The Vivifier

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction


I am an Alien. Now, before you get all freaked out, I’m one of the good ones. I’m here to neutralize the ones who have lost touch with their mission. Really, there are no bad Aliens like you see in the movies, none that have acid for blood though I would really love to see the physics behind that anomaly. I’m here to teach people to love themselves. Sounds hokey right?

What if I told you, that is the most powerful weapon you have against the invader species?

Here’s the thing, you humans forgot where you come from. I’m not at liberty to give you the specifics I’m told that would create some kind of rift in humanity’s purpose, what I can tell you is, you each have a remnant of where you come from and it is THE most powerful energy source this side of the galaxy. The other side? Well...we don’t talk about them and believe me, they like it that way. Lots of confusion, especially for humans though you have seen them once or twice hanging among you, they don’t show up very often here. Too hostile.

So, like I was saying, there really are no bad Aliens. It's your atmosphere. There is an amnesia layer that not every Alien consciousness makes it through. We travel from our planet through your atmosphere and into the human body and being called mother to be born to support you; though we have parents of our own before we got here. Hey, you might be an Alien yourself but lost your  memory along the way. It happens. We call these Aliens sleepers. But, when a sleeper Alien resists waking up and does not do the human work needed to get on track to the mission we were given before we got here, they send me in.

My name is Aeali and I am the Vivifier.

The sun is setting in a summer red orange glaze as I watch from here in the alley. Night time is coming. I’m in a small town. The alley is clean and sandwiched by rich brick buildings. There is nothing to hide me so I wait patiently for the sun to set.  I feel my human body dose itself with adrenaline as my Alien senses feel around me.

I have some time before he gets here. So, let me tell you a little bit more, human...or fellow Alien, whichever you are. When I say neutralize I don’t mean in a human sense, y’all get carried away for no reason. Lots of death addicts on this planet. I’ve seen planets like that but you guys, whew, I am surprised. But I will tell you, there is lots I do love about this planet, the planet itself for one. Wow, was there every such a loving atmosphere? Well, there are some others, several, I mean you couldn’t survive on them but they are gorgeous. My home planet for one. Lots of purple, pink and teal vegetation and the yellow tube roots are so sweet! You have something similar here, not as rich but close- the pineapple. I love pineapples. I love human comedy. Oh it's one of my favorite things about you guys. In the middle of the universe, the sound of human laughter and the art of comedy, it really warms my heart for you guys. But I digress. When I neutralize a sleeper Alien, this is how it goes:

  1. I receive a message from Basis. Basis are the ones who send us here. Those of us who are awake or have awakened we get a package from Basis to communicate. The message gives me a photo, description and exact location where to wait for the sleeper. The exact date and time is given to us by the Timers. Time is non linear as some of you have already figured out and the Timers are Aliens who are able to speak to the time line and extract data. Time is a very finicky language. I'm largely impressed with the Timers.

  2. I wait, which is what I’m doing now.

  3. I catch the sleeper unexpectedly. I either insult them, stumble into them roughly, or jump out of the bushes screaming. They react with human emotion, of course, that’s the point. Human emotions are not just emotions, they also exist in other planes of existence, they are an essence. I can interact with this essence; it is actually the gateway to making connection with the sleeper Alien’s personal Alien essence. When I interact with this essence, our human bodies stand still. I have trained my body to mimic speaking during this process so as to not freak you humans out when you walk by us as this is happening. The sleeper Alien’s body will just look frozen but to a human walking by, it is unnoticeable. Meanwhile, I have connected with the emotional essence of our sleeper Alien. My Alien essence pulses. It has its own form. Naked to the human eye, we connect on a different plane, yet right here in the same spot we are standing in. You guys have nooo idea how many different planes of existence you walk through daily. You see it once in awhile in a small detail you ignore, repeating numbers, flickering lights, a whisper you swore you heard, that shadow out of the corner of your eye that you swore was someone. Yup, that’s a passing through. Anyway, when my Alien essence pulses, it unceremoniously rips forward the sleeper Aliens essence. And believe me you, it is not happy.

  4. I grab the sleeper Alien’s essence and drag it through the pavement into your soil where we float and face each other. I woke up when I was 12. I was cut off by Basis at 17 and it was a long road back but that’s another story. I’ve been practicing, exercising, and done loads of human work to finally qualify to reconnect with Basis and to earn my title. What that means is, no sleeper Alien stands a chance when faced with my Alien essence. Their essence will howl, change forms, try to intimidate me, but ultimately after I’ve given them a chance to calm themselves and I see they cannot my essence expands to its full form. I try not to do that too often, it can leave a sleeper Alien traumatized or in rare circumstances a coma. On the rare occasion when it has been needed the sleeper Alien found their way back to normal, it just took a long rehabilitation period and Basis was not happy about that. In fact they were highly pissed at me. I learned to regulate it better.  I do have my full fledged capacity of bringing forth my full Alien essence available if I need it though.

  5. Once the sleeper Alien’s essence has been brought back from hostile to neutral, I bring our essences back to our bodies. At first the newly awakened Alien is shocked, some throw up, others pass out. Once a guy ran around screaming until he slammed into a wall.t’s a lot for an Alien in a human body to process, your brains are still linked to your Earthly lineage so you don’t have the generations of normalizing this process like you do for other things. For instance, someone from the 1700's would be equally overwhelmed if they stepped into the middle of a large city. It would be too much for them to process as they have no basis of how to understand what they are seeing and would struggle to find grounding. Could potentially drive them mad. This process is similar. Then, after the initial shock, I get to babysit the newt until Basis steps in and sends them their introductory package. Which always cracks me up. I told Basis they should call it the ‘Guess what freak? You’re an Alien! Surprise!’ package. No one laughed.

You might be wondering, well, Aeali, what happens if you don’t neutralize the sleeper Alien? Great question! There are many awakened Aliens that get assigned to be neutralizers and each has their unique title. I’m the only Vivifier. Still, we are severely outnumbered by the sleepers. Many times we cannot get to a sleeper Alien, or the neutralizer has not taken the time to practice the process I just shared with you- which, that stays between you and me OK?- and an erratic sleeper Alien can over power them. Some neutralizers have even been killed. Not on purpose, the sleeper Alien has no clue what they are doing. It’s just a very sensitive process and therefore with unpracticed hands can be lethal. Equally can be lethal to the sleeper Alien as I shared before because we neutralizers need to make sure not to over power the sleeper with our own Alien essence. And the unpracticed, I know they did their best we just do not have hands on training. Though, I still think some jump in way too fast and maim and kill with their arrogance. Good intentions are not enough, it’s the impact of our unpracticed actions that when done carelessly can truly harm. It is our responsibility as neutralizers to be prepared. It is my responsibility as the Vivifier to be prepared. There is more that goes to my specific title and that is classified. There are never more than one Vivifier in one lifetime at a time. There’s a reason for that. A sleeper Alien is actually very dangerous to you humans too. You see, in forgetting their mission, they still have the same enthusiasm to’s just misdirected so it comes out dangerously. Sleeper Aliens have really hurt your species.

The last glimmer of sun rays are delicately yawning behind the hills of luscious rich greenery that looks like giant broccoli fields. I used to hate broccoli as a human child, as an awake Alien, I love it. 

Night is here.

Well, it was good talking. I can sense my sleeper coming around the corner. Remember, be gentle with yourself and keep that self love strong. A sleeper Alien is repelled by this. I’m not telling you it’s always going to be easy, or it’s a perfect method. Sometimes those suckers are just unavoidable. I am telling you how to stay alive and giving you the best chance to stay off the path of a sleeper Alien. The more I do my job, the more Aliens that remember their mission, the more of us neutralizers will be out there to get the sleepers back on track. Our purpose is to support you building and solidifying your self love. You guys are in space travel and it’s a powerful tool you’re going to need to have for every other species you encounter. Heck, even with your own. I got to get back to work. Safe travels human.

“Hey big head! Oh man, your poor momma! And what the hell are you wearing? You look like a straight up clown!”

Oh he’s mad. Perfect.

Submitted: September 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 K.D. Garcia. All rights reserved.

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Jonathan E. Lee

Reminds me of Douglas Adams in terms of tone and twist, but yet there's a sentimental sweetness to it as well. Surprisingly good.

Tue, October 19th, 2021 2:14pm

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