Hypnotising my Little Brother

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Mia never liked her siblings. Being the only girl in the family her two brothers were tolerable at best. However, when she has to spend a week alone with only her older and younger siblings for company she snaps and decides that she is the one who will be in charge. All she needs is an idea to get her way…

"You can't be serious! I won't survive one week!"

"Oh don't be so over dramatic, Chris is old enough to take care of you two for a short while and Bennie needs someone to look after him. Besides you can always call us if its an emergency."

"I don't want to be stuck with Ben!"

"Tough. My decision is final."


Mia and her dad Vince were having a heated discussion about the arrangements for next week. The plan was to have her older brother Chris look after herself and her younger brother Ben whilst her parents went to a child free wedding in Indonesia. This might not seem like a bad thing but to Mia this was a living nightmare.

For you see her siblings are not that nice to her. Chris is lazy and irresponsible 19 year old, often shifting his responsibilities onto Mia without care whereas Ben was your tipical 8 year old boy. Annoying and annoying and annoying. Sometimes they would even gang up on her to do some sort of 'prank' or 'trick' which often involved humiliation at her own expense. This is why she dispised the idea of being stick with them eventhough herbparents were mot of much use anyway.

After conceding the argument and storming up to her room, she tried to think of a way of getting out of this tricky situation, but to no avail. Frustrated, she began typing in random search queries for her solution into her browser in an attempt to find an answer somewhere. It took 10 minutes before she found something interesting: an article about adapted stage hypnosis and how it is accomplished. Curious, she began to read.

It was all about how to directly hypnotise someone, even with them knowing what was happening. Although she didn't understand the science behind it she did lesrn that it had something to do with the placebo effect. In short: if you cpuld convince the subject that they were being 'hypnotised' then they would fall into trance themselves. The convincing was done by changing what they perceived hypnosis to be and creating a believable induction method. Although sceptical people were harder to trance, keeping your methodology sound compared to your reasoning would apparently be sufficient to get an effect. From there the subject's subconscious was open ton suggestion. Mia now knew how she was going to survive the would be week in hell.


The two weeks prior to the parents' departure when by quickly for Mia. She had been practicing hard in her room in order to perfect her technique for hypnosis, making sure that the shakey logic behind her reasonig, sounded convincing enough. As well as speculating what she would do with her siblings. Now all she had to do was wait for the opertune moment.

That moment came when Chris announced as soon as the parents had left that he was headed to a party and to order a takeaway, using the weekly food allowance that their mum had put aside before going. As predicted the little bundle of energy that was Ben came crashing through Mia's door just as she was tying out some perfume samples. He instantly started fiddling with things on her desk, knocking things over, and spewing a bareage of incoherent questions. 

Using every ounce of self restraint not to scream at the twerp, Mia picked up the fallen objects and said "Would you like to play a game Ben?"

"Yes please! I would like to pkay a game! Whatsoyrtofgamrisitdoigetapriseforwinninghowdoyoupl-"

"Ben! If you let me finish then we might actually get to play the game before bedtime!"


"Its a really fun and relaxing game called hypnosis."

"How do you play?"

"The aim of the game is to make your opponent fall asleep first."

"That sounds like a booooring game. I want to play a different game! I want-"


(very quietly) "sorry..."

"*sigh* look: im sorry I shouted but you willl find it fun if you let me teach you how to play."

(still quiet) "ok"

"Don't worry you are gonna love this: now look at me in the eyes and focus realy hard on them and nothing else"


"Now watch as I move my index finger closer and closer to your forehead. You feal as if there was a magnet at the tip of my fingers pulling your thoughhts out."

"I feel wierd"

"just relax that is normal. Now, as I count from 10 to 0 you are going to feel sleepier and sleepier. When I tough your forehead you will fall into a deep sleep."


"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0"

As I touched Ben's forehead his eyes rolled back and he slumped onto my sholder. 


"Yes?" came a monotone reply.

"Can you... hear me?"

"I can hear you" 

"Are you asleep?"


OMG I actually did it I hypnotsed my brother! But wait, what if he is faking the whole thing? How do I know that I won't  ruin my fun by trying to give him instructions? Oh I know! I can just ask him a very personal question.

"Ben answer truthfully: what is the most embarrassing thing you haven't told me?"

"I once wet my pants a little on a car ride to the beach and didn't change until we came back."

"Do you have any proof?"

"I normally run everywhere but when we went to the beach you noticed how I was waddling. I said I was trying to be a penguin but I still blushed with the embarrassment."

"Ok. Ok. I believe you now."

This is amazing! I have complete control over my brother and the week has just begun. But now onto the fun part. What should I do with him. I could get back at him for teasing me, make him do my chores... or... I could make him into my pet...

"Ben, listen to my voice: when I snap my fingers you are going to wake up, except you will now be my cute and obedient puppydog. When around me you will revert to this state and can only do basic speech. You will still be yourself for the most part until I give you a doggy command. If I praise or punish you, it will affect your behaviour as my pet. If I give you an order you will instinctively want to follow it so badly that you cant help but obediently follow it and enjoy pleasing your owner. Lastly, your new names are puppy and pet, as well as the fact that you won't remember anything about me hypnotising you or these instructions. However, they will remain in your mind and you will follow them regardless. If I say puppyben you will begin following the instructions. If I say tranceben then you will fall into an even deeper trance than this one. If I say humanben you will return to normal except you will not remember anything to do with the hypnotic effects you were under. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good, now wake up *snap*"

"Huh? What happened?"

"You dosed off. I won the game."

"No fair! Thats cheating! ...what were we playing again?"

"It doesn't matter. I have a new game that we can play."

"It better be a game that I win."

"Of course, its called puppyben."

The results were instantanious: his pupils dialated. He fell on all fours, and he began lightly panting with his toungh slightly out.

"Oooh. Ben like sound of that woof."

"Thats right. Now go get me a snack from downstairs."

Although the hypnosis was strong Ben appeared to be resisting it slightly.

"*whine*Why Ben do that? Mia can go get snacks ruf."

"Well puppy is going to get snacks for his owner because he doesn't want to be a bad boy now does he? I'm sure he just wants to obey anyway as well."

"Ben...puppy...hard to think...woof woof... no... I want to be a good boy, I want to make my owner mistress happy."

"Pet, fetch me some snacks."

"Yes mistress woof."

I watched as my new puppy bounded down the stairs to obey my request. It felt good having him run around for me for a change. He came back upstairs with a bowl in his mouth, filled to the brim with chocolates.

"Oh good boy"

"Ruf ruf!"

It seemed that Ben had forgotten how to speek.

The rest of the day was soooo much fun. First I asked my puppy to give me a back massage and he instantly obeyed. He loved it and was realy good. Then I got my friends dog round as I offered to dog sit it and they had a blast. I told him to go play and he eagarly greeted the mentally older dog egarly. At first the older dog just messed around with him, but after realising that he was not really human, the male dog positively dominated him. Ben had no choice but so become this dog's slave. Then when an alpha was established it almost looked as if Ben began to instinctively obey the other dog as well. Following him around, scratching his fur for him. When it came to fetch the older dog looked at my puppy and he would bound off to fetch the ball for him, then he would give the ball to the other dog so he could give it to me, sooo cute! He was really subservient. Finally it came to dinner. I got out two bowls of human edible dogfood (designed for curious childeren who can get into anywhere) and put them on the floor. Puppy obeyed my friends dog and let him eat out of one bowl first then he went and sniffed the second bowl. Normally Ben is a fussy eater but his new doggy instincts told him that this was food and although it he was reluctant the smell urged him on to take a bite, before messily devowering it. He then trotted up and nuzzled me as a thanks. I ruffled his hair and petted him which caused him to be in pure bliss. All he knew was the pleasure of being obedient to me. 


That night I could barely sleep as I wondered what I was goong to do about my older brother. I had made sure to change Ben back to his 'human' personality before Chris came back from his party smelling slightly of alcohol. I didnt want to turn him into a dog, but I also wanted to exact some revenge for his pranks throughout my childhood. But that would have to wait as I already have one pet slave that I can toy with for now...



Submitted: September 25, 2021

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