Unlocking Shapely Design Of Night’s Mane

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Often, as it seems, truth is least interested in competing for ‘Recognition’ and ‘Market Space’. Therefore, it loses out to fancifulness of the charm and charisma of falsehood as well as synthetic realism… Also, it seems, truth is Unemotionally Objective and Boringly Impersonal and therefore seems to naturally be a loser to emotionally subjective ‘perceptions’, which is a fabulous lover and pampers the ‘I’ with its voluptuousness of personal charms…!

Unlocking Shapely Design Of Night’s Mane

By Santosh Jha


A legendary poet, known for, or rather notorious for his playfulness with words and self-possessed interpretations of realism, says –

... fresh, breezy, dark, a fragrant shadow...

gets horizoned over the land and water...

... in how very tough and complicated ways,

my poetries unlock the shapely design of night’s mane...!


Somehow, the toughest part of human acquisition and his or her passion for attainments is the gigantic vastness of the world we live in and the cosmos beyond our reach, always egging every individual to keep stretching his or her endeavors to reach at more, even while in awe of the infinity of realism... Still, when a person stands in this plane of emotions and entangled imaginative brilliance, even this infinity becomes a suffocatingly restrictive space and domain...!

There is such a small and stupidly negligible value and worth of a human being, when he or she stands in front of the colossal probabilities of life’s randomizations and resultant chaos and confusion. Still, a poet, an artist a person endowed with the faculty of emotional imaginations, is damn happy playing with these chaos and confusions...

Human inventiveness and symmetrical artistry of playful-metaphorization of life’s confusion and chaos into something meaningfully and intuitively enjoyable, in time-space situationality is sheer joy.

Very few, actually fewer than the word ‘few’ could ever describe, have this endowment and evolved faculty of the mastery of this artistry for playfulness with all things random, infinite, ephemeral, conflational and chaotic... And, as someone gets it, his or her playfulness becomes an attainment, only he or she can sing and dance to...

Life offers an unending list of material and immaterial attainments. Cultures extend another list of life’s utility and worth. The contemporary worldview sneaks in yet another list of ‘karma’ and life’s possessions... However, an artist of playfulness of probabilities has his or her own singular agenda of worth, utilities, attainments, possessions, and karma.

As the poet above said, to unlock the shapely design of night’s mane, is some playfulness of probabilities, is something no worldly list includes as of any worth and utility. Still, this playfulness of probabilities and its randomizations engender a pool of joy and satisfaction, which itself is beyond the definition of infinite and colossal...

The wise has said, “The greatest wonder of the world is that the very attainer of all attainments of life itself is mortal, even then, everyone spends his or her whole life in mad and unlimited possession of these mortal attainments, gleefully and playfully forgetting the fact about his or her own mortality and this randomized probability of the mortality.”

The few, who have this faculty of emotional imaginations, understand and accept this core and critical reality and then, they rise above this and opt for the playfulness of this very probability of randomized mortality. This mortality itself becomes the subject and object of all karma, and then everything sings and dances... the joys ride the core energy of the randomized probabilities of mortality... this playfulness for that song and dance of emotional imaginations stands out as the singular karma...


Truth, in its perceptional ‘51Shades of Grey and Blues’, seems always standing in the peripheral extremities of actionable mainstream of human life and living… The centerstage of theatre of life-living keeps staging the play of ‘fruition of futilities’… That is probably why truthfulness of realism misses the due and righteous attention… Why…?

Often, as it seems, truth is least interested in competing for ‘Recognition’ and ‘Market Space’. Therefore, it loses out to fancifulness of the charm and charisma of falsehood as well as synthetic realism… Also, it seems, truth is Unemotionally Objective and Boringly Impersonal and therefore seems to naturally be a loser to emotionally subjective ‘perceptions’, which is a fabulous lover and pampers the ‘I’ with its voluptuousness of personal charms…!

Science as well as spiritualism commonly accepts that truthfulness of realism is not an external entity; it is rather inside human brain and its plexus of processes. Had truthfulness of realism been an external thing, a single person could have manufactured it in a mega factory and distributed it to 8 billion people, equally and in enough measure; very well like a smart phone. But, we all know, truthfulness of realism is Internalized Entity – an enterprise for every individual…

However, there is a scientific, objective and singular mechanism and process, by which everyone can launch his or her personal enterprise of deciphering and installing his or her truthfulness of realism… But then, it is a boring process and does not have any charm… Nobody goes to a doctor for health and wellness; they only seek medicines as cures for illness. Doctors know it and they seldom talk, just write medicines. It is the charming thing… Truthfulness of realism is health-wellness, which is made to stand in peripheral extremities as the medicine plays its charm and charisma at the centerstage of theatre of life-living…

Similarly, personal-poise and internal-wellness loses out to rituals and external enterprises of spiritualism, as billions of men and women find larger utility in spending moneys, time and energies in external-tangible ‘spiritual-deliveries’ by celebrity saints and spiritualists… Truth, in its perceptional ‘51Shades of Grey and Blues’, always stands in the peripheral extremities of actionable mainstream of human life and living…!


There are Realities, which doesn’t come natural and innately to average person. The ‘Truth’ probably has no inclination to seek ‘fans’ and ‘followers’. The seeker may also not be obsessed about truth. Truth is everywhere and manifesting in all things around us. One does not need to strive and labor for unraveling and attainment of truth and reality. One just has to be in receptive mode consciousness. One just has to be aware of oneself in peaceful and poised consciousness. Truth is just sitting there, with we all. There are simple truths and realities all around us. Some of them are being listed below –

  1. The world we live in is huge and complex, beyond our imaginations and this is why, life is not meant to be easy. Still, we have successfully dealt with all complexities and troubles of life, as we are the best problem solver of the universe. However, this facility does not come automatic to us; it needs understanding the mechanism of life and living and persevered practice.


  1. Most of what we see and experience is usually neutral, neither out-rightly good nor bad. This world is not our theatre of good or bad. We are the theatre of what good or bad happen to us.


  1. Problems are usually, just the positioning or situation of some elements of our immediate and ambient physical and emotional environment. The solution cannot be outside the elements, which constitute a problem. Often, solutions are just an alternative arrangement of the same elements within a problem.


  1. We have the mechanism for solving problems brilliantly but, it works best when we are not in our instinctive ‘reactive-mode’ but in ‘receptive-mode’. The receptive-mode mind-consciousness is our subjective consciousness, which is the doorstep of our true intelligence – the problem solver. We need to assess a problem not with ‘reactive-mode’, but ‘receptive-mode’ consciousness.


  1. This subjective consciousness is the great facility and a definitive edge for humanity, putting us on top of all other species on Earth. However, this subjective consciousness is also the single largest source of most troubles as it is usually overly “dressed-up” and burdened by the cultural-fabrics of archetypal and popular ‘learning’. We need to ‘undress’ our subjective mind consciousness, through the process of ‘unlearning’, as we grow and mature.


  1. We have attained great success in mechanical and tangible matters, because of the singularity and objectivity of procedures. In emotional, inter-personal and intangible matters, we have most troubles as we always have plural, subjective and opinion-based procedures. That is why, to be equally successful in later domain, the key elements are tolerance, acceptance and compassion as it allows a holistic-assimilative-integrative mind-consciousness. This works best in the later domain where singularity is calamitous, unlike the former domain where singularity is a virtue.


  1. Often, an individual’s decision about right and wrong, good and bad is based on very localized factors of ambient culture. This often ‘dresses-up’ a problem. If one accepts the utility of wider and larger environment, in deciding a value, one shall have larger objectivity. This shall help in seeing a problem in universal perspective, enabling better and quick solutions.


  1. Our brain is a genius of solutions but it has its limitations. The larger mechanism of brain is instinctive, an auto-mode functioning, where an individual’s subjective consciousness has little control. We need to learn through disciplined practice, the art of reigning in our instincts and subject it to as much assimilative-integrative referrals as possible. This checks intuitive ‘dressing-up’ of day-to-day problems of life.


  1. The decision-making process of mind is affected by multiplicity of factors and even we cannot know which factor prevailed over others in deciding in favor or against a situation. The conscious mind is a small space in mind compared to huge subconscious domain. We need to learn the art of ‘unlearning’ to prune our subconscious mind of unproductive and archetypal benchmarks, to ‘undress’ a problem at hand.


  1. There is a state of mind-consciousness, which is greatly helpful in attaining this position, which undresses problems and arrives at naked solutions. This state has broad four elements – non-discrimination, tolerance and non-aggression, non-obsession for self-gratification and openness for new knowledge and wisdom.


  1. Solutions are essentially a state of mind positioning. The best state of mind is‘innocence’. This innocence in adult is very different from that in a child. In kids, it is unconsciously engendered out of purity of ‘ignorance’, whereas in adults, it is a conscious creation of ‘wisdom’. Adults attain it after a long process of ‘unlearning’, whereas for kids, it is a natural reward of ‘not learning’.


  1. This innocence in adults is referred as ‘The State of Zero’, the state of quintessential readiness, the state of ‘Nisprih’ beingness. When it happens; all good and cherishedideals of humanity fall in your lap, they fill your being. It embodies all goodness – honesty, innocence, transparency, selflessness and egolessness and above all the compassion.


  1. This innocence, the state of zero, leads you to the ultimate empowerment of self – The Ability to Forgive. When forgiveness becomes the first instinct, it is a sure sign that the stage of readiness has been attained.


  1. This state of mind-consciousness accepts very little ‘problems’ and needs very few ‘Solutions’. This is a mind-consciousness, where you accept nothing – no pride, no self, no ego, no ‘I’ and you give everything as you forgive.





About Santosh Jha

Author, Poet, Journalist, Confabulator

I may have written 47 eBooks but I believe, I am more an affectionate and compassionate confabulator, not truly a writer in traditional sense of the term. It is a joy to talk to people, share ideas and learn/unlearn mutually. All my writings, be it fiction or non-fiction, are about the 3Cs – Consciousness, Cognition and Causality, in the light of this new wisdom of holism – a fruitful mix of old and new knowledge of humanity. I write to share ideas hovering around the 3Cs to help empower you, which then automatically translates into your larger life-living wellness and personal excellence. I believe, success of a writing enterprise is not in how many books you sell, but in how many different ways your writings can help others. This is why, very consciously, all my writings are FREE and I wish them to be very helpful.



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Submitted: September 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sjwrite. All rights reserved.

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