Possible Pyromania Character Arc

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It was the kind of night I would remember for the rest of my life. The bi-annual electron race was taking place again, and I wasn't about to break my streak of attending 10 times.

The full moon rose from behind the Little Creek Rock Spire, casting its beams along the clouds, turning them a beautiful shade of blue. There were no lights on the ground, to allow for the electron-carts to show their full potential.


The race was almost always near silent, as rigid fear coursed through the crowd. Everyone here knew it was a bad idea to come, the Pyromania could infect and spread indefinitely from here, and yet eager anticipation kept bringing us all back.


A whole rainbow of lights danced around the massive race track. Rather than betting on numbers pasted to the hood of a car, people would place bets on colours. Some would be over confident, and bet their whole bank account on this one race. And I was one of them. Teal hadn't lost a single race, since they suddenly appeared, and it was clear they weren't losing this one.


I will be the first to admit, Teal's rise to glory was a little strange, but money is money, and this is one of the few times my little town is able to even partially relax.

Teal had never shown their face, as even the racers famous for losing, would do. It was custom for racers to step out of their carts and shed their helmets at the end of every race. Yet, Teal somehow got away with never doing it once. What could they possibly be hiding?


I focus back on the race, as the crowd gasps in shock. Teal had wiped out for the first time since we've seen them.

"NO!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It grabbed everyone's attention, including the racers. Things slowed to a stop, as a deafening silence fell over the track. Sure, it was a shock for someone so prestigious to fall so suddenly, but it was even more of a shock that I raised my voice over a soft tone.


Even before the Pyromania, I was always known as the quiet one. People would ask me to speak up, they couldn't hear me. I was asked to repeat myself so many times, I learned to repeat before being asked. I wouldn't talk, unless spoken to. And here I was, standing in the middle of a crowd, hollering like there's no tomorrow.

But with my bank account gone, it might as well have been the end of the world for me.


Five minutes passed, of dead silence.

Ten minutes.



Nobody moved. Nobody spoke. Nobody showed any signs of life.

Had I just ended the race?


A few people shifted uncomfortably. This silence was becoming unbearable, and people were starting to grow impatient.

The racers started making their way back into their carts, preparing to continue the race. Even Teal was given the chance to return. Maybe I wasn't so screwed, after all. Maybe.


The betsman shuffled through the crowd, asking people if they wanted to edit or change their bets. I just pulled mine out entirely.


The races were about to continue as schedule, when a heart-wrenching scream exploded from the crowd. Things froze again, before a flame shot up from the center of the people. The once silent fields were filled with screams and shouts of terror, as people trampled over one another to get away.


Some people, who I assume to be family members of the racers, slid into the electron-carts, before they shot off in a beam of gorgeous light.


I stood there in shock, still trying to process what had happened. One second, we were getting back into the groove of things, and the next, complete chaos exploded in the once calm valley of Little Creek.


Fires shot up from the crowd, some being turned, and some being burned.


The Pyromania was here.


Did I put my home at risk?

Submitted: September 24, 2021

© Copyright 2022 Ferroki. All rights reserved.

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