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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am compiling data to write this long article/essay. I will be uploading this in installments. I only have a few hours in which to write, before my mini Maine Coon starts howling for me to pet him, feed him, make him feel like a King. The stories I am putting up here are my TRUE EXPERIENCES. Other versions may vary. I wish I were not an expert in Ghosts, but I am. Here, have at.



By Alexander Guinevere Kern <—— Who Knows A LOT About Them


Copyright, 9-18-2021


It can be stated with my right hand on a Bible, that against my will, consent or understanding, I have met far more than my share of the Undead Ones, Ghosts, Spirits, Haunts, Earthbounds, Astrals, Spiritual Beings, Inter/Intradimensional Beings, Djinn.


Note: I did not know my now 100 year old house was haunted. I knew nothing about ghosts. I did not want to. I was ill, practically bedridden. For my entire Autistic Life, I have been fairly oblivious to what was going on around me, anyway.


I was forced to learn about ghosts, etc.  Never, ever, ever did I want to learn about them or the limitless expanse of “Heaven, First and Second Heaven, Astral and Its occupants. I deeply, deeply resent what has happened to me and all I shall share with you.  That being said, I am an expert on certain types of “Ghosts.” I had to be. There they were, and I had to deal/cope with them until my daughter arrived to rescue me 7 years later. By then, I had seen/been involved with/learned from and experienced quite a luggage train of non-corporeal entities.


Note: very very few of them are “dead” as we Live Humans conceive of “dead.”  They are very much alive, conscious and when it comes to Souls, far more able cognitively and intelligent than say - most of us. That is not to say they are all friendly. Nor do I suggest the darker energy Beings are not dangerous. They are. More dangerous than you might expect.

Forget movies, novels, articles, testimonies of Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Researchers.


They only THINK they know some stuff about Ghosts.


Alas, dear Miss Kern could tell you stories from now until the End Game of Time on the Earth Plane.  Terribly scary stories. True testimonies.


I admit there are true Clairvoyants, Mediums, Clairs, Sensitives, who bring along these striking abilities from birth. They have “an Open Third Eye” so to speak. “The Mind’s Eye” is a clever way of saying “The Soul Can See Through It” without us normal folks understanding that is going on. Horrors.


The Soul considers Itself the MIND. Bear this in MIND as you read my story.


Before I moved to LA in 2014, a member of my family was featured in a weekly show about monster/Ghost hunting. Since I had NO TV, I asked my only friend to pick me up and permit me to watch my daughter’s TV show at her house once per week.


Previous to, and after my daughter’s show, a program entitled “Ghost Hunters” aired and was watched, fascinated and loved by untold millions. So popular was that show, it was on the TV twice per day. I do not know if it is still on the air.


Insider note: NOT ONE SHOW ever presented evidence of Ghosts or Ghost Activity because there was none.  There were no monsters, either. Nary a one.


One observed the various “Ghost Hunters” haul out their impressive equipment and go scouting into dark, moldy, collapsing houses, with deteriorating stairwells, creaky boards, spider webs and scurrying critters of the vermin variety.


As soon as these mighty Ghost Hunters heard a loud noise, a tapping on a water pipe or once, even a BAT flying out, they screamed and ran away like little girls.


I cannot tell you if there were, in fact, Ghosts present. I will tell you what the Ghosts were thinking, when and if they observed the Ghost Hunters entering their area.


They can read your MIND. They knew what those guys and gals were hoping to see and film. They laughed and snickered and followed them around, none of which their equipment picked up and recorded. Ghosts can read your MIND. Spirits can read your MIND. They can project images into your MIND. They are perfectly capable often enough, of moving stuff around so they can scare you.  They delight in doing so.


We are NOT talking about Loved Ones from the Realm of Love and Light, which Souls sometimes come to check up on family members or partners/Soulmates. Should a Departed Family Member return to get retribution, that is another matter entirely. And they do it. We are supposedly “veiled” Souls in Human Hosts. But your angry Ghost Spirit Soul Family member or Classmate is NOT veiled.  IT knows all, remembers all the terrible, cruel, hostile, humiliating things you have done to It and It wants revenge.


Supposedly that is not allowed, according to Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists - but it IS done. All the time.


Supposedly our “Life Contracts” are “Sacred.”  Mine was butchered and Heaven does not care one iota.


It is also true some “Ghosts” are not aware they are “dead.”  Even when they finally realize that sad fact, they hang around, miserable and unsure what to do, and they are ALLOWED to do so.  Some of these Souls hang around for a very long period of time. I feel the utmost pity and compassion for them.  Souls are from a place of No Time.  They lose track of time, as they remain on the Earth Plane.  Some of them are NOT haunting. I read that the Spirits of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts continue to follow around such Human Beings who indulge in those habits. They can get high, too. It is familiar to them. Some continue to go to their former place of business and work alongside their co-workers who are still in the Body.  They did not want to die and do not wish to leave.  Their coworkers are largely unaware.  As I have before stated, Heaven is very compassionate, however only toward Its Souls, not the terrified Humans interacting with aforementioned “Ghosts.” Ghosts can haunt for hundreds of years.


THOSE Ghosts are different from your Soul Friends and Family.


Some Spirits really DO scream and yell and despite the fact people are frightened out of their wigs by the noise, which is a sort of haunting after all - it is very well possible the Moaning and Screaming Ghosts are unaware of your presence. They just scream, because they don’t know where they are, or where their family is, or even because they just found out their body has died. I can tell you a great deal about the Dark Variety of Lower Astrals who hang around in groups all over the Earth Plane and everywhere else. They cannot tell Time, either.


I know them well. They get excited about human issues they observe, without understanding the backstory or even what is being spoken about or what is being done by the Human Being under their view.  I found it rather touching that some of those Beings were frightened by a Comedy/Tragedy ceramic mask I had hanging on the wall. There were tearful cries of “what happened to him? What’s wrong? What do you think it is??”  These sorts of conversations continue on and on and on until something else garners their attention. They also think “figures” in my paintings are real human beings and express interest in them. I have to keep reminding them that those are Images, a painting, not a real, breathing, heart-beating Human Being.


“What is HE doing?” Is a frequent question about a painting of myself I have hanging near a Portal. (More on Portals later.)


A famous writer who performed Past Life Regression hypnosis was told that such Spirits, who are supposed to be at HOME, are merely like little, mischevious children, and “Rover Souls” often come down from “Heaven” to do a Sweep Operation in order to capture them and bring them back to their rightful home/frequency plane.

That is SO UNTRUE. How I wish it were so! There are NO Rover Souls.


Yes, there are demons. Yes, there are angry ghosts. Yes, there are Angels. We shall get to them eventually.


To me, very simply, Souls/Spirits/Ghosts on the Earth Plane are higher vibe PEOPLE. They are told they are gods and goddesses by their Maker. And they consider themselves “the real people.”


Other Spirit Beings float around the Earth Plane and have never incarnated in a Human Body or animal form or whatever tangible, physical form.  They are not from here, and are just passing through. Occasionally, such Beings can be ghastly monsters, such as what I suspect was going on at AmityVille, if indeed, there was a Spirit Presence there at all.


One such Being floated into my bedroom at my former home and seemed at LEAST one-fifth of the size of my room. It floated there, like a lost shark, yet did nothing, said nothing, and floated back out.  I nearly fainted.


Souls have griped about such Spirit Beings and told one researcher they do not know whence those Beings come.


We might perceive (<—- an important word) that a Ghost/Soul/Spirit is present in our home, or anywhere we happen to be.  As has often been written or spoken, you may feel a cold spot, a dense area, a sense of walking through invisible spider webs, detect an odor, hear a sound, or even observe outright Spirit Activity.  Typically they are in the Astral and projecting into your Mind Space. In fact, your own Soul, a Hologrammatic Being, has an Intelligent Part of Itself still active and NOT VEILED at Home, sometimes watching the Incarnation part of Its Mind inside your Human, as you fumble about on the Earth Plane.


Now, as to the nature of Lost Souls.  One Soul floated through the front of my house, as It could not even SEE there was a house there and talked to me, like all Spirits, telepathically.


It explained that It did not know what time it was, what day it was, could not tell night from day and was lost. It explained It could not even see the Solar System.


I was completely confused and bewildered.


I took out a calendar and showed the Ghost what year and day it was.  It explained that my area was quite spiritually active, No other ghost knew what time or day or year it was, either.  This Ghost/Soul sounded sorrowful. So much so, I tried to find out online HOW to Cross Over the Soul. This was accomplished. Two very Light and Loving Beings came through the Light Opening I created with my Mind and took that Soul Home. He wanted to go with them, thus I assumed he had not been abducted or robbed of his Light Energy.  I felt proud of myself. I realize there was a show about some woman who was always crossing over Souls/Ghosts to Home, but I forget the title of that program.  Some Ghost Hunters invite or include Mediums and/or Sensitives and they know how to do that more effectively.


Submitted: September 20, 2021

© Copyright 2022 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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