Systematic deconstruction of a dumb article on therapeutic ketamine

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I can see which way the wind is blowing, and I’m very much enjoying the breeze. :)


Please note in the title “dumb” is my opinion, and I meant it in the strictest possible sense, in that I believe the article to be misleading (intentionally or unintentionally) and therefore detrimental to public discourse on the issue discussed.

I am reviewing an article found at the following link:

All information sourced from the aforementioned link appears in quotation marks.

All of my statements are limited by the scope of my opinion and I do not possess any legitimate authority to condone the use of illicit or prescription drugs, nor to denounce the opinions of legitimate authorities such as those I will presently mention for the express purpose of evaluating the gist put forward by the article found in the link above.

It’s just a story, bro.

That being said…

"Well, yeah," began John, annoyed, and continued unimpressed: "technically all the data is from official psychotherapy, 70% success rate for alcoholism used properly, if I remember correctly. 

Although, I feel this is kind of silly in the minds of many drug users who have been trip sitting their friends for years on various substances, concoctions even, and I’m sure if authorities had citizens’ best interests in mind (and not just how to maximise profits) they would provide information similar to how safe sex is now officially condoned as opposed to abstinence, how to mediate someone’s session on ketamine, how to be patient, how to listen to and subtly guide their thoughts as opposed to projecting your own and ruining their introspection.

Ultimately, they know people are going to do it regardless of its legal status so it’s intellectually dishonest of them to turn the other cheek, but it’s money they’re after, see. I suspect a better system will be established in a few decades, after the vampires have been satiated. 

Because the problem - and the reason this is even an issue - is it costs $500+ for a single dose of ketamine through legal avenues. That’s a 20x markup from the street price. Must be at least a 1000x markup from the dose of manufacturing a single dose. 

I say this because I’m in a position where I know as fact therapeutic ketamine would be of immense benefit to me, to treat major depressive disorder, but my options are: give them money I frankly don’t have or try my luck elsewhere. 

All they did was take the (S)-isomer of ketamine and say “this is esketamine. It’s great! Unlike that nasty racemic ketamine stuff. Give us all of your money.” Dude, people tended to prefer that isomer anyway. Like yeah it’s good research is finally picking back up for psychs and ket, I am grateful for that, but the fact alone doesn’t make the current state of affairs any less ridiculous. 

Perhaps not as big a scam as the NHS thing going down in the UK atm to the tune of 80+billion (see Russell brand’s latest YouTube video for more info) and I do appreciate that ketamine is making the rounds it ought to make through the legal system, but this is simply a huge slap in the face to anyone who can’t afford it, and the vampires have no mercy or leniency either. Illegal? Bad. Full fucking stop. Shunned in real life. Banned from our social groups. Criminal record. But as soon as you have doctor’s authority (because you literally paid for it) suddenly it’s OKAY.

Experienced this with medical cannabis. Smoked for 10 years, always stigmatised against by most, and then as soon as I’m prescribed it for legitimate medical reasons, suddenly it’s socially acceptable. 

Really goes to show that whatever laws are enforced by the powers that happen to be at the time and place you happen to inhabit aren’t necessarily reflective of moral values.

What is condoned by the law and/or socially acceptable is not necessary “good” (e.g. chronic use of alcohol or cigarettes, or overconsumption of sugars and fats) and what is condemned by the law and/or socially unacceptable is not necessarily bad (responsibly dosing an illegal drug without medical authority).

Dose makes the poison - the fundamental principle of toxicology. The rest is psychotherapy. 

The article -

“"Attempting to self-administer ketamine to overcome a nicotine addiction can lead to further substance addiction and even fatality,” Mackey explains."

Fatality from sub-anaesthetic doses of ketamine… what, in 70 year olds with heart conditions? In some insane drug cocktail complete with CYP enzyme-inhibiting drugs? Used chronically? 

I concede ketamine is very psychologically addictive and this should not be understated. But that’s a part of the bargain you make when you take any drug. It’s called risk evaluation, and you certainly don’t have to be a medical professional to possess the capacity.

“Ketamine can place a person’s mental and physical health in extreme jeopardy, and no medical professional or expert would advise to attempt this.”

No shit. The guy’s desperate to quit smoking. What a deceptive ‘addiction therapist’. 

I like how they tried to play the “lol he read some dumb article on vice about it and decided to take matters into his own hands, what an idiot” card, too. 

The second guy from Canada doesn’t add anything new to the conversation. In fact he’s being misleading in saying no studies exist for people, because plenty of psychotherapy was performed in the 60’s with all kinds of substances to varying degrees of success.

Lord knows (and the public record knows) what the CIA did in the late 50’s and early 60’s with all kinds of drugs and it’s no coincidence the war on drugs was declared as soon as the CIA lost interest in using them for military purposes (they were particularly interested in LSD and unironically attempted turn it into a truth serum and, when that failed, a chemical weapon. So much shady shit. That’s just the tip…) We’ve known this information for decades. It’s only just starting to gain traction again. 

Hahaha then they pick the worst-sounding, most out of context comments they could find, and use them to represent the entire community of alcoholics trying to cure their addiction with ketamine, and conveniently pick one that suggests you will just develop another addiction if you attempt it (not a bad warning to heed, mind you, but the way they employ it is dishonest. That’s journalists for you).

And then they go on to take the poor guy on two packs of cigarettes a day who has no idea what he’s doing who snorted ket every day and trivialised the process of therapy to a few meaningless dot points and attempted to therapise himself…

And apparently a conclusion has already been warranted based on a few anecdotal reports :)

“Taking shortcuts or looking for the easier, softer way usually only leads to relapse.”

You don’t say. This is another way of saying “give us money or jump all of these hurdles and probably fall over. We don’t care ??????? “

Fantastically dull read. Wonderful."

John finally shut his mouth.

Trent's brain switched back on. "You really never shut the fuck up, do you John?" He put out irritatedly.

John grinned victoriously. He won today. 


Submitted: September 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 olive tree. All rights reserved.

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dewey green

Bravo mate! Legality all comes down to corporate profits, here in the US, black and indigenous people are still being arrested for weed, while white folks trade it on the stock market. Not only is Ket and other psychoactive substances, controlled by big pharma purveyors simply for profit, but stigmas attached are erased when there is a corporate label. The benefits of marijuana and psychedelic drugs are immeasurable, but the sources are constrained by our "betters", (a term I use quite loosely) for their sole benefit.

Wed, September 29th, 2021 1:01pm


Yeah, figures, and meanwhile a significant percentage of people remain incarcerated for petty drug crimes probably related to socioeconomic disparity. So cruel... and sickening what the influence of political idealogies can do to a man, and what he, in turn, does to his peers.

A few years ago cannabis was scheduled as an addictive and harmful drug with 'no medical benefit'. See the hypocrisy emerge and the pace pick up as soon as the vultures are in sight of the money.

Tue, October 5th, 2021 3:29am

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