Son of Poseidon 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Peter Wave,Son of Poseidon,God of the Seas.

Once an ordinary fisherman,Peter was called to embrace his true bloodline when elder gods known as Titans attacked earth,killing many gods in the process and Peter,along with other super powered comrades fought the invaders off,creating their own superhero team to protect the world from then on.

Since those years,Peter had become used to his new life,being a full fledged superhero using his water bending powers to fight evil until recently,his father Poseidon finds him,telling him about a sinister force that has been taking the lives of hundreds of mortals daily without any trace whatsoever.

Peter is now on another quest to find the source of power responsible and at the same time,find other gods or demigods out there that might be of use on this mission and true to Poseidon's advice,Peter ends up finding multiple gods...who may or may not be on his side.

Book Cover by @Oliver_Mootoo on Instagram

Table of Contents

The Sea God's Quest

The Sea God's Quest Who killed the Gods? Peter Wave,the Son of Poseidon,God of the Sea recalled that day. For his entire live... Read Chapter

Son of Apollo

Son of Apollo  "I don't know how you found me,but this is the end." Peter watched as the archer's bow began manifesting a be... Read Chapter

Seeking for Death

Seeking for Death Peter readied his spear as the first three skeletons charged at him. The Son of Poseidon slammed the butt of ... Read Chapter

Dying Gods

Dying Gods I thought my life would finally have some form of normality. But here I am,strolling the fields of the Underworld for ... Read Chapter

True Death

The True Death Poseidon smiled,stretching his arms as a blue aura of power surrounded him. "It's been awhile since I've gotten ... Read Chapter

Dreams About Life

Dreams About Life Peter knew Taylor would be outside. It was midnight.The city of Athens was quiet with only the occasional night... Read Chapter

Slumber Slaughterer

Slumber Slaughterer Dear Dairy, Today.I fought two gods. And it sucks. Peter knew he had a major flaw against them,the tw... Read Chapter

Poseidon's Last Stand

Poseidon's Last Stand Dad? 2 Years Ago,Coast of Los Angeles,California. 2 Weeks After the Oceanus Invasion. Poseidon appe... Read Chapter

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