This article is very intense and may have you question many of your beliefs. My idea here is to energetically protect your mind from Vampirism. If you want to hang onto old constructs of fear or if someone is trying to force you to so they can feed off your negated belief system you may choose to stay in this false religious construct of lack. ALL is Mind? Then shield yourself and make yourself bullet proof. Give away your beliefs in yourself and your energy to no one that does not bring you peace and bliss. All I share is from my own life long studies and mistakes. Not all of my belief systems will align with the current false constructs we have been fed for thousands of years. SO read and disagree if you choose. Be your own master. That is how you create.

New Age BS on Vampirism:
Vampirism and the new age mentality.
All is mind. How big and strong do you want that mind to be? How many belief systems here do you want to give your energy to? The ideas of people today and their belief systems are so mixed and chaotic and full of lies and imbalances that drain body, mind and spirit. This is the EXACT opposite of what the new age movement is supposed to do. It is supposed to make your vessel and all it contains free of negative ideas and belief systems to heal the whole, when in fact bc of biological energetic ignorance many of us are anything but healed and made whole in any of these aspects by any systems because isms.. are not true self belief and true faiths inside yourself.
 We want to believe that these things protect us as we are told they are made to but they can NOT. Only your own belief system as any system in your body can be truly maintained by you and you alone. New Age and ANY religion or belief system can take that belief and try to turn it into an individualized program and a weapon so that it can be taught and brought down to the level of mon-itary consumption. New Age-ism has become every man for himself and NOT in the way that builds others by building self. Its core ideas are oneness but it  is also a mass of confusion. You will say to yourself that that is the exact  opposite of it's mission and that is truth, to you. As with any religion, ism or mission things and belief systems decline here and info is hijacked and twisted. If all is mind then what is your mind and your belief system  SUPPOSED to do? Support and protect you and others? Does it? Does it teach you how to stay in bliss and content-ment, even simplejoy? If this IS NOT the teaching then it, in truth, is draining you. It is vampiric. I always believed that the people I met in new age systems touted the beliefs of others around like a bible. Believing outside the books and the writs of the human mind and its constructs and constructors can be very dangerous for everyone. Anyone trying to change your belief system to one of lacking bliss and not maintaining your simple biological bliss is NOT for your healing; Body, mind or spirit. All I am going to write about here I have lived both extreme sides of and this is how I found MY balance and My belief system. I want myself and others whole so everyone can have strong energetic belief systems and we can keep the bio as well as spiritual organisim healthy. Im learning and striving for this balance in me at all times. If you find the con-structs of your beliefs provide love and safety for you then stay in them. Not all see their religion as making the sheeple. But at least ask yourself why those beliefs and thoughts in your mind do that for you. DO they, Or are you just told that they should?
For those who may not know Let me explain energetic vampirism. We have all heard of the night fiends called Vampires who both in real human forms, animal forms and/or etheric forms come and feed off of your blood and or your energy. Wether these energies come to us in human form, or ghostlike and unreal forms such as succubus and succubi there is no difference really. The point is. We either belive they can and will drain us or harm us and we have to protect ourselves from them or we are not privy to the situation and do not protect ourself from the possiblity of these drains existing. Life forms are predatorial here this is just a fact. energiy can also be predatorial and they only way to protect yourself from this is to mmake your own system bullet proof. This is just a fact. The ONLY thing that can change fact is the collective mind and that begins with you sheilding your own current belief systems. The mind is the controler of that. This is what I want to speak to you about so that in the future you can protect yourself, not only from energetic external vampires but also the one within. We are the creators of this reality in the whole of the mind. What you believe about the outside world within you, you believe in yourself and allow the energetic gateway via possiblity. Can others shape your reality to some degree, yes. SO don't be pliable to it. If you want to stay in fear and ignorance that this world and its evils can not be controled then they can not be. As above, where your higher self sits enthroned, your GOd head and/or your God connection is, so below, within and without. Your mind enveloping belief systems make your own world both as an individual and as a collective. So! Let us destroy the collective false constructs, religions and pendulums that control us. How do we do it when there are so many? Easy, go to your source. If it doesnt feel right to you, it isnt right for the whole of you and eventually all of us. The do unto others thing is pretty simple. If something engenders fear it tears down the whole. Now those who believe in evil will give place to those devils. And those who believe in themselves give place to themselves. We, exposed to the new age movement, religion have been bombarded with phrases of judgment that have been totally diminished since they left sourse. One of those phrases that have been twisted and weaponised against myself by other vampires and would be living GODS, Is "Where energy goes attention flows." You may say to yourself, well this is a scientific fact and I will ask you, why is it? Who comstructed and made it so? WHy? IS it relevant to hold the world we live or its system as a whole together? If so, what sysytems and what does it profit those systems? We do we do what we do collective. If we are conscious, we want to know. Energy is time consumed, expended and becomes a form of money here and since we have been told and believe that life here is the culmination of birth and death we believe in time and time runs our lives and beleif system. Who pofits from your ideology? The evil or the whole? Does it profit you and build you up or tear you down, make you feel like less and keep you in check? Many New Age Vampires believe that vampirism is a right of passage to become a living God and so many perform it as a ritual and also as a LACK belief sytem and mentality so they will ALWAYS have to draw from others to fulfill this quota. Im not talking about healers. Healers need to know how to darw and to give. If you truly come from the All One camp many new agers claim to be in and you harbor wrong beliefs in your system then you are destroying the health of the all, the One. SO WHO IS YOUR ONE? 
As an ex vampire both in the physical and etheric sense Id like to give my explination. This is not a short essay and most of what I learned was through immense suffering my whole life in my body, soul and spirit and I believed it is a contagious disease of the one mind, in the One mind. What you believe you can acheive and you get together a group, some call it a coven, or hive mind, then you can change reality. I had a Physical disease. I do not have genetic pyphoria but I have genetic chronic tissue inflamtion that cause malnutrition and Pyphoria in my family line, there for all kinds of lack and disease. Some people have had blodd as a main source of food for so long that genetics require it and the body has to be retrained. How? Psychiclly. All is mind? Even medical is accepting of this as a mental health issue and rarely the need for physical plasma or energy even though they can now measure it, which in their books quantify it and make it math, so real. In a survey on vampirism in the medical society pyphoria is about one percent of those that identify as a sanguinarian, a "sang" or blood drinkers. I was one of the 1%. Kinda funny. No, Im not rich! There are clear, physical, medical therefore scientific reaosns why these bodies crave blood, or other body fluids. Phsychic vampires or energetic vampires feel this more as an energetic need. These people are often down or depressed in the aura and have learned the natural way to stay alive for themselves especially when stuck ay an office all day for generations. Just since the 80's our gene pool, the Genious in us, the Jinn, deamon creationist is speaking out and saying get outside and feed off the trees and nature. you need it or you feed off of and devolve each other. Seriously, if you can no longer highjack currents too long with the attitude of taking then you are also causing yourself a huge lack and empty spcae. You cause so much fight or flight that you cause your own self lack and ill.This is all ill explain about that. We dont have to make our evolution all about war any more. But it will be if we let it. I say that the true avatar will live in an energetic feild where they know how to use both as balnce, which is simply to protect ones self by perfecting your own balance. Not given to either path but ones own, or the one that is for the best of the all. Here is a medical servey about vampirism.
 I spent most of my life on and of as a vegan. It is just easier for me not to eat all these types of animal products. I can not digest them. It was not until I partnered with a psy or psychic vampire who also believed in the process of becoming like the fullnes of Christ and the Godhead of himself that I ended up needing blood to survive. What I used, so my fellow vegans know this was my medicine and not to harm others, which they inadvertantly do with their belife system, was Crocodile blood. It was drawn from lving creatures, so they were not destroyed but raised for this purpose under strict medical conditions for the use of saving others from many diseases, including HIV. You can goole that one and study it yourself. I have come up with alternatives. I always do. This is how my mind works. I was born into this world ill and after 52 years of continual stuggles I am getting stronger, not weaker. I am so blessed to be born in a day and age when we are allowed to think outside the box and heal ourselves in all our bodies, souls and spirits. I have found that the greatest antidote to all is the belief system, the mind and the machine can be highjacked to go along for the joy ride or the ride through hell, depending on your belief system and yes, its a struggle. I struggle daily. We have been taught and even nature and your body/avitar teaches you we are here to experience decline, or so you have been told and see all around you. Im not goign to get into teachings on manifesting, magik and reality trans surfing at the momment but this is all in there. Bio hacking is another great tool for health and longivitity. It may well be over most peoples heads. You can google any term here you do not understand. Im not here to teach you anything but to be in control of your own belief systems and so the outcome of the system and thought as a whole. Some that say they belive in the Law of One still dont get that they are very imbalnced and manipulated in that idea in the new age system of channelers. Are you the ONe or are they they One and if we are One how do you exclude? Well then, you cant exclude by your belief or be resistant and there is no safety in those numbers. We all want to be safe and those of us who have not been labled and or forced to be predators in the system (and yes, I said forced).Unless you are born damaged you do not come here looking to ruin shit and be "the darkness" You just want to live, move and have your being and bliss. It is the others of the "Oneness" campaing that teach you these differences for many reasons, mostly because they fear and belief in lack and teach it. We All do on some level. All my life I have looked to my healing bc I had to. Yet, All of my life I met those who tried to make me the bad guy and destroy the life force that I was trying to heal, and thus they were desstroying the whole. Those people think and say they are light but they are NOT able to walk in it without feeding off of the lesser" or the bad. Yep! You heard it here. We all do it. And those preacher that harp on it are creatig death and lies. In reflexology school I met a woman who came up and could "read my aura" She told me that I was TOO open to those around me and that I needed my sheild up. Then I was told over and over that all my issues were my heart was closed. Then it was too big and too giving . Then I was just a narcissist, then I became so ill trying to fix THEIR reflections in myself that I di not have any of my own strength and confidence in my current. I devolved into a physical and etheric vampire. It was NOT on purpose though I played with it some after I understood it, in order to heal.
Here are the physics of vampirism in a nut shell. You lack, you need. Your body soul and spirit reach out for an answer and you find it. Period. Your were created to do this energetically. SO lets use a physical example. You are a child and you are very ill. Daily you are fading and the one thing left you have is your touch and sensation, you internal need for love and acceptance we were all born with. SO when an adult reaches out to hug you in love, you accept that love. You cling to them and draw from them. Sometimes they heal and give or sometimes draw. Healers can do it are we all vampires that can move our energy. Yes! If youthink of it as bad, it's all bad. It is supposed to be healing. It was given to you freely. WHAT is wrong with that? Simply how you choose to use it. Your body was made to do it. Suddenly this child feels better, you do. Are you now bad and a vampire? Well if someone puts that in your head by making you feel your need or lack was bad then you will be labled. Or if you are very intorspective or sensitive you may just figure this out via mechanism or natural empathy. You also may say cool and start to try it to be selfish and THAT is just the thing that causes all the abuse in the world. You can torture and rape someone into this position and many people are doing it, creating trauma bonds and co-dependancy. No, if this is in us ALL and I am bringing it out here into the light, it IS to educate not to judge or cause fear. It is for balnce not to play good or evil. You can enhance ANY natural ability and we ALL have them. SO if you focus and train yourself to you will learn what your body needs and do it and you will either lable it good or bad bc no one told you it existed so therefore it is some kind of phenomenon and has to be quantifued and qualified as helpful or non helpful. or good and bad. This is a simple explination of energetic vampirism. Another would be "enjoying the vibe" or ambient energy at a concert or any place in general. People are nature. SO if you are in a feild of people or trees you are in nature. DOes nature ever say to you. "HEY! You are being a vampire, Get lost'? No! Bc nature does not lable and quantify you to see if you qualify for it or not. Its simply is.
Now real physical vampirism is simply a nutrient and energetic difficency and some times just a stage play to others or like I said, bc they need to quantify and qualify themselves and feel accepted by others they find their groups and lables. Many preach this non lable, non duality and then use it to rip down those aaround them. Im done with that BS. Yes, I am my own fulcrum and I find my own balance! I still get pulled back into that lie daily, but I know the truth of it. Most all "truths" or current belief systems fall into 2 category. Lack or abundance. We are driven by a system of lack on every level here and so it effects every belief and every persons health. True belief in the One consciouness refuses to live in lack, for themselves first to be healthy and then others. To me the only antidote for vampirism or any dis-ease is to STOP the belifef of lack or NOT enough. To stop torturing and tormenting the mind to accept disease, poverty and war. Yes, for now we are stuck and fallen into a system of qualify, quantify, fight and flight, lack. There are ways to cleanse those monsters out of your system,OUR systems and to make belief in love and abundance a unified whole conscious feild where we are all safe sharing our love/bliss care and grace. But we are not there yet. (I am not talking about sex here even thouhg this is a large part of energy vampirism. ne love doesnt equal free sex in my book. Those living in abundance are not continualy in the minds of sex and pervversion of it either good or bad. If you lack you are in need. You can either suffer or take. Its simple. It's nature here. But take inteligently or you are just stupid. Even if you honour another with payment or fair trade it does NOT stop the belief in lack and therefor the need to quantify/qualify and so the lack and need continue to grow. Grow you, your bank account, your etheric staure amoung others and/or your empire. Im about to destroy the belief system of "become a Living God" or Im about to make it the most abundant thought you ever had. Becoming means you are not. Being means you are. Staying in a state of being bliss and not falling from it takes work and lessons. You need help to get there. There are enemies to your soul. while you are growing they are in you and your shadow. You atract them but not because you are bad or want to but bc you are uneducated.There is a thought of lack in the systems that you draw from external and internal to you and the only defense is to keep yourself in your own safe bubble of love, care and bliss. This takes LOTS of maturing and help. There are blocks of ignorance and miles stone to mark. ALL of that is a chosen and /or taught belief stsyem. I, to some degree live in it every time I need something and can not produce it out of thin air without another human or entity/gods help. But I was made to need the biome of another. If we have no other humans we die here. Can you live without trees? No, but you can live near a tree without people. Is it natural for you to want and need others in your life, Yes, like the trees, and everythign else, you were made to need you own unique biome here. Can you hack to get around it yes. And if that keeps you in bliss, do it. I need the biology of others. So we are ALL vampiric unless we can provide for all of our own needs 100% on this planet, no trees flowers insects, animals..anything! This is el facto, sorry. If you want to believ in vampirism then believe in it and support the battle wholly bc they war and kill each other off or starve each other with theri ideas.Stop qualifying and quantifying everyone to have to run that race with you. Most left hand path people believe they are doing their god head and the comunity a good deed by removing anything from the fractal of the ONE that gets in their way. It is their duty to remove it. I agree if there is no alternative. On the left hand path no matter what I worked with, it was always a lesson in oneness to me. The current passed through me therfore if the current was true it judged both me and the other and usually I was the one who had to change. It took a lot of suffering on the left hand path to get out of the belief in lack and war. The right hand path is no differnt. WHY? It is a variation of current. It goes right not straight up the path to God head, eye, I or self realization. It has the same quantify, qualify judgements and so it is equally destructive and even more vamperic bc its hidden. It is a psyche system. It feeds off your beliefs. So, to me the left hand path is like being Sang and the right like being PSY and both thinking the other is bad or wrong, better or worse.. Both paths are not on the straigh path and the fast path, the most narrow and lonely of paths. YOU, YOU, YOU! The shortest distance between 2 points? You are so close to your true self and these paths are just divergents that lead you inloops that both reach the same path. They are NOT wrong, simply a tool to grow and need to be KEPT that. Some of us choose paths less traveled and it makes the difference bc we can not see ourselves as wholeness beings or fully complete attached always to our source or god head. We only see our lack and needs and the lack of others. I can write to you from this space of knowing bc I have traveled both paths. I learned form both. Deamon simply means teacher. It is a being that has walked the road you are now traveling. It simply arrived at the destination and you go to it for information. Just like you can not go directly to talk to your president you can not directly work with an energy whose current you can not hold or comprehend unless it gives you grace and audience to do so. Like any human these archetyes all have chararcters and places functioning in the system that they must follow to be part of the system here. If you dont believe in demons you are also right. We have no need for teachers or archetypes of any kind but they are here and the energy is available to you. It is up to you to plug into that source or label it evil. I have done nothing but learn my own lessons from the power given to me. You have to know both sides of the story before you see yourself in the whole and direct your energies only to that beleif system. ALL IS MIND. What is your mind on this? How do you build yourself up and to who, do you give your energy to,? What belief system are you makeing your god and if you dont see the system then you are directing your energy towards the person who holds that system and their heads or principalities. They are a parasite to your mind. Cut them off or cut them down or CONVERT their power to something positive to use in yourself as well as others. Once you change and hold the current in your belief system it becomes the reality in your external. It takes time. You have to rewire your brain and rewrite your story. Both manifesting and reality transurfing teach that, I wont expound. If you believe in the vampire then the selfishness and narcissism of that belief is now in YOU and you must uphold the current and support said person and ideas or cut them off. How can you turn vampirism positive? CHANGE your current belief system to one of I am filled. I am safe. I can provide for myself and have enough for others. To abundance, not fear and lack. Cause laack attracts lack you say. And when I dont have enough I am not wrong or selfish I am simply unwell. Sadly then I have to pay for it both in the physical and in the spiritual because we do not have a money free system yet.  It is a biological fact that we all feed off each other and were meant to. SO why do you want to change that? Because you feel the lack or drain and dont like it. YOU feel. IT is YOU, NOT the other. What if nurses all started believing this? Well, we'd simply destroy anything here that lacked. And THAT is the mentallity that new age is teaching both on the right and left hand paths. LACK, WAR, POVERTY. All of this is a system of works in spirit and until we change this we will always have a slave and cash system here. Change it from quailfy, quanitfy. NOT YOU are NOT enough. YOU are too much. Why are you too much? Becasue someone else beleives in their lack. OUCH! YA! Turn that shit around on the healthy and find out where the disease isstemming from and what or who the vampire is. Because the strong are to ehlp the weak. IT IS ALL MIND! Reiki is a form of vampirism. I am a reiki master though I also beleiev that the original curernt is much watered down and it is our place to build it up. Real masters hold a current and if you don't know how to tap into it and hold it you can not hold it like them. So I am a master in ceertificate only. I hold no gurus current unless I sustain and train it. There are real ways around this. Its called those who are blessed, give. DO you go to a reiki person and call them a vampire? Well if they were souly drawing and not giving they would not have a very good business. Reiki, in our minds is healing and so it is. Drawing out poison is taking not giving. But what you do not know about these modalities is that we were made to need both give and take. In quantum touch one of the energy medicines I use, you ALWAYS focus on your own energy and other forms of reiki would say that is bad. But if the intention is to know the needs of the other through your own form, it heals you both!We are all takers and givers and the more we have in reserve in our beleif system, the less lack and BS and judgement we put on others and ourselves and oneness, the more we feel safe, the more we can give. The more connection to super consciousness. If you beleive in lack and qualify, quantify it as bad it BECOMES the bad. Now I had to learn this while being drained and toyed with and hated. I learned to hate myself and the need to feed became so strong I almost went insane and killed myself. I was cut off from everything and everyone ALL because of anothers belief in lack and giving that I adopted from their mind and then their current. I saw the signs. This god-ly man. Was a god of lack which made him immediately a god of war which made me an automatic enemy with a need to defend and fight. I ahd a lot of negativity and lies in me so as much as I was harmed by their lack belief that I and NO ONE deserved much of their energy and everyone was a drain, the that became me. I acted out their drama, and boy was it our drama! I was the one who was used and drained bc I would not fight back and crush my oponent and that was all I knew to do. Even in my worst state of health, when I knew i would die if I did not curse or draw life force, every time I went to do baneful magik or spell work or to work with deity I was told not to curse, but to see myself and as I did I was also able to see how the curses efected the whole, from me out and them out. Because the desire of their heart was NOT to do wholly wicked, nor was mine though we both acted out of our triggered states. I had to learn to weigh what was it I believed in my mind that let this person take? If you are full no one can take from you. Yes, do new age and religions fuck that all up in you, YES.Mass confusion create more of the same. What I mean buy this is, if I slay all the monsters in my mind and beleif system what is there left to hurt me in my mind. I have set a clear boundary that their energy is returned to sender bc I choose to believe that. If I see a person with a lack belief I, I need to cut them off or help them. They are obviously going to cut down another. With my partner I was asked by my higher aspects to stick it out and learn, like a twin flame and though it was the worst experience of my already hard life, it was the one I most needed to break out of the lack matrix. I was almost out when I met him and they just did all the horrible things to me that triggered me back to lack and I them.A trauma bond was formed and that was it. I forgot what I knew was truth bc I beleived in monsters. I believed I was the monster because he told me so, then how else was I to see but he was the monster too. I hurt, I lacked and he enjoyed taking and telling me that I was the taker. Then I turned that back on him so he'd get it but he didn't. Then that becomes a war. I see now how dangerous the mentality of lack is. I had to fall into it most deeply to see how deeply and perversely selfish it was. How deep it was in the systems of works, religions and the new age BS to find my way out to the truth. It took a lot of shadow work, spells and near death experiences to know my truth. I am a giver. Because I beleive all that I do is enough. Not bc of how much I do or need to do. But simpply bc I choose to create my life in abundance and not lack. I love giving, always have. Wen I was little I was asked what a I wanted to be, until I turned 9 it was the normal. I love to sing and dance and wanted to be in tap, jazz and ballet, go to Ny city and be a  gogo girl and when I turned 10, i started to question a lot of my reality. By 12 I wanted to be a philanthropist. But I had no clue in my world of lack how one got there. I just knew I loved to give and still do. Will I continue to meet monsters that I must slay. Yes, but they will be slayed in the mind and the monad of energy that I am and I will also be protected bc my belief is my protection and my projection. "all my reality is me pushed out so I am safe." DO I get tired even going out in public. YES! Why? BC I am still fighting what I face in the external system of lack. I feel able to be ambient in some places and also to also pull back. It depends on my vibe and how I perceive outside around me. As I learn to rest and stay in my own bliss and belief of safety I heal and grow. I program all of my reality through my belief. It has finally been proven what causes gravity. The terodal feild of your eye. The perception. I am not talking of whoo hoo quantum physics. I am telling you that science has now proven this. Id suggest you look into the Math of Dan WInter if you need the proof. If you beleive in lack you WILL open yourself to a world of draw and it is so hard in this matrix of takers and lack prechers to believe that you lack if you dont have xyz and soon you are that and worse. You have nothing if you love to give and not able to receive.  I was raised on the right hand path and had to learn left hand path defense but in the end the only path is to yourself. How much of the others do you need in your life to make your path straight? You choose that. You can look at the left hand vampires or the right hand vampires who think they are the slayers or you can look to us x vampires that have become vampire God slayers with in and for the ONE mind collective. I intend to change this beleif sytem, simply by changing the story. Those of you who overstand reality transurfing or identify as modern Pendragons know that those who write the laws and rules of the Oneness control the One mind. I want to balance and revive the oneness of all in the minds eye. Yes, I want to change your perception of reality and the gravity of it. This is freedom for all. This is bliss. This is love. This is CARE. IF you dont care for the whole, then you don't care for you. If you dont care for you first, there is no wholeness to contribute to. If you identify as a vampire, you are not evil. you are simply a differnt form of God. FInd your balance and you can change the whole. There is no evil in wholeness or it is simply a disease and the reason we have it here in the physical. To transend reality and find your wholeness is to find wholeness for all. Those of us who can admit openly we draw can admit openly that we can remove poison and insert healing. If you fear us bc of others lack of truth or your own, then you will hurt yourself. In that case we have to draw and give. That is ok. But what you really need is to eliminate your own fear and thus destroy the poison of it for all. I learned what I speak from my own life, from many religions, teachers, gurus and demons/teachers (I never liked school, loved learning) Demon are Jinn. Ginn are the generators of our genious here and they are no more separate from us than our own DNA in fact, they are the dark matter that has yet to be exposed to the light and accepeted as our own power and authority. Some people call it junk DNA and dark matter. When my Jinn told me not to give my energy away to anyone it was NOT about lack. It was about my own mind and my own beliefs. It just took me a while to see that teachers are not God in me. They are simply energy that I quantify and qualify and program my own DNA with and that of the whole world and collective mind. Do I consider myself a vampire still? No! I consider myself to be a giver and a healer and a teacher of the Jinn. I consider myself a Pen Dragon. I consider myself priviledged to reprogram the matrix of our beleif systems here before we destroy our own kind with fairy tales that we make truth and nightmares and hells that we hold others and ourselves in. I consider myself to be a freedom maker in the skys and so.. I expect it here on earth. Fear is real. You can change the truth here. But you have to change it in you first. VITRIOL. Find the path with the shortest current, least resistance and the strongest flow and you will get where you need to the quickest. Sometimes that is choosing the rough waters. But only you can quantify and QUALIFY yourself for that. Only you can choose the race set before you. That is what both the Aquerain and Pledian conspiracy groups were teaching here originaly and now it's another road show of channeled messengers. All things and ideas must grow and evolve or they grow old and die. We are at a place in reality where we must lay hold on that idea to evolve us as a species, until we are able to unify and do this in stead of quantify, qualify and judge, then we are going to produce death. I am for evolving the dark corners of the soul and DNA with my own BLISS. This is the only way the sysytem as a whole can stay in health and not decline. Anyone who causes me to live outside this truth I tollerate little and there are few who can hold this current. It is difficult for me. This is the dawning of the age of man INCHRISTED or as GODs. Do you want to evolve or just find another God to stear your vessel and form your beleifs and movie, your I-mage-ination.. I will not allow that for myself and what I speak in truth, in my wholeness has power to transform my reality and all those in it. WHat you believe you emobody? DO NOT allow in your body what you do not beleive or want to support. If you have to, at least quantify it as harmless no matter how much you need to meditate to get there.Get out your pen and rewrite history and the future.

Submitted: September 20, 2021

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