Heaven vs Hell

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Wilson family and the Hellcat family - an immortal family from Heaven and Hell - has been enemies since the first generations and well it all went into chaos when the prince of Wilson end up falling in love with the Princess of Hellcat on his walk and decides to spend the rest of his life together with her. After war between family, the two finally received blessing from both family - it all thanks to their lovely mothers.

Fast forward to few hundreds years later, the prince and princess were both blessed by Heaven and Hell with a quadruplet with two from Heaven and two from Hell. The household never been as quiet as before, no strict rules were apply to the kids as they grow up into beautiful immortal being that received nothing but jealousy from other being in the world.

This story contains material which some readers may find distressing, including; incest, R-18, violence and vulgar words, reader discretion is advised

Table of Contents

The Start of everything

6.00am… “Kids~ Breakfast ready!” Lilith called as she was platting the last plate for her kids. “Coming~”&nb... Read Chapter

Welcome to Berry High

Hello! I'm still a baby here, so I hope Y'all enjoy my story! Love ya! <3
Read Chapter

New faces

“Okay kiddies~ Calm your horses everyone~” Alex call out as he walks toward the front of the class with the new faces following ... Read Chapter

Get to know each other

Warning; sex scene will appeared, readers are advised...   “What in the actual fuck?! I didn’t commit any thief!” ... Read Chapter

Hide and Seek

Classroom… The ‘victim’ are all still high from the pleasure of mind that Devil and Asmodeus has created, before anyone realize... Read Chapter

Mix n Match?

“What did mom packed for you guys?” Asmodeus ask as he unpacked Devil’s lunch bag, Raziel and Angel did the same then frown as... Read Chapter

Got what deserved

“I’m Angel by the way and this is Devil” Angel chirped while introducing herself with Devil as she handed the drink toward Dev... Read Chapter

Oh No!!?

Sabrina walk into a corner and saw Asmodeus waiting outside the girls bathroom with his can of Peach rose drink in hand. She smirked... Read Chapter


The last bell finally rang signaling the end of the first day of school, Asmodeus was still unconscious by the time Angel and Lilith gath... Read Chapter


Devil and Asmodeus… Asmodeus quietly stand in front of Devil’s door, he take a deep breath before slowly let it out in a shaky ne... Read Chapter

I Love You

Warning; sex scene will appeared, readers are advised...   Devil and Asmodeus… The two kiss each other like they were ... Read Chapter

Good Moaning

5.30 am…   Asmodeus wake up the moment the sun rays slowly hit his sealed eyes, he freeze when he heard Devil’s soft sno... Read Chapter

One after another

7:30 am…   The doorbell was rang crazily that caused Leviathan to get up from his sleeping spot in the living room, “WHO... Read Chapter

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