The Sakurai Twins and the Atomic Paradox

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Twins Ichiro and Kanon Sakurai are in their first year of high school. After an argument between their Japanese grandmother and their American father, they somehow travel back in time to Hiroshima in 1945. They soon realize they must survive one of the biggest events in history and in the process of trying to change their family's future, they unravel a family secret.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

- For my little ones who never got the chance to grow up and explore the world. 1995 Snow fell steadily covering the mountains an... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

2017 "Kanon-chan!" Kanon Sakurai lifted her head to see her basketball teammate Kazuha Takahashi, as well as all the other third ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

The twins stepped into their father's study. It wasn't much of a study but more of a room used to hold his many books that lined walls al... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The twins stared at the domed building that had gained instant infamy, the Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall. It stood full... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Ichiro pushed his sister back around the corner. They flattened themselves against the wall. They didn't dare breathe in fear of being no... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

The twins were given blankets to use to sleep in the main room. They laid on top of the blankets as the night heat m... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Kanon ran as fast as she could through the streets of Hiroshima. She danced and pushed her way around people. The soldier chasing her was... Read Chapter

chapter 8

Kanon rocked back and forth on the floor with her savior nearby, who said his name was Chiaki. Her fingers pressed against the sides of h... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

The guards opened the door to Ichiro's cell. They filed in surrounding Ichiro demanding that he wake up. Ichiro had ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Tomoki saw only darkness. The only light he saw was the stars in the sky from his open window. He crept around his room and gathered cert... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Ichiro was pulled from the truck and pushed toward another military building. Several soldiers stood around in front of the building. Man... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Kanon awoke underneath the bodies of the teachers that had pursued her. There were some desks on top of her as well. She pushed them off ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Kanon had no idea which way was up. The city was nothing but broken concrete, metal and flesh. The darkness had lessened but still mostly... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Ichiro passed through the black curtain as he entered the city. He knew he was on the eastern side of the city but t... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The sun hadn't begun to rise yet by the time soldiers had entered the city. They were haunted by what lay before the... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Ichiro awoke not knowing how long he was out. It was daylight so for all he knew it could be the same day or even some day next week. He ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

It was almost noon on August 15, 1945, and the group had stepped outside with the rest of the villagers and gathered around the single ra... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Tamaki had been missing for two days. She usually only stayed out for a few hours before returning. It gave her the chance to calm down. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

The twins instantly felt the sudden shift from the scorching hot sun to the cool night air but it took them a few more moments to re... Read Chapter

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