Madness of King George

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History repeats its self in so many ways. You wonder from which book the enemy reads. I have no liking for politicians, at least for the ones now. Anyway anyone can be made to be a prince or a scoundrel, its not how well you govern, its who controls opinion, and who controls the town cryer. At one time Kings would rule and be accepted. Now we all have the right to voice our own opinion as rule, even at its highest ranks. If Trump was giving everything to Democrats, I bet they would ignored his tone of voice, like they have with their own faults. Its all about control behind the scenes, not the person in charge.

Partying up amongst each other
A son calls, to gain his plunder

Against the king they storm
In proof he had lost his form

To cross the lines of sanity
So people would believe insanity

After all, gas lighting was in effect
Did not matter who was correct

A political means to an end
Impossible to see who was friend

A leader or tyrant never rules
Its those who follow, tugs and pulls

They did not like his firm tone
So they mocked his son's throne

They who played on and on
Rarely ever caught, deceiving anyone

Every good dead deserves another
Their own created tyrant, no longer

Submitted: September 17, 2021

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olive tree

"not about how well you govern, but who controls opinion and the town crier" - well said

I'm glad you recognise that governmental politics are simply a front for what's going on behind the scenes. Most people just don't get it and they're none to blame considering the propaganda model (Chomsky) - in mainstream media, sports, education, tertiary institutions, auxiliary institutions, you name it... It's a horrible game in which pride is inextricable with reason, and whoever influences the best and most resources (public opinion, money, power, assets, reputation, etc.) is the victor.

The enemy is in plain sight and always was. It's just that people tend to mistake their enemies as friends, and it's not until later (if ever) they learn the truth.

...If this is about King George III - all I know about him is this very irrelevant fact I learned while studying indigo at university. King George's attending physicians made remarks about the changing colour of his urine (it turned blue at one point) while he was undergoing his madness and how that acted as an indicator for the progression of the pathophysiology of his condition as he suffered and eventually died.

But yeah, as you emphasised, the danger of the tyrant is that anyone can become one given the right circumstances. Ego takes over and it's not a pretty sight. When you catch yourself doing this it's horrible, and it's very difficult to do so when you're ego-tripping - even worse in ego death from the psychedelic experience.

Also gaslighting sucks. Fuck narcissists and authority in all of its unsubstantiated forms (earn your respect, dude) (talking in general - not about you!).

Good read. Thanks!

Sat, September 18th, 2021 7:37am

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