Global Travels of God’s Servants

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: connie-dean-smith

A dedicated couple travels to many countries to spread the Word of God, and they help many people along the way. They risk capture and imprisonment in countries behind the Iron Curtain.

Table of Contents

Early Years

Global Travels of God’s Servants   By Connie Smith   Third Edition By Connie Smith ... Read Chapter

Doing Too Much

Chapter 2: Doing Too Much 2a: Connie Goes to Work By this time, the children were getting older, and so I went o... Read Chapter

Call From God

Chapter 3: Call From God 3a: How Willing Are You? It was about this time, suffering yet from depression, that I ... Read Chapter

Beginning of Our Overseas Ministries

Chapter 4: Beginning of Our Overseas Ministries 4a: Our First Overseas Trip After all of our hard work on the ol... Read Chapter

God Moves Us on Again

Chapter 5: God Moves Us on Again 5a: Move Into Town We became restless in our wonderful home. Our two older chil... Read Chapter

A New Life

Chapter 6: A New Life 6a: The Challenge to Greater Giving A new life of faith on our part had begun. We still ha... Read Chapter

European Adventures

Chapter 7: European Adventures 7a: The Call to Europe On June 22, 1980, we were in a Sunday morning meeting in L... Read Chapter

Ministries Closer to Home

Chapter 8: Ministries Closer to Home 8a: We Return Home to Another Challenge Our flight seemed long, tiring, and... Read Chapter

Back to Europe

Chapter 9: Back to Europe 9a: God Calls Again About this time, we had left to go back out on the road again to h... Read Chapter

Home Again

Chapter 10: Home Again 10a: The Burden Is Lifted: We Return to the United States We stayed another day with our ... Read Chapter

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