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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This short story takes you back to the year 1935 and explores young Miyagi's life.
Before he left for America and befriended Daniel during the 80s, Miyagi had his own teen story and love interest which resulted in him making enemies with his pal Sato.
Just what exactly happened between them?







A Story Written By Kaz Miah



Chapter One Fishing


Young Miyagi, who is now 10 years old, was born on 9th June, 1925. He lives in a small fishing village in Okinawa. The village was all that young Miyagi knew, to him it was paradise on earth.


Young Miyagi was very sensible indeed, he doted his mother and father and life was a simple one.


One spring morning, young Miyagi left his house in a rush and was running down the dirty uneven road holding onto a Bento wrapped in Furoshiki (Cotton Cloth). His father left his lunch at home, so young Miyagi was in a panic. He was speeding down to reach the small beach, where his fisherman father would always be found.


Right at the edge of the beach, Chojun Miyagi was pushing his boat towards the deep blue sea, he was built strong and solid, with full flock of shiny black hair which he parted to the side. The whispering ocean waves and harmonising wind almost drowned out Young Miyagi’s voice, “FATHER, FATHER!”.


Chojun turned around to see his little boy panting away, whilst raising the bento over his head with one arm and resting his other hand on his knee.


“Nariyoshi?” His father had a huge smile and ran towards his tired son.


“Thank you for bringing me my bento Nariyoshi! I was planning to be out on the boat for a few hours today.” His father had a raspy voice.


“Father, why can’t I come fishing with you? It’s not fair that I have to stay at home to take care of mother. It’s boring at home, but it’s always fun being around you.” Young Miyagi moped, eager to win his dad over.


“Ahh, you really want to come with your old man, don’t you? But here’s the problem you see, your mother is waiting for you to return home soon and if you come out with me she would be worried, would she not?”. Chojun was great at filling in the blanks which his son could not see.


Young Miyagi was clearly upset but he nodded to acknowledge that he had to be patient and wait for the right time, he walked away slowly in disappointment.


Chojun, who always kept a small towel wrapped around his neck, wiped the sweat off his clammy face. He was watching his son walk away sluggishly.


Balance was very important to Chojun and spending time with his son was going to set the scales.


“OY, TANJIRO!” Miyagi’s father spoke using his belly.


“Hai, Miyagi-Sensei.” Tanjiro was the local boat maintenance guy that worked on the beach. He marched towards Chojun with great respect.


“Do me a favour please Tanjiro. Can you run over to my house and tell my wife that her son is going to go fishing with his father today.” Young Miyagi quickly turned around in joy as he saw his father smiling and winking.



- 1 hour later-


Both Father and son shared the Bento lunch and sat in idle peace. It was meditation time for Chojun, a time to concentrate on his breathing techniques. Young Miyagi always followed his father’s actions, mirroring, as he knew what he was doing.


“FISH!”, yelled young Miyagi.


Chojun was finally happy for some action, this was the opportunity for him to share wisdom with his son. He was good at fishing, even with a little boat and limited supplies. He caught as many as eight fishes, which was a very good day for him.


“THEY’RE ALL KANPACHI FISH!” Young Miyagi was almost drooling.


“Best fish is what you can catch on the day, my son.”


Chojun was dragging the boat into shore, carrying a half-hearted smile. His son had many things to learn but Chojun was unsure if his son was ready for the next lesson. He grabbed his bucket of fish and placed it on-top of his work bench near his cutting tools.


“What are you going to do now father?” Young Miyagi was curious to know.


“We are going to close the fish in order for it to stay fresh.” Chojun’s hand reached for his Tegaki tool, a wooden rod with a hook blade at the end.


He drove the pointy blade above the fish’s eyes, hitting the brain, within seconds the fish was brain dead and was not going to experience any more stress.


“YOU KILLED IT!” Young Miyagi was shocked.



“Ahh…. Are you upset Nariyoshi?”.


Chojun knew his son had to learn at a young age and was not going to allow this experience be a negative one. He went into sensei mode and asked his son, “Can you stay alive and be dead at the same time?”.


“Fish are usually dead before we cook them, I know that…but why did you stab his head?”, cried Young Miyagi. He could not understand why his father used the term ‘close’ instead of kill.


“Ahh, you see son, this is the best method of all. The fish doesn’t suffer once you hit the brain. You show it mercy; no mercy would make it suffer even more. So as soon as you catch a fish you “close” the fish alive. This method is called Ike-Jime.”


Young Miyagi crept closer towards the bench, tears almost dried up, he was now curious to learn as he was absorbing his father’s teaching.


Chojun allowed young Miyagi to attempt to close, drain and gut the third fish, He guided his son’s tiny hands making sure he did not cut himself.


“This helps keep the fish all fresh” His father smiled proudly


“How do you know all this?”. Young Miyagi asked in curiosity.


“Father teach,” Chojun responded as he drained the blood out of the fish.






Chapter Two Mother


“I’m home,” shouted young Miyagi as he ran in head first. Both Miyagi’s returned home from their afternoon fishing adventure, young Miyagi was so happy that he could not wait to tell his mother about his day.


“Welcome home,” responded young Miyagi’s mother. A voice so sweet and angelic, it was as if it was being carried by wings to lay on the clouds and rest until the next words were spoken. A beautiful lady stood behind the Shoji doors, welcoming both her husband and son home with a pot of tea to relax them.


“Ahh, Masumi!” Chojun looked at his wife with delight in his eyes. “Did Tanjiro swing by? Nariyoshi was upset earlier so I figured I’ll teach him about fishing. I hope I did not worry you too much?”.


“Hai, he passed by so I gave him some goya and carrots. I was worried Nariyoshi would get emotional at the sight of you killing a fish, after probably befriending them.” Masumi covered her mouth as she laughed softly.


“He learns fast our son, I wouldn’t be surprised if he surpassed me in ten years!” Chojun giggled with pleased eyes.


Young Miyagi returned from the washroom and ran into his mother’s hug, almost making her fall, it was the warmth and comfort that ended all his problems.


“I WENT FISHING TODAY MOTHER! Father and I sat on the boat for a long time but the fishes were quiet, I wonder what would’ve happen if I needed to go to the toilet…anyway, we caught eight fishes and dad taught me Ike-Jime which is…”. Young Miyagi sounded like a bulldozer going 100mph.


“Calm down Nariyoshi,” Masumi laughed as she picked up her son to sit on her lap. She was rubbing young Miyagi’s cold hands to warm them up, “I am so happy that you finally saw what your father goes through. Hard work, skills and time is spent in order for us to eat and survive.”


“But you can also spend money to buy fish and survive like Sato’s parents,” young Miyagi spoke very fondly of his best friend.


“Yes, but Sato’s father, Mr Toguchi, is a wealthy man. What happens if, God forbid, his wealth goes?” Masumi set her husband up to teach their son another proverb.


“Ahh, here’s another lesson for you Nariyoshi,” Chojun interrupted.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life-time.


Young Miyagi had so much admiration for his father and his lessons, he had no witty comeback to that at all. All he could do was study his father and aspire to be as wise as him when he grew up.


“Father donated one fish to Mr Tanjiro and the Priest at Naminoue shrine. Oh and he sold three fishes so that means we brought back three fishes to eat! THEY’RE KANPACHI FISH!”.


Masumi loved her husband so dearly, she loved him for his generosity, she loved him for being the pillar of the community and most of all for keeping the family upright. She shared a smile at his direction and Chojun was smiling back as the devoted husband he promised to be.


“That’s great! Why don’t I take the fish so I can get dinner started.”



- Later that night-


Masumi was putting her precious son to sleep as her husband spent his late evenings in the dojo. She looked like a white ghost, so pale, with her crisp white gown, her dark black hair brushing against her thin cheeks and her pink hue lips glowing more than ever.


Young Miyagi would stare with contentment as she hummed him his favorite lullaby, slowly drifting him to sleep and welcoming the night crickets and fireflies to narrate the rest of the night.


Chojun exited the dojo and met his wife by the front of the house, they both sat on the porch and she laid her head on his left shoulder. The view of fireflies glowing like fallen stars was complimenting the sight of the moon and stars above.


“What are we going to do honey? Selling fishes would barely buy us tickets to Greater Tokyo and time has become my greatest enemy. Everyday I'm getting worse.” Masumi confides in her husband.


“My legs have swollen, I forget things, I’m in constant pain…. I can’t stay in character anymore.” She picked her head up to look at her husband, “I’ve decided to stay at my mother’s, we can’t let Nariyoshi see me suffer. You need to keep him with you and away from me.”


Chojun’s eyes were filled with tear bubbles, his wife was suffering from the final stages of a fatal heart disease amongst other things and there was no cure. He felt helpless as a husband being a fisherman, the shame overwhelmed him. He didn’t wear white pants and shirt & tie to work, if only he put his passion last.


WE CAN GET A LOAN, JUST LET ME TALK TO MR TOGUCH….” Chojun whispered aggressively in the hope that his wife could be reasoned with.


“No dear, I don’t need to be a charity case or put you in debt. You know I don’t want the village to learn about my business. Even when you offered to teach the villagers Karate to help fund my medical expenses and hospital trips….” Masumi then placed her hands over her husband’s cheek and stared into his eyes.


“I couldn’t let you break the Miyagi-do tradition for me. It’s the only heritage your name would carry and die alone in your name. You did plenty, you loved me. You gave us a son. You stayed by my side and gave me the greatest time spent together. This illness was given by God, let’s not challenge him.”


Chojun came across as an indestructible man by the villagers, but next to his wife he could be his true self, a man full of need and pain. He sat there with the woman he loved and cried half a litre of tears, no one could have this conversation with a loved one and not suffer from it.


“I am okay with it dear, I accept this to be my destiny. I had the greatest life ever,” said Masumi.


They both kissed each other and embraced one another. Tears still falling as they were breathing and wailing out of sadness causing the kiss to break and resume.


It was a mess. It was love.


A few moments later as they calmed down, they both just stared into the night sky holding each other’s hand.


Chojun accepted to fulfil his wife’s request and demands “I will take Nariyoshi fishing every day, which leaves you free to rest. Stay with your mother and continue to do everything the doctor advices you. We would visit you everyday. EVERYDAY!

I will also teach our son Karate, this would occupy his time, build his character and help him grow strong. That and fishing would let him see less of you, so he would not question your health.”


“You think it would work? What if he gets suspicious of me living with his grandmother?” Masumi worried.


“We would tell him the house needs renovating so you need your own space, I can teach him DIY too. Whatever it takes for him not to figure this out and see you suffer.”


Masumi nodded in agreement as she wiped her tears “You will shape him into a great man. I know you will!”.


She felt her time was falling short, maybe less than a year if she was lucky but most important was that their son did not suffer with the two of them, as harsh as the plan may seem.


They both ended the night with an agreement and acceptance of destiny. As they both laid down on their futon, sleep was not ready for them.


Masumi was facing away from her husband, eyes wide open and scared about the future. Chojun’s eyes too were awake, stressed and overwhelmed about the future. In between them was Young Miyagi, fast asleep probably dreaming about his next fishing trip. Oblivious to the truth and how the next morning was going to be the start of his new journey.







Chapter Three – Enter Miyagi-do Karate



“Show me shoveling the dirt”,



“Other side!”



“Show me flying stake!”






“Yosh.” Chojun was training young Miyagi, Karate for eleven weeks now. Today’s training was to learn to fight against a weapon user, the particular weapon was a spear. He took one step closer to his son, gripped his weapon with heavy torque and was as steady as he can be. Was his son ready for this moment?


Chojun began his forward attack “Yaaaaaa!!” “Aaaaaaa!” “Aaaaaaa!”


Every strike was blocked and evaded perfectly by young Miyagi, however both of them knew it was the final maneuverer that counted the most.


The “flying stake” move.


This training was the flip side of what was happening back at home. Chojun taught his son to help repair the house and build an extension for the dojo, but he was also secretly training young Miyagi in Karate.


Chojun did this by keeping young Miyagi active and practicing his breathing but most importantly, his muscle memory.


The flying stake move required intense concentration from Miyagi’s end. Chojun tied a rope above the roof of the house and a wooden stake on the other end of the rope. The rope was dangling down. Miyagi had to stand a distance away on a mark, knees bent and his hands below the waist. Chojun stood on a platform opposite young Miyagi, he held onto the dangling rope, with the wooden stake aiming right towards Miyagi neck.

The exercise required Miaygi to deflect the wooden stake right above his head, as soon as his father let go of the rope. Timing was a crucial factor. Was young Miyagi able to catch the wooden stake in good time?




“Good Nariyoshi. You have come further than I have at your age,” Chojun’s eyes met with his son. It was almost like he was staring back into a mirror but the fear in his son was outwardly on show.


Young Miyagi’s breathing changed and he let go of the spear that he clapped and grasped tightly above his head.


“I want to go home,” cried young Miyagi. “I want mother to come back, I want to stop Karate, I hate fighting!".


“But you’re learning to defend yourself,” answered Chojun, as he placed the spear back.


“No I’m always fighting. I hate fighting! You also scare me with the weapon father and I don’t like any of it.” Miyagi ran out bursting into tears.


Chojun lowered his head, he was doing his best keeping things together, but truth be told he too wanted his wife home. Young Miyagi only turned eleven recently and was being put through a rough time as his mother was dying. Their home was half a construction site. Chojun’s dojo was smaller due to renovations and now his son wants to quit Karate.


Chojun dreamt for this day to come and pictured his son enjoying Karate as much as he did when his father taught him, he had to help his son fight his inner demons.


He followed young Miyagi into the main room where he curled himself into a ball of tears.


“Karate ni sente,” Chojun got his son to sit on his knees to face him as he wiped his tears .


“What does that mean father?” asked Young Miyagi.


“It mean there is no first attack in Karate,” said Chojun


“But what if the other person fails to follow the same rules? I will still be forced to fight and will have to strike them.” The little boy felt cornered.


“No. It doesn’t mean never strike first. The goal is to keep peace without incident. That is true Karate my son".


Miyagi was so proud of his father, he loved the way his dad would make him understand the world and meanings of such stuff. He jumped to hug the man he respected and admired the most.


“One day you might meet a bad person or bad people might attack your home, learning to defend yourself is key to living. What if somebody attacked you with a spear? I hope that day doesnt come, but what if it did?”


“Then I will remember your 'catch the flying stake' lesson” young Miyagi chuckled


“Right” his dad embraced him proudly, “right”.


A few moments later.



“Good morning Mr Miyagi, can Nariyoshi come out and play?” It was Sato, wearing a sailors hat too big for his head.


“Ahh, Good morning Sato. Yes, you guys can go and play.” Chojun was thankful that Sato came along, he could now visit Masumi and get lunch and dinner started.


“Okay son, let’s end the lessons for today and enjoy fishing tomorrow. We will continue Karate the day after, okay?” Chojun wanted his son to take it easy.


“Can’t wait father.” Young Miyagi was looking forward to it which put a smile on his father’s face.


Sato and young Miyagi would run down the hill towards the small local shop. They would always race and compete with each other. However, Sato did not master breathing or have any endurance training like young Miyagi, therefore Sato always lost.


“One day I would win Nariyoshi, and YOU will buy the candy!” Sato stormed into the shop.


“GET ME 2 LOLLIPOPS!” young Miyagi spoke with both his hands over his mouth in a friendly but taunting manner.


They both headed towards the beach with sticks in their hands, playing samurai on the way. Sato would always pick a bigger stick to look stronger than his friend, even though he was slightly taller and bigger in size.


Once they got to the beach they noticed Tanjiro, the maintenance guy, throwing scraps into one corner. To their amazement there was a small rowing boat under the pile of scraps, both friends ran to investigate.


“Mr. Tanjiro, why is that boat in the scrap corner?” Sato asked as young Miyagi walked around it examining any faults.


“The rudder end snapped off, stripping away at the gunwale piece. The wood is rotten underneath too so not much can be done with it out in the sea, best to scrap it for better use.” Ptooey - (Tanjiro spat in his small bucket)

Tanjiro loved to chew tobacco so he carried a small bucket to spit it in, wherever he went the bucket followed him.


Young Miyagi whispered into Sato’s ears with a plan which made Sato nod along in excitement. “CAN WE KEEP THE BOAT MR TANJIRO, PLEASE?” Both children acted as cute as they could be.


Tanjiro loved the boys like an uncle and he was wanted to see what they were planning to do with it, curiosity is the engine of achievement after all.


“Hai hai, it’s all yours, what do you guys plan to do, need any help?” Tanjiro moved some of the off cuts above the boat.


Miyagi started digging the ground near the trees and rocks, he even had Tanjiro help him to speed up the process. Sato then yelled for the two of them over to his side as he found the final missing piece to complete the project.


“How are we going to carry this back?” asked Tanjiro.


“We are strong boys Mr Tanjiro, Sato and I would hold one end and you the other. We can do this with no problem!” Young Miyagi was determined.


Sato found a solid sized broken tree trunk next to a damaged tree caused by a storm, it was 1.8 metres tall and thicker than Tanjiro’s leg.


“I’ll get some rope and my wheel barrow.” (Ptooey) Tanjiro felt sorry for himself getting involved as these kids knew how to drain his energy. Once they got it back to the boat area, Tanjiro used his axe, wood shaving tool and sander to help trim, cut and resize the wood for their mini project. Much to Tanjiro's surprise was how young Miyagi did most of the work alone with little to no help at all.


Tanjiro was impressed, “Not bad for over two months of work at home.”


“How did you learn all of this Nariyoshi?” Sato was amazed.


“Father teach.” Young Miyagi continued sanding with a smile, reflecting on his father’s DIY and Karate lessons. He was now grateful for it all.


The final move was to impale the now 1.5-metre-tall wooden piece into the ground, leaving about a metre exposed and have the bow of the boat attached on it to create a tent like fort. Tanjiro helped the piece stay up right using cement, rocks, nails, ropes and trade secrets. He did the complicated part.


They all threw a tarp over it and painted the words ‘BANZAI BOYS’ on the side.


Young Miyagi and Sato sat inside their boat fort and looked out into the beach where Tanjiro carried on with his work. “This is our secret club house and hang out place Nariyoshi,” said Sato as he put his arms around his best friend. “You know when we get older, we have to have a drink in here and do what our fathers do.”


“BANZAI,” they both shouted together followed by laughter of tears from mimicking their old timers drinking.


Young Miyagi then used small forces to try and move the strongly placed wooden pillar and asked Sato, “Do you reckon this is strong enough to hold the boats weight?”.


Sato too placed his hand on it and reassured his friend, “It’s as strong as our bond. Even the storm would not be able to knock it down.”


“What if it does blow it down?” Young Miyagi turned over facing the boat ceiling.


“Then I’ll come back here to find the wooden beam and take it home,” Sato turned his body over too.


The calm ocean wave was almost hypnotic causing them to yawn and allowing their muscles to rest and repair after all their hard graft.


“Hey Nariyoshi, you think your dad could ever teach me Karate too? I also want to learn how to make and fix things like you. My father is always busy and away.” Sato acknowledged his friend for his skills.


“Sure,” young Miyagi yawned. “I will talk to my father tomorrow. He would train you too, you’re my brother.”


The two friends were too tired to continue their conversation and allowed the nap to defeat them. Both boys dozed off with shining smiles on their faces as there was nothing they couldn’t do together. They were not just best friends, they were brothers.








Chapter Four The Girl From Nago Town



It was the Summer vacation of 1942.


Young Miyagi and Sato were fearless seventeen year olds and were very popular boys. Both slim, handsome and dashingly smart and known for their Karate.


Sato was the better looker and dresser, but would use his chest to appear more manly and mature. However, it was young Miyagi who was the actual mature gentleman, though his height against Sato made him appear to be one rank below.


Sato was more thunderous around people and many boys feared him including men in their 20s, so it was naturally set up for him to look like a leader when he was around people. But deep down, Sato felt equal to his best friend Nariyoshi, as he admired his softer and calmer demeanour.


The warm summer breeze brushed Sato’s jet black hair, as he waited by two parked bicycles. Sato didn’t flinch, the breeze felt like a warm blanket enveloping his entire body. He took one glance below to check on his friend.


Below him were a few steps going down surrounded by dozens of stone pillars erecting from the ground like little buildings. It was a graveyard that Miyagi would visit once a week to pray for his mother. Young Miyagi would talk to her, tell her how his week was, share stories about his father and as always break down in tears before leaving the cemetery.


“Thanks Sato, let’s go!”, young Miyagi jumped on his bicycle.


Sato would notice the dried tearful eyes, red puffy face and haltering voice which were signs that his friend was crying. He didn’t want to offer a hankie, in case it embarrassed his friend. Sato wanted to hug him but he wasn’t as touchy as he used to be, so he did what he thought was best and pretend he didn’t notice.


Sato would ride in front to let young Miyagi get his composure back.


“So…two weeks huh?” Chojun’s voice was gruffer and more rough as he was ageing and entered the grey hair territory. Yet, he still had amazing hair for a man in his late 40s.


“Yes Sensei, my father believes I have the potential to finally learn and shadow under him during his business trip.” Sato stayed for dinner today as it was his last Karate training until he returned from his trip.


“That’s wonderful, you sure are a witty young man! With your father as a teacher you would soon take over the village one day. I believe in you!”. Sato bowed at his sensei’s words.


“Father. I was wondering since Sato is going away, can I be off training too? It’s just I want to enjoy some alone time.”


Chojun swallowed his last bite and then paid respect to his meal before turning to his son.


“Yes of course, Since you both are synced in lessons, it would be a shame for Sato to be two weeks behind. Remember how jealous Sato was of you during the crane lesson? He kept falling off and went red when he saw you balance perfectly. He even scared me back then,” Chojun almost rolled over laughing


Young Miyagi wore the biggest smile, “Thank you Father! I am grateful.” Sato was too embarrassed so he let his head bow for forgiveness.


“Ahhh, Sato you have come far! You’ve learnt to control the fire within you. Also Nariyoshi, you should enjoy your holiday son, go and take some time off! Young man should not stay with old man too long. Ha ha ha.”


Chojun then turned towards both Sato and his son, “You know Sato, once you start working part time for your father I expect Miyagi to join you too. Fishing doesn’t bring in much and it’s important my son too learns the value of 1 Yen. Money isn’t everything but life might depend on it one day,” he slowly drifted off thinking about his wife.


Young Miyagi was a little confused by the last remark shrugging his shoulders looking at Sato. “Err, yes! My father is grateful towards you and before I could even ask he suggested to take Miyagi under his wing.” Sato put his arms around his buddy. “We are the future of this village Sensei.”


“Very well,” Chojun chuckled at the young spirit before him.


Night fell short and Sato had to bid goodnight. Miyagi and his father cleaned up in the kitchen and got the futons ready for bedtime. Chojun was snoring away but young Miyagi was watchful of the stars outside his window. It’s been years since he lost his mother and ever since her passing he spoke less. He did not do much talking, unless with his father and Sato, but even with them he was slightly off which they noticed too.


He really missed his mother and he felt there was more to her death than what his father told him. Anytime he tried to recollect his memory for any signs, they were either too foggy or showed no signs of any prior illnesses. Young Miyagi didn’t want to ask his father, as it possibly would upset him too much and he knew nothing would bring her back. It was pointless to follow his “gut” even though it made his heart feel hollow from it all.


He kept thinking more about his father’s speech on “money” with Sato earlier.


Young Miyagi did not want to stay in a depressed state and so he changed his thoughts and started thinking about the next two weeks. He finally had freedom and alone time and could not wait to “find himself”.


A few days passed and the midday sun was blazing and gleaming in every corner. Ice vendors were making shaved ice treats free of charge, every inch of the beach was occupied by people and the sound of summer was in the air, echoing throughout.


Far away from the buzzing beach, and on top of the cliffs was a sweet looking girl, lurking around like a tourist. She wore a pretty long grey dress with quarter length sleeves and had a cute small handmade straw hat to help keep the sun away.


She was tired and confused but kept marching on hoping to find an amazing view.

 “THIS IS USELESS,” she sighed and cried invisible tears.

Ahead of her was a large Pinus Luchuensis Tree, so she made that her target and carried on with the journey.


Once the girl got herself under the tree, she felt a sense of achievement as the giant great shade woven by each leaf felt like an ice blanket on her burning skin. She took a sip of water from her green bottle and decided to call it a day. She sat with much comfort and took in the beautiful views. From a short distance, beyond the tree was a cliff where a young boy was sitting. The girl noticed him and she could hear him faintly. He sounded like he was crying and shouting, it was hard to make out. She now made this her new mission to go and investigate.


Kuuuuuu- Raaaiiiii-  Uuuuuuki Yono, Kono Ura Maachi Woooooo


The boy was young Miyagi and he was singing. He had tears running down his cheeks moved by the lyrics.


“You have a beautiful voice,” said the girl.


Young Miyagi suddenly bounced in shock as he was caught off guard. He turned around to see the young girl staring back at him with eyes that looked like they were from a doll.


“Hi, I didn’t mean to scare you,” she said. The girl approached closer.


Young Miyagi was dazed and speechless. The girl was beautiful and slender with eyes so big it could contain its own universe within them. Her skin was seashell red due to the sun, but otherwise a noticeable silky pale tone. Hair tied to a bun with strands falling down in front of her eyes and grazing her small dense lips.

The girl was hiking and would call herself a mess, but for young Miyagi, she was an Angel.


He quickly turned away to wipe his tears and get his composure back.


“What are you doing here?” Miyagi asked.


“I don’t know, I was going to head to the beach and then I heard everybody was heading there, so I thought it would be best to get up higher and see this place for myself.” The girl was a ball of positive energy.


“Wh-what?”, young Miyagi was confused.


“Oh sorry! My name is Yukie, I am new here, my family moved down here a week ago. I lived in Nago all my life but this village seems nice enough for me to call it home.”


“I see, I am Nariyoshi Miyagi, pleased to meet you.” He bowed in courtesy.


“So, why was you crying over a happy song?” Yukie took a seat.


“Reminds me of my mother. Also not all tears are from sad feelings,” Miyagi said softly.


 “I’m sorry, PLEASE… continue singing Nariyoshi.” Yukie asked kindly.


“I-I can’t, I’m too shy now,” he felt the pressure


“Is your father a monk or something, why are you so shy?” She sarcastically asked.


“NO, he’s a fisherman and my Karate Sensei.”


“SENSEI?” Yukie was impressed “that’s why you’re shy! Too much discipline in your life. I bet wiping the floor is your fun time,” she carried on teasing.


What about you? Are you an American girl or something, you stand out too much!” Yukie thought young Miyagi looked cute, all puffed up and revealing the fire in his belly.


“What’s wrong with that huh? I am loud and perfect!” She teasingly wriggled her nose.


Young Miyagi saw her nose wriggle and almost turned away stiff scared. Scared he liked it. “Yeah well, the nail that stick out gets hammered down.”


“Is that one of many proverbs your Sensei taught you as you scrubbed the floor!?”


American girl” – “MONK BOY – “American girl! – “MONK BOY!”

They battled out the name calling, screaming like cartoon characters.


Young Miyagi launched his face at her direction about to say “shut up” but then saw Yukie sticking her tongue out which left him speechless. She was taunting him. Playing a game which he had lost from the start. Why was he so angry he thought?

Just what caused him to lose balance and get so worked up?


He then looked at her again as the rough wind blew into her eyes covering it with her hair. The sound of crashing sea waves exploding onto the rocks, her silky smooth wrists and delicate hand brushing her hair back revealing her small face and sharp neck. The wind blowing north almost whispered to young Miyagi. Suddenly he realised it was just the two of them on the cliff. He gulped.


“You need to leave, don’t you know its rude to approach people and invite yourself into their personal space. Learn some manners if you’re to live in this village!”




She stormed off with a cheeky smile. Miyagi took no offence at her words as he knew she was being over dramatic for show.


A few moment later young Miyagi carried on singing but this time with a smile and no tears.


Kuuuuuu- Raaaiiiii-  Uuuuuuki Yono, Kono Ura Maachi Woooooo


Close by was Yukie, leaning behind a rock listening in, smiling along.






Chapter Five – Yukie My Love


Summer love is the greatest affair every youth should experience. Miyagi and Yukie had that very affair during the summer of 1942, only they didn’t know it was love until some time later.


The season of summer was beautiful indeed, with perfect sunsets, delightful nature with its endless yet gentle breeze, night walks with the stars and the sound of summer cicadas.


Yukie and Miyagi became very close friends by the end of the summer season; one would believe they were friends since childhood.


Since their first meeting, Yukie would go back to the cliff area every day and annoy Miyagi until the fifth day where they ended up laughing it out. By day six it was almost like a secret members club meeting and they would bring food to share and talk about life.


Fourteen days of summer can feel like a lifetime when you fall in love. During their last week together, they ended up talking about very personal matters and held hands as they would sing folk songs as the sun went down.


It was during these moments when Miyagi learned about Yukie’s sick mother and vice versa. Young Miyagi losing his mother made him understand her pain and Yukie felt only Miyagi can relate.


“Hey, why do you always come to this spot,” Yukie asked curious to learn the reason.


“Mother.” Miyagi stared ahead.


Yukie was confused “What do you mean?”.


“My mother’s bonsai tree was planted by the edge of this cliff by my father and I. I come here to check its growth, think about her and sing her favourite songs.”


“WOW, you actually planted it at the edge, I want to take a look,” Yukie smiled.


“Impossible now. Too dark and no hanging equipment, plus we need father’s help,” Miyagi laughed.


Yukie looked at Miyagi as his cheeks inflated from laughing, she wanted to tell him he was a good son but refrained from saying. She knew he already knew he was.


“So won’t you be attending school?” Miyagi knew summer was coming to an end.


“No.” Yukie smiled gazing upon the orange sky. “Father did enrol me but I need to help out at home. Plus my mother can’t tend to her business without my support.”


“Same for me, father comes first and school cost too much money.” Young Miyagi was traditional.


“I would work with Uncle Toguchi soon, I can help you buy your mother’s medicine and help pay for your tuition?”, he said it so casually.


Yukie smiled at him, “Don’t worry about Yukie! I can look after my own family Monk boy! Besides you just want to be seen with a popular and good-looking school girl right?”


“Me and Sato were popular in school! You’d be lucky to be in our gang!” Miyagi had his little ego moment.


“Ahh you mean Monk No.2? I bet you was the biggest losers on the playground!”


They both let the sound of the sea take over for a while and with the sunset came a chilly breeze. Suddenly the warmth coming from their hands being held was obvious, they both gazed forward.


“Sorry.” Miyagi let go of her hand, he almost threw it like it was an insect.


Yukie didn’t expect that reaction but had to respect why he did it. A boy and girl from the eastern culture knew the gender role expectations and breaking boundaries was not honourable.


“I do like you….” Yukie whispered under her breath.


“Nariyoshi….” She was calling to him to confess back.


“American girl,” he interrupted Yukie “This is not the way.”


“I’m not American!” Yukie was serious for the first time. She was letting him know this feeling was real and he either had to confess or reject.


Young Miyagi felt he was put on the spot. He didn’t rush into it and took his time to find the right words


“I like you too Yukie. But now is not the time to start this with your mother, work and my new job, plus father. I want to keep you as my dear friend please.” He turned to look at her.


“I really need you as a friend right now and I will always love and support you. But I don’t want to rush into this and then lose you. I am willing to be your pillar as a friend.”


Yukie nodded her head in agreement “Hai! I understand. We’ve only been friends for over a week I guess, we should let that relationship grow organically right?”


“Like a Bonsai tree,” Miyagi added “Young Bonsai need time to grow, cannot be rushed,” he smiled.


MY WONDERFUL FRIEND,” Yukie spoke in English and stretched out her arm for a handshake.


“AMERICAN GIRL.” Miyagi suddenly saluted her like a rookie soldier. They both started laughing and naturally moved on.


“So what now? What with both of our busy schedules, how are we going to meet?” asked Yukie


Every Sunday, 3pm on this cliff. We meet here in secret! Once a week shall do! Miyagi spoke with fire in his belly.


“PROMISE?” Yukie held out her little finger


“PROMISE!” Miyagi connected his pinky


After a while both teenagers got by their week with a smile even during the hard times. They both were looking forward to Sundays, the day they got to see each other.


A month had passed by and the previous four Sunday meetings was a success. By week five there were frequent no shows due to Yukie being stuck at the shop, home or tending to her mother, and Miyagi with his Karate training and new job with Sato’s father.


Eventually by winter time, Miyagi turned up to four Sundays alone. The winter scene reflected the harsh reality, a wet and cold hope. It was no longer summer anymore.


Then came the first Sunday of January 1943, and again Miyagi showed up alone. Perhaps Yukie was no longer interested he thought, or perhaps her reality was far greater than meeting a boy in the freezing cold weather on a cliff to sing folk songs. How foolish he felt.


She was no longer showing up and it was time for Miyagi to concentrate on his own life. He was thankful he made a great friend during summer and wished her well.


Sometimes young bonsai trees stop growing.









It was pay-day and Sato wanted to celebrate with his colleagues, He was the first in his circle to be arranged to marry. He was meeting the family for the first time for dinner the next day.


“NARYOSHI! COME ON LET’S GO HURRY!” Sato was first out of the building with his co-workers who wanted to join the beer party in town.


Miyagi came out holding his envelope that carried his wages, tucking it away in his inside jacket pocket.


“This man never counts his money nor does he open the envelope,” Sato was humorously mocking Miyagi to his co-workers.


“You do all these double shifts and don’t even check to see if you got paid correctly, you buy one beer when we go out and maybe one new shirt for the month. Just who are you saving money for buddy?” Sato was curious.


Miyagi pulled out three large notes and waved them at Sato, “You’re getting engaged soon my brother, take a leaf out of my book, BEERS ARE ALL ON ME TONIGHT!” Everyone cheered.


“BANZAI!!” Everyone’s mugs clanked together. Shirt buttons undone, some with their shirt ties around their foreheads and of course there was one knocked out friend.


They were in the popular BBQ shack in town, enjoying the taste of pork belly and beer as they were packing the evening with plenty of games to pass the time.


Miyagi was the least drunk, even though he was on his second jug, which was still excessive for him, he was still doing way better than the rest of his co-workers.


“Hey, looks like Rhyoei is knocked out, we should send him home haha,” Miyagi being observant.


Sato was half drunk now, “Ahh forget about him… listen here Nar-shi…*hiccup* we should find you a wife now, so we can get married on the same day, YES?”


This was the time to call it a night Miyagi thought, “Indeed Sato! When father finds me a match, I shall join you.”


“Brother..” Sato had a huge smile on his face, “I am in love with the girl my father arranged me with. She is so…*hiccup*…”


“Hai hai, I understand.” Miyagi got up waving at the waiter for the bill. “You are going over to their house tomorrow to meet for the first time, so enough drinking now! Time to go home!”


Once they left the BBQ shack, two co-workers accompanied the knocked out friend via rickshaw and the other two stayed by Sato and Miyagi’s side.


Sato and the two men were receiving much attention for being the loudest party present on the road.


“I’m running to the shops to get you guys some water and green tea, wait here.” Miyagi went off alone.


On his way to the shop, Miyagi noticed a bright purple suit and a pretty figure staring at him and his heart skipped a beat, it was Yukie.


She finished one of her shifts and noticed Miyagi entering the shop.


“Yu—Yukie?” Miyagi walked towards her keeping an eye on Sato, who was further back still making much noise.


“It’s been a long time, hope you’re well?” Miyagi stuttered.


Yukie didn’t respond staring at him with sad eyes.


“You must be angry with me… I know I made a promise that I broke but...”




Just at that moment Miyagi noticed two strange figures approaching Sato and his co-workers, they were muggers and went for their wallets! Sato started belching.


“You fucking… DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM…AAAHHH.” Sato held onto one of them but they managed to break free and both muggers ran towards the beach road.


Miyagi had to help his best friend, he needed immediate assistance. What bloody timing he thought, as he did not see Yukie in months and here she was with sad eyes, going through her own problems right now. But she can wait for now he thought, Sato is in trouble.


“Sorry,” Miyagi bowed and pointing towards the muggers hoping she would understand. “I need to go and help my friends right now.”


“BUT NARIYOSHI!” she cried as Miyagi turned his back at her and ran full speed towards Sato.


Miyagi ran like a speeding bullet passing by Sato and the others, he caught up with the second mugger who was by the beach and grabbed his collar. The mugger wasn’t going to give up easily and punched Miyagi in his right eye, there was not enough street light, so Miyagi had to rely on one eye.


The mugger threw another punch but Miyagi anticipated it by judging his stance and position. The mugger was too aggressive and so Miyagi kept blocking his attacks, not finding the perfect chance to manoeuvre a takedown.



Sato jump kicked the mugger from behind which knocked him out. Sato reached into the mugger’s pocket to find his colleagues wallet and a pack of cigarettes.


“DAMN IT! It was the other mugger who has my wallet!”


Miyagi checked on the mugger and then tapped Sato’s back, “Don’t worry, once he realises he stole your wallet he would either throw it in fear and it would be found or bring it back filled with more cash.


Sato looked at Miyagi and they both started laughing and dropped down to the sand in pain as if they were old men with bad backs.


“He punched you in the eye?” Sato asked.


“Hai.” Miyagi laid down.


“You pulled your muscle with that kick,” Miyagi asked.


“Hai.” Sato laughed.


“I think the buzz is wearing off from the alcohol now, as I feel the pain.”


“Well you’re lucky, I have the black eye. Tomorrow your face would be bruise free for your wife to be,” Miyagi giggled. “You nervous for tomorrow?”


‘No.” Sato didn’t stutter.


“The moment my father handed me her picture and walked away, I felt nervous. Her family are not originally from here, plus we know most of the girls around here. Their family is from a decent background and her father was a business man like father. This marriage is to help her father’s business grow and my parents would gain a nice daughter-in-law. A win-win situation as they say.”


Sato then lit a cigarette as he continued.


“I closed my bedroom door and shut my eyes. As I turned the photo over, I took three deep breaths and that’s when I saw the most beautiful woman staring back at me. Her eyes so dol like it pierced my heart, skin so pale like a ghost, my whole room lit up as if she was the moon. I froze like ice in fear that if I blink, I would lose my sight. Such a curse to not be able to see her photo again, that would be a tragedy. I know it sounds stupid to say this but… I was in love Nariyoshi… in love.”


“Sato, I never knew you can be poetic like this,” Miyagi smiled on.


“Ahhhhh! I was planning to show you her picture, but that mugger stole my wallet, I only had one picture of her!”


“What is her name?” Miyagi asked


Sato burned out his cigarette, “Yukie.”









After the summer Yukie spent with Young Miyagi, they both promised each other they would meet every Sunday at the same spot.


They both met successfully every Sunday for a month but after a while things got complicated for Yukie. Her mother was supporting the family as her father was made redundant, the factory he worked in previously was shut down.


Yukie’s father dealt with manufacturing of bicycle components and was finding it very hard to match his previous job salary. He was in a dilemma on whether he should invest his life savings into his own business or not.


For the time being, Yukie’s mother was dealing with home-made beauty and medicinal products such as hair growth oils and health supplements. She would also grab a few hours of cleaning restaurants, but after she fell ill, Yukie had to handle it all.


One afternoon, Yukie finished cleaning the house after cooking the rice, she rushed into her room to get ready to meet Young Miyagi.


“Yukie…YUKIE,” her mum summoned her. She spread different variety of herbs and leaves on her tatami mat.


“Oh mum what is this?” Yukie was stressing out.


“I need you to pluck each and every one of these honey, but you need to boil this herb for 20mins separately and then add them all into the one jar and add in the alcohol.”


“Mum, I’m tired and was planning to go out now, besides we have ten huge jars of these already.” Yukie was frustrated.


“Sweetheart, these take three months to ferment, the sooner you start the sooner we get paid. Besides where do you need to go right now?”


Yukie could not tell her mother that she wanted to meet a young boy. Nor could she let her mother do the task alone, as her mother was already drained for the day.


“Nowhere mother, just. I will start all this after I change my clothes okay.” Yukie received a kiss from her mother.


A few weeks would pass and she would be told to run errands and pick up some shifts at the restaurants in town. It was all overwhelming for Yukie, and not because she was a bad child, but rather a free spirited person. Even though Miyagi would jokingly call her American girl, she truly was ahead of her times and wanted to pursue her own dreams in dancing. Her father would never allow it to happen and now she can’t even visit Miyagi, as her schedule was non-existent.


Yukie would get into bed exhausted.


“I wonder if Nariyoshi misses me or cares less that I broke my promise.”


She would turn and face her younger sister who was fast asleep. Her sister was attending school and more importantly not going to sleep hungry, all due to Yukie working hard.


People in villages tend to grow up faster than city breeds, she thought.

“Father has done so much for us all and mother is going through a lot at the moment, I can’t be a child and moan all the time.” Yukie rubbed her sister’s head and kissed her.


That was the last night she ever thought about Narayoshi and the Sunday meetings.



A few months passed and it was Yukie’s eighteenth birthday.


Her mother woke up extra early to make her daughter the traditional breakfast meal, which consisted of pickled vegetables, eggs, mixed rice with grilled fish and miso soup. It was the best way to start the day, as Yukie felt she can live for another century after eating that meal.


“Your father has been away for a week but promised he’ll be back home this evening, apparently he has big news for us!” Yukie’s mum was excited too.


“I wonder what gift father got me?” Yukie eyes turned to stars



That evening Yukie’s father entered the house in a good mood. He took off his overcoat and summoned everyone in the living room. He was carrying a card covered in a cloth, this made Yukie extra curious.


“Family, I have great news! I went to a few meetings and rubbed shoulders with a few business men. I also had a meeting with Mr Toguchi, who lives up the hills.” Yukie’s dad was interrupted


“Toguchi?” Yukie’s mum handed over his tea.


“He’s only the richest man in this entire village and is well respected by EVERYONE!

Anyway, I pitched my idea to him about the future of car manufacturing and selling their components. We’re talking glass, steel, plastic, rubber copper etc. He agreed that cars are the future and understood my vision and business.” Yukie’s father paused to take a sip of tea.


“He wants to get into partnership with me and help build the next empire. Fear not family, we would not be reduced to farming like everyone else. With my expertise and his influence, we are going to be rich!”


The whole family were dancing with joy and Yukie’s mother could not hold back her tears.


“What’s that Father?” Yukie pointed at the card covered in cloth.


Her father let out a cough and all of a sudden his tone went from excitement to tension.


“Yes, well this brings me to the next point.” He looked over to his wife and back to Yukie.


“Me and Mr Toguchi got lunch together after the meeting and we started talking. He mentioned he has a son, a very bright solid young man. He is highly educated and soon to take over his father’s legacy. I too mentioned that I had a daughter his age and well…. This is to secure your future my love. Happy birthday!” He handed Yukie the card.


Yukie looked at her mother and sister as she unveiled the card. As she slowly moved the cloth down, it appeared to be a picture of Sato wearing a suit.


Before she could even say anything her dad tried to convince her she was the luckiest girl in Okinawa.


“You’re a woman today my dear, father couldn’t send you to school and you did so much for us in the past couple of months and have shown us how much you’ve matured. It’s common for girls to get married even at seventeen, so no need to feel shy. Every girl in the village wishes they could marry Sato, he will provide a good life, a rich life and most importantly your family’s life would improve.”


“NO!” Yukie slammed the picture down and looked her father dead in his eyes.


“Wh—you—wha-” her father couldn’t get his words out, shocked by her reaction.


“YUKIE!” Her mother intervened. For that was not the proper way for a daughter to behave.


“You don’t care about me at all! FOR MONTHS I have been bending my back here all because you were too stubborn to get a regular job for a brief moment to help us out. You turned to your ill wife to support us all while you felt sorry for yourself thinking about what to do. All the burden fell on me, your young daughter going to restaurants at night cleaning, so my little sister can eat at night.”


Yukie stood up.


“I NEVER ONCE COMPLAINED TO YOU GUYS! You said no to dancing and I kept quiet. You said I cannot continue school, I kept quiet. I served you both without hesitation because I love you. I knew this was not going to be my life forever, so I stepped up! But now I know you went out there and had a nice lunch out of my expense and sold me to another man’s son, SO YOU CAN BENEFIT FROM MY MISERY?” Yukie started to get emotional .


“SOLD YOU? HOW DARE YOU!” Yukie’s father got up and slapped her on her right cheek.


“How can you say such a thing; I am your father. What do you know about arranged marriages? The parents usually scout for a good family when the time comes. The mention of his son and you happened as if it was destiny. Tell me what did I do so wrong? You dare call me a free loader, I was worried to death about how I could save this family.” Her father shouted.


Yukie’s mother held her daughter with love after she got slapped by her father. “Sweetheart, your father is right, I got married the same way and I didn’t object as my parents had my best interest at heart. Your father worked hard to have Toguchi to accept you as his daughter-in-law, and you heard how important their family name is. We almost lost our status. This is a very unique opportunity that also aids your father’s business, so he can continue to provide for me and your younger sister before he turns old. You’re seeing this in the wrong way.”


“NOOO!” Yukie pushed her mum off of her.




“WHY?” asked her dad.


“Do I need a reason; I just don’t want to tie any red knot right now.” Yukie pleaded.


“So you want to be selfish and disobedient? Since when did we raise a problem child?” Her father was furious.


“Selfish? Problem child? Let me ask you dad, if I refuse this marriage would you not be able to start your business? The fact the meeting went well meant you was all set up and ready to go but then you mentioned me as if you owed Mr Toguchi something extra. You threw me under it and now without me everything crumbles right?” Yukie was in disbelief.


Her father had no response to that.


“None of this is fair.” Yukie dropped to her knees exhausted


“Sweetheart, I think this huge surprise was a shock to you but believe me, this is the way things happen. In a few days from now you’d look forward to it all, if you refuse this marriage, it may affect your future.” Yukie’s mother comforted her.


Yukie’s dad faced her mother “Speak sense into your daughter, Sato’s family are coming to meet us all next week. I don’t want any funny business you hear me? If any of you bring shame to this family, I will kill myself!” He stormed out.


Yukie ended up broken to the ground holding onto her mother and sister’s embrace as she cried away her pain that night.


“It’s not fair…. being a woman is not fair.”








CHAPTER 8 Honour vs Principle


“Yukie.” Sato whispered into the air


“Her name is Yukie, my friend.” Sato laid down and turned to the side acting happy in his own bubble.


Miyagi was as still as a rock; he could not understand why but it felt like a canon just shot him from behind, upon learning Sato was marrying Yukie. He wasn’t dating Yukie or had any grounds to object, in fact he didn’t want to object but something made Miyagi feel uneasy.


He realised that he didn’t say a word nor respond to Sato, he wanted to bring himself to speak one word but upon hearing Yukie’s name, he felt paralysed.


Miyagi started to crack as he remembered Yukie was in town crying and pleading for him to listen to her. It had been fifteen minutes since they met, so maybe if he ran he could find her. Miyagi shot up and started running.


“HEEEY NARIYOSHI, WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?” Sato’s shout echoed as the thunder struck.


Back in town, Yukie was still present taking shelter under a public gazebo as it was raining. She could not make her way home as she was still crying and found it hard to compose herself. She took out her handkerchief to wipe her tears and then she looked across the road to see Miyagi standing there all drenched.


Miyagi approached Yukie and they both stared at each other in silence. Miyagi now knowing the truth had to play this one out right and so the first thing he did was smile and say, “Congratulations.”


The sound of rainfall bouncing off the gazebo roof filled the silence.


Yukie still had a sad face which made Miyagi uncomfortable.


“For what?” Yukie asked rhetorically knowing full well he knows by now.


“Well, nothing happened yet, and I should perhaps save it for tomorrow but I’m talking about you getting engaged to Sato soon!” Miyagi forced a smile.


Again Yukie just stared back with sad eyes with no response.


“Sato is my best friend… actually he is more like my brother! I do not speak a lie when I tell you that he is a good man. He taught me well and took care of me and I can’t imagine the debt I would be in if he was to charge me back for everything he has done for me.” Miyagi sat down beside Yukie, as she was facing away from him.


He noticed her neat plait and the side of her long neck and pointy chin which made him look down onto the floor.


“He has one hell of a character which you will fall in love with. The fire in him is almost everlasting, I’ve never seen him give up on anything,” Miyagi chuckled

“He is a very SMART man too, one time he…”


“Why are you telling me all of this,” Yukie spoke with low energy after crying all night.


“I’m happy for you two and I thought you would, you know… You’d want to hear from me before you guys meet tomorrow.” Miyagi folded his arms


“Or to convince the both of us that we didn’t have feeling for each other and are heartbroken.”


Yukie faced Miyagi as she drew tears.


Miyagi unprepared for her response pulled a serious face, mouth open almost as if he would cry. He stood up and turned his back to Yukie.




“Not you too Nariyoshi. Please not you too!”


Miyagi faced her again with confusion


“All my life I have been forced to serve my parents, I wanted to dance since I was five years old, did you know that? Father objected. I wasn’t allowed to play out much with the other kids, then we moved homes and father pulled me out of school and I had to work multiple jobs which got in the way of meeting you on Sundays.”


Miyagi’s eyes started tearing at the sight of Yukie confessing with emotion.


“On my eighteenth birthday, my father decided to arrange me with Sato in order for him to be business partners with Mr Toguchi. I DON’T EVEN WANT TO GET MARRIED! I WANT TO BE FREE. I am sick and tired of being pushed…

I TOO WANT TO LIVE NARIYOSHI.” Yukie went high pitched as tears bawled out.


Miyagi’s eyes filled with tear bubbles, trying his best not to burst them. He wanted to run and hold Yukie in comfort.


“I know we spent a short time together Nariyoshi, but I love you! I even confessed that one time. I would rather be with a man I love and have him be a fisherman than sleep besides a stranger and live a lavish life in force.”



SATO IS LIKE A BROTHER TO ME, I CANNOT BREAK HIS HEART.” It was the first time Yukie saw Miyagi angry.


“I CAN’T DO THIS TO SATO! I CANT. Listen to me, Me and you… we connected well, that’s all. We’re friends. Don’t confuse it!” Miyagi had to be harsh, he was trying his best to resolve the difficult situation at hand.


Yukie’s face was broken when Miyagi said “don’t confuse it.”

She could not understand why he was acting like a coward, by not chasing what he wanted in life and allowing others to dictate his choices.


“You’re a coward.” Yukie mumbled which made Miyagi bring his head down.


He understood very well and deep down agreed.


“You might allow your elders to choose your path in life, but as I said, I want to live mine.”


Miyagi slowly walked towards her until their noses almost touched. He reached for his pocket.


“Sato is a good man, Yukie. He’s already crazy for you, he would give you anything you want. He won’t hold you back at all.” He whispered with assurance.


He then handed her his envelope of money


“I saved this up for you, you can continue learning or pursue your dreams with HIM by your side. Consider this a late birthday gift and an early engagement present.”


Yukie briefly opened the envelope to see large notes in a thick bundle, even in a glimpse one could tell there was enough cash to travel the world.


“What kind of man saves up all of his wages for a girl he met for fourteen days?”


Miyagi froze by Yukie’s words, she checkmated him.


She softly used both of her fist to hit his upper body, he then looked up from the ground and made direct eye contact. She stopped hitting him.


She grabbed a clean handkerchief from her bag and blew on it before placing it on his black eye. Miyagi closed both eyes as she nursed the bruised one, it was as if she removed the pain from her elegant touch alone.


He raised his arms and held onto her wrist to stop her motion, their fingers interlocked each other’s and before they knew it, they both leaned in for a long kiss.


Miyagi stopped to look at Yukie, his eyes changed, telling her he loves her too.

“I want to live my life with you Nariyoshi.” Yukie smiled.


 That night was the last night Miyagi and Sato would be known as best friends.


Miyagi chose a difficult path, but he had hopes talking to Sato will clear it all up.


He embraced Yukie tighter and kissed her more passionately without any care in the world.


“I will talk to Sato; He would understand… We can do this Yukie, you and me together.” They gripped each other’s hands



The two of them weren’t alone however, standing across the road was Sato himself, witnessing it all unfold before his own eyes.













CHAPTER 9 Miyagi VS The Elders


After bidding goodnight to Yukie, young Miyagi rushed back to where he left Sato, but he was not to be found. Miyagi then made his way to Sato’s house but was told by the gateman that the young master still did not arrive home.


Lost for ideas there was only one place he could look, their old club house.


It was there young Miyagi found Sato, camping under the boat house with a little fire burner going, he rushed there in relief knowing that he was safe.


“Hey Sato,” Miyagi kneeled down.


The ocean waves were mimicking Miyagi’s action as he didn’t know where to start. As soon as he found the words, they all washed away the moment he opened his mouth. He was battling it out back and forth.


“This is going to be really difficult but I beg of you to let me speak and tell you everything. Last year, end of summer, I met a girl….”


Sato had the straightest poker face as he stared into the shore, it was as if he was deaf and could not hear a word.


“… and then we promised to meet every Sunday but then a few weeks later we started to work for your father and I grabbed those extra doubles so I failed to keep my promise to her.”


“What the hell do you want me to do with this information?” Sato interrupted, still poker-faced.


“Well it’s hard to answer that, let me explain in more detail.” Miyagi was rubbing his forehead over the stress and awkwardness.


“Hey, this beam stayed up and held the boat roof for 7 years.” Sato diverted the conversation throwing Miyagi off for a second.


“Y-yes I guess so huh,” Miyagi responded admiring the wooden beam they both found.


“Back then I said it represented our friendship in time right? How strong do you reckon this beam is, you reckon I can break it in half?” Sato smirked towards Miyagi.


It was during this moment Miyagi sensed that Sato knew about Yukie, as he was implying their friendship was broken. He didn’t respond to Sato but rather looked lost and worried.


“HAAA!!’ Sato kicked the beam shaking the boat roof off balance!


He kept going at it until it was loose and detached, laying on the sand.


“HAAA!! HAA!! HAA!” Sato kept going at it trying to break it in half with pure raw strength alone, Miyagi was stunned with fear for a few seconds but then he immediately grabbed Sato from behind.




Miyagi held him as tightly and firmly as he could but Sato's arms and legs were popping out waving around in aggression.


“LET GO OF ME MIYAGI!” Sato shouted.


Miyagi pushed him off. “Why are you calling me by my family name?”


Sato was huffing and puffing and almost growling. He looked at the wooden beam and spat at its direction.


“Our friendship is no more.” Sato had the last word as he walked away


Miyagi was left all alone to cry it out in silence. He never expected to lose Sato in his life, he thought Sato would listen and understand his point of view but he didn’t get the chance to explain.


So much was happening so fast, he wasn’t ready to fight an even harder battle in the morning.


The next day Miyagi told his father everything. His father being a traditional man advised Miyagi to let it be but at the same time he would support him the best he could.


It was 8am, Miyagi thought the best place to start was with Yukie’s parents and then later speak to his Uncle (Sato’s father). He wore his best shirt and pants and made a prayer before leaving his house. As he approached Yukie’s house, he was reciting what he was going to say.


He was nervous but brave, there was no going back now.


He knocked on Yukie’s front door.


“Hai.” He heard a female voice coming closer behind the door. It was Yukie’s sister.


“Hi, I am Nariyoshi, friend of Yukie…” Miyagi spoke politely but suddenly the mother appeared from behind. They were both dressed formally and Miyagi noticed their hair and make-up.


“I’m sorry madam, is this a bad time?” Miyagi gulped.


“Well yes, we have guest over at the moment, what is this about?” Yukie’s mother spoke to him like he was a nuisance.


“He wants to see Yukie mother,” the younger sister buttered out.


“Yukie? How do you know my daughter and what can you possibly want with her?” Yukie’s mother was defending the door as she noticed Miyagi’s black eye.


Just then a familiar shadow stood behind the mum, “That’s just my friend mother-in-law.” It was Sato.


“Oh you are Sato’s friend, AHHH, I bet you wanted to see his wife to be right? Come on in.” Yukie’s mother suddenly turned friendly.


Miyagi walked in to find everyone at the breakfast table.


“Naroyashi?” Sato’s dad was surprised by his visit. Miyagi bowed and greeted his elders.


He felt so out of place and powerless, to the point he wished he could just jump out of the window.


Yukie was sitting there like an idol statue, her face so pale yet expressionless as ever.


“Who is this?” Yukie’s father asked.


“He is a friend of Sato’s, he wanted to see his sister-in-law to be. Come and sit son, there’s plenty of food.” Yukie’s mother lovingly gestured towards a chair.


“Not to be rude or anything son, but what are you doing here?” Sato’s father asked.


“I----I--I wanted to-to.” Miyagi felt inadequate.


“He wants to marry Yukie, after kissing her last night.” Sato stated in a blunt manner.


Yukie, suddenly in fear now looked more alive than ever and Miyagi himself was shaking.


“WHAT IS THIS!” Yukie’s father slammed the table for answers.


“IS THIS YOUR DOING?” Yukie’s father pointed at Yukie.


“No uncle, everything is a misunderstanding…” Miyagi tried to explain.


“YOU DO NOT SPEAK TO ME UNDERSTAND!” already Miyagi was the enemy of Yukie’s father.


“Father, this is my friend who I grew a bond with, I told him to come and speak to you and mother, but it was not supposed to be like this. Sato’s family were originally invited for dinner but you all pushed it to breakfast all of a sudden.” Yukie burst out.


“That’s because I pushed it forward knowing that Miyagi would turn up here trying to deceive your parents.” Sato spoke from his belly.


“What is going on here, can someone explain?” requested Sato’s mother.


“What do you mean deceive? You didn’t even allow me to tell you the full story last night, why are you being like this Sato?” Miyagi started to feel the fire burn within him.


“SILENCE!” Sato’s father stood up.


“MIYAGI…. You have shocked me today. I shall speak with your father later.

As for you all, your family have messed with my honour. I offered you my son but your daughter clearly wants to play with another boy. Hearing her answer back to her elders and guests. THE SHAME! You should have your house in order before offering me a daughter-in-law like this. This girl is no match for my son,” Sato’s father gave his judgment.


“Now wait a minute…” Yukie’s father had pride too.


“I’ve never seen or heard about this Miyagi boy until now and it seems to me your son already knew about them. Yet he knowingly decided to bring all this drama into my house, he could have told you and save us from all this shame. He is no saint either.”


Sato’s father gave one last look at Yukie’s father and buttoned up his blazer.

“This isn’t the end!” Sato’s family marched behind him and left.


“I think it’s time you leave too.” Yukie’s father gawked at Miyagi


Miyagi dropped to his knees.


“Please forgive me for any wrong I did, I never meant to enter your home and cause an argument Sir. But please, I beg of you to listen to what I have to say. I do love your daughter very much and felt this way since you moved here. Sato just complicated everything.” Miyagi's head was lowered facing the ground


“Me and Sato are like brothers Sir, my father is a fisherman but he also passed down my family karate not only to me but to Sato too. That’s how close we are. I did not expect this all to blow out like this, but I’m sure things would…”


“Would what?” Yukie’s father interrupted.


“Work out? Blow over? Or do you even believe in happy endings? You my son have destroyed my family name. Now Toguchi would not be interested to continue working with me. My family’s livelihood has been affected along with my daughter’s reputation. You come into my house with a black eye looking like a thug and tell me that you love my daughter, implying that you guys have been meeting without my knowledge.”


“Daddy it’s not like that! You’re making it sound like we have committed adultery, all we did was talk and watch the sunset.” Yukie cried.


Yukie’s father turned towards her with the ugliest face she had ever seen, “You think that’s love? EVEN IF YOU KIDS KNEW WHAT LOVE IS, YOU WOULDN’T BE PREPARED FOR THIS WORLD.”



“Listen here boy, love doesn’t conquer all. As I said, your price for loving my daughter cost me and my family dearly. Even if we got you guys married what would the entire village say? What job would hire the man who cheated with Sato’s fiancée to be? The shame would bury you alone, can you not comprehend that. I MOVED MY FAMILY HERE TO START LIFE ANEW, BUT NOW WE ARE DOOMED… all in the name of your love.”


Miyagi’s eye was filled with tears and his mouth was left open speechless.

“Please, I beg of you, LEAVE MY HOUSE.” Yukie’s father sat down crying.


Miyagi bowed in apology, he absorbed what Yukie’s father was saying and felt he had no right nor could he defend himself. He lost the battle, so he walked out of the house.


“NOOO! Nariyoshi come back!” Yukie was being held back by her mother.


She broke free leaving her collapsed mother on the floor, close neighbours and onlookers were watching.


“Nariyoshi!” Yukie stopped his tracks and looked at him as if to say ‘this can’t be it’.


Miyagi took a deep breath in as he popped his watery eye and just nodded ‘no’ to her and tried to smile and carry on walking.


“You said we can fight this together. The hard part is done, the hell with Sato’s family and the villagers. We can get married with our parent’s blessings. They will come around sooner or later.” Yukie had hope.


“Your father was right Yukie. I acted like a child thinking I knew how to deal with this but I wasn’t ready for his words. I can’t face him knowing I hurt him. Even my father said this would end badly and I didn’t listen.” Miyagi felt lost.


“SO WE GIVE UP? WE LOSE JUST LIKE THAT?” Yukie demanded an answer.


“Win, lose, no matter. But if you must know, Nariyoshi already won.”


“IN WHAT WAY?” Yukie was confused.


“Yukie is not being forced to marry. She is free for now.” Miyagi wiped her tears and turned his back.


Yukie stood in her spot as she watched Miyagi walk away, having no clue if they’ll meet, talk later or how things will pan out next week from now. All she knew was that Miyagi was the only one who understood her, listened to her and fought her battle even if he lost his own. He was like no other person she has ever met.


She cried but smiled looking at his back

 “*sniff*…. Monk boy!”.






CHAPTER 10 Sato Challenges Miyagi


When Sato returned home his father screamed the whole place down.


“They dare challenge MY SON, MY VERY OWN PRIDE. My son shall never forgive Miyagi.”


His thunderous voice echoed in every room, but it was suffocating Sato for two reasons alone. The first reason was that part of him did not expect this hatred towards Miyagi to grow even further, to the point that his father now made it a law to be Miyagi’s enemy. The second reason was that he felt ashamed for not handling the situation in a proper manner, he was not harsh in his approach and allowed himself to get humiliated.


Sato could not bear to stay indoors any longer and decided to leave the house and go to the bar.


Back in town, Miyagi and his father were shopping around, many heads turned back to stare at the young prodigy upon hearing the rumours of the morning squabble.

However, everyone respected Chojun sensei and would greet him and try not make a big fuss over it until a few minutes later.


Yukie and her mother was spotted being escorted out of the local bank. Yukie’s father instructed them to withdraw some money but the security staff refused entry.


“I’m sorry we are not dealing with any cash handling today, maybe you can return in a few days’ time,” said one of the security staff, as they escorted them both out.


Yukie’s mother turned around to see other customers inside, “But… we don’t want to take out much, just enough for a monthly shop,” she pleaded.


A restaurant worker, who works next door to the bank, was watching the drama unfold and made a vicious comment. “That’s Yukie, the one who does the late night cleaning here. I don’t understand why Sato chose her but apparently, she rejected him… some people, I swear.”


Yukie and her mother tried to compose hearing his comment but they gave a nasty stare back.


Once that comment was made, a few more people openly added their two cents in shaming the family, forming a small circle around them


Miyagi and his father approached them.


Chojun’s left arm was resting behind his back but his right arm was extended out to the people in order to silence them, which worked.


Miyagi extended a bow to Yukie’s mother and she returned a courtesy one in return.


“You have already met my son, I am his father, Chojun Miyagi. Perhaps this is not the best time we speak but allow me to interfere, for I am partly to blame for all this.” He then turned to the villagers.


“Taichi,” Chojun turned to the restaurant owner. “Why would you speak harshly on your own employee after she served you and worked hard for you? Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.”


“All of you! You’re feeding yourself poison as you gossip, it does nothing but feed your own ego and makes you think that you don’t have problems of your own. Just because your poor neighbour’s problem happen to go public, it doesn’t mean that you close them off, but rather HELP THEM!”


“No offence Sensei, but it’s easy for you to say that when your son was the one who got involved with an arranged marriage, what about Mr Toguchi?” a random bystander shouted.


This riled up the crowd and suddenly they turned on Miyagi.


We all know you guys were like brothers, but to even want to steal Satos girl.”


I was there you know, when he went to Yukies house. He interrupted their invitation.”


I heard Sato gave him the black eye.”


“WAIT A MINUTE NOW…” Chojun tried to control the crowd and the rumours from randomly spewing out.


Two men ran inside a bar where they found Sato drinking alone, they rushed to him so fast that everyone inside paid attention.


“Nariyoshi is with Yukie around the corner and the crowd is going mental, you better hurry.”


Sato felt heavy on his seat, but the rage he felt from learning that Miyagi and Yukie were together after his family left Yukie’s house shot him right up. He charged forward like a bulldozer.


Back at the crowd, Miyagi held Yukie’s hand and they both got up on a platform.


“I want to make a statement!” Miyagi’s voice echoed for the whole town to hear.


“Me and Yukie should not have to defend ourselves, we did nothing wrong at all. I met Yukie last summer when she moved here. We fell in love. Sato never knew her, he only saw her photo and then it was decided that she was to be wedded to him. HOW IS THAT FAIR? To be forced to live with a man you don’t know. My own friend Sato refused to listen to my love story, yet he is allowed to look at one picture and have it his way?”


The crowed was silent listening on.


“It was all for the name of BUSINESS. Yukie’s Father and Mr. Toguchi wanted to do business together and this marriage was to seal the deal. Yukie told me that she wanted to live life, she wanted to learn dancing and go to school. She wanted a life, not to be tied down to a marriage. She should have every right to refuse a proposal, am I right?”


The crowed half-heartedly agreed that a woman can refuse an arranged marriage.


“But you see, YOU CANNOT REFUSE A MAN LIKE SATO. Yes, me and Yukie love each other but I want you to remove me out of the picture and just stick to Sato and Yukie. If she refused the marriage would it have been any easier for her?

NO! Toguchi’s high status would’ve been in question, it would mess with his pride and YOU ALL WOULD STILL POINT YOUR FINGERS AT YUKIE.”


Miyagi took a deep breath, his eyes flared out and his volume went further and beyond.





Miyagi held onto Yukie’s hand tightly and raised it above their heads.





The hair on Miyagi’s back stood up, the entire crowd felt goosebumps as they turned around and saw Sato standing at the back of the crowd.


Sato pushed through the crowed fearlessly, eyes locked on Miyagi. Yukie was scared but Miyagi gripped her hand to remind her that he was present.


The whole town was quiet, waiting for Sato to speak up.


“You cannot marry Yukie yet Miyagi, we still have our own affair to settle.” Sato glared.


“What do you mean?” Miyagi asked.





Miyagi immediately released Yukie’s hand. Yukie rubbed her wrist and looked at Miyagi, but he was as still as he can be, paying attention to Sato alone.


“I don’t want to fight you Sato.” Miyagi still viewed him as his dear friend.


“SENSEI, SPEAK TO YOUR SON.” Sato directed at Chojun


“When your temper rises, withdraw your hand, if your hand rises, withdraw your temper.” Chojun reminded Sato.


“Ha! This is not the time for your lesson Sensei, do you not believe in traditions and customs too?” Sato smirked as the crowd sided with him.


“That’s not the point!” Chojun grunted.


“Your son made a show of himself and his sins are the talk of the day. I will not let him walk away a free man.” Sato defended his corner.


Miyagi looked at his father with puppy dog eyes, but there was little his father could do. Once a challenge was made, you had see through it as man. It was a code of honour. Miyagi was in a stalemate with Sato now, either way, he could not marry Yukie.


“I don’t want to fight you…”. Miyagi stepped down from the platform and walked away as the crowed showcased their disappointment


“WHERE ARE YOU GOING MIYAGI, COME BACK HERE!” Sato’s challenge was left hanging,


But Miyagi moved fast and kept pushing forward ignoring Sato.


COWARD!” Sato roared out with hate and it was the last thing Miyagi would hear from Sato’s mouth.


A few hours later, Miyagi made a life changing decision after speaking with his father. They both thought objectively, but ultimately Miyagi’s final decision was the only one he was comfortable with.


With the permission of his father, Miyagi had one thing to collect.


Yukie and her mother visited Chojun, he welcomed them in and offered some tea.

Yukie’s mother wanted to express her gratitude for his support earlier and wanted all this to end and have the kids be friends. Yukie was looking for Miyagi but he was out for the evening. Chojun told her where she could find him.


Miyagi was laying by the cliff sweating heavily, he was heavily drained. He had ropes and climbing gears around him.


“What’s all this?” Yukie appeared glowing elegantly from the sunset.


Miyagi, still out of breath, looked tired and pulled out the item from his bag.


“Oh, your mother’s Bonsai tree? Wow, did you actually hang yourself to get this?” Yukie was surprised.


“It’s very pretty.” She held it like it was a newborn.


“Just like mother.” Miyagi smiled.


“Your father told me that you was planning on leaving.” Yukie placed the bonsai tree in its bag.


She sat down besides Miyagi and fixated on the sunset.

She then handed him his envelope of money. “Here,” she said.


Miyagi took one look at it and picked his upper body up.


“This was a gift for you…for school tuition.” Miyagi insisted.


“I can’t accept this. You have done more than enough for me. More importantly, it sounds like you will need this money more than me. Where are you planning to go?”.


Miyagi picked up the envelope, “Hmm, well with this maybe I can get to America right, American girl? He chuckled.


“Will you write to me?” she asked angelically.


“Best you don’t know where I am. Your letter might make it harder for me.” The atmosphere was turning cold.


“Hey Yukie, can you give me a go away present?” Miyagi sat up.


“Yes! What would you like.” Her face was pretty when she smiled


“Can you dance for me?”


Yukie’s eyes fluttered, she shot herself up and took a bow, “It would be my pleasure.”


She never showed anyone her dance skills before and it was the first time she would express her art to the one person who cared.


Her slender waist moved in a sophisticated manner, each limb looked like an instrument and moved like a cloud of air. Her fluid motion was picture perfect in every angle.


Na na na na na naaa….” She quietly hummed a tune for her Obon dance, keeping a smile all throughout.


“WOW.” Miyagi was taken aback as he applauded her performance.


“You are really great Yukie, honestly! Never give up on your dreams,” he encouraged.


“Can I request for one thing too?” Yukie shyly asked.


“Anything.” He stood up


“Sing me my favourite song and dance with me one time.” Her eyebrows knitted together as her eyes started forming tear shines.


Miyagi walked up to her, put one arm around her waist, her hand on his shoulder and clasped the other hands together. They didn’t move much, only rocking left to right as they turned ever so slowly.

kurai uki yono…”


After the word ‘Kurai’, Miyagi’s voice started to shake and choke up, putting Yukie under the tear spell too. They both cried as the dancing stopped and transitioned into a hug.


“Why do you chose to go far?” Yukie cried.


“I did too much damage to everyone, I need to atone.” Miyagi held her tighter


The two lovers stood on that cliff hugging each other for exactly seven minutes and twenty-five seconds, saying everything they could to each other before bidding goodbye.


Sato on the other hand was wandering around in the beach with his hands in his pockets. He was going through multiple emotions at once and could not handle the pressure from it all. He lost the one thing his Sensei taught him, “Balance”.


Anger, sadness, rage, loneliness, disgust and shame. He had it all except for happiness.


He had no idea that Miyagi was planning to leave in a few hours or the fact that he was with Yukie, hugging it out this very moment.


Sato stopped at a specific spot, it was where the Banzai club house used to be but now it was another patch that just blended in with the beach dirt.


He then came across the wooden beam which he tried to break the previous night, after seeing red.


He could hear the laughter of young Miyagi and himself on the day they built the club house.


The beam was laying there blending into the dirt, with no purpose at all. Sato kneeled down and lifted it up, wiping off the sand and debris.


It was still in marvellous shape.


“Hmph” Sato smiled.




The End


Submitted: September 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 CYBERPUNKCHILL. All rights reserved.

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We needed this, this was Friggin amazing!! It made me so emotional and now I will forever view Karate Kid (2) differently - but for the good! Having this background story of Young Miyagi was needed in my life that I didn’t even realise it. I listened to the ‘The karate kid (1984) Music and Ambience’ uploaded Mister ambience on YouTube on the background whilst reading this entire story - most parts synced up perfectly with the music so I recommend playing this whilst you read! Thank you Kaz for writing this amazing piece!

Sun, October 3rd, 2021 1:50pm

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