The Backrooms: Entities Explained: Vol. 1

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Table of Contents

Entities: What Are They

What Are Entities? Native to the Backrooms rather than our own reality, the term "Entity" covers a wide variety of beings, from frien... Read Chapter

Entity 2: "The Windows"

Entity Number: 2 Habitat - Architectural Description The Windows are creatures in the shape of a Window. ... Read Chapter

Entity 3: The Smiler

Entity Number: 3 Habitat - Majority of Levels Description Smilers are generally hostile, and there have been m... Read Chapter

Entity 4 "Death Moths"

Entity Number: 4 Habitat: Majority Description Deathmoths are giant moths that inhabit the Backrooms. While th... Read Chapter

Entity 5: "Clumps"

Entity Number: 5 Habitat - Majority, most notably Levels 2 and 3. Description: Clumps are stran... Read Chapter

Entity 6: "Dullers"

Entity Number: 6 Habitat - Majority of Levels Description Dullers are strange creatures generally found in the... Read Chapter

Entity 7: "Jerry"

Entity Number: 7 Habitats: Level 1, Level 2, Jerry's Room Description Jerry is a small bird with res... Read Chapter

Entity 8: "The Hounds"

Entity Number: 8 Habitat: Majority Description: The name "Hound" comes form the dog-like nature of these Entities, ... Read Chapter

Entity 9: "Facelings"

Entity Number: 9 Habitats: Majority (Most commonly Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) Description: Facel... Read Chapter

Entity 10: "Skin-Stealers"

Entity Number: 10 Habitat: Majority (Most commonly Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) Description: Entit... Read Chapter

Entity 11: "Bursters"

Entity Number: 11 Habitat: -Level 3 Description These creatures are found on Level 3 and appear vaguely h... Read Chapter

Entity 13: "Transporters"

Entity Number: 13 Habitat - Level 3, Some higher Levels. Description Also known as "Grabbers", Transporte... Read Chapter

Entity 14: "Reviooks"

Entity Number: 14 Habitat(s): Level 5, Level 7, Level 170, Others Description: Reviooks are entities... Read Chapter

Entity 15: "Wretches"

Entity Number: 15 Habitat - Majority Description: Wretches are a humanlike entity, often described as acting u... Read Chapter

Entity 16: "Nguithr'xurh"

Entity Number: 16 Habitats: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Description: A Nguithr'xurh is a large spider-like ... Read Chapter

Entity 17: "Crawlers"

Entity Number: 17 Habitat: Majority A Stage 4 carrier of the Crawler fungus. Description: ... Read Chapter

Entity 18: "The Beast Of Level 5"

Entity Number: 18 Habitat - Right where I need to be. Description Ah, you're here! I was expecting you! I hop... Read Chapter

Entity 19: "The Disease"

?? CONTENT WARNING?? The Entity 19 article describes an extremely deadly virus that can be found within ... Read Chapter

Entity 20: "The Thing On Level 7"

Entity Number: 20 An image capture of "The Thing On Level 7," shortly before the photographer's demise. ... Read Chapter

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