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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

hanahaki is deadly, and it affects those close to you, it’s something so dreadful, yet so real.

“Hanahaki disease. Hanahaki disease is when a person has a love of someone that is not returned. The symptoms of this disease is when the victim is vomiting flowers. They vomit the unrequited love’s favorite flower. The flower grows in the victim’s lungs, and if the love is never returned, they will die of suffocation. There is a second option, you can get the leaves removed, but with a heavy price. The flowers grow in an organ the produces feelings of love. To remove the flowers, you would have to remove the organ. You would remove any feelings of any kind.”


“That was something I saw in movies. It happened to a few acquaintances of mine, and then...it happened to me. Let me start at the beginning, two years ago to be exact.” She cleared her throat.


“My name is Mihuba, and I suffered with Hanahaki disease. The person who gave it to me? His name is- “ she held her hand up in a pause motion, she stood and ran to the bathroom. Cassius stood near the bathroom as he heard the sounds of her vomiting. He shut his eyes and leaned his head on the wall. He saw her wash off the hydrangea petals off of her shirt.  He quickly sat back down in his reporter chair.


“Are you alright?”


“Y-yeah. Just ate some bad fish.” Mihuba and Cassius were friends for years, so he knew it was a lie, but he played along.


“Ahem, uh you were saying?” He lifted two fingers and the woman behind the camera started to resume recording.


“His name was Tora. He, was perfect. I swear he was sculpted by God himself. Dark, wavy hair, charming blue eyes, soft, round glasses, soft hands, light on his feet, enjoyed books too. He was soothing, he made me feel pretty, beautiful even. There was nothing but a kind word on his lips. Even the way that he spoke, he, he was sweet. He appreciated me, he comforted me, he soothed me, he was there when I was sick, he bought me things I needed too. He would, hug me, and spend time with me, and listen to me, and do silly things with me. He once brought me daisies because they were my favorite flower.” Cassius knew of that day because he received roses, which was his favorite flower. After all, it was national flower day, but he wouldn’t have dared to tel, her that. Mihuba cleared her throat to suppress another throw up episode.


Cassius leaned forward and studied the woman as she talked. Her soft, long, and wavy black hair. Her bright green eyes, her freckles, they were all moving as she was talking.


“Ahem, so when did you first notice the symptoms?” She put two fingers to her chin.


“When he was walking me home. He told me, he didn’t want me to walk alone. So he walked with me, but he was distant. That was new since he was never really that way. When we got to my door,he didn’t linger to talk, he coldly said goodbye and then left. I, I didn’t get it. I felt sick to my stomach, and I threw up, not food, but petals. I thought it was a fluke.”


“Ahem, what happened next? Can you walk us through to the point where you got to whole flowers, and branches?”


“Yes. He, was distant the next day. Never called, didn’t want to do something fun, it was nothing of the sort. I texted him and asked what was wrong since this was out of the blue, but he just said not now, I’m busy. I felt sick again and threw up petals.” Mihuba rubbed her stomach a little bit and continued.


“It was the same way for about a month or two. He, would say the same thing over and over and over again. I confronted him one day, I asked him straight out: ‘Do you like me?’ I asked. His response? ‘You’re my best friend, that’s all.’ I went home and that was the start of when I threw up fully formed hydrangea flowers.”


“Ahem, how long did it continue?”


“A year...I asked him again, while we were having lunch together, I asked him, do you like me, and before he responded I told him.” Cassius leaned forward and locked eyes with Mihuba.


“Ahem, what did you tell him?”


“Everything, why I thought he loved me, why I loved him, when it started, just everything. He, just sat there, unmoving, not talking. The silence was going on for hours I know. I could feel the flowers in my throat, and then he said it.”


“Ahem, said what?”


“He said: I’m sorry, but I did all of that because the person I like cares for you, so I’m doing it for them to like me. Please understand, the person I love, she is perfect. She is more perfect than you or any woman I’ve ever met. From her voice to her personality, all of it is perfect. I didn’t mean to lead you on and I’m sorry, but the two of us together? I’m sorry but it will never happen. Look, I’ll pay for lunch, but let’s stop seeing each other. Listen, Mihuba, it was wonderful being your best friend, but nothing more. Maybe some day we will meet again, but as strangers, and nothing more. Goodbye Mihuba. That’s what he said to me.”


“Ahem, what was next?”


“It’s amazing how he broke my heart so beautifully. I was still throwing up whole flowers. It, it wasn’t until another year later. See every day I would wait by my door, waiting for him to knock and tell me he was wrong and that he loved me, that’s why I never got to throw up branches, because of that hope.”


“And then?”


“It had been a year, I was going to pick up medicine from the prescription office, and then I saw it. I saw him, he was wearing a suit, and looked gorgeous as always. I shouted his name, but he didn’t hear me. I was about to grab his shirt to let him know I was talking to him, and then he turned the corner.” Mihuba, took off her glasses, there was no point in concealing tears.


“He was with someone, ache came up and kissed her, and they held hands as they walked. I saw the wedding rings, then all of a sudden she stopped, looked up at him and smiled wide. She said to him: ‘Tora, Honey! I felt it! The baby kicked!’ I never felt so sick in my life. I ran out, I ran into him, and he said to me: ‘I’m sorry miss, are you alright?’ I couldn’t even take it. I ran home, and threw up, a fully formed hydrangea branch. I screamed so loud that night that I couldn’t even talk or eat, all I could do is vomit.”


“Ahem, why not just get them removed?”


“I don’t want to not love again. But it seems like this disease doesn’t want to take my life just yet. Are we done? I wish to get some rest.” He handed her an inhaler and nodded.


“That’s enough filming Mirai. Cut.” She did as told and they left quietly. She was driving them back to the news station, when she looked over at him and saw his eyes closed and a few stray tears rolling down his cheeks.




He held his hand up to stop the car. She pulled over and watched him as he ran behind a bush. She looked down as she heard him vomiting. 


He gave one loud sob, and then got up. She saw him walk back to the car, but before he got in, he wiped off the daisy petals. He cleared his throat again, and tried to play it cool.


But how can you play it cool after vomiting branches of daisies?


“Ahem, keep going Mirai.” As they pulled into the office parking lot, he said one thing before he got out.



“I loved her more than anyone else Mirai. More than I have ever loved, and it will forever be unreturned....” he shut the car door and went into the office. Mirai sat there in the driver’s seat and began to cough, and cough, and cough and cough. She looked down at her lap, and saw it.


Rose petals. 


Three hearts, have grown away now, unrequited love here and there. Three hearts, with feelings strong like no other, are torn apart. Three hearts, that refused to have love taken away from them. Three hearts, who faked, and pretended there was no love from the start. 


Three hearts are buried here today, three graves with fresh flowers here. Roses, daisies,and sunflowers. But look closely and you will see something different. On the hydrangea grave, there is one single rose. On the daisy grave there is one single sunflower. And on the last grave, the flowers are dying.


Three hearts, who realized too late. Three hearts, who said goodbye. Three hearts, who wasted time. Three hearts, three hearts, lonely as can be.


Three hearts, overcome by Hanahaki disease.


The End.

Submitted: September 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Ai Hex. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

It's been a while since I last read a HanaHaki story, and this one hits just as strongly as expected. The heartbroken characters, the endless love chain, and the bittersweet ending are all here. Great job! :)

Fri, September 24th, 2021 11:30am


Oh my gosh thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I do not have many or really any stories where death is the end result cause i love happy endings but I figured might as well change that this one time haha!

Fri, September 24th, 2021 5:24am

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