----> ''RPG ADVENTURE in 1987 ! --- Secret Underground Frosty BASEMENT-CASTLE ! '' -----> Find 'Ganon' and the 'Red Icy Medicine' ! ----- (DON'T GET KIDNAPPED ! ) -----> VIDEO GAME: Ice Town !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

------- { ''RPG ADVENTURE in 1987 ! ---- SECRET UNDERGROUND BASEMENT ! '' } -------- Find the Frosty Underground Basement-Castle and Snow Town ! --------- ( BEWARE ! ) -------- ''The RPG Video game: Find an ICY RED MEDICINE ! ''

BRANDON AND ZACH'S SECRET UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE ! -- The Dark Underground Frosty Castle and Labyrinth Underworld !




NOTE: (This is the original version of this story from 2017.  The original title was Telepathic Quest World.)




Dark, psychoelectrical telepathy and sexual allure led Brandon and Zach from Brandon's hidden room deep in his basement into the forbidden murderer's underworld, otherwise known as the 'GRANDMASTER'S SNOW REALM'. 


The underworld realm's entrance lies hidden deep in the depths of an underground,  frosty 'BASEMENT-CASTLE' and industrial 'DUNGEON'.  The location was not marked on any map and remains a great mystery to all.  Secrets such as this will never be revealed.


Brandon had dark blonde hair with alluring, tanned skin and enticing brown eyes.  His broad shoulders and handsome physique mesmerized Zach in a strange, otherworldly manner. 


Zach had crystal blue, aqua coloured eyes that pierced and sparkled in menacing fury with beautiful, flawless skin and sparkling, straight blonde hair that lie in a combover style on his brow in beautiful disarray.





They heard strange noises as of machinery below them and the sound of voices one fateful stormy night.  Knocking with a hammer on the basement floor, they found that the voices were far away, like those of an underground complex.  Two distinctive separate noises, like humming voices, were audible for a short time before they faded away slowly into the mysterious silence of the darkness.




Brandon and Zach received a distress signal, a frightening telepathic secret, through their minds later that night in their sleep. It gave them secret, telepathic directions and told them to follow a holographic image of a strange human(?) young man cloaked in a glow in the dark outfit with a flashy telepathic tiara on his brow. 



The holographic being hypnotized them and led them in a mystic, telepathic trance into a nightmarish, secret underground jail, covered in snow, and to a hidden entrance of a smoking pipeway tunnel in the side of a strange darkened alcove of  in the dead of night.



 A resting, black vehicle (resembling a limo yet different) with red lights glowing on the rear sat in the entranceway.  A strange cloaked figure vanished into the bewildering, unknown vehicle.  Suddenly, it drove forward and disappeared into the darkness of the tunnel that led further underground. 



The two boys crept forward and entered the dark, forbidden pipeway tunnel.  They continued steadily downwards, following the bizarre passageway in the dark.

 Vicious green pools of glitter, sparkling in gore on the ground, and graffiti-like symbols covered the environs, until suddenly they found themselves at the end gazing upon a glittering, smoking pipe with a shimmering tunnel leading downwards. 



They were instructed to follow the aperture and this they did.  Suddenly, they found themselves falling down a dark shaft. 


Down a dark, flashing orifice of vicious, glittering nightmare they fell, the green smoke shimmering before their eyes in phantasmic desire.  They seemed to be falling down a dark well, with flashing, shimmering waterfalls foaming and splashing into dark tunnels with flashing red lights and passageways to each side. 


Lamp posts with necromantic, bizarre lights that flashed on and off were resting next to smoking pipes releasing red, green and blue glittering smoke in dark alcoves.  Fir trees covered in shimmering, etheric lights lay next to the lamp posts and pipes in the glowing luminescence. 


Glimmering signs of neon light lay above various pipes that seemed to spark and flash in vicious, hypnotic light.  Glittering sparks of trickling waterfalls glimmered as they fell before the flashing neon lights.  It was a sinister, gripping ensemble to behold. 



They came firmly down upon a mound of frosty glitter and snow, with mounds of bizarre decorations and polka-dotted outfits sitting nearby.  A festive tree, decorated in tinsel and glitter, sat next to a dilapidated divan and a crooked grandfather clock in another bulky corner.


There was a jug of ''Red Medicine' and a 'Green Cake' sitting beneath a draped curtain in another corner.  Some type of other mugs filled with creamy vanilla drinks were sitting on various wooden tables, as well.  Chocolate doughnuts, covered in green icing, sat below on  mounds of glitter and frosty snow.


Zach tried reaching for one of the mugs of chocolate milk and a green icy doughnut, however Brandon halted him telling him they may be poisoned items.



Glowing, neon-lit graffiti, glistening in differing colours of glinting sheen, covered the walls.  Before them was a low, dark passage with a sparkling bridge crossing a chasm.


There were strange caverns in the area with distant, bizarre sounds of voices and machinery emerging from within as if beyond the walls. 



The Underground Chasm Caves contain strange graffiti symbols and writings, with pipes that stand out of the ground far from any industrial area which ejects a red and blue smoky flame upwards. 



Roaring sounds of unknown origins tremble within the smoky, dark air.  A cavern lay with a dim, flashing red glow beneath them within the confines a deep chasm.  Red, sparkling ICE BATS, with glittering fur, flash and tremble within the secret confines of the unknown darkness.


Crossing the glowing bridge, they come upon a series of strange pipes and tunnels below them with various flashing, neon signs above. 






Zach pointed above him as Brandon held close, gazing around him in terror.  Above them were lost, desecrated beings laying in basins filled with glimmering gorish power and body parts that laid slain in hellish disarray.  Furry warriors, dripping lifepower, and glittery skeletons, covered in honey and glitter, were highly prevalent in the area.


Furry polka-dotted bats flapped above flashing, phantasmic crosses, which were etched into the icy rock walls. 



It was a nightmarish bloodbath of vicious bloodlust of the phantom's underworld.  The desecration lie foul within the smoky environs. 



Blue smoke wafted upon the teenage boys from within the frosty vents and pipes above them, blowing their hair to and fro wildly.  Silently, they hold onto each other as they gazed forth into the mysterious revelries below them, their hands above their eyebrows, vainly seeking further revelations.




  Also prevalent were phantasmic hints of a human, dwarfin or alien collaboration in the area. The tunnels, passages, strange pipes and cavern systems below reportedly involve many mysteries and evil phenomena.  Dangerous encounters with reptilian humanoids who have cloaking devices to aid in their hidden, hellish evil in the underground realms. 



Here is a startling expose of their mysterious under realm secrets and activities:



'The federal agency is involved with various bizarre, human(?) men seen in a 1000 ft. long chamber wearing vicious suits and carrying strange implements, resembling  holographic, telepathic wands (vril devices?), and bizarre machine guns, ready to kill anyone at a moments notice.




Many sinister, holographically concealed side passages rest within these underground industrial complexes(?), leading further downwards into sublevels that have more hidden doors with tight security that lets no one in or out.  They call these the 'Infidel Quarters'. 


 Somewhere deep within this underground frosty murderer's realm lies a wicked, greenish glow seen emanating from behind a locked, hidden door in the 8th sub-level, somewhere far below the transit tunnels.  Ancient pipes and  doorways block various passages that lead north which is also on the 8th sub-level complex. 




Dark vehicles and unknown trucks coarse this transit system of the underworld, driven by the men(?) cloaked in black, like an underground highway, for thousands of miles and vanish into hidden, cloaked openings. 



Lights hang from above in some of the tunnels resembling those in our tunnels in the surface world.  Other underground roads have dim neon lit globes flashing from the ground near the rocky walls, some with posters that seem to be advertising unknown, macabric novelties or pleasures. 


Pink icicles and frosty mounds of snow sit along the roadway in various areas.



There are pipes and evil machinery releasing strange colours of poisonous smoke near an underground highway sub level station here leading south and east that are blocked by metal gates with a large passageway that is large enough to drive a transit bus through. 



It leads downwards into darkness and the alcoves are strung with lights at the bottom of a multi-leveled concrete vertical room, like a shaft, with descending trap doors that lead to where no one knows. 


Many bizarre, unknown footprints lay in the snowy mounds  with a seemingly bottomless pit seen in the cavern from which the underground highway tunnel extends south-eastward.  

A lighted bridge crosses over a great, frightening chasm.  Many locked, glowing doors are seen far below in the chasm and no one ever knows to where they lead.



 There are many rumors that the Grandmaster Murderer's Underground Realm of the Frosty Underworld has upwards of over 1000 miles of hidden, cloaked passages, some ancient and some modern. 


There are several accounts of teenage boys and other people who have disappeared in the underground realm, with many paranormal manifestations that have occurred in the surface world as a result. 




One such account spoke of a fourth dimension interdimensional human(?) or being who opened an invisible doorway from a lighted room in an underground miner's shaft and gave them directions on how to reach an underground highway system and ice town of the FROSTY CASTLE AND PIPE-ZONE, then disappeared once more through the doorway. 


As well, whispered rumors of wicked connections to a vast system of cavern networks covering an area of about 1500 miles in diameter.' 


Before Brandon and Zach lay a pipe with flashing pink smoke that shimmers in nightmarish splendour.  Chained skeletons lay sparkling above, covered in aromatic honey and glitter. 




They gaze at each other in the glowing, dim light and slowly step up to the pipe as the glittering waterfalls gush and flow behind them in the dark. 


Suddenly, from within the glimmering darkness, behind a shimmering waterfall, they catch sight of a dark vehicle disappearing into a low passage or tunnel that leads into a small, underground roadway. 


The vehicle resembles a 1950's pink Cadillac, decorated lavishly with spiky tail-fins on the rear and a bizarre striped hood of red and green.  It was vicious yet bewildering.



The boys sneak forth behind the glittering, rain essence of the waterfall and look into a little cavern area with a glimmering, smoky pipe and spiky vehicle resting near this.  They peer inwards into the low passage.  They see the roadway continue far into the darkness with neon lights dimly lit in the dark above. 



It leads on like an underground passageway for a long while until finally the tracks of the vehicle vanish and they turn a corner that opens like a funnel in the cavern.  Glimmering trees, lit with flashing lights, rest on alcoves next to locked doors with a glowing sign above pointing down into a series of vertical apertures and alcoves with doorways across a chasm. 




Audible are strange humming sounds resembling many unknown, distant voices and the tramp as of marching feet.  They continue further along the unmarked passages in the dark as pipes and strange vehicles, lying in disuse, sit along the walls near what appears as rest stations with red glowing lights lit above. 



Continuing along this route for some hours, they come upon a blue, blacklit tunnel with a bridge over a glittering, frosty grotto beneath.  This they follow as they gaze below them in curious fascination, the glittering phantasm of the space engulfing them in its mesmerizing, hypnotic brilliancy.




It was a warmly hypnotic spectacle.  FInally, they reached the end of the bridge where  dark machines puffed a red and green smoke into the murky ether above them.  A tunnel lay leading downwards into the darkness and they peered into its opening.


Before them lay a dim and bizarre sight that resembled an underground SNOW TOWN built into the dominions of a cavern grotto, mixed with the level parking and pipes of an industrial complex.  The first sight that met their gaze were dim, flashing fluorescent lights, swaying in the green air of the smoke above. 


Shifting their gaze downwards they find shining signs above various low, circular passages across the chasms leading off further into the unknown darkness.


  One bizarrely grotesque red sign read 'convenience store' in strange figures with others reading: sex theatre, medical facility and dining facilities, underground reservoir (containing thereupon millions of gallons of fresh water), and Satan's or Belialdorf's Chapel (?). 


Posted signs near this displayed various facts on pink, shimmering posters that seemed to rest on the cavern walls, lit from behind as if by some unknown blacklight. 


Apparently, according to the posters, there lay 275 miles of 
telephone lines and ten watt generators further along the passages below them.


Rumours of a supercomputing and electronic psychoanalysis command post, subsidaries with several underground top secret military communications networks, and is reportedly connected via pipes leading further down into levels of the industrial complexes via hidden tunnels.  Far below them they distinctly heard the rumble of machinery far off in the distance.






"V.U.S.S. is a secret operational underground city and facility in the murderer's underworld realm, where clone-like men in black have been seen, along with unusual electromagnetic psycho vortex phenomena.  Black limo-like vehicles disappear into dark tunnels and passages hidden by holographic cloaking entrances. 



Where these lead to no one ever knows. 



One dark vehicle was followed by an insider working with the secret dark shadow government of the  illuminati and he found that a glowing symbol, graffiti in nature, lay on the ground before a sparkling waterfall, hiding a pipe's passage, that showed the vehicles tracks disappear near it. 


It was a symbol of the Vril Species that lie as a barrier between our world and theirs.  They cannot cross its barrier and we cannot enter.  Nothing of it was ever found or spoken of and the informant vanished. 





The last thing the two teenage boys saw was bizarre dead bodies dangling above a smoky pipe with many locked doorways above them in alcoves.


  Glittering trees glow with twinkling lights near them in the dark as smoking mounds of phantasmic, flashing lights shimmer before their eyes, lighting their innocent, alluring faces in a nightmarish splendour of wicked fury.


Suddenly, a mysterious green hand covers their mouths as a handsome, muscular young man with a glowing telepathic headband or tiara around his sweaty brow whispers in their ears, "You're coming with me.  We're going to have some fun."


They are then stripped of their clothes, kidnapped and dragged into a dark vehicle which vanishes into an unknown tunnel behind a dark, glittering waterfall within the underworld realms.



Whatever happened to them no one will ever find out.








The End? 



Copyright ©2017 ZELDA VAXANDORF.  All Rights Reserved.











Submitted: September 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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