----> ''GANON's ADVENTURE in 1985 ! '' ---- (The Underground FROSTY BASEMENT-CASTLE ! ) -----> Find 'Ice Flute' & 'Frosty Island' ! -----> ICY UNDERGROUND LABYRINTH ! ----> (''Video game RPG ! '' ---- Part 3 ! ) --> Newly Re-Edited !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

---------- { ''GANON's ADVENTURE in 1985 ! '' ------- PART 3 is NOW FINISHED ! ------------ The Underground FROSTY BASEMENT-CASTLE ! } ---------- Find the ''Snowy Basement Town '' and ''Frosty Island'' ! ------- ICY UNDERGROUND LABYRINTH ! -------- (''Video game RPG World ! '' ) -- NEWLY RE-EDITED and UPDATED ! }!


(This story is FROM 2017-2018.  THIS STORY WAS INSPIRED BY THE FANTASY FILM 'LEGEND' FROM 1985. IT'S MY FAVORITE FANTASY FILM ALONG WITH ''LABYRINTH'' FROM 1986! - Thank you very much for reading this!  Love you all ! )




PART 3: GANON'S FROSTY UNDERGROUND CASTLE and LABYRINTH!  Find the Great Elf Tree and Snow Island!




After Minx extinguishes the glittery fire within the underground 'BASEMENT TOWN of the Forest Creatures', the party flashes their blue, icy light forward upon the frosty mounds of glitter and snow.  They slowly saunter forward while Minx frolics nimbly, brandishing his 'Bow of Moon' slung upon his back with regal, poison-tipped ice arrows.


  Red and white polka-dotted mushrooms peep forth from the glittering frost and snow, as trickles of honey softly drizzle from the frosty branches into glistening pools below.


Polka-dotted decorations are elegantly tied to the low hanging branches while frosty logs sit upon the checkered ground.  A series of  crooked signs, peeping forth from the mounds of snow, sit along the pathway.


One sign read in flashy lettering, "DANGER!  Northern pathway leading 10 miles to Frosty Island Cove!  Beware of entrance to GANON'S Frosty Castle and the 'Great Tree Labyrinth' !''


Minx places forth his palms upon the honeyed dew as a pink, sparkling essence shines forth within his hands.  He lavishly swathes it upon his ears, brow and arms.



"Rare honeyed dew of the dark gnomes.  A most befitting essence used to heal the being and spirit.  Partake of its healing properties, Lywulf.  The fairy realm has no need of such treasures." 


Lywulf grimaces at the sparkling, thick essence, shining in a nethermost glow upon Minx's palms and drizzling down his blue cheeks.  His pointy ears stick forth from his velvet green top-hat in a menacing manner.


"I shall refuse such enticements.  Never trust a halfling sprite," he replies.

Minx's eyes grow wide in startling surprise as he gazes upon Lywulf menacingly, before turning his gaze unto the swirling snowfall and mesmeric darkness.


Furry red bats (Ganon's forest guards of the Frosty Labyrinth), with vile, pointy ears, squeak and writhe in the darkness resting upon the glimmering snow. 


 Minx instinctively sends forth a vicious Ice Arrow, striking one in its furry brow. The creature writhes and then falls headlong into a great mound of red snow and frosty honey.

Green, glistening remains of the bat stain the sultry glitter in the honey, as Minx reaches forward and retrieves a Red-Bat's pelt, his prize for slaying one of 'Ganon's Labyrinth Bats'. 


 He laughs mischievously in dark, sultry mirth as he places this Bat's Pelt within his pack. 


 "Silence!" Lywulf whispers harshly, his tone dire and serious.

  "One must never be too careful in this forest of darkness.  Even the trunks of these great frosty  trees may be ever listening and watchful.  There are invisible spirits far advanced beyond our comprehension within this forest.  Emmisaries of the wicked netherbane of the mystics, Ganon's vandals, dwell somewhere deep within,"  Lywulf whispers as they trudge slowly forward.



"Lies!" Minx hisses aloud as he sends his gaze ever forward into the frosty blue mounds of icy snow in the dark.




The other creatures follow timidly behind as they telepathically whisper amongst themselves and nimbly frolic  in macabric revelry. 

 They are the erudites, fairies and other unknown creatures of the forest.  They're innocent but they are not allies nor enemies of the Elfin race.  Unknown depths of time have separated their race to realms yet unexplored within this shadowy, underground Basement Forest. 


The party comes upon a frosty underground island cove  of the dark fairies hidden deep behind a bulky festive tree, which is covered lavishly in tinsel and decorations.

They step over frosty logs and behind a great trunk to reveal a crooked checkered door covered with a polka-dotted curtain. 


Minx begins whispering an ancient incantation of  the elves.  Suddenly a bright, smoky light flashes and trembles upon the hidden, locked doorway in the limestone, which shakes upon its hinges and slowly opens ajar. 



A tantalizing fragrance of vanilla-honey wafts upwards from the depths of the unknown island-world below.  A blast of green smoke puffs outwards after the door opens.


Minx, being a willful sprite, transforms into his fairy form and dazzles forth into the cavern with his gleaming flame of red light which flashes forth upon the glittering frosty logs and icy mounds within.


His vaporous and distant voice echoes throughout the icicles hanging low within the cave, "Lywulf over here.  No, here my love."



Lywulf clambers over frosty red and green logs (various festive branches) and through glistening piles of bizarre novelties:

 polka-dotted Easter Eggs and other colorful decorations; heaps of bizarre discarded outfits; rare Party Hats; pink hearts and flashing, frosty candles; heaps of gold bars and various ancient treasures.


 He nimbly frisks on his pointed heels and scrambles  upon a mound of frosted, frozen honey from the ICE BEES, until he comes upon a glistening black faerie chest of ebony and onyx hidden within the darkness in a corner.


Reaching forth his hand, he opens the ancient chest, only to find it empty and desolate.



Minx utters a cry of despair and wails as the other creatures writhe in zealous excitement, backing away slowly out of the cavern into the snowy dark, their energies flashing forth in necromantic fury.


"Gone!  Stolen!  The sacred weapons of power have been stolen!  This is the work of a dark necromancer magus.  Only such wicked vandals could have caused this.  What must we do?"  MINX cries upon the frosty, starless air in the dark. 



His voice echoes within the depths of the cavern as a waterfall flows in the shimmering essences above them.  Frosty palm trees, covered in glitter and tinsel, peep forth from the cocoa-coloured sandy mounds of the icy beaches in the underground island cove.


In a sultry corner of the frosty tropical cove, wedged between a frosty log and a thick palm tree, there sits a pudgy blue grandma, whom is more round and plump from her waist downwards.

She is adorned in a glittery pink and yellow polka-dotted ensemble with spiked heels.  Two sharp and pointy pigtails stick outwards, slightly pointed upwards, from a bizarre pair of ox-horns (brocades resembling what Chun-Li wears in her hair) on each side of her head. 


"Medicine for sell!  Chocolate cocoa, vanilla drinks, white and red medicine, frosty candles and flutes!  Might I interest you in any choice novelties?'' The Pudgy Blue Grandma inquires of the party in a bizarre tone of voice, deeper than a woman's vibrato.

Lywulf and Minx step forward from the crowd of forest creatures, only to find that the grandma has suddenly vanished in a flash of glitter and red smoke.   


On the exact spot where she had vanished, there was now  a pool of fragrant blood with a layer of glitter on top.  Nearby, sits a 'Red Flute', a 'Rib of Akahana'', a jug of ''White Medicine '' and a pink and yellow polka-dotted outfit. 

(These are forbidden and viciously deadly items.  Minx knows this deception very well.)



 A vicious and furry bat-like creature flaps in the blood pool, lapping up some of the fragrant glitter in a vile fashion. 


Suddenly, the furry bat dies and sinks downwards into the glittery blood.



Minx grimaces and halts their progression any further.


''A deceptive trap from one of Ganon's henchmen.  This may have been one of Ganon's grand four:  Azteca, Sir Kelbesque, Vanondorf or AKAHANA.  The magician Akahana, one of Ganon's Wise Men, is known to haunt these woods of the basement entrances leading into the frosty tropical labyrinth," Minx resounds upon the fragrant frosty air.

  ''Danger!  BEWARE going any further down this way.  Let's turn back.  We're not wise nor strong enough to face what's further down in this area of the frosty island cove, yet.  Follow me everyone,'' Minx hisses forth, leading the party away from the vicious scene.



 "I must find the 'Great Elfin Tree and journey to my hometown of Exalis to find the King.  His council shall give me answers to our damning plight.  Onward to Exalis!"  Lywulf commands. 

 The party troops out and follows a pathway through the trickling island-caves of frosty darkness.



After traveling for many hours through the snowy mounds in the BASEMENT FOREST and through frosty underground island coves,  the party finally  reaches the outskirts of the 'Great Underground ELFIN TREE'.


  "The Great Tree... when the wicked netherbane ruled the land the dark wizards came here to sacrifice to GANONDORF.  Long ago, in the ancient days, this was a secretive, forbidden realm, never to be approached nor dared to be entered,"  Minx whispers, as he shutters in the blizzard of snow.


Specks of pink glitter and icicles softly glisten upon his brow, hanging frigidly from his sharp strands of frozen hair. 


Lywulf shines his ice-lantern forth around him in the darkness and finds that the other forest creatures have vanished, with now only Minx and himself remaining.

Red mounds of smoking snow are evident where the creatures formerly stood, mysteriously glittering, as fragrant, shimmering smoke wafts nearby.


  "Forbidden teleportation mantra.  They've abandoned us.  Perhaps I should've followed their guidance and done the same," Minx hisses into the dark. 

 "Minx, you're a sprite are thou not?  Cast yourself into fairy form and hide within my tunic in the fairy's pouch.  Stay with me my friend.  Your council shall be my guide and direction.  You are wise beyond measure.  I beg of thee,"  Lywulf bequests of the strange young elf.



Minx flittered his brow momentarily as he gazed upon Lywulf.  "For thee, my elfin friend, I shall.  Onward!" he whispers in grand form. 


 A flash of glitter and a rumbling sound resounds through the starlit air. 

 Minx slowly shapeshifts into a glittery ICE FAIRY.  (MINX has altered into a frosty pink hue, adorned with long, pointy ears and furry bat wings.)  Sparkling smoke trails off into the darkness.


  "Silence!  Be still my friend, until we are alone in the caverns beneath the frosty Water Town of Exalis.  I must beseech the King and I have many questions.  Until then," Lynx whispers, opening his fairy's pouch.


Minx flies in, concealing himself in the dark.  Lywulf ties up the green pouch and places it within his red brocade-tunic.


"Exalis.  Perhaps the powerful item, the 'Ice Flute', resides in the hidden underground realms. The longlost Princess Zelda may also be locked away in a dark frosty dungeon of Ganon's hidden under-realm and Castle. We must find her, Minx." 


Lywulf saunters down among the frosty red and green logs, traversing the labyrinth of snowy mounds that frame the cavernous steps leading to the underground gateway of ''The Great Tree'.  Further beyond is the secret entrance that leads down into the icy walls of 'Ganon's Frosty Labyrinth' and the 'Frosty Underground Castle'.







Submitted: September 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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