Once, There Was Man

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once there was man. , , , a creature of habit and of obsession. a mortal creation with manifestations of curiosity and guile.


By Al Garcia

Once there was man. 

A creature of habit and of obsession.  A mortal creation with manifestations of curiosity and guile.

Whether specifically created in a Garden of Eden, or evolving and crawling from the depths of the sea, or ambling out from beneath the canopy of jungles, or the vastness of the wilds, man was destined to rule and to control.

A mind and an imagination to persevere.  A passion and a rage to make and to destroy.  A lust to dominate and manipulate, and a thirst and hunger for blood and gain of every kind and every type.

The story of man, a kaleidoscope of beauty and of hideousness, of compassion and of brutality, but always of conniving and scheming, deceiving and betraying. 

Conquers, masters and rulers of lands, of seas, of men, and all creatures that roam on land or sea, great or small.  And it came to be, that that was not enough.

And man looked up to the sky, and saw its vastness and its allure.  And so, man reached out and touched the stars, and found that he could grasp and dominate the heavens too.

It is the nature of man to conquer, control, dominate, and then destroy.  It is the temperament of man to step beyond the bounds and test the reaches of his obsession with recreating the power of creation. 

And finally, man reaches the outer limits of his conceit, and then suddenly, once there was man.  And then there was none. 

Submitted: September 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 A.Garcia. All rights reserved.

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