Best left unsaid?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Are some things better left unsaid? A piece I wrote while working through some confusing emotions. Not sure if it is a poem or (very) short story, maybe both!

They sit across from one another, silent in the booth 
She smiles awkwardly and tucks a blonde hair behind her ear 
A single gold stud decorates her earlobe
Her neck slightly flushed as it disappears behind the collar of her cream shirt 
He pretends not to notice, focusing on the steam swirling up from his tea 
The hustle and bustle of the cafe proceeds noisily around them 
Neither seems to notice 
Cups clatter, people chatter 
Non-descript music is piped in via the ceiling 
But they are only there for each other 
Secluded within an invisible bubble
A bubble briefly invaded as food arrives in front of them 
Neither rushes to eat
He looks at her and sees she is gazing out of the window 
Despite the condensation, bright morning sun shines in, bathing her face 
She is glowing 
He swallows deeply as the hairs on his arms stand on end 
She is beautiful
Simply, beautiful
It is not the first time he has thought it, likely it will not be the last 
Sensing his gaze, she turns to face him 
He opens his mouth to speak 
No words are forthcoming
He closes his mouth, stuck in limbo, not knowing what to do next 
A waitress arrives offering fresh drinks but is quickly waved away 
Picking up her knife and fork she begins pushing food around her plate with no real intention of eating it 
Again he tries to speak 
Air catches in his throat, a dry rasp all he can manage 
His tongue is scalded as he glugs his tea 
The pain is not unwelcome
Shaking his head, he chastises himself 
After all this time 
After all this time, finally having her to himself 
All to himself away from the others 
Finally having the chance to say everything, but having the ability to say nothing
Is this the universe telling him he should in fact say nothing? 
Screwing his eyes tightly he takes a deep breath 
His nerves dim just a little
As he reopens them he discovers she is looking straight at him 
Their eyes lock together
He stares into her blue eyes, enraptured
And everything comes flooding back 
The first time they met 
The first time they spoke 
Their first days spending time together 
Laughs, hugs, silly nicknames, long discussions, friendship 
And then, something more 
Desire, lust, love
But always just out of reach
The timing never right 
The chance never there to be taken
She feels it too and has to look away 
Not for the first time, she feels confusion 
Away from each other, they both have it all 
Everything they’d ever wanted 
Except each other 
Is it wrong to feel loss for something you never had? 
She looks back to him 
He extends a hand across the table 
Without hesitation she takes it, their hands joining as one 
A warm tight embrace 
She looks back to his face 
His eyes have filled with tears 
She smiles a small but sympathetic smile and utters two simple words 
“I know.” 
It is his turn to smile
Tears still threatening to come, he leans forward and kisses the back of her hand 
She squeezes his hand tightly in return 
And with that, she is gone
She slides out of the booth, throws her coat around her shoulders and walks away 
He watches her go, admiring her shape as she moves 
Leaning back, he exhales slowly
Perhaps some things are better left unsaid 
But at least she knows 
They both know 
And maybe in another time 
Maybe in another life 
Maybe a chance will be there to be taken
Picking up his tea, he is pleased to discover it is full warm 
He finishes it in a single gulp, throws down some notes on the table and walks out into the sunshine.



Submitted: September 14, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Putting Pencil To Paper. All rights reserved.

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