Assorted Tales

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are a collection of Micro-Fiction

Epiphany about a falling leaf

The leaf yellow and withered is falling to the ground as a poetic odyssey. Its flight is mellow, smooth and warm. Its flight is the rhythm of the ocean, a kaleidoscope of mirth. It trembles in joy’s rhythmic delight. It is a grandeur of epic emotion. It’s a lullaby of a song.

Epiphany about a Butterfly

You mellow angel on wings…you epic of glory…you epic of tinsel…you bard of the morn… you solo of a chorus…you delight of a mystic…you glorious grandeur…you symphony of nature’s architecture…you darling in flight…you mirth of joy…you epicurean of fantasy…you are populated in a rhythmic dance…you Mesmer’s sepulcher…you creature of aesthetics…you heart of a joy…you passionate manna…you bring a song to the heart.

Down to the Last Penny

Down to the last penny as an idiom means being very broke.

I in my life never want to be down to the last penny.

The bed

The bed totally indifferent to me. I want to sleep with it but it is callous and indifferent. I have tried encouraging the bed with whispers of love, with fond kisses, with the massage of her legs. Yet the bed does not yield to me. I coaxed the  bed  to make love to me but yet it is  unrelenting. I feel so sad and despondent. I want to do beautiful poetry to it enjoy the treasures of an erotic garden. Yet the bed does not satisfy me. While doing all these the bed falls snoring and sleeps.

Epiphany about a Dragonfly

You poetic dance…you wings of gossamer…you soul of love…you danseuse of the evening…you eclipse of ecstasy…you passionate flower in angelic symphony…you guardian angel of love…you epic of passion… you are the soul’s love.

Submitted: September 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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