"The Apocalyptical Trials"

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"The Apocalyptical Trials" Is a short story about the beginning of the apocalypse and the only way to survive this is by surviving each trial. in an insane and crazy world.









“My name is Mason Strong. My family and I have never lived much of a normal life. We have two kids a son and a daughter.

My wife her name is Crystal. We have been living with the apocalypse for about three years now. Something happened in late 2017 a deadly explosion off the ocean just killed every fish one day.

The next day birds fell from the sky. And humans started dropping dead. Nobody could explain what was happening but whatever happened this unknown disease or whatever you could call it didn’t affect children in any way.

As I remember it my wife was making dinner late one Tuesday night when we first saw something strange happen. *Three years ago.* “Honey did you leave the lights on in the backyard? It’s super bright out.” “No I didn’t.” Mason said as he opened up the back door and stepped outside. *Rufus our German Sheppard ran outside barking out of control.*

 “Rufus its ok boy.” I said petting him. *I looked up at the sky* I could not believe what I was seeing. The sky was almost as red as a fire. With some orange. Clouds were starting to form. “Crystal check this out.” I yelled from the open door.

*Crystal came running out and looked up in amazement. “What is happening?” She asked. “I’m not sure but whatever it is, it is crazy.” I said. *Suddenly the power went off. But not just our house the entire neighborhood had no power. We have a generator for such occasions but the generator wouldn’t turn on.*

*Rufus continued to bark.* “I walked towards the front yard and saw Neighbors were out with their kids looking up at the sky as well. “What is going on?” I heard one of our neighbors ask his wife. She responded with “I don’t know.”

 *Suddenly there was a really loud growling sound and several rocks started to crash down towards the ground from the sky. *Everybody quickly ran inside of their homes and out of sight. *Honey keep the kids safe. I am not sure what is happening.” “I’m scared.” Our daughter said. “Everything will be ok I promise.” I told her. “How do you know?”

“I won’t let anything happen to you.” I said as we heard for several intimidating minutes huge rocks hitting the ground all around us.* *as quickly as it started it had ended.*

*I ran outside to check the damage.* There were cracks all around the road. Whatever that was it was pretty bad.* *Martin approached Me.* “What was that?” “Comets maybe? I don’t know. I said. “Whatever it was we should get back inside because there could be more.” “Right.” Martin said. I opened up the door and walked over to Crystal and the kids. “Is everyone ok?” “Yeah.” Good. Now I will be right back, I need to investigate.”

“Be careful.” Crystal said. “I will.” I told her. As I ran out the front door and ran down the street. *Neighbors were starting to come out of their homes* I ran across the street and found a crowd of people crowded near a police officer. “I’m sorry folks I have no clue what just happened or when the power will be back on, we just need to be patient and be safe.”

*Suddenly the same “growling sound” as before, it could be heard up in the sky, and another sound that sounded like loud trumpets were heard. “It’s judgment day.” A woman yelled. *I looked around in horror as people dropped to their knees.*

*I headed back inside and shut the door.* locked It.* “ok we are ok for now. There doesn’t seem to be anything happening right know.” *Suddenly there was a scream coming from outside as John our next door neighbor was screaming about a grim reaper?” he was running to his front door of his house and banging on the door. “Please Kim let me in. “LET ME IN.” He screamed as he pounded on the door but then he ran back towards the street. *Kim opened the door.* *John ran to the car and managed to unlock the car and he jumped inside and slammed it shut.*

 “I’m dead.” He yelled over and over again. *I was watching from inside my house out the front window.* *Suddenly John’s car door just broke off and John screamed.* *Blood started pouring out of the car like a river.* *Amanda screamed. And dropped to her knees.* “What did I just witness?” I asked myself. *Suddenly Amanda acted as if she saw something and *she started to run as fast as she could away. And she looked back and screamed as if something or someone was chasing after her.*

“I grabbed my gun from the closet.* “Don’t get involved please.” Crystal said. “Ok I won’t.” I said. As I put my gun my holster and put it around my waist. *Suddenly we were all tired and decided it may be a good idea to take a little nap. We dozed off for a while as we woke up around 7 am. *I quietly tip toed across the kitchen towards the family room and grabbed the T.V. Remote from the desk and turned the T.V on. I almost dropped the remote as I read the headline.




“Something is going on and I don’t like this one bit.” I said. “I changed channels as I heard different news stations of people claiming that god is coming back to earth.” I wasn’t sure if that was happening but something was happening and whatever it was it would not be good.” I changed the channel again and saw a women talking about hearing a loud explosion near the ocean and how she was awakened by a huge tidal wave hitting her house. “I opened up the front door and stepped outside for a few moments.

 The air reeked. It smelled like dead fish, even though we lived nowhere near the ocean. *I shut the door and walked back towards the kitchen. Crystal was awake now pouring some p juice into a cup. “What’s that smell?” She asked. “There was an explosion in every ocean over the night and millions of fish suddenly just died. I saw it on the news.” “What?” “Something is happening.”

“We may be in for something big.” I said. “Like what?” Crystal asked. “That’s the thing, I have no idea just yet, but whatever it is it will not be good.” “I’m scared.” Crystal said. “I am beginning to be as well, to be honest.” I said. *Suddenly something hit our window. I walked over towards the kitchen window and looked near the ground there was a dead bird on the driveway.*

*suddenly thousands of birds just started dropping from the sky and hit the floor.* *an intense two minutes went bye and everything was suddenly ok again.*

“That did not just happen.” Crystal said. “That does not happen.” Crystal said. *Both kids entered the room.* “I’m not sure what is happening but we need to stick together.” Mason said.

*Crystal turned on the T.V.* and saw a headline now about birds crashing to the ground. *Several videos were now being played of birds crashing down from the sky one in particular of the highway.

Birds crashing down and hitting several cars that caused a huge accident. *My phone rang. I walked over towards it and saw it was my brother Aaron. He was a police officer.

I haven’t spoken to Aaron in several months. “Hello?” I answered. “Mason are you and your family ok?” “Yeah we are ok. What is going on any idea?” “No but I have some inmate preaching that this could be the very beginning of the apocalypse.”

 “Look I am coming over to your house.” “I won’t stop you. But please be careful Aaron.” I told my brother. “I will.” *We hung up.* *suddenly the ground started shaking very violently.*

*I grabbed my wife and kids and we huddled under the kitchen table as the entire house shook violently.* the shaking came to a stop as I looked at my family. “Aaron is coming he’ll have an idea of what is happening.” I said as I looked out the window. The temperature was changing and the weather was changing very quickly. *What we didn’t know at that moment was that a hurricane was going to come and it was going to be a monster.” Quite possibly the worst hurricane we ever had.”

Submitted: September 16, 2021

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