Unending: Renegades

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Humanity has left Earth, reaching another planet the natives call Avenheim. These natives are of a fantastical form and have accepted Humanity mostly with open arms. This story takes place months after the settling of Mankind on the continent of Leryth focussing on three youths living in York.

Manjin the Human thirsts for adventure and for her native boyfriend Calster who tags along. Then there's Mao who became friends with them quickly now tagging along as their third-wheel.

Table of Contents

Timely competition

Leryth, Bushwoods 8/12/2794 In the very depths Bushwoods a coven of Elven witches sat around in a perfect circle. One of them sto... Read Chapter

Burger kick off

“Well erm these burgers were good,” Mao whispered looking over to the other side of the table. Where Manjin sat having finished the... Read Chapter

New Day

York, Manjin’s bedroom 11/12/2794 The sun rose, firing rays of light all over the lands, bringing light to the flowers and trees. B... Read Chapter


York 12/12/2794 Calster took a deep breath, walking out of his house with Mao right behind him. She sighed shivering as the cold air ... Read Chapter


Bushwoods 12/12/2794 An hour later he climbed out of the basement with some help from Mao. His backpack now being quite heavy, full o... Read Chapter

Stone's holding

Athia, Rolling hills 13/12/2794 The three zipped across the rolling hills before going on the road between the Smallwoods and Aaens w... Read Chapter


Athia, Hushed woods, Stonehold Mansion 13/12/2794 “Have to attract that shrieker to me,” Calster whispered, kicking the door as h... Read Chapter

Deaf or Death?

Athia, Hushed woods, Stonehold Mansion 13/12/2794 “Errrr wa hapt,” Mao whispered, opening her eyes slowly. She faced the floor wo... Read Chapter

Machine made wine

York, Calster’s house, 14/12/2794 “Well… not too bad,” Mao whispered as the first file was a picture of herself and her ex, a... Read Chapter

Walking in on action!

York, Athia fields, 14/12/2794 “Well thought you two would have a lot to talk about Cal,” Manjin said as they slowly drive away f... Read Chapter

End of Act One

York, Calster’s home 15/12/2794 The group reunited in the kitchen, sitting at the table drinking tea and eating sandwiches. It’s ... Read Chapter

Long time coming

Lint 15/12/2794 “Well, let’s find out what that something is,” Calster said firmly, looking around the room. It brought him b... Read Chapter

Staying put

Lint 15/12/2794 After the revelation, the Knight joined the three, guiding them towards the Cathedral, without conflict. “So how ... Read Chapter


In the night, the town of Lint became eerily alive, with the few remaining Kobolds running around the town collecting their dead. And wel... Read Chapter

And out!

Lint 16/12/2794 The town changed quite a bit over the night as they stepped out slowly, looking left and right. With the street they ... Read Chapter

Skipping days

??? A dark arcane sphere formed near a speeder left out in the woods, covered up by bushes and cloaked. Three shapes formed inside ... Read Chapter

Hashing it out

York, Calster’s home 21/12/2794 For the first time in likely years, a Vearen and an Elf sat down at a table in a kitchen to discuss... Read Chapter

Looking for flowers

York, Bushwoods 21/12/2794 A few hours later the three adventurers went into the Bushwood’s with Manjin as per usual in the lead. A... Read Chapter


Leryth, Athia, York 24/12/2794 And on a cold winter night on Christmas day, an Elf sat down next to her Human so called soon to be gi... Read Chapter

Monopoly and tension!

York 31/12/2794   Calster walked by the painting featuring his mother and Friede stopping at it for a moment. 'We have to... Read Chapter

Incoming threesome

Leryth, Athia, York 1/1/2795 Calster's eyes slowly opened facing the ceiling, he groaned, smacking his lips a little. He attempted to... Read Chapter

What a Fiend!

Leryth, Athia, York 1/1/2795 As the ground shook, the Elf held onto the Human hard with Manjin yelping, while Calster struggled t... Read Chapter

Passed out

Leryth, Athia, York 1/1/2795 Calster stumbled back looking down at the head sheathing his sword before, pulling out some rope fro... Read Chapter

Just relax

Leryth, Athia, York 1/1/2795 “Well, she is still alive and well,” Mao whispered, checking Manjin’s pulse before turning awa... Read Chapter

Keep pace

Magues vinyard 3/4/2795 “Come on you two keep pace with me,” Calster demanded looking over his shoulder at Mao and Manjin. Th... Read Chapter


Magues vinyard 5/4/2795  A day later and full day's rest, Calster finds himself as every morning awake first now looking to his ... Read Chapter

On the road

Magues vinyard 5/4/2795  They looked quite prepared but, she could not bet on it, crossing her arms. “Well you three look ... Read Chapter

Hotel highs

Mijarn, Prancing Man hotel, 8/4/2795 “Well this is relaxing,” Manjin whispered setting another scent candle alight before str... Read Chapter

Ladies lake

Lower Cairn, Ladie’s Lake 9/4/2795 In the early morning, the adventurers found a surprising rest in the lower region of Cairn n... Read Chapter

A monster!

Lower Cairn, Recks range, Valley  10/4/2795 “Great view,” Mao murmured, they looked out onto the valley running through ... Read Chapter

Lights out

Recks range, Dwarven keep  10/4/2795 “Yeah, did not think you do,” Mao murmured as the Kirle approached, moving with a s... Read Chapter

Strange places

“You've been in the dark for long enough now,” a voice echoed in a hollow room holding three bodies. They started to move a little, c... Read Chapter

Just bow

Caved woods  12/4/2795 The three adventurers melded their minds in collective focus, with Manjin guiding it with the arcane ... Read Chapter

Green fiends

Dwarven keep, Spider lair,  12/4/2795 The Elf took a deep breath, putting her right hand to her side before leaning down for... Read Chapter


Vale, Izabellu ruins 12/4/2795 The four adventurers made their way through a small set of woods led by the Dryads, the two green ... Read Chapter

Adventures end

Vale, Necromancers lair  17/4/2795 In a wide empty hall held up by giant pillars the four adventures stepped fourth lead by ... Read Chapter

Alternative covers

This is a page to show off covers people made for me after I likely explained my story to them in a drunken state.
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