The story of Something Different

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something-Different was, well, different. He never felt like he belonged or had purpose. Until one afternoon when he talked to the Life-Giver.


By Sunè Mans

0nce upon a time,

In the dark land of Unknown,Something- Different was born. 

His parents loved him with all of their hearts, even though they knew he was very peculiar and well- different.

They trusted that the Life- Giver knew exactly what He was doing, when He created, Something Different.

Something- Different did not look like all the other kids from the land of Unknown.  His colour was different.  Bleak, dull and grey.

His shape was well- kind of all over the place.  He looked like he would not fit in anywhere.

When he got older, he could not play like all the others. He moved to slow and his strange shape made him struggle to blend in with the other kids.

During break- time at school, he would stick out like a sore thumb on the playground. 

The other kids were so brightly coloured, red, orange, green, purple etc. They were shaped perfectly into circles, triangles and squares.

 Their colours stood out against the darkness that swallowed the land.

You barely noticed Something- Different. His grey little body disappeared into the darkness covering the land. 

He was só alone and sad! Crying constantly!  He hated going to school and would much rather stay home with Mom and Dad.

The other kids teased him, they called him names. Laughed and sniggered when he interred a room.

Worst of all, everyone stared at him, where ever he went. He had no friends.

One afternoon, walking back from school, he decided to share his problems with the Life- Giver.

Mom said he could talk to the Life- Giver at anytime and anyplace.  The Life- Giver would always listen.  He would understand.

With tears running down his grey little face he said:

” Dear Life -Giver, it’s me, something - Different.  I’m sad and hurt. 

Everybody hates me!  They tease me about the way I look.  They don’t want to play with me, and even if they would, my shape and colour is so different, I would spoil the game.

Why did you make me so different from the other kids?!  It’s so unfair!”

While talking to Life- Giver, Something- Differents tears streamed down his thin little face, making huge splashes on the road.

A minute or two went by and something - Different saw the most beautiful rainbow appear in the sky. He almost forgot that he felt sad and miserable.

 Suddenly, a gentle, deep, voice spoke:

” My dear boy. I’m so glad you came to talk to me. Come let’s sit here.”

Something Different sat on the soft green grass.  He stretched his thin, pale, little legs, out in front of him.

 The Life - Giver commanded him to take his handkerchief from his pocket, dry his eyes and blow his nose.

A gentle breeze blew as Life - Giver put His arm around Something- Different and said:

”I love you so much!  I was so excited on the day I made you.  I remember it well.  I wanted to make you different from all the others because I wanted you to help me make our world a better place.”

Surprised, Something - Different looked up:

 “Who, me?!” 

Life- Giver’s laugh sounded like the soft rumbling of thunder.

“Yes, you!”

“When I created you, I hid some special seeds inside your heart.”

Something- Different was now sitting as upright as his little body would carry him.

His eyes wide like saucers.  With the back of his little hands, he was wiping tears, from his eyes. 

” What kind of seeds?” He asked.

“Well, let’s have a look in my Book of Life.”

Something- Different watched in amazement as a white cloud came down and gently landed on the green grass next to him. 

On it was a huge book, surrounded by golden light.

The breeze blew gently as Life - Giver paged through the Book of Life.

“Let me see... Ah!  Hear it is.  The seeds I sowed in your heart were ...  the seeds of FORGIVENESS.

They have the power to bring light into our dark land.But; only if they’re germinated.”

 “How do we get the seeds to germinate?”  Something- Different asked hurriedly.


The Life - Giver paused before he answered:

” It takes a willing and brave heart.  It’s never easy to change a dark land into one filled with pure, white light you know.”

“I’m willing… but…I’m not sure if I’m brave enough”. Something -Different said with a soft, faint voice.

The breeze stirred gently as Life- Giver adjusted his arm around Something- Deferent’s bony shoulders and replied:

“I’m glad to hear your willing little one. It shows you have some bravery inside of you.

 But before you decide if you want to be part of my plan to get rid of Darkness.  Remember - bringing about a land full of pure light will cost you something dearly.”

“Like what?” Our little friend asked hesitantly. 

“You will have to let go of the dark spots in your own heart.”

 Looking up at his creator, he asked “Which dark spots?”

“Dark spots like; Anger, hatred or revenge. When you choose to forgive those you hate, even if they did you wrong.  You begin the process of shining pure light through our dark land.

The seeds of forgiveness will germinate.  Reflecting the purest, white light you have ever seen!  This light reflects my being, who I am.  I am LOVE - Love, drives away the darkest darkness forever!

Something - Differents little heart raced with excitement as he shouted:

“Then why don’t you just drive darkness from our land and hearts with your love?”

Life - Giver rubbed his chin with his huge, wrinkled hand before He spoke:

“It could work for a while. But soon darkness would creep back into the land. Beginning where it always has- in the hearts of those I gave life to.  Besides, I never force someone to choose forgiveness or love. 

That wouldn’t be love would it?”

“I guess not…” Something-Different said distantly.

 I suppose the only way to fight the Darkness is to choose to forgive my Bullies and germinate the seeds.  But to be honest I still don’t feel brave enough.  I’m scared! “

Life- Giver gave Something-Different a reassuring squeeze and replied:

“I knew you would be afraid long before I created you.

I also knew that even though you would want to do the right thing, you might fail because of the grip darkness has on your heart. 

So, I decided to put a permanent end to all of this.

It was the highest price to pay and the most painful decision to make but- the only way.”

Something-Different looked up questioningly as he sensed the rawness of Life- Givers emotions.

I sent my Son to conquer the Darkness in our land and the hearts of my creation forever.  The price He had to pay was extremely costly.... HE HAD TO GIVE UP HIS LIFE.”

Something- Different inhaled a deep breath and with his voice trembling asked:



“Unless…my Son-Jesus-(His name means SAVIOUR) conquers the final Darkness called, Death!”  Replied Life-Giver

Our little friend dropped his face into his hands and despondently answered:

That’s impossible!  No one can conquer the Darkness of Death!”

The Life - Giver smiled and as He did, everything around them seemed brighter and more colourful.

“Nothing is impossible for Me. Remember my name is….”

Life - Giver!” Something - Different shouted.

So you overcame the darkest darkness-DEATH- by giving your Son’s life back to him?”

Something - Different jumped up with joy and excitement.  

Slumping down onto the grass, two seconds later, looking more despondent than ever.

“Then why is the land of Unknown still dark?” He cried.

“This is where you come in.  When you choose to forgive those who bullied you.  What happens to the seeds of forgiveness?”

“The seeds germinate. Germinate means they start growing.”

“Correct and the light from the seeds filled with love from my being.  Will glow through your grey little body and drive the Darkness away!  Your job is to choose to forgive.

My Son conquered the darkness of death once and for all, so you could freely choose to follow my plan of love and forgiveness.

If you choose to forgive, my Son will be with you every step of the way, helping you.  You will never be alone again.

And, as you forgive your wrongdoers others will hopefully follow your example and…”

“The Pure Light will spread and drive the Darkness from our land!

Oh! Life- Giver, you are so wise. I can’t wait to go home and share your plan with Mom and Dad.”


Life- Giver gave a warm chuckle ruffling the few, thin hairs, on Something- Differents head.

“Remember, if the Bullies choose to respond as they always have, when you tell them you forgive them.  It’s their choice. You are only responsible for your own choices and actions.

And don’t get discouraged if Darkness is not driven from our land immediately. There is still a lot of loving and forgiving to be done before Darkness will give way forever.  But I promise you that day will come.”

On his way home something- Different was sure he wasn’t alone anymore.

Early the next morning, on a playground in the land of Unknown.  A group of boys were sitting in a circle, talking to each other.

 Suddenly- the purest light shone through an odd looking little boy- slowly driving the darkness away….



Submitted: September 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Sune Mans write. All rights reserved.

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