You Shouldn't Be Here

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Three friends enter a dark cemetery to discover a dark truth.
A sprinboard for a horror comic by the same name.




It was early October and regiments of crisp, fallen leaves swirled along the sidewalk that bordered Blackstone Cemetery’s wrought iron fence.  Three teen boys, silhouetted by moonlight, and armed with shovels, walked along this same sidewalk, crushing as many leaves underfoot as possible without slowing their pace.

Stopping at the cemetery’s tall, chained gate, the shovels were thrown over and they clanking loudly against each other.  Todd Ross shook his head and glared at his comrades.  “Why don’t you assholes just call the cops?  Damn.  Keep it down.”  Todd pushed his thin frame through the gap that the loose chain allowed in the gate.

Bill followed, sucking in his gut to make the narrow opening.  Jeremy passed through with ease and was the first to grab his spade.

Crouching and running with their shovels held like rifles, the boys wove between headstones, trees, and monuments.  Then it was there: THE GRAVE.  It was like a thousand others, but special in a rare way.

“Okay, goofs-dig.  We don’t have all night.”  Todd was used to barking orders and having them obeyed.  Bill and Jeremy joined Todd and began to dig, piling the dirt in two neat mounts.

Getting close to the casket, Jeremy laid his spade down and began to shake.  “I don’t know, Todd.  Are you sure?”

“You know we have to, Jeremy.  Not something I’m into, but we 

gotta and you know it.  You’ve done enough, buddy.  Me and Bill will finish up.”

Jeremy sat down, head in hands, and began to cry.  Todd and Bill were opening the casket.  Rotting wood and rusted metal screamed at the intrusion.  Inside was the mummified body of a corpse; it’s hair loosed from the scalp, forming a type of crown around the skull.

Jeremy peered in.  “God, no.  No.”

Todd put his arm around his friend to calm him.  “It’s the only way, man.  You shouldn’t be here.  You know it.  You have to go back.”

Jeremy stopped crying and stared at himself in the coffin.  He then looked at his friends and simply nodded his head as he climbed down the dirt walls and re-entered his body.

When the last shovel full of dirt was back in place, two friends walked quietly out of the graveyard.


Submitted: September 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 james di angelo. All rights reserved.

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D. Thurmond aka JEF

An interesting twist at the end, and well written too.

Sat, September 25th, 2021 6:58pm


Thanks for reading JEF
This story was picked up by [ an online comic site]

Sat, September 25th, 2021 2:02pm

B Douglas Slack

I agree with JEF. Interesting twist at the end. The editing nits are yours to ignore if you wish.


Sat, September 25th, 2021 10:24pm


Thanks Bill. Each night I think I will clean up my stories before posting and ?
After my accident [ falling off a roof ] my rehab speech therapist helped me get on Booksie and another writing site [ reading is supposed to help with memory and etc. etc.] and it was your Booksie pages she marked for me to read.
Thanks again Bill

Sun, September 26th, 2021 5:55am

Ann Sepino

Love the intro and the ending! I feel so bad for Jeremy. He just has to get back into his body and be covered with dirt, the poor guy. Then again, this is only part of their story, and there could be more that might change my mind. Overall, it's a fun, intriguing read. :)

Tue, September 28th, 2021 1:31pm


Thanks for the readAnn. The three page comic book version is on under my real life name: Bob Kasch.
Thanks again for the read and comment.

Tue, September 28th, 2021 7:19am

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