How Trump won the Presidency in 2024

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This is a story about a potential path to victory for Trump in the 2024 election.

How Trump won the Presidency in 2024

In 2021 the ultra-liberal Democratic governor of California survived being recalled with a 64% to 36% win. Every coastal county, except for the small most northern one, voted to keep him. There are 58 counties in California, only two inland counties voted to keep him.  In the 2020 Presidential election, all the Pacific coast states, North Atlantic states and Great Lake states voted for Biden. They are known as “The Blue State”. These are states with high density populations, industrial states with borders on water, while the inland states, “The Red States”, voted Republican. Our country is divided both physically and politically!

In both elections, everyday working Americans challenged the collation of elite, wealthy liberals with the poor, and lost. It was class warfare, and the middle class lost.  It had been losing for a long time. Its share of income fell by 17% in the 44 years ending in 2014. The middle class was shrinking as the top and bottom economic classes living in the blue states were growing.

The divided was also seen in the amount of income taxes paid. In 2018 people with the bottom 11.6% of adjusted gross income had paid 2.9% of the taxes, while those with the top 20.9% adjusted gross income had paid 40.1% of the taxes, a total of 43%. The rest, the middle class, had paid 57 % of the taxes.

Ronald Reagan had said that the Democratic party had left him. Millions of Americans now believed that the Republican party had left them. They had voted for Trump, and he had been elected, but the Republican party had given him minimal support for four years. The party stood by helplessly as he was needlessly impeached twice, and did little to support his policies, which the voters had favored. He was the only President that had represented them for generations, and the Republican party had hung him out to dry.

It wasn’t until September of 2021 that the truth about Trump’s fabricated “collusion” with Russia was reviled, that the so called “Russia gate” was a hoax perpetuated by the Democratic party by a Democratic lawyer that was charged for lying to the FBI about it. The complicity of the news media in spreading this hoax caused them to lose whatever credibility they had left when it was pointed out how many awards they had given themselves for their coverage of the invented story. No one was punished for the millions of dollars wasted on investigating him and impeaching him.

Soon after that the truth about Hunter Biden’s emails had been revealed. Politico, a website founded by two former Washington Post employees, reported that the emails found on Hunter’s Biden’s computer were authenticated. The New York Post had reported that before the 2020 election, but the liberal press and high-tech companies had combined to create the narrative that they were manufactured. There was no longer any doubt that the Bidens had been dealing with China and making millions of dollars at America’s expense. It had also been revealed that Hunter Biden had sought a $2 million retainer from Libya to help it recover its frozen assets.

In September of 2021, the Biden administration was a disaster. A Galop pole showed his approval ratings to be only 43%. In January of that year the Democratic party had a 48% positive view compared to the Republicans 37%. The low approval ratings for both parties created an opportunity for a third party.

Trump had not believed that he owed any loyalty to the Republican party. They had not been much help to his 2020 campaign, and he knew that they would be even less help in 2024. That was why he had created The American Conservative party as his platform for 2024. In 2021 he had started visiting all the red states, encouraging their citizens to run for high offices as members of the Republican party in 2022. He would need their support when he was elected. It was also a time when, once again, Trump “rebranded” himself. He had been a “real estate mogul”, a television star, and a “no holds barred” President. This time he would be “Presidential”, whatever that was.

As he campaigned in the red states in 2023, he criticized the other two parties, and he explained what he would have done differently. He criticized the liberal press for their lack of accurate reporting. He realized that the people he was talking to were aware of the problems the country faced and that he had nothing to gain by pointing them out. Instead, he offered solutions to the problems. He knew that they would never be adopted by the current administration and that they would contrast him to them.  He limited his speech to five topics. They were the open borders, the economy, the welfares state, China, and our national prestige. He had an election strangely that he had confidence in, and he carefully implemented it.

As he campaigned, he recruited new candidates to his party and supported loyal ones in the Republican party. When speaking in Texas or Florida he talked about the more than a million apprehensions at the southern border in fiscal year 2021.He displayed enlarged photos of more than ten thousand illegal immigrants that had walked across the Rio Grande River, and settled under a bridge, waiting for officials to come and get them.  He commented that this was happening while the unemployment rate in the country was more than five percent.

In all his speeches he talked about the economy. He explained how the high rate of inflation was a hidden tax on workers. He told them that the average price of a new home had increased by more than thirteen percent in 2021, requiring a 20 percent down payment of more than fifty-seven thousand dollars, pricing them out of the market. He explained how the trillions of dollars of debt created by the Biden administration had caused inflation, which had the effect of devaluing the dollar, and therefor the value of their savings and the value of their paychecks.

He never failed to criticize the welfare state that the Democratic Party had created, noting that we spent the most money per capita on welfare than any other country and that it requires 14 government departments and 89 separate programs. He told them that means-tested welfare was the third most expensive government function, more expensive than spending on national defense. He concluded with the fact the Lynde Johnson’s “war on poverty” had cost $27.8 trillion, while all the wars ever fought by The United States had a combined cost of $8 trillion.

The main topic in all his speeches was China’s ambitions, which include land, air, the seas, and space. He told them how China had, between 2014 and 2018, launched more vessels than four of our allies combined had. He noted that they had landed a rover on Mars and were able to destroy any satellite America had in space. He explained how China was threatening Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan in the South China Sea. He emphasized that China, not Russia, was our biggest challenge. That there were now three countries with a massive nuclear weapons stockpile. That MAD, the policy of mutual assured destruction, now involved three countries in its deterrence function.

He spoke about how he would regain the respect for our county that Biden had forfeited. He placed a large a photo showing a baby being given to a Marine over a barbed wire fence in Afghanistan on the front of his podium. He vowed that we would never be humiliated like that again.

At his last rally before the election, he gave what came to be known as “The Turning Point” speech. It was widely believed that it won the election for him. The following are some excerpts from it.

“How much debt are we going to force upon our children and grandchildren because of our greed?”

“How much do future generations owe us? Is there a limit? I say yes, there is, but there is also an obligation. Previous generations risked their lives and property to build the nation we live in today. Every generation does this to benefit future generations. It has been called “paying it forward.”

“Can you parents look your young children in their eyes and say, ‘Thanks for supporting me with a 56% income tax rate when you grow up?’  Using Demark's tax rates, that’s how much any income over $65,000 would be taxed. In Sweden it’s 57%. That is the actual cost of national socialism! We are not there yet, but we are at the turning point!”

The election was close. The Republicans and Democrats had their usual divisive primaries, and then went on to demonize each other. They tended to ignore Trump, writing off any chance that a third party, especially a party headed by him, could have. While they spent more than twenty billion dollars tearing each other apart, Trump ignored them and ran a positive campaign about how he would bring back capitalism and respect to America.

The democrats were shocked when they lost Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Nevada, Wisconsin and Virginia, a total of 107 electoral votes, leaving them with a total of 199 electoral votes. The Republicans were unable to accept the fact that they only won seven states, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida, with 122 Electoral votes. Trump received the remaining 217 electoral votes to win.

The opposing parties immediately demanded a recount. They stalled and made demands that had gotten Trump impeached after the last election. It was the usual “do as I say, not as I do” Washington dance. With millions of mail in ballots counted under the closest supervision by federal officials, there was no appetite for a recount that everyone knew would not change the results.

In his acceptance speech, Trump emphasized that  the most immediate threat to the country was the shrinking middle class, caused by the class warfare of the previous administration. Their “divide and conquer” approach to governing had caused the largest divided in our country since our civil war. He pledged to reunite America. He knew it was an uphill battle, and that he would be opposed every step of the way, but he was ready to fight for it

Submitted: September 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Tuxie. All rights reserved.

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