Life - A Journey

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We have been gifted this one life, where we are able to make connections, and learn new things about the universe and ourselves. So, how did it all begin? Do we have a purpose? If so, what is it that makes us unique as intelligent beings? Explore such ideas, and enjoy this narrative from a young author who loves to explore such deep topics.

Have you ever felt the need to get answers to questions like: How did we all come into existence, and who was the first person on this planet? If so, you are not alone. Many people have also wondered why are we here, on this earth.

When I was a small boy, I too had these types of thoughts occasionally. There were times when I would marvel at the power of lightning, and wondered how the rain emerged from the clouds. There were times when I had sleepless nights, thinking about the story I was working on, trying to fit it into reasonable explanations based on science. 

Like my Matter-Machine, which I have not yet published, which was supposedly able to convert any matter to any type of physical object. Somewhat like a teleportation machine. But, in the beginning, I was not aware of the complications that would arise if I let it create a copy (or clone) of my main character, as I was not sure if the second being was a new human being, or a single person present at 2 different locations at the same time.

It may seem like an irrelevant and trivial matter to some, but as a writer, I had to figure it out for the rest of my plot to make sense. Sometimes, thinking logically, there was no way my story could go forward, as I had virtually let my hero invent a machine with godlike powers. This made me realize the importance of setting limits, just like we have in this world.

Sometimes, it may seem a bit frustrating at not being able to do whatever we wanted in this life, and it is ­– in a way – good for us. Well, if this didn’t make sense, then imagine a baby being able to fly into space, while you were trying to feed it. Wouldn’t it be an absolute mess if the baby apparated from place to place, and his one meal would take you around the world several times?

So, think of the relief mothers have, as they know that their baby can just go around in the house at most. And if there were no limits, we would have no advantage over our younger generation, as they would be as qualified as we were, which is insane to think about.

While I leave this question upon the reader to think about, and come to a conclusion regarding my statement above, let’s move on to what I find interesting about myself. I have been writing since my childhood, and it has been quite an amazing journey so far.

If there is anything that can be termed as constant in our lives, it is CHANGE. Yes, we all witness a lot of changes, both materialistic and spiritual, all around us. For example, take a seed of your favourite fruit, and plant it in the ground.

It grows constantly, and new leaves are created. New branches form, and fruits begin to appear after the flowers have been pollinated successfully. Similarly, we were babies before getting the appropriate knowledge and skills to speak, walk, read and write.

If you observe closely, you will see that a writer’s writing matures over time, and it is natural. Now, just imagine that we are on a train journey, and there are families and other people travelling with us in the same coach.

Life is somewhat just like that. It is a journey, which continuously evolves and lets us grow to our full potential, before withering away and falling off just like a flower. We should therefore be good and kind to who are in the same coach as ours, like parents, relatives and friends.

If this article seems to have no logical connection between the different paragraphs, then, understand that life is just like that, sometimes. You never can understand all the factors that led you on a certain path, and will have to accept that you also had been stuck somewhere in your life, and had to let go of some control, so that life can lead you into a better place, just like the seed on a leaf floating on a river.

This doesn’t mean we should give up and just do nothing, but it means that when life presents us with opportunities, we should not just ignore them and let them pass without any valid reason. Who knows, success is just round the corner? How can you be sure that a new creation of yours will not go viral?

We need to keep moving forward, and not be held back by our fears and insecurities. Set clear goals, which push you slightly out of your comfort zone, and let the results speak for themselves. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

It is like a pile of dominoes that you have lined up over the years, and one of them sets off the others, creating a compound effect. Never give up and lose hope, as GOD is always there to help us if we need support. We are His creation, and He would not just let us go in vain.

Our life, thoughts, aspirations and dreams are just like a journey, like a passenger waiting to arrive at the destination. We should, therefore prepare to become worthy human beings, and give the best we can offer to our co-passengers on the train of life – our well-wishers and those we know. That’s all for today, and I hope you liked my article, which seemed like a journey in itself.

~ Silgorious

Submitted: September 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Silgorious. All rights reserved.

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