Mysterious Incident at Sierra Forest

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All I can write is what I saw -

The Mysterious Incident at Sienna National Forest


By Alexander Guinevere Kern




Note: I have a tendency to see events which happened in the Past. Meaning *I* feel like they are in the Past. 


These viewings only represent one Timeline Option, for which there may have been many.


I am not a police officer or any sort of Psychic by trade. I just "see things."


~ Not so long ago, the bodies of a husband and wife, their child and dog were found.


The cause of death has not been determined. The police and investigators are expending every effort in their attempt to determine the cause.  They were a well-prepared and healthy couple, with a young baby and the family dog.


I wanted to know what happened and here is why:


The Realm of Light would have *sent them back* if it had not been their Time. They just don’t let Souls stay a Home unless they have “finished their lessons.”


Besides, there was a one year old infant - a baby who would have had a lifetime Life Token for X number of years on her Soul contract.


Unless, of course, unbeknownst to the people involved, it was Their Time To Go Home.


People die accidentally all the time.  But if it “not your Time” they are returned to their bodies, whether they like it or not. MANY Souls do NOT want to come back to their bodies!  They feel GREAT, and remember who they are, and they feel Looooove and remember they are Home.


But Love and Light, Incorporated does not care. Your Time is YOUR Time to die, and if it not your Time, back to Earth you go.


Here is what I see happened. Also, I am fairly sure the police already know this. I trust the police implicitly and especially the more Senior officers. They are excellent at their jobs. Much respect.


I was shown there was some problem with the tubing in his water bladder backpack. The baby’s formula was added to that water, so she was fed with a bottle. It was about 101 degrees that day and it was a long hike - about 8 miles.


Quite taxing.


Naturally, they ALL drank water from that backpack bladder(s).


And they all got deathly ill from whatever pollutant/toxic substance was in that water. Frankly, it looks to me like a cracked or slimy rubber part in the tubing.


Nothing to do with algae blooms, lightening strikes or anything else. It could happen to anyone.


Whatever it was, it took them all Home.


I see someone sought the source of the water and I believe her sister or nanny showed them.


This is not a mystery to me.

But what it DOES look like - is a pre-destined “Departure Time,” and there is naught one can do about that.


I became her. She was lying on her back, gazing up at the tops of the trees. She was not feeling unwell. Smiling and at peace. And then rather freaked when she realized SHE was at the tops of the trees - and a white Light Being grabbed her happily and off they went.


I only see the man, holding the baby, smiling and not feeling too well at all. The dog is not far off. He looks like he is sitting on a log of sorts. The lady is a bit away, up the mountain or hill.


I cannot become the man - that takes a lot of effort and I already had my answer. They ALL Crossed Over to the Light, thus all are well. 


It is well with their Souls.

Submitted: September 25, 2021

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