¡Supremo!: The Man they Called Superman

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Marvel & DC Comic Fanfictions

Supremo: The Man They Called Super


Krypton’s last son has been sent to a planet called “Earth”

...He lands in South America.


“He was my Cariño... and he was...super…"

They took him away from us...from me...for they called him “Supremo,” but I called him “mi Kal El’.

As drugs and gangs crowded our cities, Tomas, my love, was killed by thugs. I ran fearing the same, or rather, fearing a never-ending life in lust and shamefulness. That day, a star fell from the sky, crashing beside our home. I thought stars were large rocks of light, but this was small and made of metal and glass. The star glowed, pulsating, yellow like the sun, blue like the ocean, and red like a heart. It was cold like ice rather than hot. Strange. As I reached closer, strange writing began to reveal itself, then suddenly, “Bzzz~Staaap!” A light shined in my face like a camera. The writing had changed! It read: “...Pod..Evelin...…Krypton!“SCREEEEEEEN!-” another loud sound came from the star. Voices from afar had heard it too. They knew I was here! "They found me!", I said.

Your Tomas was a very good man-," a voice said “-keeping you all to himself. But he owns us, all of us, not giving us what he stole! Seeing though he is now dead, what was I supposed to do? Is it my fault he betrayed us? Me killing him for his wrongdoing. No. It is yours…-” the voice continued. “And you...will now pay for his sins…” reaching over to grab my arm. “SREE….” the star began to glow. “Please stop!", I shouted, dragging my knees on the dirt and mud. “EEE!", the star now levitated in the air, but the ground started shaking "What is this!?,” the voices said, surrounding me and my clothes torn. “What is this madness, Marina!?!?!” The voice said, holding me by the throat. With all my strength, all I could say was:

Please! Papa, No!” I said gasping for air trying to break free.


The star once again glowed, pulsating, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue, and red. The light blinded me for I could not see my father and his men, they were gone. The loud screeching sound from the star became my insanity, but suddenly, my sanity. Crying, from a baby! Inside the star pulsating, yellow, blue, and red, was a baby! My tears of fear, agony and long-suffering become joy, love, and salvation! Right before I reached in to grab the baby, a ghost appeared in front of me. The ghost was of a man wearing white and gold. He spoke a language my ears could not understand but my mind somehow translated it. He said:

“Kal El.’ my son. You are sav-” The ghost vanished

“a sav... savior?! My savior~!

...mi Cal El’!

Years past and Cal El became the symbol of salvation. Kalos had cleansed Venezuela and thousands of South Americans.

Submitted: September 19, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Excly. All rights reserved.

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