It talks about giving up on spirituality and the pursuit for a better life

LOST SHEEP ????????

can we bow our heads for prayers

our father who lives in heaven

fed elijah through the raven 

if you're right in front of me you're most reverend.


I'm sorry , I'm tired 

can't you see I'm fired

the altar has never gone out of fire

always at the front pew with the choir

singing and praising you as required


am not just tired 

I want to retire

I know you feels 

feelings of naked cord fuse to my body

bills I can't fix that's bigger burden

hallelujah he got a miracle job

but you couldn't warn me 

now I'm jobbed

my marriage is crashing

my home is in crisis

my kids are cultist

lifeless feeding on this drugs

feels like am cursed

but you said it is finished on the cross


yeah with joy shall you draw water out of the well of salvation..

I'm fasting and praying

so I can remind you of starvation

prosecution, humiliation for accepting this redemption

yet I'm only as poor as the church rat

our most righteous act is like a filthy rags

how else do you want me to please you

so please I need a break

I'm quitting 

when is eve for our meeting

cancel it I'm no longer waiting

the forbidden fruit I have eaten

cos I'm wasting

I rage when I see them with range 

I'm I in cage 

the blessings you said 

will overflow

 is it still in guage ?

being barren seems like a blessing

cos I can barely feed myself

mother of many nation I call myself

I better stop this self deception

never had a better reception

they said you slam us 

with virus and recession

false accusations, like the preacher said 

vanity upon vanity I wonder what time is it on his Rolex .

prophet turning followers to puppet

those saying life out of Christ is not proper are cited as pauper.

(solo reading)

suicide is not the best option

so I have decided to live with this pain

heaven have dessert us

then they blame us 

we have backslide 

they laugh and feel good that they're better than us

this and many more you did at my back side

I ask again who's really on the lord's side

I want to know?

your convenant keeping God yet you harbor grudge

love your neighbor as yourself

but why  hate me I'm I joseph

have not told you my dream

yet you have dug my pit

sold me to Potiphar

I was asked to dig my grave 

now I have found gold 

you still called me gold digger

you're pained cos I'm getting bigger

I still don't understand why 

Esau believed Jacob

when he had options to break up

anytime a man wakes up is his morning

brethren remember saul later became paul.

Since am not older than Christ 

I can't be antichrist

there's still time for change 

am a believer





Submitted: September 19, 2021

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