Just Die Walmart!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A company I hate. Enough said.

Sam Walton, you dirty son of a bitch!

I Saved money after you gave me the pink slip,

I lived better as I dived face-first into the sewer you threw me in,

Line sickness from saying high and faking a smile!


Your company is just another dead end,

Paid me nine dollars an hour with no benefits,

I was fried as I tried to make things work,

Never good enough and forever damned by your selfish employees!


My shift boss, 

Used me like a whore until the sore became unbearable,

Failed as a shift lead,

Sucked as a friend and human being,

They'll betray you the first chance they get!


Got my revenge a thousandfold,

Crank called them from my home,

Telling trainees how worthless they are,

Telling managers how their children are drug peddling on the playground!


Broke my back as they spoke lies,

Thought they were better as I fought them,

They won the battle but lost the war,

I'm still employed,

I invest in this economy,

I own stock in your company so lock your doors,

The monster has come!


See my wolfish grin?

Our evil goes on and on,

Forever stocking and clocking us into the nightmare,

It's useless to deny the crime,

As it is useless to deny my rhyme! 









Submitted: September 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 The Mind Breaker. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

Retail is slavery with a paycheck. I know. Trust me, I know. :(

Sat, September 25th, 2021 5:03pm


Than you for your sympathy:)

Sad to say that despite my being an investor I am still technically in retail with a few unique added layers of complexity. Still, I suppose we can't have everything. Sometimes we are just dealt a bad hand and have to live with it.

Sun, September 26th, 2021 3:47am

Steven P. Pody

Most workers get used, abused, and spit out. You take your jollys where you can, fer sure. Well, whether you're the voice of the worker, or just the voice of you, your poetry (you shouldn't plug in specific names, ya know) sounds authentic, with a fine fever-pitch of genuine frustration and grinding down of your spirit on a daily basis. (I retired after 41 years. See my "The Beast In The Mirror".) Keep up the good, poetic work! The word for the day is 'cathartic', and I see you've found your steam-valve. Good job, keep sane, continue writing! Poetic regards, SPP

Sat, September 25th, 2021 5:13pm


Thank you for the advice. Use of specific names is potentially actionable assuming he was ever smart enough to notice. It will be changed.

Sun, September 26th, 2021 3:31am

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