Our Love Is Like Pitchin In The Dark

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Meet a hectic girl named Ronnie James who just wants a normal junior year but of course nothing goes as plan when a bet is established with the school's golden boy, Ross Foster. She has to tutor him with the hours determined by the scores at football games and homeruns at baseball games. Lane Pinelake is like the most perfect guy for her and starts to pursue her which doesn't help the whole mess going on. She does have a crazy best friend to help her through the mess.

Table of Contents


“Ronnie, wake up!” My mother shouted at me from down the stairs. Groaning, I pull my warm blankets off me already missing the war... Read Chapter

First Time for Everything

“He is so annoying!” I yell into my phone to Ellie. “I know baby, but you gotta ignore him,”she calmly states until she screa... Read Chapter

seen with a dork like me

3 minutes left were on the board and Ross had made 2 more touchdowns by himself. The score was 42 to 14 with us in the lead. Elle and I w... Read Chapter

The Dread of Tuesday

The day I have been dreading to come has finally come. Tuesday, The day I have to spend an extra three hours with Ross whatever Foster. M... Read Chapter

Smile for the Camera

Wanna know where I am at? Just take a wild guess…. Dairy Queen with a happy little brat. Ross was sitting across from me in a booth lic... Read Chapter

Elephant in the Stomach

“He so likes you!” Sheriks Ellie as we pull into the parking lot of Canton High School for the last game of the season. Championship.... Read Chapter

Let's Get This Party Started

The colors on the trees began to change this past week. Beautiful colors of the fall were so pretty, and I always enjoyed this time of ye... Read Chapter

Welcome To The Masquerade Ball

The 1967 GT Mustang is a great car, don’t get me wrong, however, it wasn’t a great car for four people. Lane and I were cramped in th... Read Chapter

Getting Everything Like Hitler

“I was wrong to say I loved her, I was wrong to think I’m right,” sang Dean Lewis in the background of my worst nightmare happeni... Read Chapter

Are You Busy This Friday?

“The actual Veronica James has a crush!” Squeals Elle as she throws a pillow at my face.  Here, let me catch y’all up. Lan... Read Chapter

Alone Time Equals A Date

Friday came as fast as Friday could come which wasn’t fast enough. This is my first date since my freshman year when Ellie tried to sen... Read Chapter

Like Fireworks

“Does my hair look good?” I asked Elle over facetime, finishing straightening it.  “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, just ... Read Chapter

Thanksgiving is suppose to be where you are thankful, right?

Thanksgiving has finally arrived! I am very thankful for my crazy family who is already a mess today, and it’s not even 9 o’clock in ... Read Chapter

I don’t know if he told you that

Elle grabs KJ’s hand as she drags him outside to the back yard where everyone was going. In the house it is the spot most everyone goes... Read Chapter

Sprinting Back Home

The only thing that was on my mind the whole weekend was did Lane ever tell me I looked good? After replaying the day over and over in my... Read Chapter

I can't get out of this one

Every Time I saw Ross at school, I couldn’t look at him. I feel like I just violated many human ethic laws, and I should be in court ri... Read Chapter

The Game Was Only A Minute In

Lane never mentioned about me tutoring him again. Elle told me I shouldn’t do it because he might think of it as cheating or something,... Read Chapter

You’re Coming With Me

How long are baseball games supposed to be? It seems like I have been sitting in the stands for an eternity, all awhile Ella is just sitt... Read Chapter

Walking Life Blind

He does look different. He is right in front of me, yet he seems so far away. His hand has been staying in his back pocket where his phon... Read Chapter

Ruined My Beach Vacation

“This car is my favorite!” Parker showed me a hot wheels red sports car in my rear view mirror as I was taking the twins to school.&n... Read Chapter

Stupid Idea After All

“He did what!” Screamed Elle as slammed down her cup of Dr.Pepper onto the coffee table in my living room.  Bonnie put h... Read Chapter

Like Allie And Noah In The Notebook

People always say to go in with a positive attitude or aspect and good things will come out of it; no, they are wrong. No one has shown u... Read Chapter

Becoming The Tell-Tale Heart

As I pulled into the driveway, a smile had not left my face since I left. I still haven’t called Elle even though she had called me a b... Read Chapter

A Bet Started It All

My eyes kept flickering to him all class as the teacher talked through our semester final before our Christmas break. Nothing she said ... Read Chapter

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