Let it Rain

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The poem paints in us hope, faith and resilience that as we go through life's hard times with people against us, there is always a promise of God, the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what you are going through, you will be free one time.




Let it rain

And finally have a chance to put on my raincoat

The coat that I have not put on for so long years  

For it has not been raining in our village

Let me twirl in dirty sludge gathering in gutters

As I watch Nimbostratus clouds decorate the sky

To vomit a hailstorm over the dry village


Let it rain

And feel rain dropping on dusted iron sheets

As it vibrates deeply through my spinal cord

Healing and rejuvenating my broken feeble soul

 Enslaved by suffering and imprisoned by oppression

And at last! Feel peace, freedom and joy once again

Growing wings of resilience to fly my destiny higher


Let it rain  

And be free to dance naked with my friends 

As we sing our childhood lullaby to the rain

Asking it to drizzle, drizzle on us until we wet

Swearing with our teeth in the sky that this time

We will not catch malaria, for it’s our freedom

The freedom we have waited and longed for


Let it rain

And I call upon my friends, thunder and lightening

To strike my enemies and burn my oppressors

As they run in no direction with no one chasing them

Galloped by fear, they hide in holes in broad day light  

For this is the time, the time God promised me

When he will decant his enraged anger upon them


Let it rain

So that fools can hide and hypocrites go under umbrellas

As liars giggle under shame and slanderers go speechless  

For it is only the rain, the calm rain of freedom and peace

That exposes their secreted malevolent and deceitful ways

That they have for long time used to shatter my soul

Branding me evil, undeserving for my truth and honesty


Let it rain

For it is the rain that brings in me everlasting freedom

Freedom to speak what is on my mind and not be killed

 The Freedom to glorify my God as graces my soul

The everlasting freedom to make me sleep like a baby  

That freedom that will let my wife dress as she pleases

And my children eat at neighbors without being poisoned





Submitted: September 19, 2021

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