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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

These are 3 short scary stories I wrote out in the spirit of Halloween. story 1 is about a couple who stalk a family in the woods and try to get help from them. story 2 is "What goes around comes around" and it's about a person who stalks a home. the father decides he is going to turn the tables on this stalker and this leads to a horrifying discovery." and Story 3 is "the Morgue" about a women who is in the woods and comes across an abandoned building that turns out to be hidden something dark." hope you enjoy.





“It was a Saturday night back in 2017. My name is Jim and my family we went camping for the weekend just for a getaway.

Anyhow we had arrived up at our campsite in Colorado. We had driven from Salt Lake City Utah. My dad however was not a fan of camping in a tent so instead we rented a log cabin for the weekend witch we stayed in. It was a 1 story floor and had two bathrooms and 3 bedrooms including a kitchen and a family room. There was a T.V. but it wasn’t working properly witch was ok with us because we wanted to go out hiking and exploring. Later that day we walked down several trails and hiked around the woods. Now I saw out of the corner of my eyes a woman was standing in the middle of the woods just staring at us.

I told my mom but when she finally looked over the women was gone. My mom said I had an over active imagination and that nobody was there. I decided to keep walking with my family and thought it probably was nothing. Later that night we cooked some fish that we had brought with us in a cooler.

My dad was not a fisherman in any sense of the word. While we were eating I saw a man this time approach us. He looked to be in his early 70’s. He said “Please sir we need help. Can we stay with you in your cabin?” My dad just looked at the man and said “I don’t feel conferrable letting you stay with us besides I booked this cabin for the weekend.”

“But sir our tent was torn up by a bear and my wife is going to be having a baby at any time.” “My mom offered to call 911 for them but the husband refused and said “Ok fine we will leave.” A couple hours passed bye and it was around eleven at night when we heard a twig outside snap. I looked out the window.

My dad said it was probably just an animal. I believed him until I saw movement and realized there was a person outside. I could make out a shadow.

 I told my dad that someone was definitely out there. “It’s probably that same guy and his wife. I told them to leave now I will tell them to get lost.” *With that our dad grabbed a flashlight and his baseball bat and opened the door and shut it behind him.* *I watched outside as I saw my dad’s flashlight shining in the direction I saw the movement and I saw my dad start to run in their direction.

My dad let out a horrifying scream as he ran as fast as he could back to our cabin. *He locked the door and set a chair down near the front door and grabbed his shotgun and watched the door.* He told us to Just go to bed. My mom asked him what he saw. After several minutes he told my mom what he saw. The couple were telling the truth there tent had been torn up and food was everywhere. But when he got to where the noise was coming he shinned the light at a Black bear. It was right in the middle of eating the man. Our dad saw this and took off running as fast as he could back to the cabin. He dialed 911 and paramedics came and retrieved both bodies.

 If we had just let that couple inside our cabin they would have been alive now. But a couple days later went bye and one of the paramedics called our dad while he was at work and told him they recognized one of the bodies and sure enough it was “Timothy Jones.” Timothy Jones had murdered several people and was on the lookout. If we had let him and his wife inside our house he possibly could have killed us all.





“In 2009 my wife and I had just moved into a new home in the middle of nowhere.

We wanted to live somewhere to get away from the stress of the city but not to far as it’d be hard to get food. We found a city in Denver that was perfect for us. We were expecting a baby girl in the next month so we wanted a cheap place as well for now. About a month into the new house, my wife was cleaning the dishes one night and she had noticed a light out in our backyard about seventy feet away towards the woods.

My wife stared at the light and wondered if I was outside. She called my name and I entered the room. She told me if I saw the light? I looked over and saw the light. “Maybe it’s a neighbor who got lost?” I suggested. I wanted to go out and ask if he was ok. But my wife said not too because she had a bad feeling about the light. So I just said “I’m sure whoever it is will go away.”

*About an hour later I went into the kitchen to grab a drink and looked out the window and saw the light was still on. I looked over and squinted my eyes to see if I could see anything and to my horror I saw what looked like a chair was set up in the middle of the woods and somebody was sitting in it.* “Now I wanted to go out and approach the man but my wife said not too.” *I called 911 and shortly the police arrived. However the man had run away. *The police searched the backyard and came back about thirty minutes later and told us that they didn’t find anything and there was nothing they could do. They told us to make sure we locked all our doors and windows and if he comes back to call.*

*so we thanked the officers and let them leave.* about ten minutes later the light returned. *My wife and I went to bed without knowing. I woke up at about two in the morning and I looked over at the window because I thought I saw something glowing and sure enough the light was back.*

*I grabbed my gun from the dresser and put it in my pocket and grabbed my flashlight and headed towards the kitchen. I opened up the door and called out to the man “I have a gun and you are on my property I don’t know what you want or who you are, but you need to leave now and do not return here.” I shut the door and watched as the man started to get up and he walked away. Stupidly I opened the door and stepped outside. I followed the man into the woods staying at a distance.

I watched as he retreated into a shack. I followed and got closer towards the shack and a horrible smell hit me and I immediately retreated home. I called the police they came and I had the officers follow me to the shack. The police opened the shack and there was a deceased body lying on the floor. It was a man. *That’s the man I saw in our yard.* I said out loud. “Couldn’t be if he had just killed himself the smell wouldn’t be here until at least tomorrow.” The officer said. This body looks like it’s been here for a while now. I searched the shack and saw the chair he had been sitting on was moldy and falling apart.

There was no way he had just died. Was his spirit trying to let us know? Now that the body was found is his spirit at rest now? I never believed in the paranormal until now.”






My friend and I were driving back home late one night when our car had run over something.

 I got out of the car and to our surprise it was a leg. It wasn’t attached to a body or anything. So we called 911 and the police shortly arrived and asked us about the leg. We told them what we knew and they took the leg away and we drove off. About an hour later our car had hit something again and I got out and this time it was a shoe. I got a little freaked out and looked at my friend who said maybe this was the shoe that belonged to the leg? I said yeah maybe it was.

As we got back into the car and continued to drive. About another half hour we ran over something again and this time it was a body. No head was attached. *We dialed 911 and had the police come. The police told us we needed to get out of the area because it was possible a serial killer was at large. The police investigated the area as we left. About forty minutes later I had to use the bathroom and there wasn’t a restop or gas station for miles so I decided to go outside.

*I walked into the woods quite a few feet away so no one would see me. When I was done something had caught my eye an abandoned building in the woods. I had a feeling in the back of my mind that was yelling at me to leave but curiosity got the better of me and I needed to explore the house. I opened the door and it was a two story building with a staircase that led upstairs and about four rooms downstairs. I opened up a few of the rooms and the last door led me to a set of stairs going downstairs.

 I slowly walked down the steps. I took my cell phone out and used it for light and I suddenly started to feel really cold as I stumbled across a room full of freezer coolers. The coolers were used to store bodies and the house I was inside of was a morgue. An abandoned Morgue. I wanted to retreat at that moment but I couldn’t I needed to continue to explore. I opened one of the cooler doors and it was empty. I walked closer and heard a crunch sound. There was broken glass all over the floor. I saw blood on the walls. My phone had rung and it was really loud, I turned the ringer off right away and I stopped and listened to see if anyone heard my phone.

 To my horror I heard a strange noise from upstairs that sounded like a door had slammed shut and somebody was walking down the steps. I hid behind a dresser as a woman with long hair walked down the steps with a knife in her hand and was yelling “I know somebody is in here and I am going to find you.” I prayed she didn’t find me as she walked right by the dresser and walked into another room. I took the opportunity to make my way up the steps and I ran out of the Morgue. As fast as I could.

I turned around the women was running after me outside. *I ran as fast as I could to the car. I got in and yelled at my friend to drive.*

 “What” He asked suddenly the women appeared and started to slash at the car. My friend got a look at the women and peeled out so fast she fell to the ground. We looked back and saw her chasing after us she stumbled to the ground again as we had gotten away. “Who was that and why was she chasing you?” My friend asked me. “Well when I went to the bathroom I found a building that I wanted to explore and it turned out to be a morgue.

 When you called me it must have woken her up. She looked for me in the basement.*

*we called 911 and the police searched the morgue and found the women. Sure enough she confessed to killing the person we saw on the road and she had several bodies in the freezers that I hadn’t looked at. Hidden in them. The police told us we were very lucky that she didn’t she us and it wasn’t a good idea to ever explore a building that looks abandoned because you never know just who or what lives there.”




Submitted: September 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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