to activating the healing rune but it faded ,william with tears on his cheeks said “i already activated it before” he shook his head at julian who looked pale ,then lora coughed and the blood came out of her mouth, and william felt her body relaxed over his chest then her head fell backward on william’s chest and her eyes closed ,julian put his fingers on her neck then sat down and let out a breath then said “she fainted” william closed his eyes and rest his back on the couch leg ,then they heard emma saying “OMG, Is she okay?” she ran toward them then she sat down on her knees next to julian ,he looked at her then said “she fainted” emma sighed then looked toward lora and said “we lost alison, kit found her dead” julian took a deep sharp breath then said “we expected that” ,william opened his eyes and said “and her mother and her father” his tone have tiredness and pain in it, julian looked at him then said “let’s take her out of her now before she wake” emma felt empathy and her eyes was sad “she needs treatment immediately” julian shook his head then he and emma stood up and held lora and julian wrapped his left arm around her and emma wrapped her right arm around her from the other side then they steady her up, and william stood up and held the metal hand and looked at his friends ,julian gesture at him then said “are you okay?” william shook his head, then emma tilted her head ,william didn’t look good at the moment ,then they walked out of the room toward the portal and then they got through it.


Submitted: September 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 MysteriousQueen. All rights reserved.


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