Horror Stories to keep you from sleeping

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

A new collection of 15 short horror stories.

Table of Contents

Moreton's Coffin

This collection of horror stories is PG-13 for horror violence, sex references, coarse language, supernatural themes, adult themes **... Read Chapter

The Cliff of Shadows

The cliff was full of people. Olsen waited to jump.  He wasn't a good swimmer.  He looked at the sharp rocks. A... Read Chapter

And death came to your house

The darkness came. Jorge Vickert smoked a cigarette.  He saw the old man. He seemed to be anxious. The divorce ... Read Chapter


Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.   Mark Gordon wouldn't sleep. He glanced at the blood on the mouth.  He... Read Chapter

Return to the Roadhouse (1)

Robert Simon drank the beer at the Roadhouse. Karen Marcherson looked at the zombies outside.  'We have to kill the bastards... Read Chapter

Return to the Roadhouse (2)

The Roadhouse lights was swirling.  Robert and Karen shot at the Un-dead. The bodies fell into the kitchen.  T... Read Chapter

Fatal Night

Sy Korman waited.  The darkness was over.  He turned over the piece of paper. He was frustrated. The moon was f... Read Chapter


'The Bells are bad', Taylor said. 'Are you sure?', Martha asked him. 'Yes, it tolls every hour on the hour', Taylor answered... Read Chapter

The Babysitter (1)

The babysitter walked to the Shapiro house.  She reached the creamy colored front door.  She saw the man and woman... Read Chapter

The Babysitter (2)

Ellen noticed the front porch light was on.  In the middle of the room was two lamps, a DVD player, and a TV. She looked at... Read Chapter

The Babysitter (3)

The room was full of photos.  Ellen looked at the curtains.  There was a noise.  She looked at the window... Read Chapter


'Molly'. 'She is dead, Randal'. 'Dead'.  . 'You're sure, chap?', he asked him.  'Yes, I'm damned sure. She ... Read Chapter

The Candle

The candle flickered in the small room.  Amberson looked at the moon. He shivered. It was as if something disturbed... Read Chapter


The man smiled. 'Deep', he told Sean.  'What'. 'Bermuda Triangle. The place in which planes disappear', the man sai... Read Chapter

Evelyn came home

Evelyn Cassington walked towards the old cemetery.  She glanced at the wild flowers.  'Lovely, aren't they?', Beth... Read Chapter

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