The Sagacious Jester

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The importance of comedy and the king of Comedy Dave Chappelle.

The Sagacious Jester

Dave Chappelle is NOT funny. 

We are. 

this we mustn’t fail to remember. 

We are the funny ones because we are and must always be the joke. 

In medieval times it was a prestigious duty to be a jester to a Royal. One of the main duties was to offer bad reports presented humorously. This may not seem like such a major ask, but could you imagine giving bad news to a person that could have you executed for no reason at all? Above all this vital report you had to make it palatable through humor. What if it was a very rotten day? Now as you see, this responsibility becomes a terrifying assignment that requires both courage and shrewdness.


We, modern folks, have a growing problem, a festering excessive sensitivity to the truth which is a defining tyrannical characteristic, we’ve cast much of ourselves into darkness and have developed an inability to laugh at oneself. These are not just red flags but violent sirens signaling a war we are losing with our worst selves, the shadow becoming more and more dominant.


In the medieval kingdom, no one was prohibited to ever talk disparagingly about the Royal in any way, only the Jester was granted the liberties to tell it like it was, to amuse, but also reveal the information that no one else could speak on. What a precarious situation to find oneself in. They must tell the truth to the people sometimes least tolerable to hearing it. You must balance both the laugh and the truth as if your life depended on it because often it did and still does. 


This leads to the significance of Dave Chappelle. 

Few are chosen to be Watchers, to be reflectors. A tribe of people whose purpose is to show the veritable face of everyone else. To reveal the ugly underneath the crowns of those who refuse this insight every other way. Chappelle is among the most important of this tribe of Poets because the fact of the matter is this. You can only deal with what you can laugh at. What happens to people who cannot any longer laugh at themselves? It means too they can no longer deal or heal with whatever they’re desperately looking to avoid seeing in the mirror.  Comedy is the last line of offense against defensive dissonances and disassociations of the mind. 


I loved Dave Chappelle for as long as I could remember. I deeply admired him not just because of how masterful he is at his craft, but because I was able to look at society and see that some truths need to be caricatured and distorted and as Emily Dickinson would say told at a slant. Often the most tender of wounds can only be tended to through laughter. 


We are a wounded people, we are a wounded country, we are a wounded global collective who are deeply afraid of ourselves now more than ever. 


Chappelle is and will always be a Poet gifted with the superpower of telling people what they need to hear through humor. I personally think he’s the best, but this is subjective and can be debated forever and ever, but what I will not go back and forth with you on is the fact he is the greatest comedian to have ever walked this Earth. What I mean by greatest is that he is undoubtedly the most important. 


I’m a firm believer that fantastic claims need fantastic evidence. My reasoning for proclaiming him the greatest comedian to ever live comes about for many reasons but I will limit it to just two, Status and adversity.


I’ve alluded to his importance he has the status to draw the line on what can be said and not said. If he buckles to the pressure of cancel culture then none of his peers will ever be able to survive and cross the line that he honored. Heavy is the head, but personal battles prepare you for your purposed responsibility in the collective war. his public feud and bravery in the face of the network who personally tried to destroy him only provided him the resolve to deal with the collective, he’s responsible to, which is all of us, and not ask, but demand we listen to him do his job. He has the clout necessary to put the line where he wants it.  With his special Sticks and Stones, he did what only he could. Erased the line entirely and each joke was grape drink flavored medicine that we spoiled rotten baby Royals needed to hear.


We have come to our jesters woefully sensitive and truly unremarkable. 

To fully grasp this let’s go back to the medieval days, can you imagine the king coming to you and saying “I know I gave the job to you to ensure I heard the truth, but you are not to talk about this or speak on that. You cannot frame your report this way or that way or it’ll be off with you.” This censoring will prove fatal to every society that infringes on free speech


Back in our world, no one is more gifted and suited to tell us the necessary truth in these perilous times than Dave. We must look to him to make us laugh, so that we may heal. 

He took a look at the importance of what happens to a civilization that censors Jesters and he decided that he was going to look us in the eye and rip us apart so we can see our own faces.  


What he accomplished is much more than an all-time great special in a string of all-time great specials but did it at this time, which I am not a comedian, but I’ll put this era’s problems with the world up against any other time in history. We are a miserable bunch going through an even more miserable time. That is his adversity, throughout human history, the stakes have never been higher. This is our adversity which among many other reasons is just the other reason stated why he’s the greatest comedian to ever exist. You’re only as powerful as the devil you’re up against and our lives are buried in the details. 


Dave Chappelle, the Jester is not any ordinary fool, but a sagacious prophet who is warning us, the unconscious Royal society that you better hear this report or everything is lost. We now are funnier than we’ve ever been and never before have we found it so difficult to laugh at ourselves. I thank you for your EyE Mr. Chapelle,  


So here’s to the King of the fools may God bless him.

Submitted: September 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Trindin Wright. All rights reserved.

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