Thelma Rook A novel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

New York, 1973
Thirteen year old Thelma Rook is a shy teenager. But, as she choose to be an outsider, a darkness comes to those who meet her.

Table of Contents


This book is PG-13 for horror, sex references, coarse language, supernatural themes, adult themes ~~~ Thelma Rook was born on Aug... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Thelma looked at the clock.  Time had shifted, as she watched the sounds of laughter in the school yard.  The shadows o... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

It was a normal morning at New York High School.  Stacey Parker, 14, sat near the locker room.  'Look! It's the st... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Thelma Rook watched the World go by.  Her eyes flickered with a desire to go away from New York. But, for her, the strain o... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

'But, why is she dead? George Baker told me it was that girl, Thelma Rook', Fran Marker asked John Xavier. 'Some people say that... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Thelma Rook opened the door.  'Mom'. Silence.  'Mom!'. She glanced at the dingy room.  Was I mad? Was ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

'Thelma Rook is a strange girl. Her father, Edward Lyall Rook, was a drunk, and a gambler; a grifter in the old sense of the term. S... Read Chapter


This is the end of the story. Thelma Rook is not dead.  She is, as it was told, a strange girl. And, in the end, th... Read Chapter

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