Culture Decay

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A candid take on our world’s prospects, from my perspective.


Sipping, chewing, swiping, smoking

While the rest of us are choking

We’re Withering, wilting, moldy cores

Sell our dignity like whores

Crack our bones, scrape out the goop

Pour our marrow in the soup 

To feed our children, raise them well

Cycled back into this hell


Trade Cotton blended paper bills

To fill your fists with  numbing pills

Phones with cameras, cards with credits 

Record your face, and make some edits 

Privacy’s  saved for the affluent crowd 

Who stand and profess which sins are allowed 

We enable a standard of bald faced theft

Of all our scraps, if any are left


Crease the sheets, gulp down your cares 

Watch the stocks, and buy your shares

In a system built to bottleneck joy

We’re bred and raised, fit to employ

For companies  that piss on nature

And dominate our nomenclature 

There’s small chance, now, of our returning

To the habitats our race is burning


So raise your engines, make them roar

Pour gasoline, and more and more

Scorch the wealth, estates and manors 

Drown them in our desperate clamor 

Dissolve all boundaries restricting life

We are a species born of strife 

  By disavowing our consumption 

Natural law may see resumption 









Submitted: September 19, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Bookish B. All rights reserved.

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