School shootings

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To an exemplary user of pathos -

"No, I wasn’t personally affected by any of those shootings in the same way you weren’t personally affected by anything that happens outside of your bubble. I was probably at home, smoking weed, and playing video games, or sleeping every single one of those shootings. 

Pathos. Where were you when thousands of Middle-Eastern children were slaughtered by armed soldiers during the last 20 years? Where are you now, what with all the other tragedies that plague our world? You know they haven’t completely starved out, the people who inhabit third-world countries. Perhaps they’d appreciate some more death, ruins, and shrapnel, so “the good guys” (how the US government thinks themselves) can maintain political leverage?

I perceive your piece was written out of spite and to inspire guilt - hence my matching tone. In all seriousness, though… yes, gun violence is a significant issue in the US. However, so is the constitution of the US. The people have a right to bear arms to protect themselves against the government, which is becoming increasingly authoritative, and not just the contrary. Therefore we are at a stalemate - if the ruling class (who customarily wants it both ways) can’t order its masses, and yet guns are continued to be made available, what do you expect to happen?

School shooters are typically people who suffered and simply took revenge. “Never attribute to malice that which can be attributed to stupidity.” When we’re young we make stupid decisions, and when circumstances afflict one in incomprehensible ways, how do you expect one to respond? Frustration and vengeance are natural in “nature” (as though we weren’t a part of it). Furthermore, the US government kills more people on a daily basis with drone strikes alone than any school shooter’s tally.

Who’s the real moral culprit here? A kid who got bullied and found his way to a gun, or state-sanctioned, multi-billion dollar-backed military operatives with auxiliary intelligence agencies and think tanks and the military-industrial complex? What’s the real problem? Where’s your focus? Is it: kids shooting up schools, or are we simply seeing the effects of a post-industrial dystopia whose proponents tote propaganda to kids as “normal” from age 4… (and then people like you exist, but I can hardly blame you for following ideas you believed to be right, for what reason is there, as a child of all people, impressionable and not cynical, to doubt what people say to you? You grow up with the very same notions internalised. Pavlovian conditioning.) Then maybe hypothesise a solution…?

Because right now, all you’re saying (to me) is: “guns are bad because people get murdered and therefore we should make them illegal and guilt-trip people while we’re at it”, whereas clearly there is more nuance to the situation, as I have demonstrated.


Submitted: September 18, 2021

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I am continually amazed by the ability of the anti-gun crowd to suppress their cognitive dissonance. They tend to hate the police generally. They tend to see half the country as evil fascists and right wing presidents as Hitler incarnate but leap at every chance to take away their only real method of resisting tyranny.

The programming is real.

Sun, December 19th, 2021 11:20am


Well to be honest I hate the police in general. I’ve had some pleasant interactions with officers. For the most part they are simply following orders and are dehumanised in that sense. I can’t respect a sycophant, uniform or not, noble intentions or otherwise. I can’t trust the intentions of someone who makes a living doing master’s bidding. Master is a booming creature behind the curtain, who turns out to be a harmless old man when strung out, but is causing us all this grief in the meantime.

Sun, December 19th, 2021 1:55pm

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